DateInAsia Review 2020 – Fake or real date?

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November 6, 2019
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2.0 ★★☆☆☆
60,000 from the USA members 20,000 active users weekly 60% / 40% Male & Female
60% / 40% Male & Female
2/5 hookup chance Low Sex Chance Geography Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, USA, Internationally
high fraud risk Verification email, phone number Mobile App none
free of charge subscription price Free version yes
Free version yes
Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, USA, Internationally
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DateInAsia is an adult dating platform that was created to connect Asians for any sort of connection. It also accepts any race and people from any country, which makes the website very diverse, attractive, and it is free of charge.

dateinasia com dating platform review 01 - DateInAsia Review 2020 - Fake or real date?

The website claims to be a “no-nonsense” site. It is mostly filled with Philippines singles, yet there are a lot of other Asians and not only nationalities who are seeking for dates.

Since the website is free, you can understand that bots moderate it. This is not necessarily a bad thing, although it’s the reason there might be quite a few unwanted situations within the users. We dug up more information to find out the truth.

We will cover the main part of the platform, it’s the registration process, members structure, profile quality, and what is an actual hookup chance for singles that are using DateInAsia.

dateinasia com dating platform review 12 - DateInAsia Review 2020 - Fake or real date?



The DateInAsia is a free platform that allows its members to interact with each other, through group chats, and more.

Free service

The free version offers you to:

  • — Receive and send texts,
  • — React to the members’ profiles,
  • — Be an active member of sexting chat rooms,
  • — You can play “WordPlay,”
  • — Get yourself a Favorite list of all the profiles you had an eye on,
  • — See who visited your profile,
  • — Go through any profiles you can find,
  • — View all the profiles photos full format,
  • — Play more with your profile by changing the color of your theme.

Paid service

You can use any button and option as you desire since there is no such thing as a paid membership.

dateinasia com dating platform review 05 - DateInAsia Review 2020 - Fake or real date?

Audience quality


The Philippines are the main part of the female population on the website. There are also Vietnamese, Indonesian, and Thai people to choose from.

Yet the website does not have race restrictions, and anyone around the globe can register. A lot of foreign males are on the platform looking for Asians. You can also join the platform if you are a part of the LGBTQ+community. There are no specific restrictions on that, although there is a chance that there will be fewer choices.

dateinasia com dating platform review 03 - DateInAsia Review 2020 - Fake or real date?

Age distribution

The majority of the users are males in their middle age who are seeking an Asian date. The age of females on the website are between 24 and 35 years old. To register at the platform, you have to be above 18 years old.

Fakes and scammers

It is hard to find a fake profile or DateInAsia scams. Even though the platform is free, the registration process has two verification that includes the phone number. Which minimizes the chance of anyone but real people to join DateInAsia.

dateinasia com dating platform review 15 - DateInAsia Review 2020 - Fake or real date?



The platform overall looks pink and gives the user a lot of options to entertain themselves. There are seven different functional buttons, but it is easy to navigate.

  • The first tab in your left upper corner is “Me Myself.” This is the tab where you can view and edit all the needed information about yourself, upload and change photos, and view account that showed interest in you.
  • The second tab is “Shout.” The tab was created not that long ago and still under the experiment tag. The Shout was created to find and become a part of the chat groups that are existing on the website. You can get to the chat rooms and play games, and talk. It is a good option for shy people to interact with new members avoiding one-on-one contact at first.

Yet there is no option to create your own group. You can only join the groups that were created by moderators of the platform

  • The next in line is “Favorites”. The tab was added for users to save all the interesting accounts that they like, want to meet, go on a date, etc. in one place. That allows accessing all of them at the same time.
  • After the “Favorite” tab, there goes “Interested.” This button helps to get to the full list of other users who showed interest in your profile, and who is ready to get to know you more closely via private messaging. You in the order have a chance to decide who is going to have that option and who will get rejected.
  • Another tab is “Visitors”. It serves to view the whole list of people who viewed your profile. That helps to find more singles, track your popularity on the website, and gives a chance to be more straightforward and make the first move.
  • The next tab is one of the best once as it is “Messages”. This function where you can send and receive messages free of charge, and it will keep all your private one-on-one chats with other users.
  • Last but not least functional tab is “Search”. It helps to find anyone just by typing in their name as well as narrow down your search by criteria. The search engine is quite regular that you can get anywhere else. You can specify gender, age, location, either it is a specific city or country.
dateinasia com dating platform review 21 - DateInAsia Review 2020 - Fake or real date?

Signing up

Before you register, make sure that you have a valid phone number as the registration will go through an email validation and after phone number verification.

You would need to fill in typical fields, like email, preferred username, password, location, gender, and specify who you are looking for. After that, you will have to provide a phone number for the activation SMS code. You will receive a 6-digit number that is required to start using your account and make it active.

dateinasia com dating platform review 24 - DateInAsia Review 2020 - Fake or real date?

Besides that, you will receive an email asking you to verify that too. Yet the phone number SMS code is the prior one.

That was all created to minimize the number of fake profiles and scammers.

dateinasia com dating platform review 06 - DateInAsia Review 2020 - Fake or real date?


The profile section is detailed, and most of the users will take the time to fill it all in. It includes your age, gender, nickname, appearances like your height, and weight.

There are also additional occupation information, marital status, and whether you have children or not, and if you want any in the future.

dateinasia com dating platform review 02 - DateInAsia Review 2020 - Fake or real date?

The site would ask you to provide details included smoking and drinking habits, education, religion, and relationship status. Besides all of this, you need to specify what you are looking for at the DateInAsia website, information about yourself, and preferred information about a person you seek. You can add and adjust it anytime you want in the “Me myself” section. Take note that if you create a profile and won’t fill in all the information within 7 days, your account will be deleted.

dateinasia com dating platform review 04 - DateInAsia Review 2020 - Fake or real date?

Your profile photo is available to everyone who is using the platform. DateInAsia has a software detector that will not allow you to upload any other photos but those which detect your face. As well as all the pictures with nudity, provocative fetish poses, children photos, topless or in lingerie are not welcome.

You should upload at least one picture, of course, of your face. Otherwise, your account is active, but you won’t be able to answer any messages you’ll get so as you won’t get a chance to text anyone first.

dateinasia com dating platform review 14 - DateInAsia Review 2020 - Fake or real date?


You will have the “Search” tab available where you can find and message other users. You can search by age, gender, location, etc. There are also chat rooms where you can interact with multiple people at the same time and most likely move to private messaging.

dateinasia com dating platform review 17 - DateInAsia Review 2020 - Fake or real date?


The majority of users are active and always looking for someone to chat with. DateInAsia asks its users to use only the English language. That is a small price to pay for a completely free dating application.

Mobile app

There is no DateInAsia hook up app, although you can enter the mobile version from any device. It will have the same features as the web version. You still have an opportunity to send and receive messages, use search engines, and access chat group messaging with all the games included.

You also can create an account through your phone at any time. What is not pleasant is that you will get more advertisements than on the website, and they will be a full-screen size, which is annoying.

dateinasia com dating platform review 20 - DateInAsia Review 2020 - Fake or real date?

Security and privacy


The creators of DateInAsia are doing their best to secure members and their privacy. The face detecting software and phone verification are strongly assuring their security policy.

dateinasia com dating platform review 08 - DateInAsia Review 2020 - Fake or real date?

Hookup chance


Overall the platform seems to have a medium chance of a real-life hookup. The registration could take a while with an activation code verification, and afterward, users seem to be very active online rather than going offline.

We found some feedback from real users of DateInAsia and if they fell under bad and good. Here are some of the reviews:

“The website is not bad, but the operators are damn arrogant a-holes. u get kicked out for no reason, emails to find out why are not answerd. some members are chosen to be informers who may sneak about u in order to reach a ban. somehow the hole construct reminds of north korea..and ur profile gets sentenced to death without a trail.”

“I Have been on this site… I have been on this site in the past and have met several women on here.. if you have been scammed it’s because you are a sucker!! You can get scammed on any site this site is no different but it’s free… Quit giving bad reviews!!”
Mitch Davis

“I’m a retired lawyer, living in Asia. I was on Date In Asia for about 5-6 years. Used it seldom. Meet only one lady from this site. I was ALWAYS respectful and polite. Made a HUGE mistake, I guess. They kept changing their format for the worse. I wrote Date In Asia’s Customer Service a few, very polite and well thought out suggestions. They in turn, ‘deleted’ my account and refuse to reply when I write them. HUGE suggestion, if you are able to use this date in Asia, never write their customer service as they WILL DELETE YOU! I sure can not figure out WHY they do what they do …..other than to be nasty.”
Brad J.

Going through the majority of the feedback, it was clear that a lot of accounts were suspended for no actual reason, which makes the experience not that pleasant.

Matching algorithm

DateInAsia does not have any specific matching algorithm, although you can use their search engine that will help you narrow it down a little.

dateinasia com dating platform review 09 - DateInAsia Review 2020 - Fake or real date?


Is DateInAsia free?

Yes, DateInAsia is free of charge website for meeting Asians.

Is DateInAsia legit and real?

Yes, DateInAsia is a legit website for singles with real users.

Is DateInAsia safe?

Yes, it is safe. DateInAsia has two steps of verification of the account of a new user. One of those includes a valid phone number, which makes it difficult for scammers to be a part of a platform.

Is it worth paying for DateInAsia?

The platform is free of charge. You don’t have to pay for any features that the website is offering.

What type of photo should I upload?

The platform has a strict policy regarding photos of their members. You have to upload photos only with your face. Any other photo or picture will not be accepted.

dateinasia com dating platform review 13 - DateInAsia Review 2020 - Fake or real date?

What kind of dating site is DateInAsia?

DateInAsia is a free dating website for Asian singles or for anyone worldwide who is interested in being connected with Asians.

Is there a mobile application for DateInAsia?

No, there is no mobile application for DateInAsia, although you can easily access the mobile version of the website through any mobile device. There is also registration available for you through the phone.

Can I search for someone on DateInAsia?

Yes, you can search for members through the search feature.

Can you have two DateInAsia accounts?

No, it is forbidden to have two accounts at DateInAsia.

Can DateInAsia delete my account?

Yes, your account will be deleted if your profile stays incomplete for 7 days. As well as any inappropriate content will get your account deleted right away.

How do I delete my DateInAsia account?

To delete your account, you need to go to Account settings and hot “Delete Account.” Once you enter your password and confirm that you want to delete your account, the system will provide it for you.

Will I be able to reactivate my account?

No, you would need to create a new account and provide all the details once again.

Is DateInAsia for serious relationships?

Yes, you can find anything you are looking for, either it is serious relationships or just a one night stand. The platform is for everyone.

adult beautiful girl from DateinAsia - DateInAsia Review 2020 - Fake or real date?


Overall, after going through DateInAsia reviews, opinion, whether the platform is worth using or not, can be divided into good and bad.

The website itself is easy for any user and effortless to navigate. You do not have to pay for messaging with other users. Sending and receiving messages is free for everyone.

We did like the fewer number of fake profiles due to the phone number verification. The profiles are detailed, that helps to get more information together with the first impression. Users can upload only face photos. Any feature on the website is free of charge for every member.

We did not like that we found a lot of reviews from users whose accounts were deleted for no particular reason. The registration is possible only with a valid phone number but doesn’t include other options like Facebook account. There is no matching algorithm but a search engine that is quite simple and does not do a good job of finding the match you are looking for.

If you don’t want to add all the information about yourself, your account will be deleted. The support system is low and almost absent.

Finally, the odds for success and at least have a face-to-face meet up are not that high

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10% / 90% Male & Female
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low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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