Sex in the Shower: Hot Sex under the Hot Water

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June 4, 2020

Do you think that there is nothing romantic about taking a shower in the evening before you go to bed? And what if you are not alone? And what if you are together with a sexy chick? I’m sure you’ll take advantage of the situation and enact some scenes from porn movies.

Why Is Sex in the Shower So Popular?

It is not so difficult to understand why sex games in the shower are so popular. From a practical point of view, it can be explained by its location. The easiest way to spice up your sex life is to have sex in an unusual place, and the shower seems quite suitable for this purpose. You can always start in a bed, then move to the shower, and then return to the bed again. Of course, any room other than a bedroom can become an unusual place, but the shower allows saving the time usually spent on washing up afterward. You can do it right after your sexual activities, at the same place.

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Another advantage is that you can be a bit noisier than you usually are. You can moan, breathe heavily, scream, or even squeak without the worry of being heard. The sound of the running water will hide the noise you and your partner make. And it is great not to hold back, isn’t it?

And who wouldn’t want to become a participant of some episodes which are shown so erotic in movies (I don’t mean porn videos or shower sex gifs now, though such scenes are popular too.) I mean wet hair, drops of water, heated bodies, the perfect imprint of the ass on the glass sliding door, and the romantic background music. And it doesn’t matter that your shower looks not so new and clean, wet hair gets into your mouth, and your partner is slipping and sliding around. All these television shows and movies have already convinced us that sex in shower is the most romantic thing in the world (yes, this 50 Shades of Grey shower scene is really hot!) And we are all romantic in some way.

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Right or Wrong? Some Myths About the Shower Sex

The first myth I have already mentioned above. It is not as romantic as we imagine, really. But there are several myths that can turn out to be more harmful than the shattered illusions.

“It is never as great as it looks in the movies. You are slipping, tripping over soap on the floor, knocking over shampoo, trying to find a comfortable position. The water is always either too cold or too hot (and the tile wall is always cold). Towels are always somewhere but not here. I’m tall and I never have enough space. Shower sex is an absolute failure. I like it as foreplay. You can do some hand stuff or blowjobs there, but then move to the bedroom.”
David, 32

We Don’t Need Lubricants in the Shower, Water Is Wet by Itself

Yes, water is wet and it is an essential component of many lube products. But it washes woman’s natural lubricant away. That is why you may feel discomfort having sex in the shower. That lack of lubrication can lead to micro-abrasions; bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection may become a result of this under-water experience.

Contraception Is Not Necessary, Water Will Wash Everything Away

I’m afraid I have some bad news for you: if a man ejaculates inside of a woman underwater and they are not using contraception, a woman can get pregnant. Don’t think that water washes sperm away. That is why be careful and have sex in shower with condom is the best solution in case a woman doesn’t use female methods of contraception. And keep in mind that STI transmission is just the same in and out of the water.

It Is So Romantic to Have Sex in a Public Outdoor Shower

Every public swimming space should feature an outdoor shower, and some couples try to combine their desire of the shower sex and sex in the public place. But this idea is not really as good as it seems. Do you know how clean is this shower, anyway? In general, public showers are pretty dirty. Let outdoor shower sex in public places remain your dream, and find a cleaner location.

Sex in the Shower3 1 - Sex in the Shower: Hot Sex under the Hot Water

It Is Impossible to Freeze Having Shower Sex

Oh, you are so naive. One of you will be freezing anyway. The standard shower head doesn’t allow both partners to stay under falling warm water. This problem can be easily solved with a double shower head, but you should think of it beforehand.

Hot Water Helps to Feel Sexual Arousal

In reality, hot water causes relaxation. If you are there after a hard working day, you have all the chances to feel asleep right under the falling water.

How to Have Shower Sex: Some Basic Shower Sex Positions

Still, you can make your shower entertainments quite enjoyable. Just be realistic and come about it with a bit of sound humor if something goes not how you expected it to go. Lots of positions are not so good in a shower stall, as there is not much room there to practice the entire Kama Sutra. I offer you the following list of sex positions in the shower to make your experience safe and successful.

“Sex in the shower is mostly overrated, but it can sometimes really excite. This experience is unpredictable. It can be exciting, but it also can be awkward. It depends on so many factors, even on your physical competence and a sense of balance. And on your partner, of course. I cannot recommend this place as the best, but don’t neglect it at all. Don’t expect butterflies in your stomach, it is not as amazing and romantic as in Hollywood movies. But if you are realistic, you may have great sex.”
Brad, 28


Sex in the Shower4 1 - Sex in the Shower: Hot Sex under the Hot Water

One of the most obvious and easy-to-perform positions. She faces the wall and he penetrates her from behind. She can use the wall for support to gain more stability. This position can be modified into Standing Doggy-Style when she leans toward the wall. This position allows a man to stimulate his partner’s clitoris or breasts, so it seems to be the best bet. But it has a serious disadvantage, as it can be problematic for those couples with a considerable height difference. This problem can be easily solved in other places, but she needs something reliable for support, but not a wet and slippery surface.

With a Leg Up

Sex in the Shower5 1 - Sex in the Shower: Hot Sex under the Hot Water

She leans her back against the wall and puts her leg on her partner’s hip while he penetrates her. Only three feet are on the shower floor. This position makes the entry easier but requires a good balance, or you’ll fly out of the shower. That is why he should support her knee to prevent her from falling down. She can also put her leg on the edge of the tub if available, and in this case, he has more room to move. But all these modifications are absolutely unsteady, that is why you need to be cautious if you don’t want to find yourself in trauma surgery.


Sex in the Shower6 1 - Sex in the Shower: Hot Sex under the Hot Water

In fact, we don’t often speak of sitting or lying down positions as suitable for shower sex, but in some cases, they are possible though they are not available in all the showers. If your shower is equipped with a shower seat, a man can sit on it, and a woman sits on his lap, lowering herself down. She controls rhythm, direction, and depth. Sitting position is also great to perform oral sex.

On the Knees

Sex in the Shower7 1 - Sex in the Shower: Hot Sex under the Hot Water

Both partners are on their knees. One partner is behind the other. The one in the front can put the hands on the wall for support. You don’t see each other’s faces, so engage sounds and touch to understand what your partner feels and express your feelings to them. This position has the same advantages as the standing one but without its disadvantages: the partner who is behind can stimulate another one, and the risks to slip are low. Your knees and toes form the additional points of the support, that is why this is one of the safest sex positions in shower.


Sex in the Shower8 1 - Sex in the Shower: Hot Sex under the Hot Water

She leans her back against the wall, he penetrates her from the front. She wraps her legs around his waist. He holds her midair and takes full control. It is promoted by movies as the main shower sex position, and it looks really sexy and exciting. But you need to be in good physical condition to perform it. It is more about acrobatics and workout than sex and pleasure. Of course, you can try it, but don’t overestimate the abilities of your body.

Mutual masturbation

Who says that penetration is unavoidable? Don’t get stuck on it, masturbation can be a better alternative. Honestly, masturbation is much easier and safer than P-in-V sex positions in shower. Petting is a great thing to feel a high level of intimacy. No threat of undesirable pregnancy or diseases, not so much space is required, and you don’t have to worry about falling, sliding, and keeping balance. And it gives much room for living your fantasies out. Use soap as a lube (but keep your fingers outside your partner), explore each other’s bodies, experiment with the water pressure. You can stimulate not only genitals; gentle touching and massaging are also great under the downpour.

Shower Sex Tips: How to Have Sex in Shower Without Risks and Damage

Sex in the shower is a challenge. It has great potential for falling, slipping, having one of you feel cold, or even drowning. These are the obvious dangers, but the list is not complete. Read our tips to make it safer, and “it is a bit weird” will be your only concern.

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Take Care of Your Safety

A non-slip bath mat will help you to avoid falling in the shower. The floor gets slippery easily, that is why this protection is rational. And keep in mind that things can get slippery outside the shower, too. Make your way to bedroom walking but not running.

Use Proper Lubricant

Not all the lubes are equally good for having a “sex shower”. Choose only silicone-based lubricants, because water-based lubes are easily washed away by water. And don’t use oils as lubes, though this idea looks tempting. Oils make everything so slippery, and they can harm a latex condom.

Sex in the Shower10 1 - Sex in the Shower: Hot Sex under the Hot Water

Mind Your Comfort

Get a double-headed shower, put large towels, maximize the space in the shower taking all the small bottles, razors, and back scrubs away (if you don’t plan to use them). Water should be hot enough, shivering isn’t sexy. Make your shower sex session comfortable.

Don’t Forget About Condoms

The condom should be put on before getting into the shower. Make sure that the condom doesn’t slip off or break during sex. Don’t use oil-based lubricants (but I’ve already told about the choice of the lube.)

“I’m a sexually adventurous woman. There are thousands of off-standard things I did, do, and (I hope) will do. Of course, it has nothing in common with how movies and television shows depict it. Showers are not good for penetrative sex, this is true, but sex is not obviously about penetration. I don’t want to practice it every day, but I really enjoy it.”
Amanda, 34

Sex in the Shower11 1 - Sex in the Shower: Hot Sex under the Hot Water

To Sum It Up

OK, now you know everything about how to have sex in the shower. You’ve considered all the pros and cons, read all the knowledgeable and sophisticated users’ reviews, prepared carefully to dive headlong into the danger of this wet experience… Stop! Don’t be so serious, take it easy. You are not going to perform the act of heroism, you are going to make love with a person who makes you hard (or wet).

That’s great if you have such a person. But what should you do if you haven’t him or her? Dating apps will help you. But not all the apps are equally good. You need an app with active users who understand what they want and are open to experiments. Pure is such an app. Pure users are looking for adventures and experiments. You can easily find him or her with the same kinks as you have. They know that they can be themselves here as Pure’s users’ anonymity and privacy are of the main priority.

Download Pure and start searching for a person to make your dreams of sex in the shower come true. Create your ad where you should describe whom you want to find, and browse the ads of other users within a 1,000 km radius.

Another great thing is that you don’t have to share your personal information, no social media links or phone numbers are required. You’ll get the notification if your partner tries to take a screenshot. Self-destructed chats will help you to protect your identity. Send messages and photos to other users without fear, discuss your dreams, and arrange the IRL meetings.


How can I have shower sex in a small shower?

A standing position requires less space than others: she faces the wall and he penetrates her from behind.

Are all the position for shower sex safe?

No. In fact, sex in the shower can be very dangerous due to a lack of space and slippery surfaces. There are some positions that are the best for the shower: standing, sitting on the shower seat, standing with a leg up, or on the knees. These are the safest positions, or you can do without penetration. Mutual masturbation may be a better choice.

Can I use sex toys in the shower?

Yes, it is quite possible, but make sure the toys are waterproof.

Is it safe to use condoms in the shower?

Yes. Latex condoms can be used in the shower and water will not affect it. But don’t use oils, soaps, or gels with it.

Is it necessary to use lube having sex in the shower?

Yes. Water washes away natural lube, that is why use silicone-based lubes (water-based ones will be also washed out.)


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