Tinder Hookup Tips for Guys: a Guide to Casual Dating

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April 30, 2020

Hate it or love it, nowadays if you’re single and looking for some quick fun, Tinder is one of the most popular options to turn to. Nearly a third of Millennials admitted using Tinder. More than half of my friends had some real Tinder hookup experiences. Being an avid user of dating apps myself, including Tinder, Pure, all Cupids, and many others, I also have a lot to share.


Tinder got its name for a reason

The good news is that nearly anyone can get a piece of Tinder sex as long as you know how to play your cards. You’ll have to work on your profile, understand the basic rules of attraction, and always be respectful towards others. Although there’s no lack of women using Tinder to get laid, my guide is mainly dedicated to the guys. Let’s face it, girls don’t usually have a problem with landing a hookup and it is your responsibility to understand and accept a woman’s intentions before you try something.

If you’re after the gay Tinder hookup, there are some apps like adam4adam that can make a better alternative. Now, I’m not an expert in the LGBT area, but if you’re a straight guy looking for Tinder hookup tips, I’ve got you covered.

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Tinder hookup essentials

Your first task on using a Tinder hookup app like a pro is to get some matches. Now, if you think that swiping right on everyone you see is a great idea, it is not. First of all, Tinder algorithms will quickly mark you as a spammer. Secondly, you may end up matching with people you don’t really like. And finally, that’s just not ethical. Don’t be desperate. You’ll get your match eventually if you follow some basic rules.

However, if you want to see what happens if you do swipe right on everyone and then send a sex offer to all of them, watch this Tinder hookup video:

And one more thing, if you’re not willing to play the hunting game at all, try using apps like AdultFriendFinder to save some time.

Fix your profile

One of my friends gave up on Tinder because “the girls there are only hooked on the look” and “it is like Instagram but for dating.” While some of this might be true, you need to remember that Tinder has a huge userbase and all kinds of people are using it. If you’re looking for a Tinder tranny, however, you’ll be better off with a niche app.

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You don’t need to be hilarious to get a Tinder hookup, brief and witty profiles work too

I’ve seen a few profiles of girls who are clearly using Tinder to broaden their client base, so you might as well search them on UsaSexGuide. While there’s nothing wrong with being a sex worker, that’s probably not what you look for on Tinder. Just don’t get distracted.

Your best strategy will be to look and sound confident, funny, and honest. The looks are important but they are still secondary.

One of my female friends likes to share her Tinder hookup stories with me and very often they start with “He is not my type, but there was something about him.”

If you know that your looks are not your main advantage, focus on presenting your irresistible personality instead.

Choose the photos

Regardless of your appearance, you’ll have to work with what you have. There are two main don’ts of uploading photos on Tinder: don’t use your old pictures and don’t use misleading ones. Also, it is better not to use pictures with other people as you don’t want to distract a girl with your handsome brother, not that good-looking best friend, pretty sister, etc. Focus on yourself.

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One of the Tinder hookup tips: one topless pic is more than enough

Even if you’re a workout enthusiast, it might be a good idea not to upload a bunch of gym selfies. One is more than enough. However, a lot of girls find gym selfies superficial and swipe left on them. If your body is something that you’re really proud of, try posting a beach picture instead.

Think of what impression you want to make and let the pictures speak for themselves. What are you passionate about? What makes you stand out? And sometimes it is better to settle with a few decent pics.

Also, you can enable a “smart photo” function to raise your chances of Tinder hookup. The app will automatically detect your most successful pic and use it as your main one. Rumor has it, it does increase the number of people swiping right.

Edit your bio

Profiles with no bio are suspicious and make you look lazy. Profiles with bad jokes aren’t helping you either. When you write that you’re bored and horny, even if that’s true, 99% that you will not end up in bed because of that line. Also, you don’t need to use all the 500 symbols just because you can. Witty and straight to the point profile info is what you’re after.

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Pics with pets are always a good idea

I’ve come across so many profiles that say they won’t reply to people who cannot come up with something rather than “Hi” or “How are you”. Or the profiles that only mention what type of people they dislike. Don’t be negative and complicated. That’s not sexy.

The art of conversation

You might think that matching with someone is half-way to success but it’s not all that simple. Tinder is famous for its silent matches. People match and move on, caught in the maze of the swiping game.

You have to be active and make the first move

You need to learn to move on when it’s obvious that you have no chances. And also, don’t stress it and try to have fun.

Be honest but not gross

Although you need to make sure you are on the same page with the person you’re talking to, I wouldn’t recommend starting a conversation with something too upfront. A friend of mine said she will never forget a guy who started the chat with a cheesy “I think it’s a love from the first sight” and without further ado suggested she sits on his face. Girls get messages like this all the time. Trust me, you won’t look funny.

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Try not to post pics with friends, especially good-looking ones

Have a proper chat first, be a little mysterious, flirt, make her feel curious, and only after that move on with sexting or offering a real-life Tinder hookup.

Don’t be needy

If she doesn’t reply, that means she is not interested. If you send her twenty more messages, that will not increase your chances to get a reply. In fact, you’ll end up being blocked. Don’t waste your time and move on, there’s plenty of fish in the sea.

Best Tinder Hookup Lines

There is no recipe for success. Otherwise, there would be just Tinder hookup success stories all over the web. But I’ve got a few interesting examples that might inspire you. Here’s a sample of how “the Tinder magic” usually happens.

Tinder Hookup 5 - Tinder Hookup Tips for Guys: a Guide to Casual Dating

When thinking of a perfect punchline, being funny is important. A good sense of humor may help you land a Tinder hookup. Or not. You can be funny but never get past the chatting stage. It is also important to be confident and do not go overboard with your jokes.

Tinder Hookup 7 - Tinder Hookup Tips for Guys: a Guide to Casual Dating

If you can’t help being honest, you might as well use your imagination. And by the way, if you’re not ready to wait until you find a girl that also looks for a fling, use Pure. People use it for a reason and that reason is not treading waters.

Tinder hookup tips for when you landed a date

There’s no secret that it is generally easier to get laid if you’re a girl. When we talk about something casual, women don’t usually have to worry that the guy rejects their hookup offer. And when a girl decides to have a fling, all she cares about is her safety.

She should be able to trust a guy, so respect her and make her feel comfortable.

  • Be honest and respectful. Giving false promises and manipulating is off the table. Treat others like you want to be treated yourself.
  • Don’t drink too much. While a glass or two are good for calming the never down, do not overdo it. That’s not good for your bedroom performance, takes some fun out of the whole process, and might even ruin your date.
  • Leave room for intrigue. Don’t get to the point straight away and don’t just talk about sex all the time. This can be creepy and alarming. Leave the fun stuff for later.

Don’t get discouraged if the date didn’t go exactly as you planned. Learn from your mistakes and do better the next time.

Tinder features to increase your hookup chances

Now, is it worth paying for Tinder? Will it help you with hooking up? The short answer is, probably not too much. But let’s look into its premium features in detail.

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Is it worth paying for Tinder?

Unlimited Likes

If you weren’t convinced with my advice to not swipe on everyone you see and still want to try your luck, it will make sense to pay for Tinder plus. This way it won’t block you because of spamming activities.

See who likes you

Premium membership allows you to see everyone who swiped right on you. This way you can guarantee yourself a few matches. But matching is only a part of the way, you still have to be cool and creative.

Tinder Hookup 2 - Tinder Hookup Tips for Guys: a Guide to Casual Dating

Practice makes perfect. But even the funniest punchlines won’t necessarily help you get a date. It is the combination of all the above-mentioned factors that work.

Profile Boost

If you think that your profile is close to perfection, you can consider buying a Premium to show it off. Otherwise, it would be just a waste of money.

Swipe globally

If you’re planning a trip, you can prepare your dates in advance with the “Passport” feature. I personally think this is a cool feature that is worth paying for if you travel often. Besides, when everyone knows that you have limited time to seal the deal, magic happens faster.


The truth is, even if you look like Brad Pitt and have a killer sense of humor, chances are that you will still get rejected on Tinder. A lot of people use it out of boredom and not to keen to meet IRL. But working on your profile, being honest, funny, and respectful can help you with charming someone soon. And if you’re not ready to put too many efforts, try using a hookup-focused app instead.

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Pure is for real meetings, not for endless swipes

Pure users have only an hour to chat before their profiles disappear. In one hour, you send a casual sex request to potential matches near your location, discuss your desires, and share contact detail to set up an offline date. If you want to repeat the search and find other matches, you have to create a new profile. No worries, it takes a minute.

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Try shameless dating app.
You'll crave for more!
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How do you get a hookup on Tinder?

To get a Tinder hookup you need to work on your profile. Make sure the bio is brief and catchy, the pictures compliment you and yet still reflect reality. Be active but not needy and make your intentions clear.

Are Tinder hookups safe?

The world is a dangerous place but if you use your common sense and don’t act recklessly, Tinder hookups will be safe enough. Meet in the public place, pay attention to the red flags (like when he says Ted Bundy is his role model), and if you go to their place, send the address to your friend and mention it in the conversation. And don’t forget to use protection.

Is Tinder a dating site or hook up?

People use Tinder for all the purposes: from finding the love of their lives to getting laid. Be honest about your intentions from the start.

What does Tinder hook up mean?

A hookup is the opposite of serious relationships, it is a casual affair with no strings attached. So when you look for something casual, like a one-night stand or a fuck buddy, you might as well call it a hookup.

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