Chatiw review: how I tried to meet a hookup on Chatiw

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November 6, 2019
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1.0 ★☆☆☆☆
undisclosed members 1,800,000 millions monthly visitors 65% / 35% Male & Female
65% / 35% Male & Female
1/5 hookup chance Very Low Sex Chance Geography North America, Western Europe
high fraud risk Verification not required Mobile App Android
$4.95-$99,95 subscription price Free version core functions
Free version core functions
North America, Western Europe
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Chatiw is a low-commitment chat room that allows users to chat for free. The platform runs on both Android and iOS devices and available in most countries. Most users are American and British.

The platform claims to help users find true soulmates for friendship, dating, or free sex hookup. There are no age and location restrictions — the website is very open-minded.



Although all the basic features of the platform are free, the service offers an advanced paid subscription plan. The platform charges $4.95/m, $25.95 for a 6-months subscription, and $49.95 for a yearly plan. PayPal is the only payment method the service supports.

Free services

Via the free version, you can hang out in chat rooms, look for website members, send texts, pictures, and emojis, and block intrusive users.

Paid services

Premium users get the support and attention from the moderation team. They can send links in chats, along with an unlimited number of texts. A premium user will see no ads, can hide his nickname, and gets a VIP badge for status.

Audience quality


Age distribution

Most platform users don’t list their age in profiles. In my experience, Chatiw is a website of young people. Most are 18-25 years old. Around 20% of all users are younger — 16-18 years old, about 30% are 25-30 years old. Older people make up around 10% of the userbase.

How I tried to meet a hookup on Chatiw review 05 - Chatiw review: how I tried to meet a hookup on Chatiw

Fakes and scammers

It’s easy to get scammed on the website — since most profiles are anonymous, it’s hard to tell a genuine user apart from the fake one. That’s why the platform users have to be extra responsible when sharing personal data, pictures, or social media accounts.

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The site doesn’t ask users to provide emails or create profiles to use the platform freely. There’s a short questionnaire users can fill in — the website asks you to list your name, country, sex, state, and age. A captcha check monitors all users and weeds out fakes.

Other than chat rooms, the website offers users a blog with useful articles and tips. You will be able to find relevant dating, relationships, and online chatting tips. It’s definitely worth checking their posts out.

There’s a page with safety tips on the website, as well. Here, you will be able to know what to do if there are scammers around, how to report users, or be assertive enough to make sure they no longer approach you again.

How I tried to meet a hookup on Chatiw review 01 - Chatiw review: how I tried to meet a hookup on Chatiw

Sign up

Only Premium users have profiles. Having an account on the platform is extremely convenient, as you will not have to fill in all the personal information again any time you visit the website. By enabling GPS support when signing in, you can reach out to members in the area.

How I tried to meet a hookup on Chatiw review 06 - Chatiw review: how I tried to meet a hookup on Chatiw

Profile quality

If you fill in the personal data form, your name, age, and location will be visible to all platform users. If a user is inactive for a couple of hours, the account is automatically deleted. There’s no password-based authentication — you will not have to remember the login credentials.

Users don’t have to share pictures on the platform — if you want to know a prospective partner closer, you can exchange photos in the chat window.

How I tried to meet a hookup on Chatiw review 07 - Chatiw review: how I tried to meet a hookup on Chatiw


The platform has a limited range of filters that help locate users on the platform — gender, age, name, and location. Unfortunately, the searching feature is only available for premium users.


Free users send a limited number of private messages per day. Most users respond well to short introductory texts and are quite active on the platform. In my experience, Chatiw is not the right fit for long conversations since most users don’t return to the website, and their profiles are deactivated automatically. If you want to arrange sex hook up, move the conversation to messengers and social media.

How I tried to meet a hookup on Chatiw review 08 - Chatiw review: how I tried to meet a hookup on Chatiw

Since it is not a dating website, there are no match suggestions or a swipe-based system. The good news is, the messenger interface is extremely intuitive. You will see when a person is online, if they are typing, and if your conversation partner has read your text.

The site keeps a chat history — here, you are able to keep tabs on every conversation you had on the website. The history is only relevant during a single user session — there’s no way to access the messages you had a couple of days or weeks ago.

Mobile app

Chatiw has an Android mobile app only. I found it times easier and more pleasant to use than the desktop version. It has a minimalist and sleek messaging window, you can be alerted of every new message via push notifications.

Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t offer iPhone users the same level of the mobile experience, and the desktop interface is poorly optimized for smartphones.

Security and Privacy


It is not a highly secure platform since there’s no way to confirm a user’s identity. Also, the platform’s openness to underage users can attract scammers and mentally unstable users. Anyways, I’d suggest using the platform extremely carefully — if you are not experienced in connecting with people online, better steer clear from Chatiw.

Chatiw video – chatting with strangers

Hookup Chance


Chatiw is a worthwhile alternative for users who don’t want to commit to mainstream dating platforms, want to kill some time in a line, or during a commute or socialize after a workday. The website doesn’t have much potential in the hookup realm, although it does a solid job of connecting you with people from all walks of life.

Matching algorithms

The service filters users by location, helping people connect by proximity. It has no advanced matching algorithms. Thus, you’ll have no way of knowing if a conversation partner fits you in terms of personality. Also, there are no profiles to look through and get to know a person — just send a text and go for it.

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What is Chatiw?

It is a platform that helps strangers connect effortlessly. The platform has a wide range of free features — you can become a VIP member as well to enjoy additional privileges.

How does Chatiw work?

The website has a custom, easy-to-use, and intuitive interface. There are group and private chat rooms where users exchange texts, images, and emojis. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’ t support live shows.

Is Chatiw safe and legit?

The platform is allegedly safe to use. There are frauds and scammers on the website — so the website users should be vigilant and not share private information with strangers.

Is Chatiw an anonymous chat-service?

Yes, most users chat with others anonymously. You don’t have to upload a profile picture, and the username shouldn’t be your real name — as long as it’s not used by other users, you can use any character combination.

Is Chatiw free?

Yes, it has a free version. You can connect with other people and send messages with no fees. However, if you want to browse the ad-free version of the website, have top priority, and an unlimited number of texts, consider upgrading.

Does Chatiw have a registration process?

There’s no sign-up process — website users only need to provide the website with essential personal data. All account information will later be deleted, along with the chat logs. If you decide to revisit thee site, you will have to fill in the form from scratch.

Is Chatiw monitored?

Yes, the website’s “Terms of Use” page states. The platform detects people with suspicious nicknames, blocks those who act abusively or are rude to others in chat rooms. It takes 48 hours until a reported member will no longer be able to set foot on the platform.

How do I contact Chatiw?

The most efficient way to get answers to all platform-related questions is to email the moderation team. Send your inquiries to [email protected]. There’s a contact form on the website users can use as well.

How do I remove my Chatiw chat ban?

If you’re banned, you will not be able to access the platform for 48 hours. After this time passes, the team will grant you access to the tool again. Keep in mind that getting banned multiple times results in permanent access denial. If you’re banned by mistake, don’t hesitate to contact the support team.

How do I delete my Chatiw account?

There’s no need to delete profiles — all the information about you will be deleted once and forever after a few hours of inactivity on the platform.

Where can I download the Chatiw mobile application?

It only offers users an Android mobile app you can download anytime from Google Play.

How do I block someone on Chatiw?

To report a rude, abusive, or inappropriate user, choose a block button located next to a person’s surname. The website will offer instructions that will help complete the procedure.

How do I change my country/location on Chatiw?

Since the platform is connected to GPS, users can’t change locations manually. This way, the website avoids potential scams that involve people lying about their location or hiding it.

Why isn’t Chatiw working?

The platform may shut down from moment to moment — according to the team’s official statement, the website administrators try their best to resolve all technical issues on the platform. To know if the platform is up and running at a given moment, connect via Facebook. If the platform is temporarily closed, you can read our review and choose a new free dating site without any payment.

Can I share a link in Chatiw?

Premium users can share links via the platform. If you’re using the free version, there’s no built-in link sharing, primarily with security purposes in mind.

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5.0 ★★★★★
11 millions members 300k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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