Subtle Asian Dating. What’s That About?

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May 15, 2020

Subtle Asian traits group was created not that long ago, in October of 2018 to be precise, to connect all the Asian expats who live and study abroad. The owner of this group is an Asian-Australian girl named Hella Chen (her pseudonym). The group very quickly transformed from subtle Asian traits to subtle Asian dating. Everything happened too fast to reflect and that were users that made Hella change her initial direction.

What’s so special about subtle Asian traits?

Group gained more than a million users nearly overnight together with huge media coverage by the mainstream newspapers calling it a new phenomenon. Now the group has nearly 2 million participants. I think that was less of a phenomenon and more of a place where people got the opportunity to connect. Facebook has thousands of such groups nowadays. I don’t see anything particular extraordinary here. But I was wondering if it compares to any other dating single Asians sites that I’ve heard of?

subtle Asian dating review1 - Subtle Asian Dating. What’s That About?

My journalistic gut, however, didn’t let me sleep tight at night and kept me thinking if everything that I’ve read about the group is true? What I’ve heard was that people there began to auction themselves or their friends, thus, supporting and expanding matchmaker meetups market that has been in Asian culture for centuries.

The group was obviously closed and in my head, I thought I had a zero chance to get in since I’m far away from being or looking Asian. Yet I did have a hope that my old photos from me being in China and having a lot of Asian friends would get in. My prediction was correct and I was approved to become a member of the subtle Asian dating Facebook group.

Audience quality


I was right, and either my cute face or my Chinese past helped me to get into the group within 24 hours after my request. That was easy, I thought, and I was very much excited to see all the hotties who are most likely part of the Ivy-League fancy community and single. And probably rich.

subtle Asian dating review2 - Subtle Asian Dating. What’s That About?

See what I got instead.

The disappointment was huge and hit me hard. I didn’t see any auction posts to the present date of 2020, nor I found action posts from 2019. In fact, I saw zero content or posts about dating. Just another regular Facebook group with a huge number of members. Because if I hear dating, it is supposed to be something more than just a few cute joking posts. This is why I like using Pure. It is open and straightforward. No one is trying to joke around or play games. The app was created for hookups and that’s what it’s all about. And that’s what you get at the end of the day.

I managed to find a few posts from back in a day but that was about it. What was the phenomenon again? I didn’t get it.

subtle Asian dating review3 - Subtle Asian Dating. What’s That About?

Age distribution

The group doesn’t ask for your age when you are sending a join request. So with that being said, I assume the group accepts a lot of people and might not even consider their age or ethnicities. Yet there is no 18+ content which means there is a chance that there are underage girls and guys.

Fakes and scammers

The group is very active and everyone can post their memes, jokes, thoughts. I did find a few spammers in the comments but those are mostly ignored by other users. However, I would suggest keeping your distance with strangers you meet online and try to keep your personal information to yourself.

Fake accounts are not supposed to come through the moderators who manually accept or decline each and every request.

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No words need to be said here. Subtle Asian dating works the same way as any other Facebook group. It is private but once you get in, it is easy to understand what’s what. Which is basically a few events every now and then, but mostly the entire feed of memes, TikTok videos that are reposted from other Facebook groups, and heritage photos of relatives. Where is dating though and the hot Asian auctions?

subtle Asian dating review5 - Subtle Asian Dating. What’s That About?

Signing up

As I’ve mentioned before, the group is closed and requires you to send a request first. That is followed by 4 questions. Those are ordinary and quite simple.

subtle Asian dating review6 - Subtle Asian Dating. What’s That About?


You can view other members of the group freely and view their profiles separately from the group. Usually, those are open or partly open so you can get the main idea of the person.


You can search users through Facebook and by their names or emails. Or if you found someone through the feed, you can also add them to your Friends list and talk more in private.

There is also an option to search through posts and type in any keywords or names to look through.

subtle Asian dating review7 - Subtle Asian Dating. What’s That About?


Subtle Asian dating looks to me like a big chat room, similar to Everything is played by Facebook rules and you can comment under the post freely or add people that you like to your Friends list. In case you are not ready for a friend request just yet, shoot a message. Well, we all know how Facebook works.

The only bummer that could be between you and chatting to a person that you put your eyes on is the privacy restrictions that any user can choose for themselves. For instance, not everyone would allow strangers to add them to the Friends list, same as some would disable message function to avoid creeps.

Either way, you can creep in a cute way and track your obsession through comments and posts that are open for everyone in the group.



It is absolutely free to use. No donation required in order to join the group and no hidden underwater stones. The only fees that could be charged are for the events. But that is totally voluntary and up to you.

Hookup chance


Since I’ve been added to the group I commented on a few posts and tried to flirt with a few. Yet no one added me to friends, nor slided in my DMs. No one accepted my friend request either.

Including the fact that the group connects people all over the globe, I will rate the hookup chance to 1 star. Just for the fate’s sake and the chance of “you’ll never know.”

Bottom line

After becoming a part of the subtle Asian traits Facebook group I discovered for myself that this group has nothing to do with dating. At least not anymore. It took me nearly an hour to try to search for those actioning posts with hot singles. I barely found two related posts.

subtle Asian dating review8 - Subtle Asian Dating. What’s That About?

At the moment, the group is all about connecting and sharing memes. Most memes are about Chinese culture, a lot about families, and even more about the food. Rarely there are any posts about Korean culture and perks. Even fewer posts are from Indians and people from other Asian countries. In the end, this is just another regular group with a lot of members and daily memes.

subtle Asian dating review9 - Subtle Asian Dating. What’s That About?


Well, since the group turned out to be very much opposite for dating, I thought I would add a few alternatives that are worth your time. Note: they are indeed about dating and casual meetups.

AdultFriendFinder logo app tabl 1 - Subtle Asian Dating. What’s That About?
3.0 ★★★☆☆
80 million members 400,000 users daily 70% / 30% Male & Female
70% / 30% Male & Female
3/5 hookup chance Medium Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
high fraud risk Verification email Mobile App iOS, Android
$39.95 - $239.95 subscription price Free version basic
Free version basic
USA, Europe, International
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One of the oldest dating apps that exist. Adult Friend Finder login is easy to and straightforward and will provide millions of users worldwide to connect with. The website was launched almost the same time Craigslist came through.

subtle Asian dating review10 - Subtle Asian Dating. What’s That About?

The users are friendly and active yet there are quite a few profiles that are on the top of the search list, but they were active on the website years ago. You also will most likely find people who are into kinky stuff. So if you are into kinky, AdultFriendFinder will make a good fit for you.

pure logo app transparent new 1 - Subtle Asian Dating. What’s That About?
5.0 ★★★★★
11 millions members 300k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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Pure is one of the best free hookup apps nowadays on the market. It is the ultimate app where you can find a one-night stand without any further drama but pleasure. You are in for a treat here as all the users are open and super active.

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You'll crave for more!
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To log in, you would need only a valid email. Afterward, you see only with the matches in your area. Once two of you like each other, you will be connected in the chat for 24 hours to get to know each other better and agree where to meet up later on for drinks and more fun. It is free for all the ladies, although guys would need to get a membership to text other users. The good news is that you can test it and pay only for a week and see that Pure is really one of the best apps that exist for hookups.

Tinder logo app tabl - Subtle Asian Dating. What’s That About?
4.0 ★★★★☆
40 million members 2 millions per week 60% / 40% Male & Female
60% / 40% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
medium fraud risk Verification email, phone number, Facebook Mobile App iOS, Android
$9.99 - $120 subscription price Free version mail features are free
Free version mail features are free
USA, Europe, International
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Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps that we all know, heard of, or tried ourselves. Because of the user’s pool in each country, it gives you the opportunity to find people to match with and see where that will go. However, a lot of people are looking for casual relationships and nothing serious.

subtle Asian dating review12 - Subtle Asian Dating. What’s That About?

Tinder is easy to use and you will enjoy the interface. Users there are friendly and easy-going. On the other hand, I would also suggest being very careful as it has a lot of bots for either gender and even more fake profiles aka those scammers who are trying to catfish others.


What’s Subtle Asian dating?

Subtle Asian dating is a Facebook group that has nearly 2 million users and that connects Asian students and expats all over the world.

Is it free to join the group?

Yes, it is free to join and be a part of the subtle Asian traits Facebook group. You will only have to answer 4 questions before submitting your application to become a part of the community.

Can I join the group if I’m not Asian?

Yes, you can join if the group if you are not Asian, although the decision whether to accept you or not is totally up to the moderators and admins of the group.

Does subtle Asian traits Facebook work for dating?

No, it’s not anymore. the group did have time when you could have posted yourself of your friends for the auctioning but nowadays it is only a social group.

What are the alternatives that I can use instead of subtle Asian dating?

If you are interested in dating, you can try to use platforms like AdultFriendFinder, Pure, and Tinder.

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