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November 12, 2019
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2.0 ★★☆☆☆
224,000 from USA members 15,000/weekly 70% / 30% Male & Female
70% / 30% Male & Female
2/5 hookup chance Low Sex Chance Geography USA
high fraud risk Verification email Mobile App none
$6.99 - $89.94 subscription price Free version Basic features
Free version Basic features
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Random adult chats have been around for a while, but they never seem to go out of vogue. Even now, these random chatrooms and apps like Snapchat sex keep attracting users all over the world. The idea of anonymous communication and adventurous experiences is still pretty much relevant — and Flignster, one of the biggest online chatting platforms.

Flingster masks users’ faces and surroundings and hides all personal information. Members don’t have to reveal any information — being anonymous is one of the main perks of this service.

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Flingster at first glance

Flingster is known as a random sex dating chatroom for text and video communication. The service allows instant meetings with no required registration or profile verification. This is not the safest dating option, but at least, members get to disclose all personal information.

Flingster’s main functionality is free — you can video chat with other members, exchange attachments, and find matches all over the world. Premium features allow using filters and tweak call settings. A paid flingster membership is more secure since users get more say on whom they can call and message.

The Flingster good trademark feature is its AR masks. Users hide their faces with stickers, filters, or images — that adds more fun to the experience. It’s a nice starting line for online dating beginners who don’t yet want to reveal themselves.

Audience quality

Flingster hosts 500,000 users, more than half of which are from the United States. The members aren’t too active — the majority of the sign-ups are one-time users. Still, more than 15,000 revisit the platform regularly.

Gender and age proportion

Flingster is overwhelmingly more popular among men, rather than women. Male accounts take up about 70%, whereas female accounts are in the minority.

As for age, the most active flingster users are 25-34 years old, both among men and women. Finster is open to daters of any age, as soon as they reached the age of 18.

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Flingster doesn’t require users to be single or look for a relationship. Here, interactions don’t necessarily lead to the relationship, as long as participants are having a good time. It’s a prejudice-free service, and flingster members don’t have to discuss their personal lives.

It’s worth noting, however, that such level of anonymity comes at its costs. A lot of flingster chatrooms are filled with naked guys and potentially dangerous men — which is why Flingster rating isn’t skyrocketing these days. You need to be extremely cautious before joining a chat or revealing yourself or your body. It would be better if Flingster would offer protection or verification to decrease the number of fakes.

Registration process

Flignster has one of the easiest registration processes ever. You don’t have to fill out a form or pass personality tests — the only required information is email and username. Flingster doesn’t even ask for address verification, which is why it’s no wonder that many members enter fake addresses.

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Also, be sure to specify your gender and preferences — and flingster will redirect you to the chat with another member (e.g. girls to sext with them). This instant registration is, on the one hand, really comfortable, but also, there is no protection whatsoever. Flingster safe algorithms are non-existent.

To register on flingster.com, provide your email address and gender, and you can already start chatting with one member at a time. Even though the website allows connecting social media credentials for social media, I wouldn’t use this feature — unless you want some shady users to jeopardize your personal information.

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Contacting users

After I completed the instant registration, I headed straight to the chat. Good news, it’s free — both for video and text versions. Flingster.com immediately found me a random contact and asked for permission to start the chat. Once two users approved the request, the conversation begins.

Premium users control their selections by applying location and gender filters. If you get a chatmate from another country, you can immediately translate the text message or generate automated subtitles.

For those users who aren’t sure if they want to start with the video chat, the site offers the text conversation feature. Another solution is to hide your face with a mask if you don’t want a partner to see you.

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Personal accounts

Members’ profiles are fully anonymous on flingster.com, although users may choose to disclose their age, sexual orientation, hobbies, hookup preferences, and other essential information. To get more traction on the website, I contacted a tech team to get a verification mark — for that, you need to send your pictures to the Flingster’s team, and your page will get officially approved.

The majority of users aren’t verified. Most often than not, you’ll get partners with blank profiles and no badges. The only information known about the date is a location and gender. Also, you can’t visit the profile after the conversation has ended — this is reserved only for the conversation.

My favorite messaging feature is the possibility to send personalized pick-up messages in free fling webcam chat. It’s nice to be able to communicate my intentions right away, and it’s easier to avoid creepy users this way.

Mobile application

The platform doesn’t have a mobile app. However, the browser version works fine on Android and iOS. The mobile website works just like the full version, only somewhat slower and less intuitive. Also, you’ll have to provide access to your phone’s media data, which is a risky thing to do.

Don’t allow any storage access permission if you have sensitive information that you wouldn’t want ever to get leaked. I prefer to only this the service on my laptop — risking my phone’s safety is just too much to ask.

Flingster reviews

The website is free and open to all kinds of users, which is why it got me hooked in the first place. I am not too experienced in online dating, which is why I wouldn’t want to pay for a premium subscription. Plus, I remember that my friends used to enjoy similar online chats, and I always wanted to try one out myself.

Does Flingster work? The app worked out for me, but it’s hard to find a serious match — most users either want to shove their naked parts to the camera, or want to chat — but no serious relationship possibilities. Still, it was nice to try it out, but I doubt I will return. So far, I use Pure as a free fling webcam alternative, and it works out much better for me.

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Flingster is a website with minimal functionality — the video chat can be accessed directly from the main page. The chat loads quickly and doesn’t require a fast Internet connection. The website matched me with other users in a matter of seconds — this is one of the fastest matches I’ve ever gotten.

Be sure to log out from the website as soon as you are leaving the site. Flingster saves user data by default, and it’s best to leave your profile if you don’t want to comprise personal information.

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The free version allows using all essential website features — sign up, text and video chat, AR masks, and data protection services. There are several ads in the free interface’s version, but they are not too invasive.

The premium membership provides access to verification badges and customized filters. Overall, paid users to get more control over their chatting experience and can protect themselves better. Also, the paid version is ad-free — but I wouldn’t say it’s such a noticeable upgrade.

The cost of a paid membership ranges from $6.99/week, $19/month, and $89.94 for six months.

How expensive is Flingster compared to other chats?

No, it’s an affordable service, although the paid version doesn’t offer too many additional possibilities.

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Additional functionality

Flisngster is aa simple chatting website, and it barely offers any fun add-ons. Still, there are a couple of pleasant bonuses worth mentioning.

AR Masks

People can protect their identities by using a virtual filter. You can have fun with their design and make sure it reflects your interests and aesthetics.


Since FLisngter is an international community, it’s comfortable that users have a possibility for built-in translation, if they don’t understand the language of the partner.

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Final evaluation

I analyzed all key aspects of Flingster’s functionality and interface, and it’s time to conclude.

Registration process


The sign-up process is fast and simple, but it doesn’t include a verification system and can barely be called secure. Such primitive registration algorithms lead to scams and don’t add to the platform’s trustworthiness.

flingster com review 03 - Flingster review: is anonymous video chat worth it

Contacting other users


Chatting is simple and instant. The website finds a conversation partner in less than 30 seconds, and it barely requires any user involvement.

On the other hand, members don’t have control over their dating life, and even premium users receive access only to the most basic filter. Paired up with the absence of verification, you can end up meeting a potentially dangerous person.

flingster com review 04 - Flingster review: is anonymous video chat worth it

Personal accounts


Profiles are basic. On the one hand, it’s comfortable because it doesn’t take much to fill these pages out, but Flingster problems are evident as well — users barely have any information about other users. Premium members can verify their accounts wit the badge, but the feature isn’t popular among the majority of platform’s users.

Mobile application


Technically it doesn’t have a native mobile application, but the users can use the mobile web version. It works just like the desktop one, but the interface is a bit more cluttered. Also, all features might be slower than on the desktop site.

Flingster reviews


Other people’s experiences on the app were generally quite rewarding, although most users point out the lack of security and selection. They say that its a nice choice for one time dating or fast encounters, but a bad idea for an actual relationship.

flingster com review 09 - Flingster review: is anonymous video chat worth it

Editor’s thoughts

Fligngster offers a fast way to meet other people. You don’t have to register an account, upload pictures, or pass personality tests — the video chat is available right away.

Since there are so many editing websites that restrict communication to paid versions only, it’s refreshing to see a site that allows using chats right away. However, it would be even better if the website’s creators paid some attention to security — for now, the service is filled with suspicious accounts.











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Mobile appsnoiOS, Android
Hookup chance★★★☆☆★★★★★


What is Flingster?

It is an anonymous video chat with instant registration and no account verification system. It welcomes users all over the world, regardless of their age and gender, as soon as they reached the age of 18.

What are the special features for premium Flingster members?

The trademark special possibility of Flisget is using AR masks to hide your face and identity, available even to free users.

Is Flingster Free?

Yes, the sign-up and essential functionality are entirely free.

Is Flingster an adult-only site?

Yes. All users are required to be older than 18. If a moderation team spots an underage member, the account will be blocked.

Who uses Flingster?

People who want an instant online chat — it can be both friendly and sexual — you can send a text message with your intentions beforehand. The website is open to all countries, genders, and sexual orientations.

I was banned from the Flingster chat feature; what should I do?

You can contact their Feedback service and find out whether your account has violated any rules of using the platform.

How will I be connected to another Flingster member?

Press the start chatting button, and Flisngter will automatically find you a random conversation partner in less than 30 seconds.

flingster com review 06 - Flingster review: is anonymous video chat worth it

Is Flingster hard to use?

No, it’s not. The website is simple and has limited functionality — you’ll only be using several buttons.

Is a webcam necessary to use Flingster?

It’s technically not required, since the website offers text chats, too. However, it’s implied that most users are on the website for video communication, so you will have a hard time holding the attention of the conversation partner.

Can I turn my webcam on/off?

Yes, you can do this anytime by clicking at the camera settings at the bottom of the screen.

Is Flingster mobile-friendly?

Yes, the web version is supported well by iOS and Android devices, although there is no mobile app.

What are AR Masks?

AR masks hide people’s faces and protect their identities. Users can tweak their designs, colors, add stickers, or follow a particular theme.

What if the other member cannot understand English?

You can use a built-in translator and gt the general idea of what the other person is saying.

Do I need to pay to register in Flingster?

No, the sign-up feature is entirely free of charge.

Is sending messages free in Flingster?

Free members can access all chat functionality.

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