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March 7, 2021

The Covid pandemic spread an epidemic of loneliness, bringing even more people back to the gaming world. Video games are more popular than ever. For some people, online communities are the only place to develop friendships, relationships, and overall valuable human interactions.


It’s no secret that gamers and geeks can sometimes be shy and socially awkward, and for some of them, games can be the only place to meet new friends and crushes. Multiplayer games, for example, are a great way to bond because they require communication and teamwork. Besides that, playing the same video game can give total strangers something to talk about. If you’re a geek, you probably have a lot to bring to the table. Your intelligence, passion, and good work ethic could be the dream combo for some girl/guy out there. Your only issue is probably that you’re too shy to come up to your crush and ask them for a date. Or maybe you’re investing everything into your work/education-related projects and have no time to meet someone special.



Lately, the geek and gamer dating sites are on rise. There are multiple apps and websites that offer convenient tools to meet that special someone or just to have a great time being in a judgment and stigma-free zone. It looks like the dating industry finally recognises the potential of nerdy communities.


Whether you’re looking for a Han Solo to your Princess Leia, a Mario to your Princess Peach, or an Ellie to your Riley, you will find all the best dating apps and websites to try out listed below. 



If you’re a geek or a gamer looking for a short-term relationship or a casual hookup, the first app you need to check out is definitely the Pure app. Pure has a very diverse, welcoming, and sex positive community of users, who’re looking to find a partner for fun flirtatious chats, video calls, and maybe even a real-life date (not in times of Covid, of course). 


Pure is very good with keeping your conversations safe and private. For example, if your match decides to take a screenshot of your conversation while you’re sexting, they won’t have a chance to. Besides, you’ll receive a special notification. You’ll be able to leave the conversation with your match at any time, and it will get automatically deleted from all devices. 


Pure’s design is super minimalistic and it has incredible cartoon-ish illustrations, which give the app a modern artistic vibe. It’s fair to say that it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing dating apps out there. The simplicity of the design highlights how fun and easy the whole dating experience on the app is.   

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Kippo is a mobile-only dating app. While many other dating services have a desktop version for their app, it seems kind of unnecessary in 2021. We all have our mobile phones with us 24/7, and swiping is a great time killer while on the go. So no issue there, Kippo. They do have a website where you can find links to their app for iOS and Android, read about the company’s mission, and see a few cute comic strips about gamer dating. Another thing worth mentioning is that 40% of Kippo’s users are female, and the user age on average is 18 to 24. 


Kippo app has a free subscription plan that lets you see 30 profiles a day and send 1 message to a new contact per day. The premium Kippo subscription costs 10$ for one month and removes all of the free version’s limitations. That’s on the low end, as far as dating app prices go. 


To set up your account, you need to enter your phone number and then select your favorite games in a special card menu. You can complete your bio by filling in your gender, preferred pronouns, religious affiliation, and other info that you feel is important. Once your profile is set, you get a list of potential matches, who you can like, pass or send an opening message to.


Here’s an in-depth review of the app by a YouTuber Amanda Hardman: 

While many geek-centric dating sites focus on fandoms in specific genres, is a 100% gamer community focused dating site! With apps available for IOS and on GooglePlay, you can take your relationship searching with you when you have to step away from your desktop. With great technical support, including Uber SSL encryption, trust us to help you find the right connections online in our gamer-specific world. Whether you’re looking for a gaming social network, or real life love connections, is one of the most established geek-oriented dating sites on the market. Premium memberships start at $5 a month, but you can save money with a one time $50 lifetime membership fee as well. 


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With a free membership to you can begin searching for love in a matter of minutes. Create a profile, upload recent pictures of yourself, and you can view profiles and flirt with one the largest membership bases of genuine geeks and nerds. While a basic membership is free, you can purchase additional functions if needed to improve your dating experience. Using a growing co-operative of online dating sites, the range of data-based matches and members is unparalleled. There’s even tips for healthy and safe online dating! Geek Nerd Dating is by geeks for geeks, who are looking to meet new people, and most importantly, have fun! 


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One thing that helps bring all geeks together is their fandom, and is all about introducing you to like-minded fans and nerds! If you’re into anime, comic books, sci-fi, or fantasy fandoms this is the site for you. Soul Geek is 100% free, and lets you sort by distance and age so you can find a real-life connection over your favorite content with ease. You can even browse blogs, forums, and video content to fully immerse yourself in the active online community. Inspired by the real life love story of the founder, voice actor Dino Andrade,’s entire goal is to help you find a geek of your own, no matter what your interests may be.


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When you’re on the internet anyway, it’s convenient to just casually switch the tab and check out You could definitely meet your soulmate there.

Not only can you date a woman or another man on there, you can also post, read and discuss reviews & news about all the popular games on the market and engage in an active community.

The design of the site will remind you of several online plays like LoL, so you’ll feel very at home and welcome. In the library section of your profile you can name all the games or streamers you’re interested in so that other singles can quickly see whether you guys have enough in common to match.

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Unlike some of the competition, is both a desktop and mobile based online dating service for nerds, geeks, and fanboys/girls. Made up of 1000s of geeks from the US, UK, and Australia, this dating service is stripped down, ad-supported, and meant to be ultra easy to navigate. While some dating sites sport frills and paid content,’s only goal is to make it easy to find single geeks and nerds in your area quickly and easily. 


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So what are the top 5 benefits of on-line dating?



  • – It’s quick and easy


You just need to set your dating profile, and an app or a website of your choice will do most of the work for you. Yeah, you’ll still need to talk to people and find out who’s a good match for you, but at least you don’t need to spend your time wandering around bars, libraries, and office happy hours.


  • – You can meet more people with similar values, interests, preferences, etc.


On-line dating most certainly expands your dating pool. It’s a lot easier to meet people outside of your normal social circle, community, city, or even your country.


  • – It’s easier to get to know people if you are shy


For some people, it’s not that easy to start a conversation when meeting someone for the first time. However, it’s a lot easier to do while you’re texting online. It takes a lot of pressure off of social interactions.


  • – You can date in the comfort and safety of your own home


You don’t have to get dressed or choose the right place for the date or waste any time while getting to your date. There’s also no physical contact involved, which makes your first date 100% safe. 


  • – It’s cheaper


Unlike an offline date, the online one doesn’t require you to pay for the meal and your trip to the date place multiple nights per week. The only thing you might be paying for is a dating service subscription. But as we know, most dating apps and websites offer a free subscription plan anyway.

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