Sex in Public: We Can Make Our Dreams Come True

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June 3, 2020

If you think that public sex is an invention of today (or even yesterday) and this is a result of modern immorality, you are totally wrong. It existed always and everywhere, since the beginning of human time. Look at animals, do they worry about the publicity of their love affairs? Certainly, they don’t. The same did our remote ancestors after the successful mammoth hunt. It is more than natural, but over time having sex in public became a taboo subject, and today it is regarded as immoral and even shocking. But despite this, it is still popular among not only fetishists but ordinary people who want to spice up their lives by making their sex public.

public sex1 - Sex in Public: We Can Make Our Dreams Come True

Why is Public Sex So Popular?

According to Justin Lehmiller, an American social psychologist and author, sex in public places is the third most popular fantasy among American adults. Making love openly in a public place might interest 57.3% of women and 66.1% of men.

Taboo breaking gives a crazy adrenaline rush. the potential excitement and thrill overweigh the risk of getting caught. And even more so, the risks of being caught make pleasure more intense.

Another reason which stimulates people to break the rules of public morality is spontaneity. Often people take advantage of the situation because they know that they may not have another chance with this partner. Right here and now, they don’t want to wait anymore.

“I was really into this guy, but he had a girlfriend. Two months ago I met him at the party, he was alone, and he made a move on me. Later that night we ended up banging just a few steps away from cars and people. I was so happy that this guy was with me, so I don’t want to wait to get to a bed. It was one of the greatest sex experiences I ever had.”
Susan, 28

When you are aren’t in control, it doesn’t matter if somebody might be watching you. Loss of control and feeling of liberation make men and women forget about shame and fear.

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Voyeurs vs. Exhibitionist: Who Are You?

Sometimes they equate the desire of having sex in public with some sexual deviations. Exhibitionism and voyeurism are mentioned the first in this case. According to Wikipedia, exhibitionism is “the act of exposing in a public or semi-public context those parts of one’s body that are not normally exposed — for example, the breasts, genitals or buttocks.” Voyeurism, respectively, means “the sexual interest in or practice of watching other people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing, sexual activity, or other actions usually considered to be of a private nature.”

These terms look appropriate, but they don’t cover all the aspects of having sexual pleasure out of your bedroom’s closed door. People having sex in public don’t always want to be seen by others, so they cannot be called exhibitionists, Even more, they want just to risk for bigger and bigger thrills, but they don’t want to be really caught with the pants down.

In the same way, those who accidentally caught you in such an arousing position are not necessarily voyeurists and this situation can be traumatizing for them. And the result of your desire to make your sex life more exciting may have a negative impact on your reputation, career, and criminal record.

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“I didn’t want to become famous… at least, this way. I’m a family man, and I just tried to spice up my relationship with Samantha, my wife. Sometimes we practice sex in some places where somebody can see us, but until that incident, we had had no problems. That time we had sex in the park, not far from my office. I was sure nobody could see us. We were in a doggy-style position on the bench when two guys came across us. One of them was our neighbor (the perks of living in a small town!). To say all of us were shocked would be an understatement. But the worst thing was that in the morning all our neighbors knew about our sex games. It was awful! Be extra careful and don’t make that mistake I made when I forgot about the safety.”
Ross, 32

The Best Places to Have Sex in Public Without Consequences

Sex in public is a kind of extreme experience, it’s not all that simple to realize your fantasies. Some public places are particularly popular among the thrill-seekers, but not all of them are really secure. Let’s look at these locations. Some of them are rather strange at first glance but still, they attract risky people. Let me offer you the top list of the best places for public sex.

An Apartment Stairwell

public sex4 - Sex in Public: We Can Make Our Dreams Come True

This is a kind of a compromise. This is not far from your home and if you do everything properly, the risks of being caught are low. It is better to do it in the night when your neighbors are already sleeping. If you are sure of the other residents’ timetable, you may vary this time, but the night hours are the most appropriate, and you won’t leave any old lady red-faced. The other advantage of this place is the immediate proximity of your own bedroom. You can start in the bedroom, then move into the stairwell, and then return to your bed at any time you feel tired a bit. So it can be called semi-public sex.


Some people believe the office is one of the best places to have the hottest sex. You are lucky if you have your own private office. If you aren’t, you can always find another place: filing room, conference room, or any other room which you can lock without drawing the attention of the colleagues. The elevator is not good if you are going to have sex without interruptions.

Turn off the lights, try to make as little noise as possible. The best time for the hooking up is early in the morning before your colleagues come, late in the evening when they have left office, or when they are on the break. Make sure that your clothes and hair are not in a mess before unlocking the door. And no PDAs, please! You will be noticed, and you don’t want it, do you? Your career can be ruined by a scandal.


public sex5 - Sex in Public: We Can Make Our Dreams Come True

Sex on the beach is immortalized in different ways. I mean the song “The Sex on the Beach” and the cocktail with the same name. But this time we’ll talk about real lewdness in the sand. In fact, the beach is the perfect place for outdoor public sex. Hot summer, much spare time, and nobody wants to stay indoors. The romantic walk with a person you like may end up as the hottest sex you’ve ever had. If you do it at night, the involuntary spectators of your live porn may be easy on you because many of them are the romantic couples, the same as you are.

Mind your safety. Take a large towel with you and don’t forget that water washes away natural lubricants.

Sex Party

If you join the sex party, you can be sure that none of those present will criticize public sex acts. You can relax and enjoy your full sexual freedom. Don’t be afraid and think that you need to have sex with any partygoer. No, you can be only with your partner, or change him or her, or just watch other couples. If you come here, it doesn’t mean that you will be hooking up with everyone just because it is obligatory.

Many sex parties cater to people with different sexual preferences. BDSM, nudity, bi-sex: you can always try something new there. The major risk is that this party can be recorded by one of the participants without your permission, and then you’ll find the video on the porn sites. Would you like to become a porn star?

The Roof of the House

public sex6 - Sex in Public: We Can Make Our Dreams Come True

It sounds a bit strange, but what about the roof? It is so romantic, but at the same time safe enough (if you don’t come close to the edge, of course).

“I’ve met this guy on Pure, and it was a kind of the impulse, the simultaneous burst, and mutual attraction. After a few dates, he promised something special to me. And when I came to his place, he took me up to the roof of the house. He had prepared dinner, and we were sitting and talking for half an hour. It was a beautiful night, and I felt as if only two people were in the world: he and me. The rest of the world remained somewhere far away. And I had the most fantastic sex in my life. Was I afraid of being caught there? No. I just didn’t think of it. I understood that if somebody went up on the roof, we would have no place to hide away. But it didn’t matter. I was absolutely naked and I enjoyed every moment of this adventure. I was always against nude sex in public places, and I had never done it before. But that time I was breaking all the taboos and I felt no shame.”
Ronda, 30

Caution: don’t go up on the roof if you are scared of heights, you’d better find a lower place for your sex experiments. Mind the edge of the roof, the ground is too hard when you fall down the building. Rooftop sex is amazing but a bit dangerous, so don’t be careless and neglect safety rules.


Park is one of the “usual” places which are mentioned when it goes about where to have sex in public. It is something wild about having a hookup in the woods. Take a stroll with your partner and find a proper place. The size matters in this case: the bigger the park is, the better you can hide. Don’t forget a blanket. Sex in a public park is one of the fantasies which are made reality more often.

public sex7 - Sex in Public: We Can Make Our Dreams Come True

The Worst Public Places to Have Sex

It would be a mistake to think that any place out-of-doors is perfect for those who want to make their sex experience better. Some places are still popular but in fact, not everyone can find enjoyment there. Let’s see the list of the worst locations from my point of view.

Public Bathroom

Bathrooms in restaurants, clubs, colleges, train stations, or malls attract thrill-seekers. But the reality, I’m afraid, is more prosaic. Hooking up in toilets is not romantic: lack of space, unpleasant sounds of those who want to pee in the next stall, general unhygienic conditions… No, leave the sex in a public bathroom to porn actors.

Public Transport

Sex in public transport is so amazing in dreams but a true failure in reality. Сonfined space leaves no room for action, presence of strangers, and no chance to run away if you face somebody who dislikes your experiments. It is dirty, full of boors, beggars, and thieves. Taxi is the only exception, but will the driver agree? So this is just a fantasy, but in reality, it may bring you more problems than pleasure.

public sex8 - Sex in Public: We Can Make Our Dreams Come True


Churches, children playgrounds, graves at cemeteries, and other places that are considered being sacred by many people are not the best locations to spice up your sex life. In case you are caught, your problems will be more serious as you will hurt the feelings of lots of people.

So let the lyrics of Hozier’s “Take me to church, I’ll worship like a dog in a shrine of your lies, I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife” remain just beautiful lyrics.

Is Public Sex Legal?

I have some bad news. In most states, the laws criminalize public sex. It is considered a misdemeanor crime, and it means that you will be punished by a fine in most cases. In some states, the social status of outdoor public sex is regulated by specific laws about indecent exposure and lewd acts. So, in any case, your sexual experiments are illegal, and punishment depends on where you romp al fresco.

By the way, sex in the car is the most disputable. If the car is parked in a solitary area and not in the pathway of other people who can easily see what is going on inside, you may argue that your sex is not “public.” But the success of such a defense depends on the laws of the state where you are charged.

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Some Useful Tips

Despite all the restrictions, people cannot stop practice risky public sex. That’s nothing bad in it, but I offer some tips on how to have sex in public and avoid unpleasant consequences.

Appropriate Clothes

When I speak of appropriate clothes for women having sex in public, I mean dresses and skits. No jeans or a jumpsuit! You can quickly and easily put your skirt up and down, you don’t need to undress during the sex and can always pretend that nothing interesting is happening. Take into account the risks of being caught, and you’ll appreciate these easy-access clothes.

public sex10 - Sex in Public: We Can Make Our Dreams Come True

Sex Positions

This is not the time to try something new and complicated. Keep Kama Sutra for later, positions should be practical, without traumatic effects. Oral sex in public places is a good choice. It involves less undressing and can be stopped easier than vaginal intercourse. Public oral sex is not less exciting but it is much safer.


Find a good partner whom you can trust. No forced sex in public, he or she should share your desires voluntarily. Don’t think that it is so difficult or even impossible to find such a person.

Try Pure, an app which is designed to help its users to find a partner with the same kinks and arrange the dates as fast as possible. The user base is large, and you can see only active users. Download the app, sign up, and start your search. The process of registration is easy and causes no problems. It takes a minute and you need your email or Google / Apple ID which would never be shared with somebody else. Create your add with the description of what you want to find, browse the ads of others, and you will find those who have the same dream about sex in the public.

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To Sum It Up

Public sex may be great and with orgasms for both of you, and it may end in a police station. You get the memories that you’ll never forget in either case, though I’m sure you’d prefer the first one. So choose the place and time wisely, and enjoy your public sex.

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