The 16 best gay bars in Phoenix

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September 26, 2019

Phoenix is a sun-kissed city in Arizona state where you can enjoy the sun and pleasantly warm weather throughout 365 days in a year. Besides the sunny mood, you can relax and grab a few drinks at the local gay-friendly and gay bars. Phoenix gay bars don’t have their own neighborhood like other big megapolises. All the places to chill are mostly located in the city center area like Melrose District.

We put together 16 best gay bars in Phoenix. Places are for literally any occasion to help you turn each night into a celebration of life and freedom. Let’s start!

Top 16 gay bars in Phoenix
  1. Stacy’s at Melrose
  2. BS West
  3. Kobalt
  4. Charlie’s Phoenix
  5. Nu Towne Saloon
  6. Bar 1
  7. The Cash Nightclub & Lounge
  8. Los Diablos
  9. Caravan Taproom
  10. The Rock
  11. Karamba Nightclub
  12. Plazma
  13. Anvil
  14. OZ Bar
  15. Pat-O’s Bunkhouse Saloon
  16. Cruisin’ 7th
Stacy’s Melrose f - The 16 best gay bars in Phoenix

Stacy’s at Melrose

This bar is popular with the warmest staff and unique design which looks more like a cathedral than a regular bar. You can either chill or dance at Stacy’s bar. Or have a good laugh together with great shows from drag queens.

BS West а - The 16 best gay bars in Phoenix

BS West

Works 7 days a week with special hot offers every Wednesday and Saturday. Quality drinks from $1? Sis, we are in! Besides it all, they have a really entertaining program for every type and mood. The bar was established back in 1988 and since then never lost the game. Definitely a place you would like to return to.

Kobalt а - The 16 best gay bars in Phoenix


This gay bar in Phoenix claims to be more than just a bar. They are well-known for their 26 signature and delicious drinks and amazing karaoke spot. The owners are also proud of the recent grand reopening. The new modern design of the place will leave you speechless.

Charlies Phoenix f - The 16 best gay bars in Phoenix

Charlie’s Phoenix

Country style mixed with shaking Latina music won’t leave anyone behind. Especially, when you come to order your special drink and the masculine bartender will please your eyes. The bar is the right place if you are in the mood to shake some. They have new, twice bigger from before, dancefloor will magnetize you to leave shyness at home.

Nu Towne Saloon а - The 16 best gay bars in Phoenix

Nu Towne Saloon

The saloon where all the leather daddies are hanging out every weekend. The location is not in the actual center but right around the corner and it’s been on the market for 40 years. The place is worth visiting.

Bar 1 а - The 16 best gay bars in Phoenix

Bar 1

Hello to a freak-loving bar. The place is popular because of its easy-going atmosphere and constant fun. Happy hours won’t let you hesitate before the order.

The Cash Nightclub Lounge - The 16 best gay bars in Phoenix

The Cash Nightclub & Lounge

The Cash is a well-known county place to visit within the LGBTQ+ community. Its wooden design together with music from the best DJs will make you fall for the place and would leave you wanting to come back again and again.

Los Diablos f - The 16 best gay bars in Phoenix

Los Diablos

Los Diablos might become your favorite cocktail spot within gay bars phoenix az. The environment is extra friendly along with the bartenders who will make sure to take care of you all night long.

Caravan Taproom f - The 16 best gay bars in Phoenix

Caravan Taproom

Caravan Taproom is one special gay bar phoenix. Besides the obvious fun and quality drinks Caravan offers to go back in time for a bit with old school board games and vintage video games. The place is young but very promising and worth your visit.

The Rock f - The 16 best gay bars in Phoenix

The Rock

The name of the place gives you an idea of what the bar is about. Alternative music is not the only feature of the Rock. They serve good food and tasty drinks and let you enjoy excellent drag shows and chilling atmosphere.

Karamba Nightclub f - The 16 best gay bars in Phoenix

Karamba Nightclub

The place is very Latina, though it is open for everyone gay or straight. Be ready to dance your feet off and drink tempting cocktails. Those are the main reasons why the bar usually packed.

Plazma f - The 16 best gay bars in Phoenix


You’ll never know with this place. You can either get to the Plazma and watch the NFL game or a drag queen performance. The bar doesn’t have any strict schedule or anything. Relax, come on out to the Plazma and let it surprise you.

Anvil f - The 16 best gay bars in Phoenix


Get ready to take out your best leather outfit and wear it to Anvil bar the home of leather. So they assure. The place has a variety of events every day. Every day, of course, involves leather.

OZ Bar f - The 16 best gay bars in Phoenix

OZ Bar

Cozy place with poker nights every week. Also, it is not too big, not too small, just right. The price range for drinks will be surprisingly pleasant.

Pat O’s Bunkhouse Saloon f - The 16 best gay bars in Phoenix

Pat-O’s Bunkhouse Saloon

Despite the fact that you can usually see big bears at the bar, the place welcomes everyone who is seeking for a chill atmosphere.

Cruisin7th f - The 16 best gay bars in Phoenix

Cruisin’ 7th

Not like everyone else, not like any other gay bar in Arizona. The place is famous for the drag shows they perform on a daily basis and offering plus organizing bachelorette parties. The place to get loose and relaxed. If you don’t know where to fit — you can fit Cruisin’7th.

Basically, all you need in one place. Don’t let that kid inside of you get dull with work. You should get loose and play.

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