YesPornPlease: What Happened to It? My Review on the Members of YesPornPlease Family.

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May 27, 2020

What is the most popular online video-sharing platform? I have no doubt that your answer is “YouTube.” But the idea of its design inspired many webmasters and it formed the basis for so-called “tube sites.” This term is used when we speak of porn sites with the interfaces similar to the YouTube model: users can upload the videos, like and dislike video content, comment on it, and see the number of views.

YesPornPlease was one of the best adult sites of this type. It had about 100 million visitors per month and offered thousands of great videos. But when I was ready to explore all these treasures, it turned out that legendary does not exist. When I enter this web address I get redirected to another porn site, PornGO.

Yespornplease1 - YesPornPlease: What Happened to It? My Review on the Members of YesPornPlease Family.

And how’s that? The point is that such tube sites offer mostly pirated or stolen content. YesPornPlease was involved in litigation because of illegal content in March 2020 and underwent some shutdowns, and they also complained of hackers’ attacks. Apparently, they failed to overcome these problems and went down.

Does it mean that we lost it? I don’t know, maybe we’ll never see it again (or it will return in all its previous glory and splendor.)

But in any case, it left behind a bunch of copycats, which try to take advantage of YesPornPlease’s popularity using its name in different ways (YesPornPlease, Yes-Porn-Please, or Yes Porn Please.) They are numerous and have much in common. The quick search reveals some of them:


This list is not complete, of course, but let’s view these sites, maybe we’ll find something worthwhile there. Let it be a fair competition.

Yespornplease2 - YesPornPlease: What Happened to It? My Review on the Members of YesPornPlease Family.



When we enter any of these sites, they look pretty similar. But when we check their categories, we see the difference. Here is my own chart. demonstrates the most numerous and weird list of categories. It is rather difficult to even count them. I guess there are more than 400, but it is impossible to calculate them precisely. And I don’t know why they decided to make the categories so detailed. Why do they set apart “Anal”, “Mom Anal”, and “Teen Anal”? It seems reasonable to make the “Anal” category, and then provide subcategories. What is the difference between “Grandma” and “Granny”? I felt lost trying to find something on this site.

Yespornplease3 - YesPornPlease: What Happened to It? My Review on the Members of YesPornPlease Family.

The shortest list of categories was on Amateur, Big dick, Big tits, Teen, Threesome. It seems its owners don’t care that much about this site. And it seems nearly empty. There are only 20 videos at all here, Tags and Actors sections have no content. Though this site looks neat and its few videos are high-quality, it is completely dead. I suggest to cross this site off and not take it into consideration.

The categories on are also strange, I don’t understand the rationale behind it: 69, Albanian, Dani Daniels, High Definition, Jessa Rhoades, Mia Khalifa, Pornstars, Pov, Sexy Babes, Teen. It seems they’ve just put together and mixed up everything they had.

The and seem better here, but my favorite is The general categories seem clear and detailed enough.

Yespornplease4 - YesPornPlease: What Happened to It? My Review on the Members of YesPornPlease Family.



These sites are free. You don’t have to pay for watching the video.

Signing up

★☆☆☆☆,,, and have no signup option at all. When I tried to register on, I was informed that registration is disabled. When I tried to sign up on, I failed. I click the Sign Up button, they offer me to put down a user name and a login, and then.. nothing happens. I returned to the main page without being signed up.

The only site where I managed to register is The registration window has not so many fields, but I had to try twice to do what I want. The first line offers you to enter either username or email. But the user name is refused by the system, you need to use email only. No confirmation is required, so you can put down any email, even nonexistent.

Yespornplease5 - YesPornPlease: What Happened to It? My Review on the Members of YesPornPlease Family.

The registration makes you able to like or dislike videos. That is all. No favorites list or something like that. And there are two sites where you can like videos without registration: and

Mobile apps


Neither of these sites offers mobile apps. But the mobile experience is rather good, I was able to watch videos on my phone without any problem.



Mostly, these sites have ads (except two of them). It can be unobtrusive in some cases, but sometimes I feel so irritated by ads, that I wanted to close these sites and never return there again. Yes, I understand that these sites are free but their owners want to make some extra money, there’s nothing wrong about it. But could you show a little respect to your visitors?

Yes, I address you, dear owners of and When I enter, I’m knocked down by a number of ads and their size. If I use my phone, they hide the major part of the screen. Do you seriously believe that your visitors will appreciate the way you place the advertisement?

Yespornplease6 - YesPornPlease: What Happened to It? My Review on the Members of YesPornPlease Family.

Another outsider is The main page is not overloaded with the ads, but when I tried to start watching any video, I was redirected to the advertisement page twice. I don’t think this is a good way to attract users. There are lots of better porn platforms, so I have no desire to return to this site.

And my absolute favorites are and They have no ads on the main page (though has no ads at all, it seems to be abandoned, and this may be the reason for it being ads-free).

Yespornplease7 - YesPornPlease: What Happened to It? My Review on the Members of YesPornPlease Family.

Content quality


The quality of the content is high enough on most sites. The length of videos is different, they can be 2, 5, 15, 30, 50 minutes long. It is not difficult to find a video of any length.

It seems that these sites have not been updated for a long time. If you enter the New section on, you’ll see about thirty videos which are marked as uploaded 2 hours ago. But this is a scam. If you reload the page, you’ll see quite different videos. Do it again, and see another set of “new” videos uploaded “not later than 2 hours ago.”

The original site featured thousands of high-quality videos, and that is why many porn addicts tried to download from YesPornPlease. Though this site is dead, and “download yespornplease” remains a popular search request. And what about its descendants?

Yespornplease8 - YesPornPlease: What Happened to It? My Review on the Members of YesPornPlease Family.

I tried to download a video from, but I was asked to log in (and this option doesn’t work). Then I browsed through other sites (, I hate your permanent redirections!), but only has an option to download. But before getting to the page with video, I was redirected four times to other platforms. I think this is too much.

I was waiting for about 50 minutes to download a video of interracial sex (not bad and rather hot, by the way), but at last, I managed to do this. And after these 50 minutes, I understood a simple thing. It is not so difficult to find spicy videos of high quality, so you’d better not waste your time for all these downloads from this site.

Studios and porn actors


In general, the content of these sites is mixed up, and it is difficult to find videos of a certain porn actress. The only site that has a Stars category is, but their list is as long as confusing.

Yespornplease9 - YesPornPlease: What Happened to It? My Review on the Members of YesPornPlease Family.

Pleasure rate


In fact, if you are a porn geek, you know much better places to find hot videos. If you watch porn from time to time, you’d better avoid these sites (maybe, except a couple of them). You’ll get tired of trying to force your way through all these ads, redirections, pop-ups, pop-unders, long lists, and the lack of logic of particular categories.


If you feel that tube sites are your thing, you can try something other than these yespornplease offshoots. And many of them are totally free.



Yespornplease10 - YesPornPlease: What Happened to It? My Review on the Members of YesPornPlease Family.

In March 2020, PornHub was the 2nd most trafficked adult website. Millions of free porn videos cover a wide range of categories, so each visitor can find something to their taste. It is also possible to download your favorite movies. But a great number of duplicate videos can prevent you from searching.



Yespornplease11 - YesPornPlease: What Happened to It? My Review on the Members of YesPornPlease Family.

xHamster offers its visitors not only high-quality videos but also pictures and sex stories. They promote themselves actively: they produce The Sex Factor, a reality TV series, demonstrate social and political involvement. They encourage to upload home-made video, but its quality is often far from perfect.



Yespornplease12 - YesPornPlease: What Happened to It? My Review on the Members of YesPornPlease Family.

This website is free and stores millions of high-quality videos. I think that’s enough to name it among the best. No annoying advertisements, and some more activities available besides watching porn. You can comment on movies, download them, add to favorites, and share them.

To Sum It Up

YesPornPlease is dead, and now there is no site among the numerous YesPornPlease family to replace it. All of them fall short of a certain quality level. What makes me sick inside is that the videos on these sites are not bad, but their owners don’t take care to upgrade and develop their sites. Maybe they think that a big name is enough to have success. But it is not enough. They need to work at their platforms on a regular basis, the name will not always attract new visitors to them.

You can visit an adult site every day and have the illusion of being satisfied. But then a webmaster stops to upgrade your favorite site. Your virtual life stops, your illusion is ruined.

I believe that online activities must help to live an amazing life both online and offline. I believe in using the Internet to enrich your real and virtual life. Sex life included.

For example, the app called Pure makes my online fantasies real. Pure is a dating app that serves as a bridge between offline and online. It encourages you to make acquaintances with girls and to meet them IRL. All the girls are motivated to find a sexual partner here, as this app allows you to see the ads only of those users who are online. It is designed to find people who are in search here and now. So you have a great chance to replace your virtual stars by a real girl. But hurry up then, the chats are self-destructed in 24 hours unless you both want to continue. This is great for your safety and privacy.

Yes, you won’t worry about your privacy. No personal information is required, such as social media links or phone numbers. If any of your partners tries to make screenshots of your conversation, you will be notified. Self-destructed chats will help you to protect your identity. Just download the app and take the pleasure of chatting. It is so easy, not like those yespornplease sites with their dysfunctional sign-ups.


What is a tube site?

We use this term when we speak of the sites, mostly for adults, which are based on the YouTube interface implying active user interaction. Users can upload videos, like and dislike them, share them, make the favorite lists, comment on them, etc.

I’m redirected when I enter Why?

YesPornPlease is shut down because of some conflicts with the law. They were accused of piracy.

There are several websites that use the name of Yesporn. Which of them is real?

All of these sites are not the well-known YesPornPlease, they just use the popular name to attract more visitors and increase the traffic.

Is yespornplease safe?

All the sites of YesPornPlease family are safe enough. They don’t require registration or your personal information.

Is yeapornplease free?

All the sites like yespornplease are free. You don’t have to pay for watching videos.

What are YesPornPlease downloaders?

The original site featured thousands of high-quality videos, that is why its users tried to download them from the site. There is a number of downloaders on the Internet that offer such services. Today the original YesPornPlease is shut down and the idea to download its videos became obsolete.

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