LDSPlanet review: my full November dating experience on LDS Planet

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November 11, 2019

Sharing religious beliefs with someone you love is a great privilege. It’s much easier to build understanding relationships when both people share the same values. When you date online, you want to know that the platform has people who share your religion. The easiest solution is to register on a niche platform that hosts people of your religion — like LDS Planet com, dating service for members of the Church of the Latter-Day Saints.

It’s a website where Mormon singles can find dating partners and get dating experience. The functionality and interface aren’t much different from mainstream services — similarly to most platforms, users can flirt with each other, send messages, and exchange likes. Up to date, it’s the biggest dating community for Mormons of different ages.

LDS Planet review 03 - LDSPlanet review: my full November dating experience on LDS Planet

Audience quality

With its 500,000 U.S. users, LDS Planet is the biggest online dating community for Mormons. The website is almost equally popular among men and women, with a slightly higher prevalence of female accounts. It’s not a hookup platform — here, users find love and look for spiritual guidance and find a soulmate.

Age proportion

The website is open to all Mormons who are older than 18. The most popular age category on the platform is 35-44 years old, both among men and women. The service is also actively used by young Mormons — the LDS rating among first daters is impressively high.

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Creating an account

To register on LDS Planet, the users are required to provide their email addresses, usernames, and passwords. After an account is verified, the service redirects you to the customization page.

Here, a new member is required to specify views on romantic relationships, expectations from dating, as well as answer some faith-related questions. The LDS Planet sign in emphasizes on spiritual aspects of a relationship, making sure that potential partners share the same attitude to life and God.

LDS Planet review 09 - LDSPlanet review: my full November dating experience on LDS Planet

Choosing a match

On LSD Planet, people can be found by a user name or looked up randomly on the Feed. The website is rich in search customizations — you can choose dozens of filters — for instance, you can narrow the search down by age, location, church, a particular community.

Free users, however, can’t sext with girls online and view profile visit statistics. Those who are hesitant about messaging a match can save a profile to favorites and preview it later. You can even divide matches into groups and sort messages from matched versus unmatched users.

A group chatroom hosts discussions about faith and church experiences. You can share your story, ask a question, or request advice. Whenever someone has joined the group, you can chat in the dialog. If the person seems interesting, one user can send another direct message.

LDS Planet review 08 - LDSPlanet review: my full November dating experience on LDS Planet

Personal accounts

On LDS Planet, personal profiles are about as detailed as you can find — it’s a Mormons’ alternative of eHarmony. Users don’t slack off with writing personal descriptions, and, as if that wasn’t enough, the service offers a couple of mandatory questions. Users can choose to fill out an additional questionnaire about their beliefs and church experiences — it’s an optional possibility.

The more detailed a user’s profile is, the higher will a personal page be ranked in the Feed. The website evaluates profiles by their detailedness, so filling out all fields gives you a competitive advantage. This is a great idea, and I wish other dating websites would apply a similar system. On the other hand, it’s not the best website for people who’d rather keep their private information private — your profile won’t get high search spots if it’s half-empty.

All users, both free and premium ones, can view other members’ photos and share their own. To get started with matching, you are required to upload at least one picture — or dozens, if you are up to it. These photos can be organized in albums, and you can tweak privacy settings for each of them.

Mobile application

Unfortunately, there is no mobile app for this dating service. However, LDS Planet has a responsible mobile browser version — it’s almost as comfortable as the one of desktop, although mobile messaging could’ve used some work.

LDS Planet review 02 - LDSPlanet review: my full November dating experience on LDS Planet

LSD Planet reviews

Looking for a romantic date as a Mormon is always a challenge. Some people don’t want to understand my religious beliefs, and for others, this can actually be a dealbreaker. That’s why, after trying to look for a relationship on different platforms, I decided to try a dedicated Mormon dating service.

I’ve heard about this service for a while, but I was somewhat skeptical since I wasn’t sure I want my entire life to be tied to one community. However, I couldn’t be more wrong.

People on LSD Planet turned out to be one of the friendliest dating communities I’ve ever seen. I never saw any hate or spam in my inbox — and that’s a rare thing in online dating. Ultimately, I met a good match, and we’ve already been to three dates. I still think that I might come back to other dating communities later, but for now, this one fits my needs perfectly.

LDS Planet review 06 - LDSPlanet review: my full November dating experience on LDS Planet


The website is nicely structured and well-designed. The functionality doesn’t feel cluttered — although it’s needed quite simple. Some negative reviews of the platform mentioned that there aren’t enough fun features, especially for those who compare with mainstream services. However, that’s perhaps what makes the service so easy to use.

The website is ad-free — no pop-ups, banners, or spam. LDS Planet lives up to the values that the church preaches — and it’s minimalistic, but throughout the design is perfect proof.

LDS Planet review 10 - LDSPlanet review: my full November dating experience on LDS Planet


Registration and profile search are entirely free. Users can create an account, upload a photo, and answer questions, as well as go to the Feed and look for potential matches. Profile preview features are also unlimited — a free user has access to all descriptions, albums, and reviews. However, this is where the list of available functionality ends — a basic membership doesn’t include messaging or profile statistics.

An upgraded account provides access to a built-in messenger and group chatroom. Users can send flirts, view stats on their profiles’ visits, views, and likes, and monitor their dating activity.

This premium membership costs $16.99/m. For a three-month plan, a user has to pay $36.97, whereas a six-month subscription costs $54.94. The payment is accepted via Paypal or a credit card.

Compared to other dating websites with the same functionality, the access to LSD Planet full site is quite expensive. However, it’s also true that exclusive dating communities typically have more expensive memberships.

Additional functionality

Even though LDS Planet is a simple dating website, it still has a couple of additional possibilities that slightly spice up the dating experience.


Users who have serious intentions about their dating game can send a flirting request, thus letting the partner know that the intent is purely romantic — they aren’t simply looking for friends.

Live chat

A live wire chat allows dates to communicate via microphone and camera one-on-one or in group chats. It’s a nice way of bringing a potential date closer.

Yeses to me

This feature allows users to monitor their profile statistics by keeping track of all people who marked their account by a “Yes.”

LDS Planet review 07 - LDSPlanet review: my full November dating experience on LDS Planet

Final evaluation

Based on my LDS Planet review of the site’s functionality and interface, it’s time to conclude.

Positives: LSD Planet’s good aspects are mainly its several great features and unique approach to user matching

Creating an account


The platform offers users a possibility to fill out answers to multiple additional questions. It’s optional — you don’t have to go in-depth if you don’t want to. However, LDS Planet doesn’t have a strong verification system, apart from the email confirmation letter. It’s possible that some of the profiles in the Feed can be fake.

LSD Planet reviews


The users of the platform mention that the dating community might be one of the most friendly ones. It’s an open dating service, working equally well for beginners and experienced daters.

However, it’s worth noting that you have to be quite committed to dating — most users acquire paid versions right away since it’s the only way you get to contact other users.

Negatives: some aspects yet need serious improvement, it’s a relatively new community, so it’s likely the service might get better in the future

Choosing a match


Overall, I like the matching algorithms offered by LDS Planet. The website pays attention to the most important aspects of Mormon dating, emphasizing on religious beliefs and church experiences.

However, I would also appreciate it if the website had more additional criteria that aren’t church-related but are still valid in dating — like body type characteristics. Also, it’s discouraging that free users can’t message dates — this privilege is reserved for premium members only.

Personal accounts


Overall, profiles are quite detailed — answers and descriptions answer the majority of dating questions. Also, users can create photo albums and edit their privacy settings if they don’t want unmatched members to see what they share. However, I wish there was a stronger security system that would fully eliminate the probability of encountering a fake profile created for scams.

LDS Planet review 01 - LDSPlanet review: my full November dating experience on LDS Planet

Editor’s final word

Finding a date online can be difficult if you have established religious belies and want to share this worldview with a partner. Luckily, with dedicated dating communities like this one, you won’t have such differences with your loved one.

Does LDS Planet work? Well, LDS Planet community finds a way around these difficulties and allows Mormons to be immersed in online dating possibilities. On the other hand, some people might not like to revolve their dating lives around the church. It would be better if the service would be slightly more focused on other, non-church related aspects of dating — so far, it emphasizes a lot on spiritual aspects of the relationship.

LDS Planet review 04 - LDSPlanet review: my full November dating experience on LDS Planet


How do I know the status of my profile?

You can check your membership details in the service’s settings. For that, choose “My Account” in the menu and go to Account Status. The last step is clicking on the View Account Status button — here, you’ll see a detailed update on your profile’s status.

Can I change my username?

Yes, you can. Any personal data can be changed anytime after the registration.

Can I change my location?

Yes. To edit your profile Settings, go to My Profile panel. Here, you’ll see the Edit button, where you can edit location and zip code. After you are done with entering new data, save your progress.

Why are some photos being rejected?

Planet LSD offers basic guidelines for photo upload, similar to the best sex sites’ requirements. The photo shouldn’t go over the 5 MB size limitations, and it should depict your face clearly, and contain only appropriate content — no sex content, implicit images, etc.

Do you have guidelines for uploading photos?

Yes. Most importantly, the photo that you upload must be of you. Also, it must not exceed 5 MB, must not have inappropriate content, and must not have copyright issues.

What are the digital file types that you accept?

LSD planet supports JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and TIF.

Can I block a certain member from contacting me?

Yes, if you received an inappropriate comment or message, you can ban the user from contacting you again. You can also send a request to the moderation — the team will review the profile and possibly delete that account.

Can I know if my message has been read already?

All premium LDS Planet singles can track the status of their sent messages in the chat. In a message box, you’ll see an icon that says if your message has been read or not.

Can I pay for an upgrade thru PayPal?

Yes, LDS Planet supports Paypal payments.

What are other ways to pay aside from credit or debit cards?

The website offers users the possibility to purchase a membership with a PayPal account. You can also contact the Support team and discuss sending a personal check.

Can I view my payment history?

Yes, your transaction statuses and updates can be viewed in your account settings, along with other personal information.

How do I view my transaction or payment history on the LDS Planet site?

Go to profile’s settings, choose My Account, click on the Account Status button. Then, choose the View Account Status action — you’ll be redirected to the More Account Status Changes button.

Do you have a 1-year plan?

No, the service offers a one-month, 3-months and six-months subscriptions.

Does the LDS Planet dating site have an app?

No, so far, the website only has a web version. You can choose the best hookup app in other articles on our site.

Is LDS Planet available worldwide?

No, this dating community is only supported in the United States and Canada.

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