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November 5, 2019
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3.0 ★★★☆☆
1,000,000 members 3,300 new registered users daily 70% / 30% Male & Female
70% / 30% Male & Female
3/5 hookup chance Medium Sex Chance Geography Philippines, USA, UK, International
low fraud risk Verification Facebook account, phone number Mobile App iOS, Android
$24.95-99.95 subscription price Free version yes
Free version yes
Philippines, USA, UK, International
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PinaLove com is an online platform created for men who are looking for girls or transgenders to date in the Philippines. The website has over a million active users, and the number is getting bigger daily.

pinalove com dating platform review 03 - Pinalove review — everything you need to know

The PinaLove website is pretty much the same as any other dating platform for singles who seek for a date. There are a lot of active users who are comfortable to send you messages, and it won’t take forever for them to answer back. Yet there is quite a big number of profiles that getting detected as fake once. Same reason PinaLove does not recommend giving up your personal information right away. Better to get to know people first.

To get you informed and to see is PinaLove dating is worth trying, we prepared for you a full review on the site that includes prices, members, account quality, security, and is it possible to get yourself a date.



The website has both a free and paid version. You can try out the free version before upgrading to the paid version.

Free services

The PinaLove dating free service includes an account set up. You will be able to show interest to other members and view profiles together with photos. You are allowed to send and receive messages with a free version but only one message per 10 minutes.

pinalove com dating platform review 16 - Pinalove review — everything you need to know

Paid services

Once you would switch to the Premium Subscription, you will have unlimited options for messaging, and your profile will be on the top of any other free members. That will help to get your profile more views and possible matches.

Together with that, you would have a feature that will give you receipts on the read messages and contact the most popular members on the platform.

Another impressive feature is a live chat with other premium users. The premium subscription includes advanced search with the option to choose new members or any physical appearance. You would get more privacy options, like put your account into offline mode and hide your profile from unwanted users.

The price starts at $24.95 per month and can go up to $99.95 for one year within the one-time payment. They accept PayPal, Credit cards, and Bitcoins.

pinalove com dating platform review 08 - Pinalove review — everything you need to know

Audience quality


There are over a million registered users at PinaLove. Over a quarter of this million is USA members who are looking for a girl or a transgender.

The majority of the users are males, which is around 70%, and the other 30% are females and transgenders. There is also a specific category of search that helps to connect transgenders or other women with international male users only, which is convenient.

Four countries are leading by the number of foreigners on the platform, which is the USA with around 290,000 users, the United Kingdom counts more than 130,000 members, Germany has 60,000 registered users, and Australia — 70,000. Everyone else is from the Philippines, which is 90,000 active members.

You can find at the platform people who are looking for any kind of relationship. Some users are looking for someone to get into serious relationships and eventually build a family, but the majority of members are looking for a simple hookup.

Besides women and transgenders, there are a lot of ladyboys, which makes the platform a diverse place for sexual experimenting and exploring.

pinalove com dating platform review 09 - Pinalove review — everything you need to know

Age distribution

You need to be over 18 years old to register at the platform. The main population of members is 24 years old and up to 35 years old. Less amount of the users are between 18 years old and 24 years old, and another age group is between 35 and 45 years old.

Any age group has a good chance to meet someone they dreamt about. Besides, you can set and change afterward, your age, or gender preferences as many times as you need to.

Fakes and scammers

Even though the registration process goes through Facebook or a phone number, there are still a lot of fake profiles that are detected and reported daily. As well as there is a chance to get a few or more scammers on the way to find someone legit to meet.

We would suggest not to give your personal information right away. It is better to talk more and try to get to know the person more.

pinalove com dating platform review 14 - Pinalove review — everything you need to know



Once you are entering the www PinaLove com website, it doesn’t seem so attractive as you would imagine. Yet, it is straightforward to the registration process that is supported by an enormous number of Pilipino women profiles below.

The photos are too close to each other, which reminds a lot of dating websites back in the 90s’ which might be confusing for the younger generation.

The platform has quite a few special features that will make your experience more memorable and fun. These functions will also make it effortless for you to track and interact with members.

For instance, the tab “Visited Me” helps to track people who viewed your profile. The features supported by a pop-up notification message though this is available only for Premium members.

Another one is “Interested in Me,” which is obvious by its name. Here will appear users that sent you hearts and are ready for further communication and flirting.

A very unusual tab is “Favorited Me.” This allows you to get notification about other users who put you to their favorites list. Once you get that type of a notification, you can start messaging and flirting. That is in case the person on the other end feeling a little bit shy to start the conversation first.

“My Visits” saves every profile that you’ve visited to keep them all together. Once you visit someone’s profile, it will appear in the “Visited Me” tab.

The features “My Interests” will save all the profiles whose photos got your attention, and you liked them.

Of course, there is a “My favorites” feature that allows you to create a list with all profiles that you get your eye on.

There is also the “Notes” function. You can take notes of any interesting profiles you get to see not to lose them.

Last but not least function is “Saved Photos.” This feature allows you to save pictures of other members to have quick access to all of them at the same time whenever you please.

You need to remember that most of the features are available only for Premium Subscription members.

pinalove com dating platform review 02 - Pinalove review — everything you need to know

Signing up

Creating an account on the website is easy and will not take much of your time. Registration takes around one or two minutes and requires either a Facebook account or a valid phone number.

Then you should create a username, password, and fill in the email address that also should be valid. After that, you have to specify your age, gender, and the gender of the person you want to meet. The platform is available for men, women, transgenders, and ladyboys. You can also add your appearance like weight, height, and specify your birth date.

pinalove com dating platform review 17 - Pinalove review — everything you need to know

Once you have completed these steps, you should upload a photo and add a short bio about you and what you are looking for or any other information you think is suitable. The more information, the more interested in your profile will be. Be open and add information about children if you have any or not. Finally, you can choose the level of your English and/or Pilipino languages and education achievements.

pinalove com dating platform review 11 - Pinalove review — everything you need to know


It is free of charge to view profiles of other users with a photo and other details. What is very pleasant is that you can see all the photos that users upload. Even though not all the users care to add additional information after they register, we would suggest adding more personal information and as many photos as you like to get your profile more attractive for other members.

Additional information will include your favorite books, movies, and any other interests you may have. Aside from that, you can specify your religion and financial income. All of that is available for free to all the members.

pinalove com dating platform review 07 - Pinalove review — everything you need to know


You can scroll through the members right after registration. The search tab is quite simple. You can search by age, gender, and name. You can also add members to your Favorite list or Notes to get back to them later on not to get distracted on the searching.

Once you upgrade to a paid membership, you can have access to advanced search filters.

pinalove com dating platform review 12 - Pinalove review — everything you need to know


Sending messages option is available for any type of user. The difference between a free account and a Premium member is that the free version gives you the option to answer only one message every ten minutes when a Premium Subscription opens unlimited messages between you and other users.

Some of the profiles are empty, yet they answer the messages. The first question could be about your phone number and your precise location. These kinds of messages should alarm you because those could lead to further financial scamming. It is better to block and report the user right away.

On a brighter side PinaLove has a feature with live chat between Premium members, which makes it more interesting and promising for further real-life meetup.

pinalove com dating platform review 01 - Pinalove review — everything you need to know

Mobile app

PinaLove app is available for both iOS and Android and includes all of the features as the desktop version. Messaging feature is also the same but with additional stickers, emojis, photos exchange, and voice clips.

pinalove com dating platform review 04 - Pinalove review — everything you need to know

Security and privacy


The platform is legit and taking care of the users and their privacy by using only Facebook accounts information and through validation of their phone number. Meaning, not any email address can register.

Nevertheless, the platform if still full of fake accounts that are detected daily.

On the other hand, the website tracks the activity and information added to the profiles. In case someone’s profile is filled with nudity or sexual information, the account will be deleted immediately.

pinalove com dating platform review 15 1 - Pinalove review — everything you need to know

Hookup chance


The PinaLove was created for all kinds of relationships, but most users are looking for a hookup with Pilipino women, or to experiment with transgenders and ladyboys.

The chances to meet someone offline are high if you are in the same city as your Pilipino date. Otherwise, it is only online interaction. Yet we heard different opinions about the platform.

Here are some of them that are completely different from one another.

“Its a good site but alot of scammers be careful i found my wife here tbe premiuim membership is cheap but free meassages is good every 15 minutes.”
Jordan S.

“Recently they changed how free membership works. You can still only send one message every 10 minutes, but now they limit who you can message. Before, you could not send messages to ‘popular’ members, allegedly the top 1% of members receiving the most messages. Now, practically every attractive girl on the site is ‘popular’ and you can’t send them a message with a free account. The bottom line is it’s now a waste of time unless you’re willing to pay for membership.”
John K.

“If u report a scammer PinaLove don’t even bother to reply they are scammers like most girls on this site try cupid or Filipino kisses much better quality and I have paid membership!!the management of this absolute conniving agency seem quite happy to lose business to their rivals hey guys just beware of a ‘jovan c villa’ from Batangas! She is a real professional scammer like the management of this agency.”
Keith N.

“Members are real, but the quality of members they have sucks. Mostly bar girls looking for sugar daddies. No no nooooooo.”

Matching algorithm

The PinaLove website does not have any particular matching algorithm that would connect you with people based on all of your profile information and requirements. The platform has the basic search engine that will help you set the minimum of the options to narrow the search down. The paid membership has a more advanced search.

pinalove com dating platform review 13 - Pinalove review — everything you need to know


What is PinaLove?

PinaLove is an international adult website for dating Pilipino women, transgender women, and ladyboys.

Can I join even if I am not from the Western countries?

Yes, people from any part of the world can join the website to find a date.

How to create a new account on PinaLove?

You need to visit the website where the homepage will offer you to register either through the Facebook account or your valid phone number. After that, you would need to fill in basic information about yourself and your sexual preference.

How to deactivate my PinaLove profile temporarily?

To deactivate your account, you need to account page, retype the password and choose the option to close the account. Afterward, you would need to log in again to retrieve the account.

How to permanently delete my PinaLove profile?

You need to go to the account option, reenter your password and select the option to delete your account. Once you hit that, there is no coming back, you will not be able to restore the account but only create a new one.

How to delete your information at PinaLove?

Once you’ve decided to delete your account completely, the PaniLove will send you an email verification with the data deletion tool that will verify erasing all of your information from the platform.

How can I see those who visited my account?

To see who visited your account, you need to get to the “Visited Me” tab. The option is available only for members who upgraded to Premium Subscription.

How to cancel PinaLove premium subscription?

To cancel your Premium subscription, you have to the “Members Support” link and hit the “Cancel Subscription” button. After two weeks pass, you will get a full refund.

Is PinaLove free?

Yes, PinaLove provides a free version of the platform that allows you to view other members and their profiles. Messaging is free as well, but you can send out only one message every ten minutes.

Can I browse through PinaLove without creating a new account?

No, to view any profile, you need to be a registered user.

pinalove com dating platform review 05 - Pinalove review — everything you need to know

Is PinaLove available on the iPhone or Android?

Yes, the PinaLove website is also available to download for both iOS and Android.

How to upgrade to a premium subscription on Android?

To upgrade, you need to go to “Upgrade Account” and fill in all the required information. After you will proceed with a payment, which is $19.99 per month.

Is PinaLove a legitimate dating website?

Yes, the company is run by ThaiFriendly company.

Does PinaLove do profile validation and background checks?

Yes, the platform tracks all the information and suspend the account that seems like a fake account of fraud.

What are the PinaLove security features?

Users of PaniLove can repost all accounts they find suspicion and contact support at [email protected]

PaniLove is a good platform for meeting up with Pilipino - Pinalove review — everything you need to know


Overall, the PaniLove is a good platform for meeting up with Pilipino women, and to have fun with ladyboys or transgender women. PaniLove log-in takes just a few seconds to enter a base with over a million users.

There is still a chance to get on a fake account or a scammer, so we would recommend being safe, aware, and do not share your personal information with people who seem odd.

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5.0 ★★★★★
11 millions members 300k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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