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November 11, 2019

Just recall all those stereotypical images of the famous couples we see daily — the pure mature men and a young lady near him. When we hear the word “Couple,” it’s unlikely the image of an older female and her younger boyfriend pop-ups in our minds. Thus, that kind of relationship is considered atypical for society. However, once a man tries to bring some arguments for dating an older woman, he suddenly realizes that there are plenty of benefits.

Dating younger men: examples of celebrity couples

Moreover, it’s not that unusual practice to be dating a mature older women as it might look at first sight. There are a lot of examples of celebrity couples where females are dating younger men seeing signs a younger man likes an older woman.

  • For instance, Mariah Carey was married to 11-years more youthful than Nick Cannon for eight years.
  • The star of Avengers movie Aaron Taylor-Johnson met his future wife, Sam Taylor-Wood, when he was 18. At that time, Sam was 42 years old. The age gap in 24 years hasn’t prevented him from dating a female older than you, and then them from developing long-lasting relationships and marrying each other.
  • You may suggest date older lady might be simply Hollywood stars’ whim. It’s not. 41-years old president of France Emmanuel Macron is married with 66-years old Brigitte Macron. They met when he was 16, and they are living a happy life together.
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The research made in 2002 by the dating company AARP has shown that nearly 30% of older women aged from 40 to 69 were dating males 10 or more years younger. The same survey revealed that every sixth female in her 50-s didn’t mind to date male in his 40s.

A more recent survey conducted in 2017 has demonstrated that guys aged from 20 to 29 wish to try mature women dating

Benefits of dating an older woman

Hence, we suggest you consider some benefits of a situation where older women dating younger men.

They know what they want: men who like older women

Should you get into older women younger men relationships? Sure! Mature women lover knows that for sure — these females are wise and experienced enough to know what they want from life. Young girls are feeling lost in their lives, trying everything they can, and confuse not only themselves but also their partners. The girlfriend of the same age is experiencing the same problems as their dates — age crises, work issues, domestic questions.

Older women are stepping forward from all those problems. It doesn’t mean they are living cloudless lives. However, they know how to deal with many situations, and, most importantly, how to listen to themselves.

Dating older women 8 - Dating older women is an unforgettable experience to try

Have you ever experienced the situations when your date was telling you many times something about her sexual preferences and then, suddenly, you’ve figured out it wasn’t true? Her excuses were something like “I didn’t know what I was saying” or “I’ve changed my mind.” Well, this kind of situation is unlikely to happen with a older women. They know their body, tastes, reactions, that is why they will be straightforward and tell you if you’re doing something wrong. You can be an awesome mature women lover if you listen.

What is more, many men who like older women are saying that having sex with younger girls is incredibly dull. Immature ladies are mindlessly trying to correspond some stereotypical images, instead of sincerely enjoying a moment of intimacy. The older females don’t have that modesty, as well as, embarrassment and can explain what they prefer honestly.

Dating mature older women might look like going off the beaten track. Many people think it is an extraordinary practice, but we claim it might be a life-changing experience.

Younger females are often experiencing a lack of confidence, which impacts relations. Yes, they may have posses attractive body, but they are still too much influenced by social norms. It contributes to the growth of something similar to teen angst. Instead of having a great time together, you may often serve as a psychotherapist. The mature females, however, flawlessly know their strengths and how to use them to receive pleasure, deliver it to their partners, and lose sight of all imperfections. Self-confident older women having sex with younger men are much sexier than insecure ones. So why not try sex with older women?

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Moreover, there is a biological argument about why dating an older woman is more suitable for men. According to scientists, boys reach their sexual peak earlier than girls. Thus, an older women may become a perfect sex partners for a 21-year-old man due to their sexual development. Of course, dating older women is not only about sex. Experience endows people with wisdom. It is okay to learn from mistakes, and adult people have made plenty of them. Thus, thanks to their missteps and gained experience, they have a better understanding of how to avoid those issues in the current relationships.

When you meet mature older women, you realise that they know life better. They have met different types of people, have experienced convoluted situations, and have solved dilemmas. Thus, mature females are more exciting and accepting, unlike younger females who due to the lack of life experience might be quite peremptory.

By the way, even when the older women don’t know what they want, they can figure it out

Thus, what men might receive while dating older women is emotional stability and harmony. The close communication with a mature and confident person makes you reach a higher level of spiritual balance and helps to understand yourself better.

Moreover, guys are learning from older ladies. They observe and discover how to be more confident, how to listen to their inner voice, how to take from life everything. Males learn from their older partners’ experiences and become more experienced mature women lover.

Dating older women 6 - Dating older women is an unforgettable experience to try

They are more established in life

Don’t get us wrong — there is nothing bad to be supportive while your partner is settling down, searching for a job, figuring out what she wants from the relations. However, sometimes, it might be an issue that distracts much more than helps.

Meanwhile, older women quite often have already found a lifework, home, and hobbies. They are more financially independent. They know what direction they want to move and how to reach their aims. That not only simplifies the relations in couple, excluding the rush and instability but also inspires the partner. When you see a motivated and self-collected girlfriend near you, it encourages you to move on in your life.

Furthermore, a woman who is more established in life also knows what she expects from the relationship

It is common practice that girls dream of getting married. Quite often, it happens due to the societal tradition or pressure from the family members. However, that blind desire to document the romantic relationships might end as a disaster for the couple.

That doesn’t mean older women reject marriage. However, due to their experience, they know for sure whether they need it or not. On the one hand, if girls want to get married, they will go straight and won’t waste your and their time for relations without the possibility of a wedding. On the other hand, they might be mature enough to realize that the established relationships don’t suit them. Thus, you will develop your communication around pure feelings, not the tedious formalities.

The younger men make her being active and attractive

It’s not all about her. No doubts that a female starting a relationship with a younger man clearly understands all the risks. Firstly, she might experience social pressure and judgments from her friends and family. Secondly, she realizes that iconic images of young and attractive girlfriends. Nonetheless, she agrees to date a younger man which means that:

  1. She finds you handsome and attractive enough to start that kind of relationship.
  2. She knows that she has to maintain the level and keep fit and wants you to date old rich woman.

Hence, it’s not only her who drives you, but it is also you who motivates her.

According to the study, conducted by a sociologist Sandra Caron, older females prefer dating younger men because those make them remain active and take care of themselves thanks to their energy. What ladies have also mentioned was that they appreciated their relationships with a significant age gap because it endowed them with courage and strength to resist social stereotypes — the marriage with an older man who should patronize her.

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Cherchez la femme or Where to find an older partner and upgrade to mature women lover

Thus, if we have persuaded you that dating older women might be a refreshing experience, we would also suggest where to search for those relationships.

There is no better place to find a right partner than Pure.

The registration is simple. All you have to do is to fill your email and a password — no name, link to social media, or other private information. After confirming your account via your email, you should choose your gender and the gender of people you’re interested in. Then download your photo and start your search.

After login, you will notice the timer at the bottom of the screen. It shows that you have one hour to find a match. It means your 60-minutes session has already started.

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Few reasons to use Pure

Men who like dating older women would appreciate Pure for several reasons:

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1) Dating older women is time-efficient

Mature people don’t have time for non-stop swiping, which they should do at most of the casual sex sites. Pure restricts your time even if it’s online, instead of giving you an unlimited amount of hours. It happens twice. Firstly, you have a session to find matches which lasts only 60 minutes. In case you’ve liked a person who made the same action, the automatic chat for two of you will open. However, it also limits its duration for one hour. From the first sight, you probably want to ask — what for we have implemented so many restrictions? There is an immediate answer for it — we want to transfer our users’ communication from online to offline.

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We put all those limitations to our members so that they could value their time and set the priorities immediately. Whether they want to see that person in real life or not — they have one hour only to decide it.

2) Dating an older woman is innovative

From the previous argument comes the next one. The primary purpose of Pure is to become the platform for the meeting, which is quickly followed by a real older women dating. Thus, its technology is built around its goal. The matching system is aimed to show the users people with whom they have the highest probability of the real meeting.

Thus, it analyzes the characteristics of members and shows the most suitable matches. Isn’t it a perfect technology for grownups who value real-life communication, not the platform for teens who would prefer to chat online for ages.

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3) Forget about the standard “Account”

Pure values the privacy of its members. Unlike almost all other online dating sites where you have to answer sometimes dozens of questions to log in, Pure doesn’t even require your name. For sure, you may write it and tell everything you want to your online interlocutors, nonetheless, it should be your decision, not ours. There is no such thing as an account in its traditional sense. All you have is a 60-minutes session and a 60-minutes chat to become a mature women lover.

There you should decide what to tell and whether to continue the conversation or not. During each session, you may also choose what photo to upload. You have a playful mood during one session and the melancholic one during the different one — publish the picture that demonstrates your current state of mind, and you’ll find those people who understand you.

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4) You’re not alone

Even though Pure is a new platform, the Pure service exists for nearly eight years. Thus, you’ll find someone there with the highest possible probability.

Five likes in the session are free. Then you have to upgrade the account. Here are the prices for our services.

Subscription Price per month
1 week $14,99
1 month $29.99
3 months $19.66
6 months $6.30

Gentlemen have an option to try the service for free. After the end of a trial period, they will be charged for the membership.

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The bottom line

Should I date older woman? To sum up, yes, dating an older woman is a fantastic experience. All you have to do is to forget societal prejudices and listen to your heart. The mature ladies’ boyfriends not only become more motivated, wise, self-confident, and harmonious with themselves and their partners. They also make their dates more self-secure and active. That kind of relationship is a win-win story. Thus, there are very few reasons not to try it.

While you have decided to become a mature women lover, you should also search for them in the right places. Pure (better than any local free dating site) is a perfect service to help. It is stylish, user-friendly, and highly functional. It allows you to decide what to tell your matches but restricts you from too excessive chatter. As a result, you throw away the prejudices and start a mature conversation.

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What are the benefits of dating an older woman?

Older women are more mature, they always know what they want from life, they also usually don’t look for anything serious. Dating older women can benefit you and your sexual life.

What should I know about dating an older woman?

Older women who are looking for younger guys to date are usually looking for fun and to have someone to spend their spare time with. They are not looking for a serious commitment. By dating cougars, you can evaluate your dating game and learn a thick or two.

What is it called when a man likes an older woman?

It is called Gerontophilia. The phenomenon when younger people are sexually attracted to older people.

What do you call the much younger boyfriend of an older woman?

The younger man who is dating a cougar called a cub.

What is the most common age difference between couples?

It usually starts from 5 years difference and going up to 20-25 years difference.

How much age difference is acceptable?

Scientists suggest the difference to be not more than 7 years, but every couple is individual and it is completely up to your decision.

What is best age difference between wife and husband?

The average age difference is between 2 years and 5 years.

Dating older women: video tips

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