Mingle2 review: a place where millions of people come to mingle

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April 3, 2020
Mingle2 logo app tabl 1 - Mingle2 review: a place where millions of people come to mingle
4.0 ★★★★☆
30,000,000 members 3, 800,000 users per month 60% / 40% Male & Female
60% / 40% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography America, Asia, Europe
low fraud risk Verification email Mobile App iOS, Android
$9.96-71.40 subscription price Free version yes
Free version yes
America, Asia, Europe
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Mingle2 was not what I expected from an old dating website. Instead of an outdated, stuck in 2005 interface, the homepage greeted me with a stylish, modern design. “There are over 39 million members,” — the slider proclaimed.

“Great, everything looks legit,” — I thought and immediately pressed the sign-in button. Altogether, I spent three months exploring Mingle2, studied Mingle2 reviews, and here’s what I think about the platform.

mingle2 review 2 - Mingle2 review: a place where millions of people come to mingle
Mingle2 main page



Mingle2 was one of the few platforms I didn’t have to upgrade — the free version offered everything I needed to understand how I feel about the dating website. I could message people, see their profiles, zoom in on pictures, and using the platform’s custom matching tool — MutualMatch.

For committed users who want to use the Mingle2 app as the go-to platform for boosting their love lives, there’s a premium plan with additional features. Depending on how far you are willing to go, the plans range from quarterly to yearly: a 3-month subscription costs $9.96/m, a 6-month plan for $7.95/m, a yearly subscription is at $5.95/m.

Free services

You can explore Mingle2 for free. Using the dating site free version, I could create a profile, look for matches and get an unlimited result reel, look through girls’ profiles, add those I liked to Friends or Favorites, message prospective partners, and have fun on community forums.

Paid services

The premium version of Mingle2 comes with a couple of advanced nudges — for one, you can find out who liked your profile, browse profiles in a ghost mode so that other premium users don’t see you, have your chats stored forever: in a free version, you can only see the Mingle2 chat log for a month, and be listed earlier in search results. The last one seems to be a special change-maker, increasing the number of views on your profile by 300%.

mingle2 review 16 - Mingle2 review: a place where millions of people come to mingle
People I met here were between 25-34 years old

Audience quality


Although Mingle2 boasts a 39-million audience, there aren’t more than 12 million active relationship-seekers on the website. The percentage of Americans on the platform is low compared to Tinder or Bumble — only 150,000 users live in the US.

I was happy to see that the platform is LGBTQ+ friendly. Gay and lesbian love-seekers are encouraged to join the platform and have an active community of single Mingle2 users. As for the gender ratio, guys slightly dominate, with the overall 60% to 40% men-to-women ratio.

Age distribution

Mingle2 is mostly popular among millennials. People I met were between 25-34 years old, 35-54-year-olds come in second, followed by 18-25-year-olds. People over 55 years old don’t visit the platform frequently — women, in particular.

mingle2 review 9 - Mingle2 review: a place where millions of people come to mingle
The website interface is stylish and loads quickly

Fakes and scammers

Although I noticed right away that the website lacks committed users, most people here are legit. I had to deal with cutting off a couple of obvious fakes, but they never tried to pull off Mingle2 scam, nor verbally harassed.

Unfortunately, ghosting is painfully common on Mingle2. If someone doesn’t text you for a while, it’s likely a prospective partner gave up on the platform altogether and is not coming back. As you sign up for the Mingle2 dating site, be ready to move on quickly, and handle silent rejection.



I have tried using dozens of dating websites: it didn’t take long to see how uninspired the design of Mingle2 was. I doubt that the development team created a custom platform interface. It looks like that went for a good-looking template instead.

Mingle2 makes a solid first impression: it loads fast, there is plenty of info on the homepage, you feel safe and don’t mind giving the platform a try.

Signing up

The homepage says that joining is quick. It turns out, they are not lying. Creating a profile is, indeed, a piece of cake.

Mingle2 registration has two steps. At first, you will have to choose your gender and that of a perfect partner, enter your email, location, and zip code.

mingle2 review 3 - Mingle2 review: a place where millions of people come to mingle
Filling in the form is the first step of signing up

As I filled in each field, I was redirected to a longer sign-up form. Here, I had to come up with a password to protect my account, specify my birth date, and describe the type of relationship I am interested in.

The options were a relationship per se, an intimate encounter, a friendship, an activity partnership, or if I was willing to go that far, a marriage.

mingle2 review 6 - Mingle2 review: a place where millions of people come to mingle
Later, you will have to fill in a detailed sign-up form

Posting a picture on Mingle is optional. However, the platform encourages users to upload one promising higher search results and more texts from hot partners. To make sure I am the best version of yourself on the Mingle2 dating app, I took some time to crop my photo.

mingle2 review 4 - Mingle2 review: a place where millions of people come to mingle
The platform allows users to slightly tweak profile pictures


The profile design on Mingle2 is straightforward. You’ll see your partner’s gender, name, age, location, and bio. Girls I approached did not have a detailed profile — that was unfortunate because we needed to spend more time on small talk getting to know each other.

mingle2 review 8 - Mingle2 review: a place where millions of people come to mingle
Mingle2 has a sleek and minimalist profile design

I am, however, happy with the way accounts look at Mingle2. There’s a status tab that helps track if matches are online and four buttons that explain my options. I can either text, nudge, which is similar to “Wave at each other” in Facebook Messenger, add a partner to the friend list, or match with her.

Unfortunately, just like during the sign-up process, the profile page is full of ads — nothing is disturbing, though, so I didn’t mind putting up with them.


As I am picky in choosing matches on dating sites, I was happy to see how many filters Mingle2 offers. The platform allows sorting guys and girls by location, age, race, body type, relationship expectations, and other parameters.

I wouldn’t recommend ticking all the boxes since you would be cutting off way too many options. A tad of open-mindedness is always important when exploring dating apps — what if there’s a type of partner you never knew you needed?

mingle2 review 15 - Mingle2 review: a place where millions of people come to mingle
There are plenty of search filters you can use to look for matches

There are other ways to find partners on Mingle2 as well. You can connect with users via a public chatroom — people here are friendly and always looking forward to some small talk.

The Mingle2 dating platform boasts impressively active community forums, with 6 million messages and counting. Once you join forum threads, spending time on Mingle2 gets as addictive, as scrolling through Reddit or Quora threads.


Messaging is free on Mingle 2. You can either send people texts or connect with a virtual wink, nudge, or kiss — all of these are helpful in case you can’t think of a good pickup line.

App users exchange texts and pictures. Other than that, if a partner is rude or inappropriate, you can block the chat and report the user to the support team.

If you are using the free version of Mingle2, keep the first-contact limit in mind. Once you reach, there’s no way to keep sending texts, other than paying for the premium version. Other than that, in the basic version of the platform, messages are stored for 30 days and will be deleted later.

mingle2 review 1 - Mingle2 review: a place where millions of people come to mingle
Mingle2 app preview from AppStore

Mobile app

I liked the Mingle2 mobile app more than the web version. The interface is sleek and minimalistic, reminding a lot of Instagram or TikTok. All user profiles are neatly sorted in a search reel, with the emphasis on the profile picture, age, and location.

As for the Chat tab, the mobile version is much more intuitive and modern than the desktop counterpart. The good news is, unlike most messengers that make you download images before viewing them, Mingle2 allows users to preview pictures partners send before saving them on the device.

Security and privacy


Although Mingle2 seems your typical no-hassle, quick-sign-up platform, it didn’t take me long to discover what hell and high water jumping through security checks is. For one thing, you will need to verify your email and complete a captcha check to confirm your identity and Mingle2 login data.

mingle2 review 10 - Mingle2 review: a place where millions of people come to mingle
All users need to verify their emails to complete registration

Once you receive a confirmation email and click the link in the letter, the platform quickly takes you to the next round of confirmation procedures — you will need to take a picture in a pose shown on screen and submit it for moderation.

mingle2 review 7 - Mingle2 review: a place where millions of people come to mingle
To confirm your identity, upload the picture with the pose that matches that on screen

Uploading the picture is not enough to access the search reel or your profile. The users need to wait for the moderation Mingle2 review — the process takes up to 5 days, so brace yourself.

The platform has a range of protection features from Mingle2 scammers — for one, you can block and report users for harassment.

All of the above makes you feel quite protected. However, since the identity confirmation process is so tedious, there were plenty of times, I wanted to give the using platform up for good.

Hookup chance


On Mingle2, you can find partners for all types of relationships: from friendship to marriage. Since it’s not a hookup platform, it falls short of dedicated features — sexting, nude trading — compared to booty-call-search tools.

Unfortunately, I had plenty of relationship expectation mismatches. I would message girls in my areas looking for hookups and find out they don’t consider booty calls altogether. If you plan to look for a Mingle2 date a try, make a habit of clarifying your relationship expectations when getting in touch with prospective partners.

mingle2 review 13 - Mingle2 review: a place where millions of people come to mingle
Mingle2 has the Mutual Match algorithm

Matching algorithms

Mingle2 has a proprietary matching algorithm — thanks to the Mutual Match feature, every day, the platform offers a personalized reel of matches that match your age, location, and relationship expectations.

You will be asked to choose if a partner is a “Yes” or a “No.” If you like the partner, she will see your profile picture in her recommendation reel as well. When two partners match successfully, they can text each other and connect effortlessly.

Mingle2 Review — Video


Platform Hookup chance
Tinychat ★★☆☆☆
Faceflow ★★☆☆☆
Skout ★★★☆☆
Pure ★★★★★
pure logo app transparent new 1 - Mingle2 review: a place where millions of people come to mingle
5.0 ★★★★★
11 millions members 300k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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Who is the owner of Mingle2?

The company that runs Mingle2 is called Minglenet. The founder’s headquarters are located in Vietnam.

How to contact the support team?

To ask a question or make an offer, you can either use the [email protected] address or fill in the contact form on the dedicated page. There’s a FAQ page on the website as well — check it out before reaching out to the support team with your question.

How to sign up for Mingle2?

To start Mingle2 signup, scroll down the homepage and press “Join Now.” You can join the website by specifying your gender, the one you are looking for, and click “View Singles” on the first screen of the homepage.

How to download the app Mingle2?

There’s no Windows or macOS version — desktop users can only use the website. Android and iOS smartphone owners, on the other hand, can download the official app in Play Market or App Store.

How to delete an account on Mingle2?

If you are visiting the desktop version of the website, choose the account tab, find the “Settings” field, and choose it. In the menu, find “Deactivate Account.” Choose the “Remove profile” and confirm the action. After that, your profile on the platform will no longer be active.

Mobile app users can remove their accounts by clicking “Settings” on the bottom panel of the page and choosing “Deactivate Account.”

How to cancel your Mingle2 email subscription?

To stop getting emails from the website, choose the “Settings” tab on the Account page. Once there, find the “Mail Settings” and un-check the box with your email. If you are using the mobile app, go to the menu in the bottom right corner of the screen. There, you will find the “Settings” tab that looks the same as the desktop one.

How much do I pay for the Mingle2 subscription?

There’s a Mingle2 free dating version you can use to text girls and guys — however, there’s a messaging limit you will have to deal with unless you upgrade. The premium version of the platform is not too expensive — you will have to pay $9.95 per month.


Overall, Mingle2 seems a relatively safe and user-friendly platform for me. As the free version has almost zero limitations, I would recommend giving the website a try if you are new to online dating. However, if you don’t have enough time to waste on ghosting and commitment issues, I strongly suggest looking for hookups on a dedicated platform.


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