Find a date: 10 tried-and-true ways to find a date with and without apps

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October 16, 2019

In the age of the Internet, when we shop, have fun, chat, and work online, it’s hard to remember what living was like before.

Don’t get us wrong — the web is a blessing in many areas, first and foremost — relationships. Here, you get potential matches served on a silver plate, have attachment-free flirting that might lead to a stable relationship, and get to use emojis.

However, when it comes to building relationships, all means go into play, even getting out of the house. In this post, we’ll share some of the tactics to build a romantic connection without having to go out of your way.

10 tried-and-true ways to land a date

Thinking back to all friends, acquaintances, and exes you’ve ever had, you’ll find that meeting them was never easy. We tend to build thick shells to guard our personality instead of sharing its awesomeness with the world.

With these tips, you’ll no longer be able to hide in the corner of the room. By adopting the following hacks, you’ll know where and how to find a date or will get asked out in no time.

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Find a date on gigs

Tag along to an event

For sure, you have a friend that always joins events online. Despite being like “You are not really attending all of them”, consider that active person a blessing and a wingman. Tagging along to events is an answer to the “How to find a date” question because:

  • Most regulars are young and single. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be attending as many events. You and the rest of the attendees are all in the same boat — eager to meet and connect. Take advantage of such an environment.
  • It’s fun regardless. Apart from meeting people to go out with, you’ll hear lecturers discuss relevant topics, broaden your worldview, and come across as proactive on social media to find a date.
  • You’ll take yourself out of the comfort zone. Going to an event means dressing up, getting out, answering questions, talking about yourself. Those things are rarely pleasant — but the sense of pride you get afterward is.
how to find a date - Find a date: 10 tried-and-true ways to find a date with and without apps
How to find a date on an event

Sign up for classes

If there’s something you want to learn once in life, stop putting it off. Choose a skill that always makes it to New Year resolutions but stays there, and pursue it.

Some classes are not as promising dating pools as others. Here are a few ideas that are likely to help:

  • Debate club. For one thing, you will have to talk to others, speak up, voice opinions, and solve conflicts. Seeing the way a potential partner handles arguments and disagreements is a test on its own. Also, you’re likely to find a smart significant other at a debate class.
  • Acting classes. Similarly, most acting activities are meant for two — with a stroke of luck, you might have a spark with an improv partner. All the on-set romance stories between actors are another proof that acting is a top-notch matchmaker.
  • Cooking class. At the very least, both in the couple will know how to make more than a sandwich, right? Other than that, a cooking class is a way to connect over practical matters and be confident that a partner will not turn your routine upside down.

If none of these work for you, pick a subject you’re passionate about and go for it anyway. The chances of finding a date in class are skyrocketing — don’t miss out on high odds.

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How to find a date at classes

Let setting up do its job

In rom-com, it certainly works. In real life, not so much. However, there’s no reason to dismiss being set up altogether. You just need rules to get it off the ground:

  • It has to be a friend. Unfortunately, aunts and uncles are often missing out on what you’re looking for in a relationship;
  • Don’t do it as a courtesy. Seriously, if there’s not a pinch of chemistry, tell a wingman to drop it. But if you’re as much as a tad curious — get loose and go with the flow.
  • Keep the friend out of it. No inside jokes or “funny stories” about you. You want to have as much control over the first date as possible — clear it up from the get-go.

While setting up feels like an old-fashioned way to find love, it still works surprisingly well. Don’t hesitate to give it a try.

where to find a date - Find a date: 10 tried-and-true ways to find a date with and without apps

Get out. Alone

That last word is crucial. Getting out on your own feels boring, futile, stale. Yet, it’s vital if you want to know how to get dates. All because a single like yourself is more likely to approach one-on-one.

Other than that, there are dozens of things you notice wandering around by yourself. You’ll explore the city, sort through your feelings, goals, and aspirations.

When someone does approach you, recognize and shut down the “fight-or-flight” stress response. Instead, remember, you’re a dream match for many — so be confident.

Walk a dog datind tips - Find a date: 10 tried-and-true ways to find a date with and without apps
Find a date while walking a dog

Walk a dog

Seriously, taking a pet to a park is just as good a way to connect to a potential match as any. For one thing, you and a potential partner (who’s likely to be a fellow dog owner) will have one more interest in common.

While walking a dog creates a special flair around you on its own, pets also create an open environment for communication. In the beginning, any owner must’ve been surprised by all the unsolicited attention of people. Profit from it by landing a hot date.

how to get dates - Find a date: 10 tried-and-true ways to find a date with and without apps

Keep a no-phone policy in public

There’s space for chance encounters under any circumstances — subway ride, a line at the store, and so on. At times, the most special people in your life pass you by in the most casual environments.

The issue is, a fair share of the time, you wouldn’t notice someone’s deep, flirtatious gaze as you’re scrolling through Instagram or checking emails. To increase the probability of landing a date, put the phone aside anytime when you don’t need to use it. Headphones are a bigger no-go. Try wearing them less in public and focus on what (or who) is around you.

how to find a date online - Find a date: 10 tried-and-true ways to find a date with and without apps

Unleash your inner James Bond

When you’re tired of waiting around, it’s time to choose a dating target and pursue it consciously. While you should keep things civil (no social media or real-life stalking), here are a few tips on how to find a date:

  • Stimulate physical proximity. Naturally, we pay attention to those who are in sight, not hiding in the corners. Use a friend for cover to hide the interest to a date-to-be and come closer. Then, casually engage in a conversation when the timing’s right.
  • Be friendly. Not to the one, generally. Cheery and smiling people have a positive vibe all around them. The partner is likely to be the first one to talk if you’re a good conversationalist with everybody else in the room.
  • Do a short background check. All it takes is finding out more about the interests of the next match. You don’t have to dig for specific movie titles, books, football teams or clothes brands. However, knowing what areas a potential date is passionate about and learning more about them so that you can carry out a conversation is a way to go.
Finding a date - Find a date: 10 tried-and-true ways to find a date with and without apps

Become a familiar face

Here’s a psychology phenomenon: we tend to like familiar faces more than those we see for the first time. According to scientists, the “Mere-exposure effect” has to do with the increase of time a familiar face has for processing. In other words, a partner is more likely to notice your attractive traits if you’ve been around for a while.

To benefit from human nature, consider becoming a regular at a place you usually visit only once in a while. It can be a library, a coworking space, even a bar depending on the expectations you have from the next relationship.

Volunteers find dating - Find a date: 10 tried-and-true ways to find a date with and without apps
How to get a date being a volunteer


Choosing a partner, wouldn’t you want to go for someone who lives for a bigger purpose? Such a person is likely to have a strong moral compass, honor commitments, be a keeper in a relationship. The best way to find candidates for a long-lasting relationship is by joining volunteering communities. Granted, using NGOs as a one-way ticket for finding a significant other is a bad idea — you will need to be committed to give back to the community.

Here are three reasons why volunteering will pay off in relationship search and beyond:

  • It’s a CV line all employees are going crazy for. Open-minded, aware people are a fit for any corporate culture — and volunteering is a way to prove your commitment to bettering society.
  • It can take you places. Most volunteering programs offer frequent trips — there are destinations you might not have thought of or have been able to afford;
  • It will provide your life with meaning. Knowing you leave a footprint in the society by making some good on a regular basis is a priceless feeling — why not hold on to it?
try online dating - Find a date: 10 tried-and-true ways to find a date with and without apps
How to get a date online

How to find a date with online dating

All the above are working ways to find a relationship without staring into a phone or a PC screen. However, if the Internet is the environment you strive the most in, if being smart and witty online comes naturally, and your grammar is impeccable — try online platforms.

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Try shameless dating app.
You'll crave for more!
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Finding a partner on an app can be frustrating or lead nowhere. That’s why choosing a legit platform is your answer to how to find a date online. If you want to steer clear of mainstream apps that don’t deliver permanent connections, give Pure a try.

Here, millennials find all kinds of connections — a stable relationship, casual sex, or a no-string hookup. The platform is location-based and covers all the States and most major cities outside of the US.

pure dating app ios 800 - Find a date: 10 tried-and-true ways to find a date with and without apps
Get a date on Pure, the best dating site and a great alternative to Craigslist Personals!

The reasons to choose Pure

Pure knows how to find someone to date. Here are the reasons to choose Pure as your next playground for relationship search:

  • It’s secure. Finding a date on Pure, there’s no risk to see your pictures leaked online, and no one will be able to access your old profile. Everything about you is deleted in an hour after creating a profile — it’ll be gone forever.
  • It’s intelligent. The platform has a smart matching algorithm that’ll only pair you with potential dates in the area.
  • It’s easy to use. It takes two minutes to register, no time to connect, and a few minutes to arrange a date. We made Pure as simple as possible to eliminate all obstacles on your way to connect with matches.
  • It has everything you want. Users of different ages, races and ethnicities, body types, education, and religions have profiles on Pure. Whatever your ideal match may look like — there’s likely someone on the platform that comes close to your dreams.

Using platforms like Pure puts you behind the steering wheel of your relationship. A website user is the one to decide if he wants to rush the relationship or take it slow, date, or text for a while. That much freedom and control are often unachievable in the real world finding a date.

why online dating - Find a date: 10 tried-and-true ways to find a date with and without apps

How to get a date: conclusion

It takes two to build a successful couple. So, if all your previous efforts to date backfired, it probably was not your fault. However, there’s no need to give up on finding a date. You can choose among dozens of ways, both off and online, to get to know someone you like. Confidence is the secret ingredient here.

Nailing the dating journey starts from having the courage to make the first step. Instead of waiting for someone to ask you out, create an account on Pure to find your dream match.

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How do you land on a first date?

Once you arranged the date, there are several steps to take before it. For instance, dress accordingly. Try to find out where are you going and pick the clothes that will be appropriate. Don’t be late, order what you want to eat and a dessert. Start a light conversation and try to keep eye contact. Take it easy with drinks.

Where is a good place to meet?

If it is evening then dinner and movies will be a great fit. If it is during the day time and the weather is good you can place your first date at the park and have a little picnic. The coffee shop will work as well. Most importantly pick the place that will be comfortable for both of you.

How do you meet singles?

There are so many different ways and places to meet people. Of course, the most popular is online dating. Besides that, you can find someone you like within your friends and connections of people you know. If you are attending any classes or workshops that is a good way to find people who are like-minded to you. Even meeting someone on the street is a good way to find someone interesting.

How do I impress a guy on a first date?

Well, first of all, dress nicely, put on some lipstick, and look neat. When at the restaurant offer to pay to share the bill guy won’t let you pay most likely but will be surprised. Try to talk about something light and fun.

How do you flirt?

Make eye contact, keep the conversation light and smooth, smile a lot, and use your body language combined with maybe a slight touch. That should give the flirting intentions to the other person.

Where is a good place to meet someone for the first time?

The place should be differently public. You can go to the coffee shop, museum, park or a bar.

How do I look up someone’s birthday?

You can search them on Facebook, also there is Instagram and Twitter. Even though there is no date included, you can search through posts and photos to see if they have posted anything within the past year with a birthday caption.

What is the best hookup site?

Pure is one of the most effective hookup sites on the market. It was designed to get people connected through the online app but encourage them to meet up offline as soon as possible. Once you register at the site or the app you can like people near you and match with them. After that, you will have one hour to get to know each other and either meet in person or move on.

Where can I travel for singles?

All the big cities in the USA and Europe are filled with singles who are trying to meet someone every day. All vacation spots are also great to meet new people.

Where is the best place to meet a girl?

Any place is good to meet a girl. For instance, you can join the yoga class, or go to some festival. There are also plenty of coffee shops and bars. Any option is good. Just make sure to approach a girl you like wherever it is.

How can I date online safely?

there are a few main tips on how to meet new people online for dating. First of all, don’t forget that those are strangers and you haven’t met them yet. So try not to share any of your personal information like your last name, where do you live, and don’t be afraid to report anyone who gives you creeps.

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