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March 11, 2020
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80% / 20% Male & Female
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I am a writer, so for me, expressing my sexuality with words is basically a natural state at this point. Whenever I had a great night or an embarrassing story to tell, I type it all out. Even if you never tried your hand at writing sex-related stories, it looks like you might have a chance. Literotica is the biggest library of sexual prompts, open for submissions from anyone.

Of course, I have been registered on for a while, so I thought — why not make a review about a service that I enjoy so much? Let’s explore together.

sites like literotica - The full guide to Literotica: for readers and writers
The biggest erotica library online

An open library of erotic creative stories

In a nutshell, Literotica is a free website with erotic fiction and fantasy. Most writers here put their personal experiences into prompts, some stories are highly unrealistic but nevertheless, entertaining. Literotica walks a fine line between being an open community and keeping standards: on one hand, everyone can upload a submission, but there are story contests and reviews that praise the best content.



Literotica is a free website: anyone can register, read and submit stories. For free, users can participate in forums, leave comment, enrol in contests, receive awards — basically, access the full functionality of the website.

sites like literotica 07 - The full guide to Literotica: for readers and writers
New uploads appear on Literotica all the time

Audience quality


Literotica stories make up the most popular collection of erotic content but overall, one of the most known erotic website out there. The website has 41 million users each month, with an average visit duration of 16 minutes. It’s very rare for an erotic website to have that kind of retention. On average, users go through 9 pages in a single visit — because one story just isn’t enough.

sites like literotica 09 - The full guide to Literotica: for readers and writers
On a profile, you don’t have to disclose any kind of personal information

People on Literotica are very diverse. I personally know some professional writers that contribute to Literotica’s community on a regular basis. It’s also incredibly popular among amateurs and sex enthusiasts. LGBTQ, BDSM dating, swinging — the website describes all possible flavours of dating.



Literotica’s interface seem very outdated. The main page barely has any design — the website clearly wasn’t updated for a while. Still, it’s kind of nice to see a platform that doesn’t prioritize style over content — and this is where Literotica truly shines.


To create an account on Literotica, you need to come up with a username and a password. Don’t use your real name or actual personal detail that could hint at your real identity. The next step is to enter your email — the address will be used for account confirmation, communication with other users, participation in contests, and you’ll get your notifications there, too.

sites like literotica 08 - The full guide to Literotica: for readers and writers
The login on Literotica takes no more than 2-3 minutes with account confirmation

Also, you need to confirm that you’ve read the Terms of Service and verify that you are older than 18. Finally, the service will send you a confirmation letter — be sure to open the link in the letter to verify the account and receive the right for submission.

Content submission

Literotica aims to help amateur erotic writers to get into the field by providing detailed Writer’s Guidelines and Resources. Here are the main requirements that you definitely have to follow in order to submit a story.

  • All characters must be older than 18;
  • You need to be the one and only creator of all submitted content, otherwise the account will be banned;
  • All submissions should be longer than 750 words;
  • Stories and essays shouldn’t hint at child abuse or zoophily.
sites like literotica 05 - The full guide to Literotica: for readers and writers
Litetorica provides writers with dozens of helpful resources

Other than that, Literotica is an open-minded community where you can write about any sex you want — even stories about hooking up with supernatural creatures get a go here.

Types of content

Now, the part of the review that you’ve been waiting for. Literotica is the biggest erotic community-curated online library, and you must be itching to find out what kind of content you’ll read here. So, there are several major categories on the website, which relate to a particular type of sex, like anal, BDSM, LGBTQ, threesomes, erotic horror, couplings, first times, fetish sex, mind control, non-consented or reluctant sex, loving wives, mature sex, and other types.

sites like literotica 11 - The full guide to Literotica: for readers and writers
Literotica offers a variety of sections and categories

The content varies in its form, too. Submissions can be written in story mode or as poetry. The library has a special category for illustrated submissions. Also, readers can share their practical experiences in how-to guide and come up with fictional erotic letters (talk about getting sexting tips).

Last but not least, English isn’t the only language, supported by the platform. Users also can submit stories to non-English categories — Literotica stories is quite popular among Spanish-speaking readers.

Chain stories

One of my favorite things about the website are its collaboration opportunity. Chain stories are the kind of prompts that are written by 2 and more writers. They don’t even have to discuss the story beforehand — one writes the beginning, another continuous.

At the end, the story is written in a chain of lines, submitted by multiple authors. The results are funny, unpredictable, and sometimes openly cringey. Either way, it’s a must-try experience.


Moderation is one of Literotica’s biggest advantages and disadvantages at the same time. On one hand, careful manual selection of submissions assures a constant stream of high-quality content. I’m yet to see something openly offensive or terribly written.

However, with more than 40 million monthly users, it’s easy to guess how much time it takes for the story to get approved. Luckily, moderators are also recruited among active website members — so there are thousands of people who are reading submitted work. Still, you might have to wait up to a week to find out if your story made it to the platform.

Personal profile

A personal page on Literotica combines features for comfortable browsing and reading, on one hand, and writing — on the other. You can save all favorite stories into your personal digest and come back to them later. When you submit a story, you’ll see its status in real-time. As soon as the text was approved, the status will change and you’ll get an email notification.


Each category has a top list where you can find stories that are considered to be the best of Literotica. To make to the list, you need to write a prompt that’s relevant to users’ interests, is well-written, and fits the category well. Occasionally (1-2 times in a few months) the platform holds big erotic writing contests. These provide a nice opportunity to get exposure on the platform and attract visitors to your profile.

Security and privacy


Literotica is a safe erotic platform even for people who didn’t visit such platforms before. All accounts undergo email confirmation to avoid fakes. However, a lot of profiles are inactive, because the website is pretty old and user pool isn’t typically cleaned up.

However, Literotica is very well-visited so you’ll see new members all the time. The community is generally polite — although sometimes writers face harsh criticism — but you won’t get any sexual offenses. If you see suspicious content, you can send a request to moderation right away — in my experience, they quickly delete stories and comments that don’t comply with the Terms of Service.

Hookup chance


Literotica isn’t a dating website, and I suggest not trying to use it like one. Although you could technically meet people who live nearby, in reality, most members are hesitant about disclosing their real identities. Plus, moderation isn’t particularly welcoming to members who try to find out users’ real names and locations.

However, if you are in for some sexting and virtual sex, Literotica can be a nice starting point for finding like-minded people. You can find friends, people who share the same outlook on sex and don’t mind to experiment. With enough dedication, you can have a mind-blowing text sex (writer-to-writer).

Top sites like Literotica

Even though Literotica is the biggest online library of sex content with more than 300,000 erotic stories, pictures, and audios, it isn’t the only place. For some people, Literotica seems too old-fashioned or too mainstream. If you’d be more into smaller communities, here’s my rundown of Literotica alternatives.

sites like literotica 04 - The full guide to Literotica: for readers and writers
From short stories to big novels — you can find just about anything here


This website is a go-to collection of BDSM stories, fiction, novels, poems, personal experiences and how-to guides. Unlike Literotica which has only a section for BDSM sex, this resource is fully dedicated to the lifestyle. It’s a perfect introduction to BDSM for those who aren’t sure yet. The community is open and always ready to help, and the moderation is slightly less strict than on Literotics.

sites like literotica 02 - The full guide to Literotica: for readers and writers
The website has audio libraries and regular competitions


If you’d like something more like a dating website or a chatroom, but also with erotic stories, LushStories is a perfect fit. The website isn’t limited to being an erotica repository — you are also encouraged to interact with other members, discuss sex experiences in community chats, and even do some virtual experiments on the platform.

sites like literotica 01 - The full guide to Literotica: for readers and writers
The only downside of the website is annoying advertising


This website talks about realistic authentic stories — real-life encounters, embarrassing hookups, sexual lessons, and other stuff like that. If you are curious to get more real content and possibly, some actionable insights, SoloTouch might be a better fit that fictional Literotica.

sites like literotica 06 - The full guide to Literotica: for readers and writers
The website prides itself on gathering a community of professional authors


If you are an avid erotic reader rather than a writer, I really recommend taking a look at the blog of Remittance Girl. All entries are dedicated to BDSM, and these stories are fascinating to BDSM outsiders and enthusiasts alike. Also, if you are an erotic writer, I suggest taking a look at writer’s blog at least for great writing samples.

sites like literotica 13 - The full guide to Literotica: for readers and writers
The website is simple but the content is definitely far from primitive

True Dirty Stories

Fiction is all great, but sometimes, you get tired from reading far-fetched fantasies that would never occur in the real life. So, if you’d rather dedicate your time to real-life experiences, I suggest taking a look at True Dirty Stories. This is one of the biggest erotica sites with actual sexual experiences. You can find stories on BDSM, casual sex, long-term relationship, marriage sex, swinging, LGBTQ, transgender dating, and many other categories. If you’ve got some experience, go ahead and post your real-life stuff, too.

sites like literotica 03 - The full guide to Literotica: for readers and writers
If you are into college or high school sex stories, it’s the best destination


For fans of LBGTQ and BDSM erotica, this website offers the best online erotica. This community focuses on gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transexual relationships, and adds fetishes, dominance, submissive sex, rough experiences, and a bunch of other nasty things.

sites like literotica 10 - The full guide to Literotica: for readers and writers
Finally, a website with adult-only fanfiction

Adult Fanfiction

If you always were into fanfiction and erotic stories, I have good news for you: you can combine both of your passions on this site. I know that a lot of fanfictions are erotic as it is — but it’s mostly ameteur. Adult Fanfiction is a much higher league — writers here dedicate their time to writing erotic fanfiction on a regular basis and they don’t hold back. Chances to find cringe, typical for general dating websites, are much slimmer here.

sites like literotica 12 - The full guide to Literotica: for readers and writers
A website for elite erotica readers

Erotic Review

Okay, if you are a bit more into educational content, Erotic Review is a place to go. This platform unites writers who are enthusiastic about art, photography, films, books, erotic history, sex trends. It’s a very knowledgeable community — here, people care about more things than just getting it on.

How to write about sex: a video advice

pure logo app transparent new 1 - The full guide to Literotica: for readers and writers
5.0 ★★★★★
11 millions members 300k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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Is Literotica the best erotic story website?

Yes, it is. For one thing, it’s the biggest sex literature community-curated library. With more than 40 million monthly readers, it’s no wonder that the website attracts professional writers along with amateurs. You can find some high-quality material here, entirely for free. The reading community is very active — even mildly popular story gets hundreds of comments.

What’s the deal with Literotica? Do women really like it?

Yes, according to Literotica user statistics, there are 4 women to 1 man on Literotica. Women are just more passionate about sexual literature and they also love writing about their sex lives. Literotica allows girls to turn on their imagination — everything is not as visual as in regular porn — but you can imagine anything, if you want to.

Is Literotica a kind of porn?

Yes, definitely. Literotica has a lot of porn content with description of rough sex, BDSM, all kinds of sex positions, experiments with anal and oral sex, and many other things. It doesn’t have to be porn — you can find more innocent categories where people share stories on foreplay and relationships as a whole — but the sexual theme is always present, of course. Descriptions are very visual — authors don’t shy off from depicting things the way they are in real-life. This makes Literotica a high-quality masturbation content.

What is the contribution of Literotica to the field of porn?

It’s the biggest literary community-curated library about sex. With 40 million readers, it’s obvious that Literotica has quite an audience, which is why it became a real deal for beginning sex authors. The best thing is, anyone can register an account for free and get access to free sex stories. Also, submissions are open to writers with no experience and credentials — as soon as content complies with guidelines.

What are other sites like Literotica out there?

You can try out BDSM Cafe, LustStories, Nifty, True Dirty Stories, Erotic Review — these are all online communities with sex stories and open submission.

How to become a writer on Literotica?

You need to register a profile and send a submission which is no less than 750 words. Before writing a story, explore the website’s categories and determine where your essay will fit best.

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