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April 27, 2021


Video games have acted as a means for fantasies and escapism since their inception. Whether you’ve explored alien planets, slain monsters, or saved the world, we can all agree that games have been a perfect outlet for living out fantasies. And yes, that includes sex as well. Sex and nudity in games have been a topic of controversy for decades, but let’s just admit something: We like sex. Why wouldn’t we? In this age where the outside world has become more of a minefield, the virtual world has been there to pick up the pieces. Games have arrived to create a variety of scenarios for players to live out numerous sexual fantasies. Hookups? Parties? Chance encounters and relationship building? It’s all here. 


Perhaps the greatest blessing of them all has been the major stride in accessibility for this lesser-known genre. Gone are the days of suspicious links and anxiety-inducing downloads. I’ve compiled a handful of erotic and pornographic games that are available to you on the highly popular pc gaming launcher, STEAM. I’ve got you covered. So let’s sift through the list and have some fun.  




Is there any place in the world more romanticized than the college campus? From the 80s era sex-comedies, and the cultural emphasis on college being the time to explore yourself, as well as others. Well, “College Kings,” developed by Undergrad Steve, gives the player all the ultimate college scenarios to play around with from frats, and parties, to hookups and drunken brawls. College Kings has you play as a freshman, prepared for “the best four years of your life,” and it’s up to you to decide how to spend them, and choose how to rise up through the oh so important college hierarchy. The game maintains a rather cheeky self-aware attitude about its setup, making the game consistently feel light-hearted and allows the player to experiment in a risk-free zone. But for those who want stakes, the game offers a “real life” mode, where you’re forced to live with the consequences. Sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it? The character traits you establish at the beginning will influence the narrative, and as is customary for the genre, showcases a handful of interactive sex scenes that put you in control. A scene selector lets you return to all of your favorite moments. On top of it all, College Kings is free on steam, making the game a perfect entry-level experience for those who are new to the genre and want to test the waters without any sunk costs.



One of the most popular entries in the genre, that’s had the privilege of being banned off of Twitch. This badge of honor should hint at the content that awaits you in this hectic party simulator. Down a beer, pick a fight, and partake in the various characters’ quest lines to build the relationships you want. It’s the ultimate romp. “House Party,” developed by Eek! Games, features a fully explorable house and numerous party guests to interact with. Play your cards right, and you can find yourself in bed as the party pulses downstairs. “House Party” has interactive and animated first-person sex scenes, with a variety of positions to switch between before the long-awaited virtual orgasm. It’s the ultimate party role-playing experience that offers plenty of reasons to return once you’ve reached the end. The game is still in early access, and receiving updates from the developer. It currently sits at $24.99. And just a little trade secret between you and me, a simple add-on in the game’s steam page will remove the censorship, and unleash the full potential of the game. Just as the developers intended. Go get ‘em. 



Providing a contrast to the casual and often wild sex of a chaotic party, Acting Lessons, developed by “Dr PinkCake,” is a far more narrative experience for those looking to be more invested in the stories of the characters and create that extra level of intimacy. The story centers around “You,” even allowing you to name yourself, and making choices that influence how your relationship with the main character, Megan, and the various characters whose lives you begin to tangle with. The choice of which relationship to pursue and nurture is entirely up to you. While Acting Lessons carries its share of drama and comedy, don’t be fooled, it doesn’t cheat you out of the interactive sex the game was built for. Featuring hundreds of renders and animations, the story is influenced by the player’s choice and that also goes for your character’s sex life. Acting Lessons aims to be a strong narrative experience with branching paths, and high stakes drama. After all, what fun is sex without some life or death stakes to spice things up? “Acting Lessons” has a little bit of everything. Live out the fantasy of meeting someone special, and the rest is history. “Acting Lessons” can be purchased for $9.99 and due to its multiple ending, gives you plenty of reasons to return. 



Taking a step away from the visual novel style that is so popular with these games, “Mirror,” developed by Kagami Works, is a match-3 puzzler in a high fantasy setting. It’s important to note that Mirror caters more to the hardcore fetishes, involving monsters, domination, and dark fantasy violence, some of which involving tentacles. If that’s not your cup of tea, I’ll see you in the next entry. For those who stuck around, the various stories will put the player against numerous hyper-sexualized fantasy archetypes that you will battle. The game is full of erotic images and strategic moment-to-moment gameplay. “Mirror” will have you battle various fantasy ladies decked in lingerie that doubles as armor that will require you to change up your play style and adapt to all different kinds of scenarios. But at the end of every battle, relish in your victory and decide whether to pleasure or punish your opponent, and all of this performed through interactive and animated sections, point and click style. Decide their fate. This is the place to satisfy your battle lust. Swords, magic, demons, sex, and nudity await you in “Mirror” for just $1.99. 


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Branching out in genres, but keeping in line with the darker, violent tone set by Mirror, “She Will Punish Them,” is a brutal action RPG that focuses on close-range combos against hordes of demons. You take control of a fully customizable succubus, who can don the revealing armor of your choice as you struggle to fight the forces of hell. “She Will Punish Them” is currently in early access and developed by L2 Games, who are still releasing content for the game periodically. It sits at $15.00 and fans of RPGs will feel right at home grinding for better gear, staring death in the face, and creating the succubus of their dreams. Or nightmares. It seems ridiculous to say, but “She Will Punish Them” is probably the most subtle of the games on this list, but those who like their gore served with a kinky side of fries should be able to get their mileage out of this game. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s an additional feature allowing you to pose your succubus in a “photo mode” to get that perfect angle. Enjoy, you little hell-raiser. “She Will Punish Them” can be purchased for $15.99. 



Polish off the blood from your sword and return to Earth, where a whole city of women and countless story paths to unravel await you. “Man of The House” calls itself a “sandbox visual novel” serves as a pseudo-open world point and click adventure game with movement similar to classic dungeon crawlers, oddly enough. The game provides a bunch of scenarios to act out. From roommates to landlords, doctors, and the gym instructor who’s ass you “totally” weren’t staring at. Man of the House gives you the freedom to move around the world and partake in your very own personalized porn video. The number of features will without a doubt, keep the player busy, with a city filled with multiple locations, and plenty of characters to pursue. There are 3D models, plenty of positions to try out, and fantasies to experiment with. Man of the House sits at $19.00 and offers hours of content ranging from steamy to surreal and comical. Developed by Faerin Games.



Neon lights and nudity. “City of Broken Dreamers” is a visual novel with thousands of high-quality 3D image renders and hundreds of animations, set in a dystopian cyberpunk setting. Cyberpunk is a genre that has captured the imaginations of millions and these rain-soaked streets of futuristic Los Angeles come alive in vibrant fashion. You play as an assassin for hire and your choices will dictate the story as well as the relationships you develop with the characters littered through the story. Developer PhillyGames set out to create an experience they describe as both “Sexy and engaging,” and even give you the choice to stay strictly professional with your allies and enemies. But for those who prefer a more “hands-on” approach, “City of Broken Dreamers” has you covered with interactive sex scenes and a theater mode that captures and saves all the sexual encounters on your playthrough, and allows you to revisit your favorite moments. Your choices matter, and how you navigate through the story is up to you. Fans of the genre should feel right at home, with the world-building, the color palette, and synth-heavy soundtrack that make the experience feel all the more genuine. For those looking for a fresh, at times gorgeous backdrop with an emphasis on the story, this may just be your stop. “City of Broken Dreamers” is available for $9.99 and comes with 7 chapters, with PhillyGames promising more content to come soon in the form of DLC. 


If there’s one thing that all these games share in common, it’s that they provide an accessible, creative, and safe space to explore and live out fantasies that may be otherwise difficult, or downright impossible to act on. Looking at you, succubus demon slayer. This is a unique advantage that games have over other entertainment mediums: involvement. It’s a whole different beast. Games can be a great way to simulate the thrill of a hookup, or the chance encounters we often daydream about. 


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