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January 10, 2020
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4.0 ★★★★☆
980,000 members 28,400 monthly visits 63% / 37% Male & Female
63% / 37% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography North America, South America, Europe
low fraud risk Verification Facebook account Mobile App iOS, Android
$14.99 – $19.99 subscription price Free version 7-day trial
Free version 7-day trial
North America, South America, Europe
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FetLife was created in 2008 by people who are passionate about BDSM, fetishes, and kinky. It a dating platform and a social network that is helping to connect like-minded personalities. Most of the people who work there are also in the same kinky stuff as its users.



There are main features on the website that you can use for free. Also, they offer a free 7-day trial with all the premium features.

  • $30 for 6 Months — $5/month,
  • $60 for 12 Months — $5/month,
  • $120 for 24 Months — $5/month,
  • $240 for lifetime.
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The minimalistic main page of the FetLife

Free services

It is free to join the platform and create the account. Once you complete registration, you can message and view profiles free of charge. The platform will offer to try a 7-day trial with all the premium features, but you will be requested to put in your credit card details.

Paid services

There are only three main subscriptions on the platform. It is a minimum of 6 months. With a premium membership, all the features are available to use.

Audience quality


The major population on the website comes along to meet people who are into exploring their sexuality and experimenting. The platform has 8 million users worldwide, although the main amount of accounts are located in the United States.

Almost 80% of users at FitLife are males, and only 20% are females. That doesn’t make it that easy to find a woman to explore all the kinky, but it’s better than nothing. Besides, the site is networking, so you don’t have only to meet people.

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FetLife personals profile

Age distribution

You have to be 18 years old to join the website. The average age of users on the platform are people between 24 and 35 years old. That is a majority within other age groups that go all the way from 18 and up to 60 years old.

Fakes and scammers

Rumors say that there are quite a lot of fake accounts although, we find it not very real as the signup process goes through either a phone number or an email, which makes it more difficult for scammers to connect to the website.



Overall, we would say that the design of the website is smooth and pleasant to the eye. It is straightforward, and colors are combined between black and red, which sets the kinky mood right away.

Signing up

Signing up is possible either through email or with your valid phone number. The entire registration process is not that strict. You would need to fill in basic information like nickname, gender, sexual orientation, role preference, and birthday.

You can’t attach the social media to your account, but you can always connect the link to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Fetlife BDSM Website 04 - FetLife review 2020
Fetlife profile of an active user


The profile at FitLife has six tabs for you to fill in. You can do it whenever you want, but the more information you put — the better the chance to get multiple matches. Let’s see what those six tabs are about.

The first tab will get you the opportunity to edit the information you’ve provided through the registration, and you also can type in what kind of partner you are looking for.

The second tab is for you. Share there a little bit more about yourself. You can say anything you want here.

The next tab is for relationships. You can connect a person you are with right now. For that, he or she also has to be a member of the FatLife.com.

The fourth tab is for any links to any websites you want to add for other users to check it out.

The fifth and the sixth tabs are for the juice photos and videos. You can upload photos through your email address, and the video size should be no more than 5GB.

You can set your account as private or public. If you set it public, be aware that any action of yours will be shown to other users. There are also not that many fake profiles, but there are still a few. If you notice some unusual activity or anything odd, you can report the member.


The search bar will easily navigate you to find the exact person or kink you are looking for. There is also an explorer tab that will get you in touch with other members. Messaging to the users is free, and you can contact anyone you want. With Perv Kinkster Nearby, you can see people who are in your area and connect with them too.

Be ready to explore some intense content that will include nude photos and videos. You should keep an eye on who is around when you are using the platform as well as if you are not ready yet to see some stuff, you better check out some other profiles.


Unlike most of the kinky free dating sites in the USA without payment, Fetlife provides free messaging. The format of messages is close to the email exchange that might look old school for some newbies.

Mobile app

The FetLife app is available for both iOS and Android. You should get one as nearly 70% of users prefer to use the app instead of the website. The website is also accessible for any browser if you don’t feel like downloading the app.

The applications are as easy to navigate the same as the desktop versions. The smooth user experience is guaranteed.

fetlife reviews - FetLife review 2020
Fetlifr bondage

Real life review

We went through some forums to find the real-life experience of users that tried FetLife personals.

Works very good for me
Long term female member here. Fetlife.com works for me! Many profiles in my area, very easy to sex hookup with guys or couples. Just not sure what everyone else is complaining about. Ain’t no better site out there – at least for me. Only alternative I see is Justhavesex.com, which also works quite good for me. Also Alt.com is also not a bad site at all but works completely different.
Sandra Badgirl

Just porn.. nothing more
I joined a few years back and have found it to be good… in the beginning. But now all I see is a porn site. People claiming artistic expression is just glorified porn. It has also caused a lot of problems between my partner and I. I rearly go on there now. Mostly only to check if my partner has been on there. Stop calling it a place for people with fetishes because it isn’t. There are some very sick people on it. My kink isn’t your porn.

Security and privacy


All the information you shared is encrypted — no need to worry about it. Also, the team of www.fetlife is trying to prevent scammers from interacting with other users. In case you notice some odd profiles or weird behavior, you can report them, and the team will look into their profile closer.

Yet, there are quite a few feedbacks on fake profiles or scammers who try to play around with users. Don’t let that fool you and drag into something messy and not in a sexy way.

fetlife reviews 2 - FetLife review 2020
Dominant and submissive relationship Fet Life

Hookup chance


FetLife reviews show that the chance of actually hooking up with someone through the platform is high, especially considering the percentage difference between the male and female users.

Matching algorithm

There is no specific matching algorithm at www.fetlife.com. You can either narrow down the list of users by location in your area or find them through kinky preferences.

The other option is through the profile information. Usually, all the profiles are detailed, and just by reading through, you can understand if you want to connect with them or continue searching.

Alternatives: 8 BDSM dating sites

fetlife review 6 - FetLife review 2020
FetLife kinky users
pure logo app transparent new 1 - FetLife review 2020
5.0 ★★★★★
11 millions members 300k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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Pure: best FetLife alternative

In Pure, the algorithm will delete your account an hour after you start searching for a partner. If you match, you have another hour to talk in the chat — then it will also be automatically deleted. This makes the service inaccessible and uninteresting for bots, fakes, and crooks. Pure users are alive personalities who do not hide their desires and want to find a partner in the next hour.

pure dating app ios 800 - FetLife review 2020
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app store button 1024x317 - FetLife review 2020


What is FetLife?

FetLife is the platform for people who are interested in BDSM, kinky, and fetish.

How to delete FetLife?

To delete your account at FetLife, you need to go to “Settings” and choose “Delete account.”

How to search on FetLife?

You can search people at Fetlife through “Perv Kinkster Nearby” to locate users in your area. Also, you can use the search tab and groups.

How to use FetLife?

To use FatLife, login to your account or create one if you are not a member yet.

How to unblock someone on FetLife?

You can go to your “Block” list and choose the person you want to unblock from the list.

What is FetLife app?

FetLife app is the same as the website or app for sex hookup. You might find the web version more accurate and useful than a mobile app. The search engine also works better with the desktop version.

How to meet people on FetLife?

You can meet them online through groups or the search tab. Narrow the search down according to your location.

How to add fetishes on FetLife?

You will have six tabs in your profile to fill in, and one of those can be used to describe yourself and your kinky sexual preferences. You can add photos and videos of what you like and would like to try.

How to successfully use FetLife

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