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May 27, 2020

It seems like the definition of sex is getting broader every day. Besides people being vocal about heterosexual and gay sex, we are also more aware of oral and anal sex, and it doesn’t make us blush anymore. Yet the “real” sex is to be an actual physical penetration.

Is it really, though? With advanced technologies, I think that is simply impossible to stay away from cybersex. So I’m going to talk more about cybersex and how to get into that if you haven’t tried it before. Trust me, there is so much more hiding behind the curtain and I bet you would love to know about it.

What is Cyber Sex

You’d be surprised how common cybersex is nowadays, and even decades ago it was popping. But what is CyberSex exactly? According to, CyberSex implies any sexual activity, display, or/and discussion committed by means of a computer, and I would personally add any tech device. I bet you’re most probably reading this article from your mobile, aren’t you?

What is Cyber Sex1 - Cyber Sex. Handy Step by Step Manual

Long story short, I’m pretty sure, we’ve all done it at some point, and when some might not want to admit it, CyberSex is part of our daily lives by all means. I see zero shame in that and would advise you to embrace it as well. After all, we are sexual beings who love sex in all its versions. Now let’s get more into why you should try it. I mean, I don’t think you really need to be convinced yet I believe it might broaden your perspective a little more.

Getting kinky. Obviously, cybersex gets you in your deeper feelings and desires. It is always easier to express your inner fantasies online first, as a lot of us still can get embarrassed easily if someone else won’t accept us and our kinks. And here is another beauty and convenience of CyberSex: you can do it with total strangers and finally get rid of that feeling to be misjudged and misunderstood.

What is Cyber Sex2 - Cyber Sex. Handy Step by Step Manual

Blazing footage. Ouu yeah, most of the sex chats are filled with all the nudes, gifs, and videos you can possibly think of. All the footage is mostly used in sexting and we will get back to that in a bit. However, your cyber material exchange can have real-life consequences. To avoid your photos, videos, or any other graphic materials getting leaked, be sure in your partner and send body parts separately and never include your face in a nude. That is the number one rule on how to take a selfie for CyberSex.

Sex toys as the ultimate upgrade. Since we talk technologies, why not enjoy it fully, right? These toys I have in my mind are not basic, they have remote control mode. Those remote sex toys can be pricey, meaning more than 20 bucks per dildo. I have toys like WeVibe remote vibrators that are around $150–$190 per device that will be a perfect fit for her. Or you can try Lovense for him ($69–$99) which is one of a few male sex toys that also have a remote controller that will be active thousands of miles away.

What is Cyber Sex3 - Cyber Sex. Handy Step by Step Manual
What is Cyber Sex4 - Cyber Sex. Handy Step by Step Manual

Giving pleasure. Despite the fact that humans have a selfish nature, there is something exciting about getting another person far away from you to enjoy, basically thanks to you and you only. I get it though, you would say not everyone is good at CyberSex. I think its total lies. You just have to put your mind into it. Everyone can be good at CyberSex if there is an effort applied.

Types of Cyber Sex

I’ve already mentioned a few types of cybersex but let’s get them all out. And yes, Cyber Sex dating is not all around sexting, and sometimes it’s not even dating.

What is Cyber Sex5 - Cyber Sex. Handy Step by Step Manual


Sexting is a great combination of sex and texting is something we all tried. You might not define it as sexting, but even a text like “can’t wait to fuck you again” is a sext. And if the reply was “Me too” — that’s it! You officially had your first sexting experience. My friends are shy to admit but I know for a fact how kinky they could get during sexting. Or maybe I just judge people by my own example. Anyway, whether I feel like sexting, and I feel like that a lot, I tend to use Pure. Long story short, I prefer this app simply because a lot of users are straightforward and you see only those who are online right here, right now. So you don’t need to wait for hours for your potential sexting partner to reply. Then it is safety, which is always a priority for me, and I’m sure, for you as well. All you would need to get an account at Pure is to have a valid email address or Google/Apple ID. No social media links, and since we all trying to keep our private lives private, Pure is what you’ve been looking for sexting and exploring sexuality.

What is Cyber Sex6 - Cyber Sex. Handy Step by Step Manual

Anyway, sexting is what involves the exchange of sexual messages, emojis, photos, and videos. Gifs apply there well as well. We use sexting for flirting, keeping a long-distance relationship alive and spicy, and to simply get off. Either way is great if that is what you aimed for. You can go with that with someone who you met on a dating app or through sexting chat rooms, your partner, or even a friend.

Webcam Sex

Another version of CyberSex is Webcam sex. Really good if you want to have anonymous cybersex but be present there. In other words, that is sex through webcam. Simple as that. You can either get a webcam with your partner and have a Skype Cyber Sex session or there are plenty of platforms that will provide that for free or for a certain payment.

In my experience, free online Cyber Sex websites might not meet the expectations but hey, they are free. The very first time I went to check out webcam service, I got to connected to a girl I went to school with. Always a pleasure.

What is Cyber Sex7 - Cyber Sex. Handy Step by Step Manual

There is also such thing as webcam group sex. Yet, if that is going to the first time for you or for the entire group of people, things might get awkward. But if that is your to-go dream, you should definitely do it. Just be smart and discuss everything before the real-time action.

Last but not least, traditional webcam sex with models. Everything is easy. You go to such a platform, get yourself an account, deposit some money and spend it on top hot models who, for a fee, will do anything you will ask her or you can just enjoy watching.

I always think of webcam platforms as an online strip club.

Erotica Porn

Remember how the game changed for females as well as their perspective for porn when romantic slow porn was released? That was indeed a game-changer for all those who couldn’t stand Brazzers type of porn. Same for guys: I believe, each and every guy has at least once heard about 50 shades of Grey.

What is Cyber Sex8 - Cyber Sex. Handy Step by Step Manual

My point is that any type of erotica and cybersex porn will bring you, as an individual and a couple, a lot of awesome emotions and ways to experiment. For instance, don’t jump on each other the minute you turn on porn or start to read erotica. Let that tension build in you for more further pleasure and that will also push your minds onto more naughty ideas.


Aka sex toys. Here is where you can let your fantasy sink and unlock the forbidden. For example, arrange a cybersex video with your crush and get your favorite sex toy ready. If you want to use any teledildonic you can think of, you should come prepared. CyberSex games can be tricky if you use your phone. It’s not static so better connect through your laptop or desktop. You don’t have to worry about it falling down right in the middle of the most interesting actions.

What is Cyber Sex9 - Cyber Sex. Handy Step by Step Manual

Together with static devices, make sure to check the background, practice different positions that will make you both satisfied. Try those where you both can show stuff and see stuff. If you know what I mean, you’ve tried that before and the only thing that has left is sex toys you want to use and lube.

Another awesome thing to play with is that virtual reality equipment. I wouldn’t suggest trying it as a couple that is in one room, but virtual reality is sick to use for long-distance relationships or by yourself, exploring sexual kinks with your own eyes.

What is Cyber Sex10 - Cyber Sex. Handy Step by Step Manual
What is Cyber Sex11 - Cyber Sex. Handy Step by Step Manual

Best Cyber Sex Websites. What to Pay Attention to When Choosing One

Obviously, not everyone has a partner to practice or some want to explore new horizons by themselves. This is where CyberSex websites aka webcams come very handy.

It is completely up to you and your kinky side which type of cybersex you want to explore and what platform to choose. But here are the main things you need to pay attention to giving your personal preference.

What is Cyber Sex12 - Cyber Sex. Handy Step by Step Manual
  • Price. Of course, we all wish for free CyberSex and platforms but unfortunately, not all free websites are good enough. Ant that is not only concerned with the quality of the models but also your personal safety. Choose the platform that will meet your financial expectations and don’t get greedy to tip models in the end.
  • Safety. Your personal data is something that you can’t share online with strangers. I usually try not to provide my real name on such websites and make sure the page is safe before entering my bank card details. And I think we’ve all learned by now that you are not advised to share any of your personal information while texting with strangers. Keep it simple and kinky only. No need to get personal.
  • Categories. The more options the platform has for you the better. Don’t settle for a few chat rooms with practically the same models. Take this opportunity to explore fully. On top of that, try to avoid cybersex chat bot. Those might be exciting at first, but after like 15 minutes become super dull and all you want is to switch.

How to Cybersex

If you are planning to CyberSex with your partner or a stranger you’ve met online, you need to negotiate it. Of course, in the case with webcam models you can be straightforward because let’s face it, it’s their job. However, with real people, you should be thinking ahead. That applies to both sides you and your partner.

What is Cyber Sex13 - Cyber Sex. Handy Step by Step Manual
  • Think through about things you both are comfortable enough to share and do with each other through the screen.
  • Choose the type of cybersex you want to participate in here. Honestly, you can combine them all. Yet if that is your first time, I would stick to just one.
  • Spare some time! That covers everything you can think of. Make sure you don’t have any deliveries coming to your place, turn off your phone, and in case you are not living alone, lock your door. If you have decided to play in the living room or next to the window, you better shut curtains and have only one viewer for your show instead of the entire neighborhood.
  • Discuss limits together. Doesn’t matter if you are playing in a regular way or all the way kinky. Each of us has boundaries and we have to respect that.
  • Practice in advance. Check the background, charge all the toys, and try them while checking the angels, check the Wi-Fi connection, etc.

Cyber Sex Do’s and Don’Ts

You’d think there supposed to be to no rules when it comes to cybersex chat yet there are.


  • Create a new email address. As I mentioned before, safety is one of the first priorities when things move towards cybersex cam or cybersex sites. This is why it is important to have an email you would use for that. It can be even simple JohnGalt or JaneDoe. That will protect your personal information from scammers.
  • Establish consent. I’ll just say it once. Consent is sexy under any circumstances. Remember I said CyberSex nowadays equals to the real one? Well, I hope you get the point.
  • Be patient. After you found someone who you want to get naughty with, you should take it slow. If you feel like your partner is on the same page with you and ready to have cybersex still, I would suggest to start with kissing or something similar. Do not start by saying how deep you are in her throat or that you are sitting on his face for hours now. You both should enjoy it and fulfill your fantasies to get the most pleasure.
  • Be specific. Try to form your desires in the most precise way possible. That will only increase the pleasure for both of you and will allow enjoying cybersex like it’s a real thing. If you are into nipple licking, for instance, describe how you will move your tongue around it or how hard you will suck on it, exactly. Draw a mental picture by putting yourself as the main character.
What is Cyber Sex14 - Cyber Sex. Handy Step by Step Manual


  • Don’t give out your personal information. We established that you need a new email address to participate in cybersex with strangers to protect your personal information. But that won’t cost a thing if you would share your information like a real name, area of your house, etc. with strangers you’ve literally just met online. It is better to use one of your alters ego personalities or create one that you can use to answer questions to your online friends.
  • Don’t be silent. And I mean it literally. Moans are turn-ons for a lot of people, males and females both. So is dirty talk. Make all cybersex rooms your scene and explore your abilities to be artsy with your vocals.
  • Don’t be rude. Even if you are using cyber sex chat rooms or webcam sites where people are more than open for virtual sex, you still have to respect those strangers and if someone doesn’t agree to start or continue playing online with you, stay calm.

Remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea and in the world of cybersex you can find the next one within seconds.

Is Cyber Sex Cheating

This is more of a philosophical question and mostly it depends on each individual or relationship. In the world where the monogamous relationship is not that popular and males together with females more often have open relationships and marriages, it is safe to say that cybersex can be considered both: a safe game to release tension and try something new or complete and fatal cheating that might ruin your relationship.

What is Cyber Sex15 - Cyber Sex. Handy Step by Step Manual

I wouldn’t put a lot of thought into it, to be honest, and personally, I would do whatever feels right and good. And if you don’t want to be a cheater, the answer is simple. Be honest with your partner and communicate.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, cybersex is a part of our daily routine, whether you are in committed relationships, sexting with your multiple crushes on dating apps, or you are using webcams and porn models.

CyberSex is awesome and if you use it with the purpose, you will be able to explore all of your inner fantasies and sexual preferences that you might never know you had. Last but not least, your sexual life will become even more fascinating.


What is CyberSex?

CyberSex is a form of any virtual interaction using any technological devices.

What types of cybersex exist?

There are 4 main types of cyberse: sexting, WebCam, erotica porn, and teledildonics.

Is it safe to use a webcam or free cyber sex chat rooms?

Yes, it is safe to use free cyber sex chat or webcam as long as you don’t share any personal information with strangers.

Is sexting considered as cybersex?

Yes, sexting is one of the most popular cybersex versions that exist.

Is it safe to share my personal information during cybersex?

No, a suggestion is to never use your real name with strangers and never provide your personal information like a home address or things similar to that.

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