Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review

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May 15, 2020
CharmDate logo app tabl - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review
2.0 ★★☆☆☆
700 members 400,000/weekly 90% / 10% Male & Female
90% / 10% Male & Female
2/5 hookup chance Low Sex Chance Geography USA, International
medium fraud risk Verification email Mobile App iOS, Android
Credits $15.99 – $399 subscription price Free version Basic features
Free version Basic features
USA, International
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CharmDate is an international app that allows you to meet Russian and Ukrainian women online. Ukrainians are officially the most beautiful women on the planet. No wonder everyone is trying to get a closer look and get to know those women better.

The advertisement looks very neat but what are the actual chances to get yourself one of the most beautiful women as a date. Let the CharmDate review begin.



CharmDate doesn’t provide a lot of free features and to get any action on the other side of the screen, you’ll have to be ready to spend some money on Credits.

charmdate review1 - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review

Free service

As a new member, you can create a free profile at CharmDate and get access to a few features that also includes free chat with some users. Yet in my opinion that is another marketing way to get me hooked up. Not a bad thing but got me thinking if those women were real or just a standard bot.

Anyway, as a free member, you are able to go through the profiles, use all kinds of filters that are available on the platform, and use all the security systems to protect your personal information.

charmdate review2 - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review

Paid service

Once you are ready to take the second step and become a Premium user, you don’t need to upgrade to anything. The website does not provide any specific subscription plans and all you gonna need are Credits. As a new user, I was offered one-time promotions to get 2 Credits for $3.99 instead of a full $15.99 which I find as a good deal. For instance, for 1,5 Credits you can buy a Gift and send it out to your Eastern-European crush.

For these Credits, you can buy Video and Voice calls, sending messages to anyone, and participate in LiveChat. Let’s be honest, and say it out loud, the service isn’t that cheap and you would spend a lot of Credits on all existing features. The first-register compliments are nice though and very encouraging, especially when you can potentially meet so many gorgeous women right away.


Audience quality


The minute I finished my account set up, I was approached by a few females that seemed very interested and I had the option to chat for free as a newcomer. So as a first impression, women seem active and straightforward which I like a lot. But it is hard to understand if they like me or they like me spending Credits on their profiles.

charmdate review3 - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review

Age distribution

You have to be at least 18 years old to get access to the website. The majority of users are from 18 years old and up to 26 years old. You can also set filters to search for older women who also, by the way, look good on their profile pictures.

Fakes and scammers

Technically none of the users are fake nor scammers. Consider them as online models who are there to entertain you. An yet there are rumors that CharmDate has fake accounts. Those belong to ladies who are trying to get you to transfer money from your bank card directly to their account. They will try to make you feel like a hero for helping them out. So I would suggest not to share your personal bank information and go through only with payments for Credits.

charmdate review5 - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review



CharmDate desktop version has been active for a long time and I would say it is a pioneer within dating platforms. Yet they continue to evolve and upgrade their interface regularly. No wonder it does look attractive, and the minute you are on the main page you are surrounded by female accounts who are very fancy and mostly models only. Honestly, I spent like 20 minutes just scrolling through all the profiles. Despite the fact that the platform looks expensive, there are still tiny little old school buttons that were kept from the early 2000s.

charmdate review6 - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review

Signing up

CharmDate sign-in is easy and straightforward. It is on the main page, just like at many other dating websites. You need to fill in a few main details about you to set up the account. Keep in mind that the password should be 4 to 12 characters. This doesn’t really seem like a safe thing to do because my regular password suggested by my laptop was way too long and complex. Your email should be valid as you would have to verify it and only after that you can log in. Together with that, you will be assigned a Membership ID number. You will not be able to register as a couple. The app is definitely not for sdc swinger community.

Side note. To log in, I could chose to type in either my email or Membership ID. However, email never worked in my case. The website let me through only after I typed in my newborn ID. Confusing, as I was supposed to have an choice there.

charmdate review7 - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review


Each profile can give you that main impression about the person and it does have enough photos which look professional and high quality. As a free member, I could view 7 photos. Other photos are only available for Premium members. You can also dive in and have a closer look at the main interests in life of each woman. For me it was a nice feature because it helps to start an easy conversation with something interesting to ask. A lot of women though do skip information about their education, weight, number of children, and what kind of relationship they are looking for.

charmdate review8 - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review


Luckily for us, the basic and advanced search filters are free for all members. You can use either Member’s ID or you can use all the filters to get precise options for you. Nevertheless, it might not be as precise as we all would like to due to the lack of the information in girls’ profiles.


There are several options available for you to chat with all those women. You can send them messages. Here, I compiled a table with all prices, and details about the options are just below the table.

Option to communicate Price
Chatting0.5 Credits/5 minutes
Voice message0.3 Credits/1 voice message
Voice call1 Credit/5 minutes
Video through CamShare0.6 Credits/1 minute

5 minutes of chatting would cost you 0.5 Credits. Here you have to depend on the female, aka how fast she will respond. You don’t pay for her replies but she might take forever to answer and you will end up spending a lot of Credits just waiting and waiting. If you don’t feel like typing, you can send a voice message. One voice cost 0.3 Credits. The photo would be for 1.5 Credits.

No worries, you have two more options on how to talk to the woman of your dreams. There are voice and video calls as well. Voice calls can be scheduled, in case you want to connect with a particular woman of your desires. Or you can make an instant call with members who are online and ready to talk. The third call feature is when you are able to receive calls from females. Either option cost 1 Credit per five minutes.

Video is available as a CamShare and works only for video without any audio. You will have a chat bar on the right side to type anything you want. One minute of video chat is 0.6 Credits.

Mobile app

The CharmDate app is an absolute disappointment. Despite the fact that the application looks good on both iOS and Android it is far away from the website. I couldn’t find any search filters, couldn’t even separate females from males. Profiles are empty and most don’t even have photos. In my opinion, the app was just created for long-term and devoted users just to continue chatting with all your female friends, while you are away from the desktop version. Look what I’ve got when tried to search for beautiful Eastern-European ladies!

charmdate review9 - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review

The app didn’t recognize my already registered email from the desktop but I was still allowed to use the same email address to get an account

I tried to log in with the same credentials that I have on the website but it didn’t let me through and I ended up creating the exact same account with the same email address and it let me do it.

charmdate review10 - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review

Special features

All the features on the CharDate are those that basically allow you to communicate with all the females.

Admirer Mail

You can get notifications when someone leaves you a message. Even though this feature is free, to reply to any message you need to spend Credits.


LiveChat is something similar to ChatRoom and you can talk to multiple users at the same time. That would cost you 0.5 Credits per five minutes.

charmdate review11 - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review


Will make your dream to see those females in action come true with CamShare. The price for one minute of video is 0.6 Credits.

Call Service

You can set up scheduled calls, receive calls and just choose a model to talk right away if she is online. 1 Credit per five minutes seems like a fair price.

Virtual gifts

You can buy any of those little and cute cards and notes for 1.5 Credits each and send it to your favorite women.

Gifts and Flowers

This feature might seems the same as the previous one. The idea is the same, the approach is different. Instead of virtual gifts, you can buy actual gifts and flowers that will be sent to the one that took your heart away. The website moderators will help you to choose the gift and contact local shops to deliver it to the destination point. All the prices and a separate delivery fee should be requested personally.

Security and privacy


First things first, I got suspicious that I could use the same email address to create two different profiles on desktop and mobile applications. Despite the fact that email has to be verified each time, I still was able to go through with it. Not very secure, as for me. For instance, Pure wouldn’t allow such a thing. Once you created a profile, it’s completely secure. Your chats would be automatically encrypted. No extra stress and I’m always sure that with Pure my personal information and my private life is staying private and secure. With CharmDate I wouldn’t be 100% sure. So I’d advise not to share a lot of your personal information and especially bank information with strangers online.

Hookup chance


After a few close CharmDate reviews on both desktop and mobile app, I understood that you most likely would never even meet those women in real life. including the fact that all women are beautiful, far away, and you would have never met them in real life, I would give it a try but there is nearly zero hookup chance in real life like other hook up sites might have.

Matching algorithm

The matching algorithm works according to your personal preferences which you can set up in advanced search. Note that not all the profiles have a lot of info, so there is a big chance that you will end up with a lot of matches, but the quality of them is the question. Yet those matches meet only a few basic criteria like age. Also, height seems to be a criteria which women like to specify.

User’s experience

I was wondering if I was the only one who had the same experience with the CharmDate contact or maybe something different. So I did some digging and here is what I’ve got.

charmdate review13 - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review

To meet new interesting people
No matter what kind of relationship you are looking for, people are here. The key is to be up-front from the beginning with whom you are talking to. If you are looking for a serious relationship or looking for casual chatting, just look for the ones that meet your needs. I have been using this app for three months and use it daily to meet interesting new people. I have met every kind of them from every country, and they all say the same thing honesty from the get-go.
Mike B.

charmdate review14 - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review

Worst app in the world
I used this app maybe 4 years ago for a while. Spent I don’t even know how many hundreds of dollars. It’s 100% a scam. You’ll never get your money back since it’s a foreign company, from China guys so c’mon think with the big head for once. Stop giving this company any money. And there are also other ways to make sure the woman is who she says she is. If you know someone in the IT industry I would ask them for help with that. Stop spending $100 for a few emails back and forth. Use a US dating site or better yet, go out and meet someone while doing what you like. And if you truly are lonely, might I suggest using a free porn site? Since you know…they are free.

charmdate review15 - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review

Allow uploading profile videos
This is the first dating app that I have been on. It allows singles to upload profile videos. Most apps are filled with hundreds of pics; however, on this app, women from all over the world are uploading videos about themselves onto their profiles, which makes them seem more approachable. This tool actually lets you get to see a snippet of personality, too, which is a fantastic tool.
Carter P.

charmdate review16 - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review

Final verdict

While I was trying out the service I got 17 personal messages from gorgeous women who were eager to talk to me probably because they were waiting for me to spend money on those Credits. Is it possible to meet someone for serious relationships? No. Is it possible to find a one-night hookup? Definitely not. Despite that, I do believe that the platform is better than the mobile app and if you are looking for sexting experience with the most beautiful women in the world, CharmDate would not be the worst option for you.



If you are looking for something similar but not particularly want to be focused on Eastern-Europeans, I got you uploaded with a few great alternatives.

XMatch logo app tabl 1 - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review
1.0 ★☆☆☆☆
8,000,000 members 1,300,000 users daily 60% / 40% Male & Female
60% / 40% Male & Female
1/5 hookup chance Very Low Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe
high fraud risk Verification email Mobile App none
$19.95/m — $29.95/m subscription price Free version limited basic account
Free version limited basic account
USA, Europe
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screenshot xmatch com 1572474903862 - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review

XMacth has been on the market probably the longest together with Craigslist. It has one of the biggest user’s pool and there is no doubt you can find someone for yourself and another plus that half of the users are in the USA so that would make real face-to-face meetups easier.

pure logo app transparent new 1 - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review
5.0 ★★★★★
11 millions members 300k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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pure dating app ios - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review

Pure might be not as old as any other website but it is on the top nowadays and no wonder why. The app was designed for people to use the online app as a tool to connect and then move to the offline meet up as soon as possible without wasting days or even months talking through the device screens.

Uberhorny logo app tabl - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review
2.0 ★★☆☆☆
2 million members 2,000 logins per day 78% / 22% Male & Female
78% / 22% Male & Female
2/5 hookup chance Low Sex Chance Geography USA, International
high fraud risk Verification email Mobile App none
$9.95 - $80.04 subscription price Free version basic features
Free version basic features
USA, International
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Bedpage Review12 - Is CharmDate Legit and Worth Your Time? Full Review

Uberhorny review will show you that it is also another cool app to try out. A very straightforward platform will help you to find like-minded people who are also looking for a one-night fling and nothing more than that.


What is CharmDate?

CharmDate is an online platform for people to get connected with Ukrainians and Russians.

Do CharmDate scams users?

No, it doesn’t scam users directly, but most of the features are paid so it is definitely not a cheap one.

Can I use Charmdate for free?

For free you can talk with a few users as a new member and view profiles. You have to pay for everything else.

Can I CharmDate login without a profile?

CharmDate com login is impossible unless you create an account first and will verify it through email.

Can I video chat with models at CharmDate?

Yes, you can use video chat as a communication tool to connect with female users at the CharmDate.

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