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July 16, 2019

Time takes it all while finding a true soulmate gets harder day by day. You want to open your heart to a newcomer, but nothing changes. The same circle, the same routine, and the same places make this game a bit tricky, mainly when most of the potential partners significantly differ from you. In this case, living the best life with a person of the same ethnicity sounds very appealing: Asian dating is your lucky lot, so, shoot to stardom.

We happen to know many Asian dating apps and everything about them, although some of them ain’t that great as their marketing trying to make them look like. No need to talk about those that don’t work, though, let’s focus our attention on that one that is working and focuses on the benefits of dating in all its beauty.

Asian dating

Right now the world and society are open to anything. There are no more rules on how to date and who you need to be dating. All you need is to follow your heart. Yet here are a few things you need to know before dating an Asian person.

Dating Asian man

Top Asian dating sites do not even promote Asian men as much as they are focused on females. Below is all you need to know about the benefits of dating Asian men.

  • They are hard-working. Most of the Asian men are raised to be hard-working and become successful. They are always willing to put in extra time into work to provide for themselves and their family.
  • They are truly amazing husbands and fathers. Asian people are family people by their culture and being a good head of the family is one of the main goals. You won’t need to worry about them spending most of the evenings with friends. They would rather come home and spend time with you and the kids.
  • Asain men are raised to put a lot of work in their education from an early age. So they are generally smart.
  • They are not hairy. Some might not care, but a lot of women don’t actually prefer their man to have a hairy chest and beard. Their skin is quite smooth and pleasant.
  • Asian men age differently. They would look way better in their 50s and 60s than any other men. So that would be also good roots for your future children.
  • They are loyal, both as partners and humans. They won’t leave you alone when you are feeling sad or sick. They would be there for you.
  • Asian men are very active. You won’t get bored with them. You will be getting fun dates and spending your time in an active way. They also love to travel around the country and the world.

Things to know before dating Asian women

Dating Asian girls might be a blessing of your life but sometimes you can face misunderstandings. We would suggest avoiding them. Here is what you need to know about dating an Asian girl.

  • Asian women are most likely to play one or two musical instruments. It is important for them and they learn it from their childhood.
  • They might teach you their own language and all about superstitions they believe in. No need to be surprised as this is a big part of their culture.
  • They don’t like conflicts. She won’t start a fight with you because of boredom. They would rather quietly try to resolve the issue by communication.
  • Their family is one of the most important things in their lives. A lot of Asian people live with their families or parents all together for a very long time, taking care of the elders as a thank you for everything their parents gave them back in the day.
  • Asian women don’t have much body hair despite very thick and dark head hair. That would also be a good gene to pass along to your kids in the future.
  • Asian women date to build relationships and family eventually even though, more modern females are very open and don’t mind being involved in “Asian hookup.”
  • They might get dramatic to some outside world situations but that’s is also a part of their culture.
  • They cook delicious food.
  • Same as Asian men, Asian women age differently and it is very hard to say if the woman is in her 20s or in her 40s.

Both lists can go on but why keep you tempted if we are here to present the platform that will get you all into the Asian dating app world and give you fascinating experience.

Asian dating sites - Meet your blue dream with Asian date! Asian dating sites that you should try out

Why choose AD with Pure?

This service is destined to be your best Asian dating decision for you will find your ideal person quickly, effortlessly, effectively, and safely. Besides, it is suitable even for “Asiandating free” seekers. Even though the Pure service is not a completely free Asian dating site but worth trying that free trial. 

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5.0 ★★★★★
11 millions members 300k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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The app is a perfect mixture of seeking people who are like-minded. Pure is focused on you and your personal needs. Despite the fact that this is an online dating app, the goal is to use online to connect you with people but after help you to meet offline as soon as possible. With that being said, we are sure you would enjoy every minute of it. 

Main benefits of the site and why it is considered one of the best Asian dating websites

The advantages of our Asian dating site make it nothing short of a pure miracle. Comfortable user experience with an easy interface and minimalist design set this service as the king of Asian dating sites.

Sparkling cool blog and working advice on all sides of romantic life are extremely important for those who want to get the most of an Asian dating site. The platform’s blog would help you out with nearly any topic you might be wondering about. It is there for you and our experts trying daily to provide you with the most expertise in each topic.

The app has a lot of features to benefit your experience within Asian dating free apps. For instance, such features as “King of the Hill” will help users to attract more attention to their profiles with sweet rendezvous as a result. At the same time, no needless extra features will distract clients from their targets and keep one’s soulmate search in balance with time spent online.

1 pure sex en signup - Meet your blue dream with Asian date! Asian dating sites that you should try out

Chats are destroying in an hour after the start. This is a limitation that motivates members to be active and avoid scammers like on any other free Asian dating websites and meet in reality instead of being absorbed in endless reflections on whether you should be the first to say “Hi” or not. The hesitation trap is what many old sites are notorious for. Also, this option allows you to connect with people online but move offline as soon as possible. No more long internet conversations. You meet online but experience all the fun of dating and casual friendship offline.

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Moreover, the service guarantees clients complete security with no personal data shared and chats automatically deleted with no fakes to waste your time on and no impersonators cheating with users on board. Some things should stay private, and we believe that your personal life is on the top of the list. It also makes it impossible to meet any fake profiles or scammers on the platform. The entire app was designed to illuminate those types of people and let you enjoy the maximum within meeting people online.

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Remember, this is the only web app to enjoy on the go gaining a complete show with no bugs to burst.

Being straightforward is the key to success in Asian dating, and our service enables you to state the type of relations you are looking for: serious relationships, one night stand, no strings attached or friendship – all kinds of delightful contacts are reachable via this site. You will not be judged, praised only — the attitude that a lot of Asian dating free app can’t afford.

It is LGBTQ+ friendly. A lot of apps have very limited gender preference options, with Pure you can be whoever you want. Even though Asian cultures are very traditional, they seem to be very accepting of the LGBTQ+ community and do not forbid it. And since Pure is a very open-minded platform, it makes it a perfect gay Asian dating app.

No matter if you are lesbian or gay, Asian dating would be easy for you with Pure

pure mobile - Meet your blue dream with Asian date! Asian dating sites that you should try out

How does it work?

Unlike many dating services, our web app acts as a proper connector of people with no time, money, or efforts wasted away. This service is more reliable than any marriage agency located on the other side of your city while having a minimal list of love-seekers but still on the top within any other Asian dating site free. Meanwhile, it is safer than a random, casual talk with a stranger in the street: you know, appearances are deceptive, or, for example, you can mistake a married person for a single. At least, it is not polite to attack people you don’t know with your attention. Here all people are open and like-minded. Everyone is using Pure to connect with new people but in the safest way possible. After an hour of chatting, you can arrange some bar or restaurant location to meet up and continue getting to know each other.

Online has another story to tell. The service works in the way that you will not insult anybody and no-one will hurt you while the best first impression will not be a pipe dream anymore with dozens of intriguing tried-and-true tips. Something has gone wrong, and you don’t want to continue your chat anymore? You can always quit it. It’s up to you. Blocking users is anonymous and safe. It was created for you to be able to escape those unpleasant conversations that might happen from time to time. No pressure or obligations, in an hour, your unpleasant communicator will lose your trail or earlier if you would decide so. Find those who are genuinely lovely and come together right now. Someone who you can have immediate contact with and who will catch your attention to meetup after talking for an hour. You can’t fake that affection.

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How does matching happen?

Pure is famous among all other Asian dating websites for its spotless smart matching algorithms which are times safer than the notorious swipe game. For those who are looking for Asian dating sites, the service provides its users with a wide choice of potential candidates depending on their location and preferences with a 100% probability of matching with no need to google something like “Asiandate” or “Asian singles near me” ever again. Also, its special 60 minutes system saves time encouraging members for breaking the shackles of shyness and meeting in reality.


Intercultural romance: Asian dating

Flawless porcelain skin, mysterious eyes, and natural charm are distinguishing features of highly desired oriental females. We all know that millions of males worldwide are nuts about the idea of Asian girls dating, co-called Asian girl white guy dating dream. But offline they are not successful enough, being scared of rejection – it is too complicated to start a face-to-face chat with the alive perfection. Hopefully, our service makes Asian women dating more than just a flight of fancy for all and everyone, especially if we are talking about Asian American dating, and including representatives of other races: only those who like each other back can start their flirty dialogues, so hearts are not likely to be broken.

looking for Asian dating sites - Meet your blue dream with Asian date! Asian dating sites that you should try out

International friendship

Another significant advantage of our site is that its conception is not glued to romantic relations only: one can enjoy it as an Asian friend finder to get in touch with kind, intelligent, and amiable people to broaden one’s outlook and to develop language skills. Such experience has nothing in common with having pen friends you never meet: our web app wants you to give it a try with immersing into the borderless divine communication and making acquaintances to immediately see each other in reality. You will have multiple options to choose from and that’s the beauty of it. That’s what the best Asian dating sites are for.

Ethnic unity

Our web app is 10 out of 10. Say, you have just come to the US but know only a few people of the same ethnic background around you. We have designed our service for you to overcome such difficulties and to feel at home, surrounded by the most comfortable personalities one can wish. Of course, nothing of the kind can be found even on the best free hookup sites and in particular Asian dating web site for hookups.

Membership for AD with Pure

Our service is one of the best Asian dating sites, and it makes souls bloom. You are still hesitating? Every day, this site brings hearts together while its popularity keeps on growing making matching even more useful. So, don’t waste your time. You will be connected with the best singles that are here now unlike at any other free Asian dating platform.

pure app ios 4 screenshots - Meet your blue dream with Asian date! Asian dating sites that you should try out

How to start?

It is very easy and comfortable to begin. No need to install anything: to make the first step towards your Asian dating journey, you just sign up, verify your profile, upload pics, and show your bright personality. No extra messy options, so the members can relax and focus on the deal. If you do not have any picture to upload, you can snap one right away inside the app or simply upload a picture with the text that would be similar to your personal advertisement — and that, we have to say, works perfectly for Asian dating sites in the USA.

Local Asian dating tips

  • Get to know each other. Keep an open mind towards the person and even though they might come from Asian families, they might be not very much traditional as you’ve heard, so it is better to get to know them before jumping to conclusions.
  • Forget about stereotypes. For instance, a lot of guys expect Asain women to be skinny or very pale. Those are the last century’s expectations. Nowadays, society changes the laws of beauty and now it can be any shape, size, and skin color.
  • Asian American dating sites connect Asain people who were born or raised in the USA. That should also remind us that Asian people now have a fine mixture of cultures and as adults, each of us can make life choices and especially those that are related to both cultures. The best way to understand that mixture is to have a good chat with your dates.
  • No racism. Forget about those cheesy and sometimes offensive jokes. They might create an awkward situation for both of you.
  • Have fun. No matter what, the whole dating thing was created for you two to have the most wonderful time together. Enjoy it!
screenshot pure app  - Meet your blue dream with Asian date! Asian dating sites that you should try out

The service which supports you: Asian dating site

Our team roots our dear clients to be the happiest people in the world, being always ready to give all of you some hot advice and provide the best Asian dating service. That’s why we wish you good love and encourage you to share your personal experience of a romantic Asian date with us. They say “there is a time and a place for everything” and we know: the right time is now and the right place is our site.

There are no hidden fees, no one sells services, this is not like escort websites. It is a true bliss experience of Asian dating online.

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All Asian Dating sites are scams? Video review


  • Sam74

    Asian dating is not easy for me but I am looking forward to trying the app and finally find some fun without any typical and very annoying stereotypes about Asians.

  • HarryP

    Probably the only gay Asian dating app that is actually working. Highly recommended.

  • Your Buddy

    All Asian American dating sites are very disappointing. I was about to give it up at all. But I did try Pure and was damn surprised at the number of users who were very quick to chat. So far I’m loving it and already settled a few dates for myself in the next couple of days.

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