40 best role playing ideas for couples

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February 17, 2020

Roleplay is more than just kinky sex. It gives you a chance to experiment with props and sex toys, but most importantly, the couple can see themselves in the new light. Role-playing ideas and marriage therapy are often closely related because it can help you two explore yourself and benefit your relationship long-term — so yeah, it’s more than just one exciting night in bed.

To get you started with roleplay, I prepared a list with the best role playing ideas for couples. It will give you a general idea of what to come up with when you think of your unique scenarios. I encourage you to try these ideas out and later on, get creative with your own great ideas. Let’s get rolling.

sexy role playing ideas for couples 18 - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
Role playing ideas for married couples and couples who aren’t committed yet allow partners to get creative

The best role playing ideas for couples in a bedroom, bathroom, and in a car

These concepts can be easily turned into role playing ideas for gay couples. They are universal and fit for all kinds of relationships and genders.

Role playing ideas for sex in a bedroom

These are the best positions for having sex in bed that will help you spice up the usual experience.

sexy role playing ideas for couples 06 - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
You can punish him in your bedroom

The classical cop-criminal roleplay

Experiment with different scenarios: what if you were driving too fast? Maybe, you robbed a bank? Pick a crime and try to get out of it.

Virgin roleplay

This is one of the best role playing ideas for married couples. Imagine that one of you is a virgin, and this is your first sex. Act it out and enjoy sex as if you’ve never had it before. The experienced one can get into the dominating position and walk the partner through the process.

sexy role playing ideas for couples 19 - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
You can even dress up in high school uniforms for the occasion

High-school sleepover

What if the two of you are naughty high-school students who decided to get it on? Are you in your parents’ basement? What are the stakes? In such role playing ideas for couples, the joy’s in detail.


Pretending to be famous is already fun. When you also bring sex to it, the experience is unforgettable. You can also listen to Lana Del Rey’s “Groupie Love” while you are at it.

A Y/A novel hero

Y/A novels provide an endless source of fun role playing ideas for couples. You or your partner can impersonate a vampire, demon, werewolf — and you can exchange roles.

Masseuse experience role - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
Buying essential oils for wholesome experience is definitely a good idea

Masseuse experience

If your partner gives you a gentle massage, pours you with lotions and oils — while pretending to be a stranger — you just might get the hottest night of your life. It’s a gentle scenario, which is why it’s one of the best role playing ideas for couples who are pregnant.

Yoga instructor - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
You can start with actually doing some yoga

Yoga instructor-student

There is something incredibly sexy about yoga positions, which is why this concept is high on my list of fun role playing ideas for couples in the bedroom. He can bend over you, show you positions, massage your body, and show you powerful moves. For a stronger effect, google some actual tutorials.

Imagine that you are a model - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
Pretend that you are a model that shoots an underwear campaign

Imagine that you are a model

It’s easy to feel sexy when you are impersonating someone with long legs and perfect measurements. If you feel insecure about your body, getting in the character of someone who’s conventionally hot like Victoria’s Secret angels will give you a boost. It’s one of the best ideas for couples role playing if you aren’t too experienced yet.

tumblr lb01o6tn481qe0eclo1 r8 500 - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
A handsome stranger casually enters your room

A strange guest in the hotel room

He mistook your room for his and came in, but you couldn’t resist his charms and invited him in. The two of you don’t know each other, and you have hot sex.

Monarchy play

If you wanted to try mommy role playing ideas for couples, this scenario could be even better. If you are a queen and he’s your servant, he has to obey you. So, give him all kinds of sexy orders and watch how he acts at first awkwardly, but then, with more and more conviction.

Nurse and patient

Nurses often have to give a sponge bath to patients — and you can do it, too. Imagine the situation where your partner got to the hospital — maybe he got shot in a sexy way while saving the Universe from the big bad. Perhaps it was an accident — whatever makes you excited.

Prostitute client - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
High heels, revealing clothes, and bright makeup – these are must-have attributes


If you were to fuck your partner for cash, how would it feel? What if dressing up as a prostitute will give you the never-seen-before confidence?

Roleplaying ideas for sex in the car

Getting into a character for is much easier if you get out of your typical settings. If you never tried sex in the car, or don’t do it really often, it’s time to shake things up.

Zombie apocalypse - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
You are running from zombies and this is your last car sex

Zombie apocalypse

What if the sky is falling and there is a crowd of blood-hungry zombies running around. You are escaping in a car, and this is the last sex you’ll ever have? In apocalypse-driven role playing ideas for married couples, the stakes are high, and the drive is real. Turn on some zombie music and sound effects to make settings more authentic.

One-night stand

Dating role playing for couples ideas are nostalgic if you’ve been in a committed relationship for a while. Remember old wild times when you used to date and imagine that your partner is your casual hookup for the night. Act it out, imagine how you two found each other and talk like strangers.

Car mechanic - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
Get a classical suit of car mechanics

Car mechanic

Another creative idea for car sex. As he was fixing your vehicle, he was distracted by your sexiness, and you two end up hitting it off on the roof.

The dangerous biker

Bad girls and boys are your types — even if you don’t think so. Try out kinky role playing ideas for couples: ask your partner to impersonate a dangerous guy who belongs to some gang — and someone whom your parents will never like.

Uber driver-passenger

Maybe, you’ve never seen a hot Uber driver before. This shouldn’t be a problem, because your partner will impersonate one for the night. Again, this implies that you don’t know each other, so keep conversations simple. Also, get in the car for realism.

Role playing ideas for sex on a table

Boss-employee dynamic

Imagine that you are his boss and you are giving him a good professional scolding. In the middle of it, both of you felt the heat and had sex on the office table. Keep things real and use professional slang to make the situation more believable.

student sexy teacher - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
Let your man lean over while teaching you a lesson

A student is seducing a teacher

Who didn’t have a crush on the hot history or physics teacher? Even if you didn’t, it’s time to get into character because you will pretend that your partner is your teacher. It would be cool if your partner knows the subject — the situation would get a lot more real. Also, he can grade you — because why not?

A maid who wants an affair

His wife hasn’t come home yet, but she might any minute. Still, he’s so hot, and you two have great chemistry. Why not hit it off?

sexy cooking - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
Start by hugging each other from the back

A sexy cooking class

You were teaching him how to bake a nice creamy dessert, but you ended up cooking cream, chocolate, and Nutella together. Yes, you can get creative with licking.

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Sex anywhere

Porn stars

Pretending that you are porn actors will likely make you both more creative and get you to ease in bed. You can even impersonate particular actors, especially if there are some that bear similarities to your looks.

sexy role playing ideas for couples 04 - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
Show him that you waited for so long

The boyfriend came back from war

He’s been facing dangers for the longest while and each day felt like a year. Finally, he came back after seeing a lot of tough things. How would that influence his sex style? You two can figure it out in the exciting roleplay.

I-hate-you scenario

What if you despise your partner, but nevertheless, want to have sex with him? This has been the subject of many movies and TV shows — Buffy and Spike come to mind — and it’s one of the best role playing ideas for couples for rough sex. You two can turn into actual wild animals and do things you never knew you are capable of.

hot pizza guy - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
Don’t forget to remind your partner to bring an actual pizza

A hot pizza guy

This is a cool one because you can have pizza right after having sex. Plus, it’s simple and incredibly turning-on.

Housewife-pool boy

He was cleaning your pool, all wet and sexy, while you, a bored housewife, who doesn’t get much warmth from her marriage, see his attractive body. You just couldn’t hold it in and decided to fuck him right there, in the pool. A great idea for bathroom sex, by the way.

Prison buddies (you could try out this one in public)

What if you are in prison and you have a hot inmate whom you’d love to fuck on the spot? You have to be careful, though, because guards can notice. Keep things quiet, rough, and to the point.

Favorite characters

Imagine that he is your favorite character in the movie, TV show, romance novel. Both of you can even dress up for the occasion.

Repairman - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
Jump on him from the back and have sex right near the sink

Repairman sex for bathroom sex

You called him over to fix your sink, but you met him in the revealing clothes. He was trying to focus on the job, but you were so daring that he couldn’t keep his eyes — and hands — off you. It’s up to you whether you want to fix the sink in the process.

Landlord sex

You don’t have enough money to afford rent, and you came to the landlord for a favor. When you saw him, your heart fluttered — partially because you are broke and soon to be with no roof under your head — but also because he’s incredibly hot. He thinks the same and you two have sex.

Getting into animals’ skin

What if you are a tiger and he’s a lion, and you’ve met in the middle of the forest? Even though different species don’t usually have sex, you can ignore the minor detail in your bedroom.

Long-distance Skype sex

If you haven’t tried a video camera sex, it might be time. Turn on Skype, go to a different room, and have fun.

1 hNormKsRWkZDFd1HFzIrqQ - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
You can even dress up like a robot to be more convincing

Robotic sex

Although being a robot in bed isn’t typically a good thing, in roleplay, it’s really fun. You can try to warm him up while he will be confused because of unfamiliar sensory input. Watch how robot becomes more human as you two carry on with sex.

Male stripper and a client

If he didn’t give you a lap dance before, it might be time to try. You can do it in any room, bathroom, kitchen – anywhere.


What if he’s never been to Earth or had sex, and now you have to show him what sexual drive is and how to get orgasms? Also, what if on another planet they have different ways of having sex? The room for the experiment is plenty.

Get yourself some prisoner clothes 2 - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
Get yourself some prisoner clothes to be more accurate


You can “torture” your partner in the sexiest way possible trying to get out secret information. Watch how he’s being brave and doesn’t fall victim to your tricks and games.


Even if you don’t know other languages, you can try faking an accent while you two are having sex. This will help him imagine that you are from a different country and create space for sexual cultural exchange.

Disney princess

If you are into fantasy role playing ideas for married couples, you can impersonate a Disney princess, and he can be the prince, or the bad guy, or just himself — there are many possible variations.

Personal coach - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
You can even try making out on a treadmill

Personal coach

If you want to exercise in a fun way, do it while having sex and pretending that he’s your fitness trainer.

A romance writer

What if you a sex journalist who’s collecting material for the article or video, and he is one of your subjects? Test out different techniques and scenarios, as if you’ll have to write about them later — and who says you can’t do it in your personal blog?

Tips for trying out sexy role playing ideas for couples

Before you start experimenting with my list of role playing ideas, take a look at this short checklist of dos and don’ts that you must know before embarking on this journey.

Focus on details

What I’ve outlined above are only brief scenarios — it’s up to you to work them up. You need to figure out your names, settings, character descriptions as if you are writing a story. Trust me, the process of coming out with the storyline can be even better than the sex itself — although the next tips will help you to make sure that this doesn’t happen. Anyway, it’s one of the most fun aspects of roleplay, so don’t miss out on preparation.

Talk the details out

The scenario might seem perfect for you, but your partner must share your enthusiasm about the role. If he’s not entirely into it, look for something else. Either way, for things to work, you need to share your vision. I get that you’d like to keep the element of surprise, but it’s better to be overly prepared than confused.

Define your limitations

Some good roleplaying ideas can be rather rough, both physically and mentally. If this is something that requires violence, talk about stop signals and pain thresholds. Maybe, he has sensitive zones that you aren’t aware of and hitting those might seriously hurt him in the process. Don’t sacrifice safety for realism.

Also, if there are some things that you don’t want to do or some topics you’d not joke around with, let him know right away.

sexy role playing ideas for couples 07 - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
You can start with gentle scenarios or jump right away to kinky role playing ideas for couples

Prepare the set

Getting into a roleplay is much like shooting a movie. You need a plot, actors who will get into character, and realistic settings that will transmit the atmosphere. You can order props, prepare customers and use your house settings to make the scenario as believable as possible.

Get out of the bedroom and try getting it on elsewhere — in the bathroom, in the car, in the hall. Don’t go in too much detail though, playing ideas for couples Alice in Wonderland in detail will take a lot of preparation. You might need to basic on this one.

Don’t forget to have fun

If you are preparing for roleplay as if it’s your future Oscar-winning movie, you’ll never get any joy from the process. Preparation is important, but you can’t let it overshadow the purpose. If you are feeling confused, laugh it off.

Don’t overdo it

I encourage trying out roleplay no more than 1-2 times per week. If you make it a regular thing, it will soon lose its spice and become routine. Instead, prefer quality over quantity approach — it’s better to have several roleplays in a month but make them exhilarating, and a lot of mediocre ones.

sexy role playing ideas for couples 16 - 40 best role playing ideas for couples
The best role playing ideas for couples are the ones that excite both partners


What are some role play ideas for adults?

I usually like adapting existing content that we both like. Coming up with our scenarios and ideas is exhausting. By the end of it, we’ve often felt as if we’ve already had sex, and the idea is no longer fresh. However, if we take an existing story, we already know what personalities to take on, and it makes planning and preparation much easier. Also, you’d be surprised how fun it is to take some content that your husband geeks for and turn that into a roleplay — he’ll be in heaven.

How can I convince my boyfriend for a bro-sis role play?

Find stories of couples who have done the same thing. Reddit is a good place to start — the community is open-minded and doesn’t share gross details. Also, I suggest watching movies and TV shows that explore the topic, so you can not just be a brother and sister but also impersonate particular characters. Also, discuss his concerns – it’ll be easier to talk once you understand his doubts.

What is role-playing?

Roleplaying implies the kind of sex where both or one partner impersonates a particular role, uses accessories, clothing, and surroundings to make the image more convincing. It can be used to inspire the couple to explore different positions and sex styles, including BDSM. Roleplaying doesn’t necessarily have to be rough, you can pick ideas that imply gentle sex, like masseur-masseuse experience.

What’s your favorite naughty roleplay? How does it make you feel when you transform into this character?

I know it might sound strange, but my favorite roleplay so far has been the client-lrsitute. I was sceptical about trying this one out — it felt as if you would cheapen me in my boyfriend’s eyes and take the mystery out of the sex. Little did I know that it would open the nearly new side of me in bed. Suddenly, I didn’t feel require to convey some deep feeling and could enjoy pure physical pleasure. I was shocked to see how much our quite positive feelings for each other get in our heads during sex. Playing a prostitute removes that barrier.

Are you into roleplaying, if yes, what kind of roleplay?

If you are thinking about starting roleplaying, I suggest starting with ideas that could be easily executed in your bedroom. Don’t go for concepts that require detailed preparation, story building or physical strength. You can start with classics – doctor-patient, police officer-criminal, student-teacher. A cooking class is another one of my favorite roleplaying concepts.

Would you role play with your partner if they asked you to?

At first, I was hesitant about embracing roleplay. I was worried that our interactions would be awkward, and we’ll ruin our sex. In the end, he came up with a concept, took full responsibility for preparing props and settings, and I went along with the ride. It was one of the best experiences of my life. So, I have a piece of advice — if your partner is hesitant about roleplay, take the initiative. Start with simple ideas and don’t expect your partner to share the burden of preparation.

Video collection of realistic roleplay scenarios


Roleplaying is an excellent way to explore the hidden facets of your sexuality and see your partner in an entirely new light. This is how you can stay hyped about your sex, experiment with props and positions, and keep things fresh for a long while. Now that you know everything, it’s time to start planning the play — and get right into it.

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