Farmers dating: the best apps and websites to meet a farmer of your dreams

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March 22, 2021

A farmer’s life is a life of hard work and achievements. It’s a demanding lifestyle that not everyone can handle. Seven days a week, year round, no matter what the weather is, farmers are doing the work on the farms to achieve their ultimate goal.


Starting your workday around 4 am and having multiple tasks to achieve on a daily basis can make it really hard to find time for dating. Besides, dating a farmer may not be the first thing that comes to mind for most people. However, the ones who tried dating farmers know that they make excellent life partners. That’s why more and more people are trying out various online farmers dating services to get a chance to date a farmer. 



Here are a few reasons why you might want to have a farmer in your life ASAP:


Dating a hard-working, reliable person who is passionate about their work

Working on a farm requires being active from dawn, especially during the sowing and harvesting seasons when everything needs to be done in time. Farmers are definitely not a lazy bunch, they spend most of their lives working really hard, so they value their free time a lot, which means they’ll probably value your time as well and won’t waste it fooling around. These folks are usually very good at keeping their word and being there for you when you need them, as they know a thing or two about responsibility. 


No need to show off

Framers are down-to-earth people who don’t really care about fashion and fancy clothes. They certainly won’t mind if you make an effort to look nice for them on a date, but they will be just as happy to see you in a pair of jeans and a plaid shirt. They will probably care much more about your character and you showing at least some kind of interest in what they do. 


Great food

When you’re dating a farmer, you have the best food you can eat. It’s great if your date cooks eggs and coffee in the morning after a hot night you spent together. But it’s a whole other level of greatness when you suddenly realize that your partner just went out and got you eggs that were just laid! If you’re vegan, a farmer might offer you some fresh veggies from their patch. You just need to choose the right kind of farmer 😀


A farmer will probably know all about old-school romance

If you like to have a bit of old-school romance in your life and enjoy spending time outside appreciating the beauty of nature, you’ll probably love dating a farmer. There is a good chance that you’ll spend some of your dates taking horseback rides through the fields, going to romantic picnics underneath the stars, a local fair, or a cuddling session on the porch watching the sunset. 


These are just some of the reasons you need a great farmer in your life. And now when we got you interested in the whole farmer dating thing, you probably wonder where you can meet one if you live in a city. The first place to look are of course the popular dating apps with large and welcoming online communities such as Pure, Bumble,, etc. However, there are a few specialized farmer dating services out there that you can try out.

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We’ve created a list of some great apps and websites for meeting farmers, especially for you. Enjoy! 




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One of the longest-running Farmer-based dating services on the web, boasts hundreds, if not thousands of success stories. With two membership options, you can choose between a cost-free version and a premium version, depending on your specific needs. Most of the features, including flirting, database searching, and notifications, are included in the free membership, while the premium offers additional access to personalized email communication and info on who has visited your profile. To get the most out the site, and to actually exchange messages with someone of interest, you’ll want the premium membership. However, premium membership comes in at a very affordable sub-$5 per month. For a tried and true solution to online dating for farmers, you’d be wise to consider FarmersOnly thanks to the affordable premium membership and large membership base!




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FARMERSD app is definitely a more modern take on the farmer-lifestyle online dating platform. Sporting full supported apps from Google Play and App Store, this is certainly a more familiar feel for experienced Pure and Bumble users. With each 100% of the user-based verified, FARMERSD strives to create a very straightforward experience, letting you chat and message with ease., and the FarmersD dating app are both free, which is a big plus. But take note, this is definitely meant for younger, more tech-savvy country folk, with a swipe-based system, video chatting, and a stripped down website. Interestingly enough, it boasts a 3:1 female to male user ratio. It even suggests rather brazenly on its homepage that men tend to have more success than women do, so perhaps for a deeper online connection with older members of the farmer community, you should look elsewhere. 



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A farmer dating site based in the United Kingdom, unlike the previous entries on this list, Muddymatches was thought up in a London pub of all places. Instead of being strictly farmer-based, this site strives to bring all outdoor enthusiasts together, as long as the one common theme is a love of all things muddy. More importantly, this site is not strictly for dating or swiping right to find a match. In fact, the creators of the site want it to be a safe, social platform for all farmers, tough mudders, and outdoor lovers to get together and meet online. While it is free to sign up and use, there are several subscription packages available, ranging from 26 pounds for one month all the way to 94 pounds for a whole year. Much like, you’ll need a subscription to send and respond to messages from other users, so you should strongly consider that before settling for a free option. 


Bonfire2021 03 22 5 - Farmers dating: the best apps and websites to meet a farmer of your dreams

Designed to be a modern dating app for farmers and country singles, Bonfire dating app is an excellent free, phone-based alternative to expensive dating sites or Tinder. You can find everything from a lover to a new friend on the app, thanks to the ability to follow, message, like, and share content with other users. With notifications on as well, you’ll know the minute a potential love interest has responded to your message, or made the first move. This is very much a modern farmer-friendly app, and boasts a younger crowd than some traditional farmer-focused options like Available on Apple or Google Play, you can set up your account and profile quickly and easily anywhere there is cell service, meaning you can even take your flirting and messaging on the go throughout your work day, or weekend travels. 


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Here are a few tips on dating a farmer:

  • – Be mentally prepared for the farm to be your date’s #1 priority. It’s not only a job for them, it’s a lifestyle. The long hours at the farm can be physically hard and mentally draining, but it’s also incredibly rewarding most of the time. 
  • – Your farmer will probably not be interested in the latest pop culture news, so you might want to figure out a few backup small talk topics in advance
  • – When planning the date, don’t expect to get a reply to your text right away. Your date might be tractor driving, milking, fencing, etc. Besides, they might have a bad signal in the field. So just be patient.
  • – Look impressed when they tell you how many acres they farm. 
  • – Show some interest when they show you a photo of their most recent purchase, be it an animal or machine. It’s probably a big deal for them, so they’ll appreciate you taking interest in their lifestyle
  • – Respect their family. Be prepared to get to know all the moms, dads, aunts, brothers and sisters. Be open to learning more about their family history and the history of their farm. 
  • – Expect an occasional change of plans. Your farmer might not be able to show up in time for the dinner date because of an emergency at the farm. They might have to turn around on their way to your date and head back. So be open to change up the plans and pack up your food and wine to enjoy it in the barn watching the sunset later in the day. 
  • – If you have a bad breakup, be sure not to go on a date with your farmer’s neighbor. Agriculture is a small world, and a neighborly feud can last for generations.
  • – Don’t judge your date by their hands. They will undoubtedly be hard-skinned, grubby and stained, but take it as a sign of a hard-working person.


Don’t wear white if you plan to get into your date’s car at one point. There will likely be more mud in that car than you’ve ever seen.

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