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Dating a younger man: breaking down everything they don’t tell about age-gap relationships

Ladies are not encouraged to date younger partners. In our society, May-December connections are highly frowned upon — even more so, if a lady stands in that “December” position. What the critiques don’t talk about is that seeing a young guy is often fun. You will be challenged with his energy, enthusiasm, and unique perspective. He will also drive you crazy and be at a different page at times. Here’s what’s

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Divorced dating sites review: coming back with a bang — here’s how to start divorced dating and nail it

In fairy tales and romance novels, all marriages have a happy ever after, so it’s natural to hope yours would, too. Now that it’s over and you are divorced singles, most don’t see themselves ever dating or finding love again. However, settling for loneliness, the lack of mindblowing sex, and heartfelt pillow talks with a soulmate is no way to live either. You are still

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Fuck date the right way: no-string relationship tips and places for finding friends with benefits

Going all the way in a relationship? Trying to love, understand, and support your partner? Falling in and out? Fuck it. Literally. If you feel like sex is all that excites you in a relationship and everything else is a burden, a friends-with-benefits option is always on the table. Mixing love and physical attraction is not always as rewarding as movies make it sound. Moreover, turning casual dating to a commitment can ruin the