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December 13, 2019

We are all aware of how most of the dating sites work nowadays. It is simple: you find the platform you like, register, become a member, upgrade to premium membership, and start the search. Once you match with people, it begins with a simple conversation, and then it evolves somewhere else. Although, the Usa Sex Guide is nothing like you’ve seen or tried before.

USASexGuide, which has Netherland domain, is an ultimate traveling sex website that is accessible worldwide but focuses mostly in the USA. So basically, it is not as you would expect but instead.

The service went live back in 2000, and you can tell that design didn’t change since then. USSexGuide is a forum for men to share their personal experience on using any service like escort, strip clubs, or other adult entertainment entities.

There are nearly half of the million users on the website, though it is not as exciting as we would like it to be as practically all of them are men. Women on the platform advertise their business of escort or whatever.

The web page is filled with a bunch of banners that can give you a perspective of what you can get. There is also an app version is available for your mobile devices, which is not that different from the website.

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Welcome to USA Sex Guide, one of the hookup sites that actually work!

How does USASexGuide work

Since this is not a typical dating website, the forum is divided into topics and discussions depending on the location and the state or the main cities in the state. The whole system is well done, although because of the amount of information and structure, it can be not that easy to navigate the website at first. Plus, the search engine is far from being useful nor helpful.

The best way to navigate through USA Sex Guides is to choose the state or the city and search topics directly there. That will save up some of your time. In case, if you want to not only get the information on the different experiences but also share some of yours – you would need to create a member account to get any further with that.

USA Sex Guide review also shows that the oldest members have more freedom than the new once. If you want to post a story as a newbie, you first have to send it to moderators of the website for the revision, and only after it can be published. If you are a member with the highest membership, that means you are a veteran of the platform, and to participate in conversations, you don’t have to go through that and upload your experience stories right away.

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Main page of USASexGuide

Who can you find at USASexGuide

Since this is not a typical online dating website, you will not meet any potential matches for the date or a hookup for the night. Although you can reed plenty of honest reviews on escort companies or strip clubs, get information about how to find milf prostitute in your area, etc. The USASexGuides website is famous for being very straightforward with all the reviews that people are posting there.

How much does it cost

There is no paid membership like at the regular dating platform. So the only way to earn your highest privileges is to get to the website and be active there constantly.

Is it safe to use USASexGuide

Users are open about their real names and personal details at USASexGuide. Although there are no specific safety restrictions to protect members of the website or their personal information. So technically, anyone can use your personal information just going to the platform.

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USASexGuide login page

Pros and cons

Let’s start with the pleasant pros that we see. First of all, the platform is open for anyone to register and doesn’t require any payments. You can also access all the information you need right away. One huge base of sex workers to your service and a chance to have a chat with other members to get their opinion.

But those pros are always followed with cons. There is a huge amount of always popping out ads all the time. Your personal information is not secure, and the website gives the opportunity only to meet sex workers and not just ladies in your area for fun. The design of the site is quite old, and the ads are getting annoying after just several minutes. And if you want to enter the chat, you will find that the interface is far from being as convenient as the best sexting websites.

USASexGuide is true by all means to guide the sex industry in the USA. Why they have Netherland domain is the biggest mystery for now.

USA Sex Guide real experience

We tried it out on our own to get the experience of what to expect. Once we were at the platform, if asked us to verify that we’re adults and that we are allowed to proceed further. Then it took us to the page that looked like it was created 10 years ago. After all, though, the platform is not a regular dating site, but forum based in the USA.

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USASexGuide forum page

What can you find at the USA Sex Guide forums

Each state on the website has its forum with all the possible topics you can think of. The site seems a lot like Craigslist back in the day. If you look, for instance, Nevada, you will see over 50,000 posts to go through about different topics. You will also be impressed by how many guys are sharing things that are entirely private but helpful.

Besides, you will get access to the unlimited number of recommendations regarding any service you need, sex-wise, of course. All posts are added every other hour, so you will never be bored. Users on the platform are honest and are very communicative.

What else is out there with USA Sex Guide

We already know that the US Sex Guide is not a typical platform for you to find a casual date. Besides the forum part, the website has an interesting page with rules for the sex game that is a legendary sharing place. The page shares the ultimate rules to pick up ladies randomly on the street, and oh boy, do they work well.

There is also a forum to discuss the list of forum abbreviations, which can be very much helpful if you are new to the whole sex industry. There you will find out what ATM, DFK, CIM, or SW means in a sex worker’s world.

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USASexGuide photo gallery

Final conclusion

The USSexGuide platform if not for you if you are looking for a random free hookup. Although the website is free to use, all the recommendations are about paid sex workers. Design is rather poor as well, but it is nice to get back to the 2000s’ for a minute.

Also, to achieve the highest level of the member, you need to be on the platform and participate in the forum constantly. Not necessarily a bad nor a good thing. The choice is entirely up to you and your personal preferences.

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How to text escort USA Sex Guide?

You can see the forums in a particular location you choose, and there will be a lot of escort services that will offer their services with all the needed description details and contact details too.

How long does it take a post to show up on USA Sex Guide?

It depends on how long you have been a member. If you are a new user on the platform, it might take a while as your post will be sent to moderators for the check first, and only after will be posted online on to the forums.

What the hell is going on with USA Sex Guide?

The USASexGuide was suspended after President Trump signed SESTA/FOSTA laws, but it is back on track.

How to get free sex on seeking arrangements USA Sex Guide?

You can add notes on the forum and wait for others to help you out.

How to be a senior member on USA Sex Guide?

The whole idea is simple. Since there are no paid subscriptions, to get to the top list of members, you have to spend your time on the platform constantly. This is the only way. The more you chat and post — the faster you will become a senior member of the USASexGuide.

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