How to have sex while on period: risks, positions, and tips

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February 20, 2020

For many women, getting their period is terrible news for sex lives. Turning your bedsheets into crime scene evidence isn’t the most attractive sight.

Sex on period indeed comes with its inconveniences — bloody stains as one of them. But the payoff is just as promising — many women say that period sex is the best sex they ever had.

Taking a look at female menstruation cycle

Since we are going to talk about periods a lot, it’s worth taking a look at the nature of ovulation and menstruation. Don’t worry, I won’t bother you with useless scientific details, but you need to understand the basics of anatomy behind periods.

The menstrual cycle is a hormonal cycle that prepares a woman for pregnancy. It starts on the first day of the period and lasts to the first day of the next one. It’s a continuous process, which means, cycles are changing one another seamlessly.

Sex On Period 10 - How to have sex while on period: risks, positions, and tips
You can consult your OB doctor to find out about your personal menstruation schedule

The stages of menstrual cycle

Your female cycle flows in four distinct stages: menstrual, follicular, ovulation, and luteal phases. The length of each of these stages can vary depending on individual anatomy and external factors: diet, exercise, environment. Let’s take a quick look at these stages:

  • Menstrual phase — this is where you get your period, and this means that the cycle from a previous cycle wasn’t fertilized. Your uterus removed its outer layer of thick lining and expels the tissue via your vagina. It comes out with mucus, tissue, and blood.
  • Follicular phase: this phase often begins with menstrual, overlapping with the first stage. The FSH hormone sends your body a signal to prepare an egg for fertilization.
  • Ovulation phase: follicular stage triggered the rise of estrogen, which, in its turn, stimulates the outbreak of LH hormone. This hormone causes your ovaries to release an egg, ready for fertilization. This is where you stand actual chances of getting pregnant. Usually, this happens in the middle of at the end of your menstrual cycle. In 24 hours of its release, the egg will either be fertilized, or it degenerates.
  • Luteal phase: this is something you know as PMS, and it’s technically the last stage of the menstrual cycle, although it proceeds your menstruation. The unfertilized egg turns into corpus luteum and is degenerated — unless the woman is pregnant. Now, the body is ready for the new menstruation cycle.

This overview was important to us for several reasons: you have an idea of an actual order of your menstrual cycle, and you can understand when you potentially risk getting pregnant — just to recap, it’s the ovulation phase. So, having sex on period doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be pregnant, as long as you are not ovulating.

Why bother with having sex on period

The first question is, is sex on period worth it? What are the benefits of having intercourse during menstruation — are the feels any different? Can you have sex on your period? The short answer is, yes. Let’s take a look at the main reasons to try having sex during menstruation.

Sex is a cramp remedy

If your cramping gets to you, impairing your productivity and well-being, having menstrual sex can be the easiest way to relieve pain. The explanation behind this is simple: cramps are created when female uterus releases its lining after ovulation.

Having an orgasm keeps your uterus contracting, releasing the tension and getting rid of period cramps. Having sex even once on your period can induce a drastic change in your well-being.

Sex On Period 02 - How to have sex while on period: risks, positions, and tips
Having sex on periods makes you feel much better during menstruation

Periods will last less

By contracting the muscles of your uterus, you encourage it to push tissues, blood, and mucus out much faster. This is why the first stage of your menstrual cycle will be over much faster, and you’ll quickly transition to the next ones. You could be getting 4-5 day periods instead of 7-8 days.

Sex drive will rise

Hormonal changes that happen in a female body during periods can induce sexual drive. Some women, however, only feel the rise during ovulation — which is not the best time because of increased pregnancy risks. Other women, however, say that they will turn on at the beginning of their period — which are menstrual and follicular phases.

Blood and mucus provide natural lubrication

For many, period is a time when rough sex is especially nice. You don’t need artificial lubes or long foreplay — blood and mucus make the walls of your vagina much smoother, reducing the probability of injury.

Sex On Period 08 - How to have sex while on period: risks, positions, and tips
Blood protects women from vaginal bruises during rough sex

Sex relieves a period headache

Having a migraine during menstruation turns into quite a headache for many women. Having sex helps to release tension from your body and regulate hormonal levels. It has a direct effect on reducing headaches and improving your state overall.

How to have sex on period

Sex on your period doesn’t have to be different from your regular sex, but some challenges need to be addressed before you get it on.

Sex On Period 03 - How to have sex while on period: risks, positions, and tips
Minding ovulation dates is the surest way to avoid pregnancy on period

Decide on the date

When you have sex on your period, the goal is to avoid having a period during ovulation. This can be tricky because ovulation schedules are different for every woman. Moreover, your cycle can differ based on your nutrition, stress levels, hormonal changes, and many other environmental factors.

Usually, ovulation is at the very end of menstruation; it happens after the period is over. To be safe, you need to have sex at the beginning of your period. If you are nearing the middle or end or having sex on the last day of a period, be sure to use birth control.


Deal with a heavy flow

Having sex on the first days of a period may leave you out of the woods in terms of pregnancy, but it comes with difficulties. The blood flow is always the strongest on the first days, which makes sense since the body needs to expel old tissue.

To avoid making a mess, I suggest trying standing positions and use a shower. But watch out for the temperature — a hot bath is not a good idea during periods.

Also, warn your partner that you are on your first days, so he isn’t shocked to see a lot of blood. Guys sometimes freak out when they see that a partner wants sex on her period — you’ll also have to explain potential pregnancy risks.

Sex On Period 11 - How to have sex while on period: risks, positions, and tips
Lying on your side is a nice way to avoid direct vaginal penetration and minimize leakage

Avoid vaginal penetration

Periods might not the best time to focus on vaginal penetration. If you are on your first days, I suggest keeping a tampon or cup inside to avoid making a mess. You will still have plenty of stimulation options to choose from — here’s the list of my favorites.

  • Have oral sex: you can still orgasm and relax your uterus to reduce cramping, but your partner will avoid close contact with your blood;
  • Allow your partner to rub your clit: he will see only a few drops of blood, nothing compared to what’s inside of the vagina;
  • Buy a periodic blanket: sex shops allow women to buy periodic blankets that absorb blood while having sex on period.
  • Do breast sex: your partner can thrust his penis between your breast, providing deep stimulation to your nipples and boobs.

Best sex positions for women on period

There are many ways to have fun in bed and orgasm without having your partner entering your vagina directly. It’s time for you to learn the best positions for period sex that don’t get your partner dirty during the penetration.

Sex On Period 09 - How to have sex while on period: risks, positions, and tips
A simple position for period sex that reduces cramps

Side entry

This position is perfect for women who suffer from strong period cramps. Lie on your side and keep your knees bent and close to each other. Your partner should kneel beside you — if he’s tall, put pillows under you. He can enter you from behind, while your side-position keeps the blood from flowing out so actively.

Sex On Period 05 - How to have sex while on period: risks, positions, and tips
Just lay back and enjoy – and keep your legs together to keep blood from spilling

The sailing position

If you lie on your back, there is also a possibility to reduce the amount of spilled blood. Compared to positions that require you to lie on the stomach, you’ll lose only about 5-7 teaspoons of blood. So, lay on your bed, keep legs pressed together, and tilt your hips to a little to the right. The partner should sit on your pelvic bone and enter your vagina — kind of like what women do during a cowgirl. He can push up and down or forward and back — depending on what you enjoy more.

Sex On Period 04 - How to have sex while on period: risks, positions, and tips
Doggy style, for many women, is much more enjoyable exactly on their periods

The doggy style

Of course, rear entry can’t entirely solve the problem of blood spills, but it’s more efficient than a frontal angle. You can cover your legs and vagina with a towel, keeping your legs spread. The protective cover won’t let the blood spill that much, and your partner will see only teaspoons of blood. Also, blood and mucus act like a natural lube, so you’ll be able to have even rough doggy style that usually.

Sex On Period 01 - How to have sex while on period: risks, positions, and tips
This is basically a gentler version of a doggy style

The pony style

Pushing your hips up while he enters you from behind allows you to minimize the blood spills and get a better penetration angle. You can support yourself with your stomach — you’ll be laying down. Of course, pressure on your stomach can propel the blood to leak more, but you can use towels for protection. So, lie on the bed, while a partner kneels behind you and supports your hips with his hands.

Sex On Period 07 - How to have sex while on period: risks, positions, and tips
You can hop on your partner and forget about controlling the blood flow

Ragtown Rumble

Sometimes, you don’t want to hide your flow — and that’s okay, too. If your partner doesn’t mind seeing a little more blood, you can embrace the privilege of being on the period, and hop directly on your partner. You can ride his penis as is nothing happens — because, well, periods are normal. Plus, the payoff is great — according to many women, this position is the most exhilarating one during periods.


Tips on having sex during your period

To make a period sex feel even better, go over these tips beforehand.

  • Talk to your partner about the amount of blood, the heaviness of your flow, and associated symptoms. If your partner is aware of your discomfort and knows what to be prepared for, you’ll enjoy the process much more.
  • Don’t forget to remove the tampon before having sex.
  • Prepare dark towels to protect yourself from blood leakage. Also, use darker sheets, if you don’t want to struggle with washing the white ones later.
  • Embrace standing positions and sex shower.
  • Keep wet clothes and cleaning supplies nearby so you can clean the bloodstains right away before they get dry.
  • Don’t be scared of trying rougher positions. A period is a perfect time to get a little nasty.
  • Shower before sex on period to wash off old blood, but avoid hot temperatures.

Periods come with problems, but also, they offer unique possibilities. Don’t let blood stains and miscommunication discourage you from having possibly the best sex of your life.

Why you should have period sex

Sex on period and problems with health

Any sex leads to the risk of sexually transmitted infections. Having sex on your period may increase this risk, but not dramatically. If your partner has an infection, you would likely get it without a period. So, the precaution measures remain the same: use condoms, control hygiene, and see a doctor if you notice extra rahs, redness, inflammation, tickling, or other unnatural sensations.

Sex On Period 06 - How to have sex while on period: risks, positions, and tips
Don’t forget to change pads and tampons frequently and taking them out during sex
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Can a man get an infection from period blood?

The risks are slightly increased because there’s more blood, but overall, if a partner has a sexually transmitted infection, a man would likely get it anyway. Standard protection means are not to be disregarded, but you hardly need any additional means.

Does having sex on your period make you bleed more?

Yes, it can be like that at first. By having sex, you encourage your uterus to contract and push blood out more actively. However, this has positive consequences, too — your periods will get much shorter because your body will get rid of the unnecessary tissue.

Is sex on your period good or bad?

For many women, sex on their periods is even better than regular sex. Sure, you need to be aware of the challenges — pick an appropriate data to avoid getting pregnant, prepare sheets and towels, get ready to clean up afterwards, and talk to your partner. Still, the final pleasure is worth it, especially since sex reduces period pains.

Can you get pregnant if you have sex in your period?

If you ovulate early and have sex at the end of your period, it’s possible. As soon as you have sex at the very first days of the period, you can avoid getting pregnant. Remember that ovulation schedules are personal and vary based on external factors. Even if you used to ovulate late, don’t get too confident and use condoms.

Is it bad to have sex on your period?

No, it’s not. You can reduce cramping and headaches, get shorter periods, slack off in using natural lubricants and try rough sex. For some women, it’s easier to orgasm when they are on period due to hormonal changes that happen on the menstrual phase of the cycle.

Do guys like having sex when girls are on periods?

Some of them find blood unpleasant and worry about catching STIs. However, many find it to be exotic and are happy to have sex when their partners are on period. If you communicate with your man enough, he’ll likely understand the situation and agree to experiment.

Is it healthy to have sex on your period?

Yes, as long as you use condoms and birth control to avoid getting pregnant during ovulation. Unprotected sex on period, on the other hand, can be dangerous, because you risk catching infections or getting pregnant.

How does having sex on period feel?

Pleasure is amplified — it seems like orgasms are bigger and brighter, and everything is just slightly more intense. On the other hand, you don’t get bruises and injuries even from rough sex — because uterus expels blood and mucus that lubricate vagina walls.

Can you have sex while on your period?

Yes, you can. It’s better if you avoid having sex on the last days of your period when you could be ovulating, and the risks of getting pregnant are much higher. Also, use condoms to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections.

I had sex on my period, and it stopped the next day. What to do?

Most likely, it’s normal. Sex on period helps your uterus to push the old tissue quickly, and the period ends faster.

Can you have unprotected sex on period?

No, you risk getting sexually-transmitted diseases. Also, you can’t always be sure that you aren’t ovulating, in which case, the absence of protection will lead to a pregnancy.


The bottom line

Having sex on your period is not just pleasant, it’s also beneficial to your health and well-being. Along with relaxing the uterus, it normalizes the hormone levels, provides relaxation, and reduces headaches.

If you often feel like your period is killing you, having sex might be the answer you were looking for. Could be, having sex while on your period will be a game-changer: instead of dreading menstruation, they start waiting for it. So, you might look at your period differently, too.

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