Single parent dating — What online platform to choose?

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July 17, 2019

Dating as a single parent is not an easy task. For many partners, both male and female, having kids in the picture is a valid reason to stop the relationship before it even begins. Eventually, all single parents face the dilemma: how to break the secret of having a kid? How to get over the prejudice about being the one who seeks only a serious relationship?

Challenges of single parents’ dating

Time and commitment

Explaining to your partner why you can’t dedicate all the time and attention to a relationship is not an easy task. You need to be on the same page and share similar expectations for free adult dating as a single parent.

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The invisible presence of the ex

Embrace the fact that some people don’t like the thought of always being the second. It’s best to find out these things at the beginning of the relationship – so at least, you wouldn’t waste too much time. Too bad that these issues are typically shunned down and come out to the surface later on.

No fun

Meeting people as a single parent, you don’t necessarily enjoy the dating part all that much. You feel like you had seen it all before, and it just doesn’t excite you as much. The question is, would the partner be willing to put up with such an attitude?

Children could end up affected

The sight of mom or dad’s broken heart over and over again doesn’t create a positive model for kids’ future relationships. While you need to put yourself in the first place, you can’t stop considering the implication of your experience on your kids.

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Why use single parent dating sites

  • Strict selection criteria. On dating apps and single parents dating sites, you can indicate that you are a single parent right away. No awkward silence-breaking moments or hurriedly ended dates. A potential partner is aware of your situation and previous relationship experience. 
  • Testing a relationship out. Before you turn your connection into a serious thing, you can talk to a person online, have a call, and get to know each other’s background and interests. Most importantly, kids don’t have to be caught up in this at all. 
  • Fun comes first. People often just assume that single parents meet people for a serious relationship, with no desire for adventurous one-time flings. That’s why, in real life, getting a fun dating experience is challenging. With online dating, you can go to platforms for an adventurous interaction, with no commitments. 
  • Easy date management. With single parent dating site, you can notify partners about dates, time, locations of the date. You can cancel if your kid got sick or a babysitter changed plans.
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Pure benefits

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Being a single parent, you start feeling rusty and inexperienced all over again. You’ve fallen out of all romantic trends and tendencies, and now doubt yourself about getting out there. Pure is a perfect single parent dating website for romantic comebacks. In less than an hour, you’ll find a partner for a date near to your location. No following commitments. 

Pure anonymity

Even if you are opened about your romantic life, you wouldn’t want kids to peek at their mom’s or dad’s conversations. Pure destroys all evidence of communication in an hour. The chat will be gone as if it wasn’t ever created – and no one will ever find out. You will not find such a unique feature on most sex or escort sites.

Pure freedom

You don’t have to go in-depth of single parent dating details or justify yourself in any way. Pure is an unapologetic platform – here, users don’t have to show off or lie to increase the chances of a relationship. Just choose a partner, contact each other, and go for it – no limitations. 

Pure honesty 

You don’t have to be modest about your intentions. All users here are looking for the same thing – an adventurous, fun experience with no entailed responsibilities. You don’t have to think whether something would be appropriate or not considered desperate. Pure has a no-prejudice policy. Just tell us what you want, and you’ll get it. 

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Pure simplicity

  • 1) Create a profile. No personal information or questionnaire. List your preferences, come up with a username, and allow the website to use your location data.
  • 2) Post your request for an hour. You can always prolong the post, if not – it’ll self-delete in 60 minutes.
  • 3) Find a partner. You can dive into the sea of profiles by yourself and explore available partners in your area. Or, wait for someone to send a request to you. Either way, you’ll probably find a match in less than an hour, no matter which tactics you choose.
  • 4) Talk beforehand – or keep things mysterious. You can exchange messages before the date, and you also can choose not to, if a surprise date is what you are going for. 
  • 5) Go for it. Let the adventure begin – at the indicated location on the scheduled time – all on your terms. 

Pure compatibility

Location-based dating

Just set the radius for the application and look for available profiles in the selected area. Other matching criteria are gender preferences and social status, and you can Similarly to you, potential partners indicate their availability during this hour. You really could get lucky and have a nearby date in a few minutes.

No social media profiles or inaccurate personality tests

Why tie your romantic circle to Facebook friends or narrow your choices to a particular type? As much as precise algorithms could help to get to know a match better, they also create unnecessary limitations. If you care to know your partner’s interests, there is an anonymous chat for any topics. 

Pleasure in unpredictability

The platform offers unique matches with people you might have otherwise never run into. How else would you broaden your social circle and re-discover yourself? 

The primary purpose of Pure is returning spontaneous meetings in vogue, keeping it fun regardless of your previous romantic experience. 

Big international community

  • More than 300 000+ users all over the world – and the number’s growing fast;
  • A leading dating app in the United States
  • 100 000 active daily users – the platform consistently welcomes thousands of new users so you won’t meet your previous dates.

Most importantly

With Pure, you don’t have to explain yourself, talk in-depth about your previous relationships, or commit to one person. Our platform is perfect for busy people with a full schedule. Have a date whenever and wherever you like, keep it a one-time thing or build a long-term relationship. No expectations and prejudice, just pure pleasure.

Single parent dating can be fun. Register an account to see for yourself.

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