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November 13, 2019
Chatzy logo app tabl 1 - Chatzy review 2020
2.0 ★★☆☆☆
1 million members 50,000/weekly unknown
2/5 hookup chance Low Sex Chance Geography USA, International
high fraud risk Verification Email, Facebook Mobile App none
Free of charge subscription price Free version yes
Free version yes
USA, International
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Chatzy is an online chatting platform — anyone can join a chatroom free of charge and anonymously. Even if you are not registered, you still can join the conversation.

We believe this service has serious troubles with security. Let’s take a closer look at it and discover all the pros and cons.

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How to register on Chatzy… or not

Joining the platform is fast and straightforward: use your email to create a profile and then verify it. It will take a couple of minutes. There are other options of signup: via Facebook, Google, or Linkedin, or even your Microsoft account. You do not have to enter your personal data or answer any questions about preferences, usually asked on the dating sites.

The special feature allows you to join public chat rooms (do not confuse with sexting chat rooms) even if you are not registered on the platforms. You can chat and send private messages, or join the private conversations if the creator of the chatroom sends you an invitation link.

Some options still are available for the registered members only. You can sign up for free and use them as a free member

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Personal accounts

We would say there is no profile page. The service is not interested in checking the authentication or providing members with personal info about other users. Most chatting services have similar identification policy, unlike dating services.

Therefore, there is no info about you that obligatory will be shown to the members chatting rooms or Chatzy audience. Except for the username — everyone has it. So you have the account, but we can’t call it a profile.

On your homepage, you can change settings and customize the design of the interface. There, you can choose how other members see your profile. Also, there is a statistics section where the chatrooms, which you created or visited, are counting.

Still, no personal info is necessary, and setting the profile picture is impossible. Also, you will not see any avatar photos of the members in your chatroom or other’s chatrooms where you have conversations.

Thus, you can never be sure who you are talking to. Members can share personal information in private messages and meet closer. We recommend being aware of the risks making this step: frauds and scammers can use your data for blackmailing or stealing.

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Chatting in the chatrooms

On Chatzy, people discuss everything. You can find chatting rooms about skiing or cooking old French cuisine dishes. You can discuss popular HBO series or the latest personality tests in Vogue. If you are a BDSM fan with specific preferences, you can find or create a conversation about it — and meet another member who would like to share thoughts about the best use of thick ropes. Some argue that here you can find a partner faster than in special sex apps.

On the searching tab, you can enter the topic that you are interested in and find people, chatrooms, and issues to your taste. The platform doesn’t limit the topics of conversations and doesn’t censor the chats.

Rooms have different rules, and creators and admins set them. For example, in some rooms, you cannot join the conversation at once after entering the room. You need to get permission by sending a private message to the moderator. After getting the permission you will be able to write something, not only read the talk.

If you haven’t found a room where people already talk about the things bothering you, you can create your own chatroom. It’s free of charge and available for every user.

Saving chatrooms is an option available only for the registered members. The history of the rooms that you have visited appears in the “My Rooms” section.

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Settings of Chatzy

The platform has several features for pleasant and interesting conversations. Using them, the moderators can easily maintain the chatrooms, and room members can join the chat smoothly.

Setting the visitor status

There are several commands that you can use to set up your online status and inform other members about it. It looks like a message, which shows when you come into the chatroom.

Type one of the commands and set the status:

  • /status <enter what you want to setup> — updates an online status;
  • /away <enter the message to other users> — shows that you are not online at the moment and tells when you are going to be back;
  • /leave <enter the bye-bye message> — leaves the chatroom, sends the message to everyone that you have left.

Sending the private messages

You can chat in private with other members of the platform. Even if you are not a registered member, you can still click on the name of another chatroom member and choose to send a private message from the menu.

Another way is typing a command in the common chat field: /pm [username] [private message]. Username is the name of the member who you want to send a personal message to.

Private messages history

In the section “My Messages,” you will find all the messages that you have ever got from other members or non-members. It doesn’t matter whether they were sent from the members of one chatroom or several different chatrooms.

Sending global message

This is a specific feature that is available to admins, creators, and moderators of the chat room by default. They can send a private message to all room visitors at once — at it is called a global message. The chatroom admin can set up the rule that allows anyone to send this kind of messages. If you are the room creator, you also can set this up.

Room board

Entering the chatroom, you may see the pinned message on the top. Usually, it contains the chatroom rules or the main topic that is discussed there. It is called the “Room Board” and can be changed any second by the admin of the premium room.

Preview mode

If you are an admin, creator, or moderator of a chatroom, you can follow the talk silently or create a new conversation, not activating any signals from the system.

Temporarily turning the chat off

If you want to follow the conversation in your room and stop it when you’re away, you can use the feature of temporary closing the chat. The room is still available to people, but no one can write anything in the chat. The simple commands “/close” and “/open” will help you to turn off and turn back on the option of typing messages for everyone.

Restricted messages for newbies

Earlier, we told you that in some chatrooms, you would not be able to type anything without the permission of the admin. It is a mode called “Silence Newbies,” available only for the premium rooms. Anyone who joined the conversation without an invitation will not be able to type messages. They can be:

  • any newbie in this specific room;
  • non-members of the platform;
  • members that were registered less than 24 hours ago.

Ignoring a specific user

You can use the ignoring mode to a specific user: it means that you will not see the messages that he or she writes to you personally or sends in the common chat.

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Chatzy mobile app… or not

There is not app neither for iOS nor Android for Chatzy. You can only use the platform via a mobile site. The interface or the mobile site is similar to the desktop version and even has more options and settings. For example, you can edit your screen settings from your phone.

The main problem is that both desktop and mobile versions look ancient. Imagine you’re still chatting via ICQ, and this is how it looks.

Nevertheless, the functionality of the platform is much more modern. In the mobile version, you can experience even easier chatting and searching for the chatrooms. You can find the specific room in the “My Rooms” section much faster.

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Field test

We found a guy who used Chatzy several years ago. He built it into the personal blog to interact with the audience — it was the easiest way to make a “comments plugin” those days. Eventually, he left his blog and didn’t maintain it at all. Same with the built-in Chatzy part. He was sure that both have died with no chance to resurrect. Surprisingly, a few years later, when he checked on the blog and the chatroom, he found out that they were still alive.

The funniest thing was that the chatroom hasn’t even changed: functionality, design, and mechanisms remained the same. So, now you know that Chatzy admins do simply nothing about improving their service. At least, they haven’t changed anything on the platform for the last several years.

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Costs and prices

There are two types of premium accounts here: for the chatrooms and the users.

Purchasyou’lle user premium account, you can pay for 3, 6, or 12 months. The price differs from $3.33 per month (paying for 3 months) to $2 per month (paying for a year).

Buying the premium status for your chatroom, you can set it for 2 weeks or 1-12 months. The price will also differ depending on the paid period: from $5.45 per week to $10.75 per month.

Among paid services, there are ad-free mode, unlimited number of chatroom users, full logs of the chatting history, and custom link to the chatroom that can be built into another webpage.

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Chatzy is not a special platform for adult hook up, but here you can discuss anything with anyone. There are lots of chatrooms on any topic you can ever imagine. And even if you found the topic that is still not discussed, you can create your chatroom for free.

Anyone can join chatrooms: you do not have to be a registered member to start a discussion. You might become one, then you’ll upgrade the options of your account, but it will still have poor functionality. There is no option of adding personal info or even a photo to the profile, so this platform cannot be used as a direct dating service.

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5.0 ★★★★★
11 millions members 300k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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What is Chatzy?

It is a chatting platform. People can create chatrooms or join the rooms created by others.

Who is behind Chatzy, and how did it start?

The platform was started in Europe in 2001.

Does Chatzy work on all computers?

Yes, the platform works at JavaScript technology, which is supported by all browsers.

What is a quick chat?

It is the simplest chatroom: you can invite users into this room, but it cannot be specified or locked with a password.

What is a virtual room for?

It is a chatroom with more specifications. Some of them are available for all members. Others are paid.

Can I promote a chat room on my own web pages?

Yes, you can create a free room and built it inside your site.

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Who can see the email address I used for Chatzy?

If you have set the username, nobody will see it. If you still haven’t set the username and identify yourself to the system via email, the chatrooms’ admins will see this address.

Does Chatzy have a webcam feature?


What makes you a Newbie?

Newbie is a term for users that entered the chatroom for the first time, not with an inviting link.

What is the “Silence Newbie” feature for?

This is an option of the chatroom that forbids newbies to type in the chatroom. But they still can read the messages that other members send.

What are the available subscriptions for Chatzy?

There are two types of premium accounts: for the chatrooms and the users.

How safe is the chat service in Chatzy?

We believe it’s not safe. So you are responsible for keeping your personal info.

Can I kick out people who are being rude?

If you are a creator of the Virtual room, you can add and remove people at your wish.

Does Chatzy accept advertising from adult websites or the like?


How do I pay for my Chatzy subscription?

There are two types of payment: PayPal or bank card.