SDC Swing Review: why the swinging community left a mixed impression

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November 12, 2019

This week, I continued an online swinging experience on another global platform — Swingers Date Club. Founded in 1999, this community is one of the oldest swinging online services up to date.

It has a reputation of being a go-to destination for experienced swingers, although it’s open to newcomers, too. At the moment, the website has 3 million active users all over the world — so it’s also one of the largest swinging dating and sexting sites . review

SDC is available in many countries, but the majority of the userbase is located in the United States and the Netherlands. Really the best hook up site in its specifics, SDC was founded in the Netherlands but later expanded worldwide — still, it explains why it has such a dedicated following there.

Let’s see how it manages to hold its following, and what unique features the service can offer.

sdc com review 08 - SDC Swing Review: why the swinging community left a mixed impression

Audience quality

At SDC, a user has 3 million accounts of single swingers and couples to choose from, with a million American users.

The platform is popular among male swingers — they take up 26% of all accounts. The majority of profiles are represented by couples, being 56% of all user base. 600,000 users actively visit the platform weekly — these are great numbers.

sdc com review 13 - SDC Swing Review: why the swinging community left a mixed impression

Age distribution

The most popular swinging age is 44 years old for male users and 45 for women. The platform is also popular among young daters, especially men. Generally, it’s a destination for experienced swingers, which is why it attracts a higher percentage of an older audience.

sdc com review 04 - SDC Swing Review: why the swinging community left a mixed impression

Creating an account

SDC sign up process is straightforward. First, users need to provide their email addresses, come up with a username and a password. The service will send you a confirmational email to your inbox, but it’s worth noting that not all email providers are considered as trustworthy. You might have to try different mailboxes before you actually get the email.

Once the basic registration is over, it’s time to answer questions about your swinging preferences and lifestyle. Registration processes for couples and singles are slightly different since their preferences will be slightly different, too. This step might take up to 5 minutes- which is relatively long. On the other hand, you don’t have to customize your profile after the registration additionally.

sdc com review 03 - SDC Swing Review: why the swinging community left a mixed impression

Right after I registered, I got a trial offer that allows using paid features for free for a week. It’s a nice bonus — especially considering that Swingers dating club free version is not particularly useful.

The website doesn’t offer personality tests — the matches will be based on your sexual preferences and experiences. Also, a heads-up — you need to get your pictures approved by moderation before you can start sex dating.

Looking for a match

Bad news for all free users — SDC doesn’t let its members message other people. Even a free trial doesn’t provide access to messaging features — this was perhaps the biggest disappointment during my time on the website. I am still confused, because who needs a premium trial that doesn’t let send messages? Either way, if you want to meet someone, there is no way around buying a premium subscription.

sdc com review 19 - SDC Swing Review: why the swinging community left a mixed impression

Premium users can message other members directly or participate in group chats. The site allows members to contact both singles and couples and doesn’t limit the number of allowed messages. However, before you can communicate, a potential match has to “validate” your page — the validation process is a fancy word for matching. The only difference is, users can also leave a public review about a person right away. So, be sure not to use creepy pick-up lines, or you might get a bad reputation.

Finally, you can look up matches in the Feed or contact them via chatrooms. SCD. com good selection of filters allows sorting users by body type, sexual preferences, height, location, previous experiences, etc.

sdc com review 18 - SDC Swing Review: why the swinging community left a mixed impression

Personal accounts

Each member can choose to belong in one of three categories: singles, couples, business. Business accounts can be registered with the personally obtained permission from SDC’s team — it’s a profile for business owners, travel managers, and advertisers.

Each user has to upload at least one picture, but you can publish more and group them into albums. Members have a right to hide their content from the Feed and allow photo view only to validated partners. Profile descriptions and text content are based on the answers that you provided during registration. These answers can be changed anytime, along with location and payment information.

sdc com review 20 - SDC Swing Review: why the swinging community left a mixed impression

SDC Mobile application

The service has a mobile version, supported by Android and iOS devices. It’s easier and lighter than the original web version, but the loading speed is inferior, which explains such a low rating. The app can be installed from the App Store, Windows Store, and Google Play.

The functionality isn’t much different from the web version. All matching algorithms, filters, and messaging functionality are available in the app — just like on desktop. However, the app doesn’t have an offline version — you need a stable Internet connection even to get the application to load.

The website also has a responsive mobile version. You can log in, chat, and match right on your phone browser. In my opinion, it’s a less comfortable option, but it works a bit faster than the app. reviews

For my husband and me, Swingers Date Club was a breath of fresh air that we didn’t know we needed. We met a wonderful girl that inspired us to try out new things, look for games, and even embrace sex traveling.

Before, I thought that it’s something that only very experienced couples can do — but we tried it, and it gave us so much fulfillment. When we first signed up for SDC app, it was a bit of a risk, since we had to pay for the subscription right away, but it ultimately paid off.

sdc com review 12 - SDC Swing Review: why the swinging community left a mixed impression


If there is one thing that’s wrong with swingersdateclub, it’s the design. The website doesn’t look even remotely elegant and adventurous. It has a typical dark interface, and only it’s paired with illogical page structure and old-fashioned text fonts. Honestly, SDC looks shady, and only its impressive age can explain such a failed style.

On the other hand, the navigation is simple. Also, the website loads pretty fast, precisely because it’s so minimalistic. Still, I can see why it fails to appeal to the majority of young swingers — the website’s functionality and style lack the sense of adventure, so important for a swinging community.

sdc com review 14 - SDC Swing Review: why the swinging community left a mixed impression


Another major drawback of the Swinging Dating Club is its price-quality correlation. The website doesn’t offer many possibilities to free users; the basic membership is almost entirely useless.

For free, you can participate in speed dating, join SDC communities, edit Travel planners, upload videos and photos, and fill out a personal account. These services give you a glance at the website’s community and functionality, but you can’t meet anyone.

The paid version of the website offers access to full communication functionality. Premium members can contact other SDC swingers, participate in webcam chatrooms, chat in a built-in messenger, edit their swinger blogs, and validate other members. Additional features include participating in other swinger’s events, parties, and writing in their blogs.

The full version of the website costs $29.95/m. Additional tariffs include a three-month subscription for $59.94, six-months membership for $99.96, and a yearly plan for $150.00

How expensive is SDC?

I compared the service to other swinging alternatives, and it’s one of the most expensive platforms out there. The free version is one of the weakest on the market, but paid possibilities don’t align with their costs either.

Payment details

SDC supports card payments, as well as cash and bank transfers. The website supports various digital payment systems, but you should consult the team beforehand.

sdc com review 17 - SDC Swing Review: why the swinging community left a mixed impression

Additional functionality

SDC website is rich in additional possibilities — the majority of them are about traveling, events, parties, and real-life speed dating. The service offers rich opportunities for those who want to take their dating out of the online medium.


This feature is responsible for providing statistics on profile views and visits, travel calendar management and editing, and real-life speed dating events. Users get notified whenever there is an event nearby.

Additionally, the “Explore” feature allows editing blogs, participating in video chats, and voting in online competitions. These are typical online dating contests where users get to evaluate other profiles and message interesting members.


This feature provides access to full communication possibilities. Messaging options include a mailbox — an email analog where you can exchange letters and media attachments. SDC also supports a built-in messenger for instant communication — this feature is reserved for premium users.

Also, you can share your videos and images in chatrooms, view other members’ broadcasts in the Voyeur Cam feature, and get access to swinger groups. These collective chatrooms and communities work well for getting closer to other users.

SDC Promo

On this page, you can see all the company information, get partnership details, and see an advertising kit. This menu includes the promotion offer, the affiliate program’s description, merch shore, and additional offers. If you are interested in a business partnership with the SDC’s team, this is your go-to destination.

Profile Visit

On this page, you can get details on other people’s profiles. Here, members can exchange emails with matches, add notes to another account, write a validation message, and bookmark an interesting page.

sdc com review 21 - SDC Swing Review: why the swinging community left a mixed impression

Final evaluation

It’s time to put final scores for the key aspects of the website’s functionality and evaluate its dating community.

Creating an account


The registration process is simple, even though it might seem long to some users. Still, it lays solid ground for further matching and dating, as it requires users to provide detailed information about themselves and their sexual experiences.

Finding a match


Free users can join the chatroom to follow the conversations, but they don’t have permission to participate. It’s okay for those who want to get a glance at the website’s audience, but it’s impossible to get a date with such limited privileges.

sdc com review 22 - SDC Swing Review: why the swinging community left a mixed impression

Personal accounts


Overall, SDC members’ profiles are nice. They are detailed, include a lot of pictures, and show reviews from other users. Just by a glance at a profile, you can have a general idea about a potential match. However, I managed to spot some fake accounts in the Feed — it looks like SDC’s verification system isn’t too reliable ad might lead to scams.

Mobile application


It’s nice that SDC has a mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, but its functionality and interface could use some work. So far, the app is slow and underdeveloped.

SDC reviews


The platform seems to work equally well both for SDC couples and singles. IT’s mostly used y older people who want to spice up their sexual experiences — some of them have been with the service back from early dates when it was only starting. It’s an experienced community, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a more fresh perspective on the swinging lifestyle as well.

sdc com review 23 - SDC Swing Review: why the swinging community left a mixed impression

Editor’s conclusion

Swingers Date Club is a prejudice-free community for swingers, open to singles and couples. The service is friendly to the LGBT-communities and welcomes people of all races and ethnicities. The site’s main purpose is to connect people who want to share sexual experiences, travel, and explore erotic desires.

The website does a good job of delivering its promises. However, its price policies and outdated interface keep the younger audience away from the platform. At this point, SDC is hardly a top choice of a swinging dating platform.

SDC Travel Events – video


What is SDC?

It’s Swingers Date Club — one of the oldest swinging online dating communities for couples and singles.

Is SDC free?

The platform has a free version, but it’s limited. Free users can talk to other members, participate in group chats, and schedule dates.

Is SDC safe and legit?

Yes, the website is rather safe, although its verification system isn’t impeccable. The service has quite a lot of fake profiles, but they are obvious and easy to avoid.

sdc com review 16 - SDC Swing Review: why the swinging community left a mixed impression

How does SDC work?

SDC offers couples and singles daters to look up matches in the Feed. Talk to potential a hookup in the live chat, participate in travel events, and join speed-dating activities.

Why can’t I message other SDC members?

Messaging features are reserved only to paid users. The most likely reason is that you haven’t upgraded your account yet, which is why you can’t talk to other platform’s members. Also, if you agreed to a free-trial, it won’t provide you with messaging access either.

Why is my second location in SDC not working?

The second location feature is active only if your second location is at least 15 miles away from the first one.

May I change my swing status from single to couple or vice versa?

Yes, it’s possible, but there is no way to do this by yourself in the settings. You need to request the moderation team’s permission. SDC team will evaluate the profile’s content, photos, and behavior to make sure it’s not suspicions, and then update your status.

sdc com review 15 - SDC Swing Review: why the swinging community left a mixed impression

Does SDC offer special features?

Yes, SDC has quite a rich selection of additional features. The website allows exploring real-life events, managing blogs, participating in chats, and carry out speed dating.

Is the premium membership in SDC expensive?

Yes, if you compare the costs of SDC subscription to what other similar swinging communities offer. However, it’s also true that the website offers quite a lot of offline possibilities, as opposed to its newer competitors.

Is my SDC membership automatically renewed?

Yes, it is.

Do I need to pay to be a part of any party’s guest list?

Yes, some events require you to be admitted to the guest list first. It depends on the party and on the vents.

Are the travel offers free of charge?

No, they aren’t. Although the tickets are often free, you still have to provide for your transportation and accommodation expenses.

sdc com review 01 - SDC Swing Review: why the swinging community left a mixed impression

Is my SDC profile protected?

Yes, the moderation team always checks whether there haven’t been any suspicions requests. On top of that, all uploaded personal data is encrypted.

Can I permanently delete my profile?

Yes, go to your account settings. At the bottom part of the menu, you will see the “Delete” button.

What are SDC’s terms and conditions?

You can see the term and conditions of the website by scrolling to the bottom of the main pag.e There, you’ll see links to their Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Affiliate programs, etc.

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