Hands at the Helm, or Who Needs a Bed When the Seats Recline

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June 4, 2020

When you both are 18 years old and your libido is through the roof, the brain quickly finds possible places for having some sex fun. Father’s sports car or a yellow Chevrolet Camaro (please ignore, my first boyfriend was a fan of Transformers) always suffer first.

Of course, young couples can wait and check the strength of his or her sofa next time. They can also test the table in the kitchen, examine the bathroom, or entertain the neighbors from the balcony other time. But there are moments when you just want sex so badly that you don’t care where you are.

This is how teenagers and parents with small children behave. The first has nowhere to go, and the second has nowhere to hide. Both can only wait for the next romantic trip unless someone’s eyes fall on the back seat of the car again…

From the Iconic Car Scene in Titanic to Fake Taxi on Pornhub

I think that retelling the plot of the Titanic is not necessary. But even if you forgot all the ups and downs of the script, you must remember the palm against the steamy car window.

This cult frame excites the fragile minds of adolescents and might refresh the long-forgotten fantasies of mature women. In the late ’90s, every girl was obsessed with having sex in the car.

car sex1 1 - Hands at the Helm, or Who Needs a Bed When the Seats Recline

On the side, in the history of cinema, there are other iconic scenes that show how to have sex in the car. For what it’s worth, take a look at the Brokeback Mountain. Believe me, even if you have not seen this film, you have quoted it at least once in your life.

I mean the scene with Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal in a car. Before taking off her clothes, the young Anne asks Jake’s hero whether he thinks she is too fast, and offers him to put the brakes on.

Oh, girls, which of us didn’t say this phrase at least once in a lifetime? It seems to me that it is passed on from one female generation to the next one. Pronounce it, we relieve ourselves of responsibility for further events. We doubted, we asked. In fact, no matter what kind of nonsense the man will answer, the continuation is as follows: he has empty testicles, she cannot find a bra.

But even so, Jake’s answer is worthy of a quote: “Fast or slow, I just like the direction you are going”.

car sex2 1 - Hands at the Helm, or Who Needs a Bed When the Seats Recline

Hathaway, by the way, has another sex car scene in the drama “Crazy”. Here again: night, street, cabriolet, and Anne’s bare breasts, as compensation for the shortcomings of the script. It all sounds like a Hollywood cliche, but I would rather attribute it to the classics. Old, kind, and sometimes a little naive.

Nowadays, after the appearance of Fake Taxi, it became difficult to feel the mystery that sex in the car has before. But it is also hard to believe that just by transferring the action to the car, UK producers created a new porn cult with average traffic of 1,000,000 visits per month. The public is ready today to buy used cabs ten times more expensive than their usual cost. £69,000 for TX4, how do you like that?

car sex3 1 - Hands at the Helm, or Who Needs a Bed When the Seats Recline

Avoid Bruising: Best Positions for Car Sex

The way from theory to the practice of sex in the car lies through the search for really convenient positions. I will not encourage you to go take truant yoga classes, just note that good stretch skills will not hurt in this case. But if only an expired gym membership connects you to the sport, and instead of the equipped Fake Taxi you have, at best, the Nissan X-Trail, then welcome to the club.

Having scored dozens of my own bruises, I determined 6 atypical positions you can practice in your vehicle without feeling crunched for space. With them, your boyfriend will not have to buy a rearview mirror, and your colleagues will not suspect him of domestic violence. This is what your sex-position car bucket should look like:

Road Head

car sex4 1 - Hands at the Helm, or Who Needs a Bed When the Seats Recline

Okay, you can call it cheating, but I’ll say that in real life, almost everyone starts with oral sex in car. Of course, you can move all the action to the back seat immediately, but there will be no intrigue then.

So next time you start kissing in the front seats and his fingers will be digging in your hair, take the lead and surprise your partner by leaning over and unzipping his pants.

Then kneel perpendicular to his seat and flip-down it back so he can give you a Pussy Rub, or at least put a hand on your butt. The only risk is to push the gear knob and roll down the hill, so be careful with the center console between you.

Square Root

car sex5 1 - Hands at the Helm, or Who Needs a Bed When the Seats Recline

When the driver’s seatback is already reclined, move back the seat itself, then climb into their lap and lean back on the windshield. This woman-on-top position gives you control over the speed and tempo, and besides, your partner can caress your bust. There isn’t much space to gyrate wildly, but being so close lets you go deep for G-spot pleasure. Just be careful with the wheel if you do not want to wake up neighbors with a signal, and think in advance where to have car sex invisibly.


car sex6 1 - Hands at the Helm, or Who Needs a Bed When the Seats Recline

Well, everyone knows how it goes, right? If you are nervous that your body will sweat ahead of time, the scissors in the back seats are a great pose that allows your man to work for you. Start lying on your side, then raise your leg and bend it so that your man has easy access to your vagina. He needs to kneel while your lower leg will be lying between his legs and your upper leg will be on the side of his body. Sounds complicated, I know. But at this moment, just imagine that your legs are the scissors’ blades, and you are going to cut off your boyfriend’s leg and everything will become clearer. I am sure, after that, you will better understand how to have sex in car.

Reverse Cowgirl

car sex7 1 - Hands at the Helm, or Who Needs a Bed When the Seats Recline

Cowgirl remains a classic go-to sex move because not only is it comfy, it gets the job done. There are rumors Cowgirl was also President Kennedy’s favorite pose. Well, it is a pity that in his time there was neither me nor Pure. Maybe he didn’t even try to flip it horizontally? And do it with a man laying down, and you straddle him while facing away. Anyway, I highly recommend you try it in the furthest time. First, this position does not require extra space and can be performed at any car seat. Second, you can control penetration and rhythm so that G-spot stimulation is more efficient. And the last, what the man doesn’t like to fuck looking at a juicy butt?

Again On Top

car sex8 1 - Hands at the Helm, or Who Needs a Bed When the Seats Recline

This is one of those positions that I rarely prefer in bed, but it’s actually the best way to have sex in a car. Let your partner sit back comfortably, and snuggle up to him with the whole body while sitting on top. Since you’re facing each other, you can hold eye contact and nuzzle each other’s neck for extra closeness. But if all this vanilla sky is not for you and you wanna thrill, you can strap him with the safety belts and restrict his movements. Just catch the rhythm and alternate smooth grind with a wild ride until you both start cumming. No matter how you do it, I am sure you will enjoy it.

Doggy Style

car sex9 1 - Hands at the Helm, or Who Needs a Bed When the Seats Recline

It’s time to switch positions. Push the front passenger’s side seat as far back as it can go, so that it resembles a bed. Get on all fours and into the traditional doggy style position by grabbing the headrest with your hands, facing the back of the car. If the laws of physics or a beer tummy do not hinder your partner, he will easily kneel and enter you from behind. He can also put his one foot on the glove box between seats and grind into you, holding on to your hips. It sounds tricky, but only until the one from behind learns how to have car sex. Just like riding a bike: once you go, you won’t be able to unlearn it.

As you saw and (I hope) imagined in your head, sex in a car can be really fun! It’s all about not being afraid to try something new, even if it may not have crossed your mind as “sex-in-the-car” friendly. But there are still a couple of things to keep in mind.

10 Tricks That Make Your Car Sex Fun

To make the spontaneous road adventure a little planned or just to take the most of your horny stop, follow these car sex tips:

0 Park it, please

Do not even try to do this, even if you are driving with a Tesla autopilot. Nothing is considered fun if it ends in death.

1 Make it secluded or dark

Add the best places for car sex to your own list: Walmart parking, panoramic hills, movie theater, and state parks in the dark.

2 Lock the doors

If you decided that your own yard is one of the best places to have car sex, then at least turn-off auto light. Otherwise, your curious neighbor can pull the door and ask to join the session.

3 Clean in the cabin

Girls want to sit on your cock, not on your Starbucks mug. Just put all unnecessary to the trunk in advance, and preferably wash the car.

4 Be easy to reach

Say NO to skinny jeans since nobody wants to deal with buttons. His Nike pants plus her Zara flowy dress is the best set for sex on car.

5 Do not overheat

If it is a little cold in the car, then both of you will follow the desire to keep warm. And do not forget to play with a seat heater a bit later.

6 Keep some napkins

Personally, I never throw away wet wipes from KFC and have never regretted it yet. Sex with car is always about the mess, and besides, no one is obligated to swallow.

7 Tie your hair in a ponytail

This is the golden rule of blowjob that is even more crucial when you do it in the car. Get your hair game under control and keep your volume the same after having sex in car.

8 Comfort above all

If you don’t want to annihilate your ribs by leaning over the center console, grab a jacket or other soft item to cushion your feelings. In the morning, your body will thank you.

9 Don’t forget the music

Music is never superfluous, especially in terms of sex. It is a mood-making component that also masks noise. Turned the volume control and feel free to get loud if you feel like it.

10 And the last

Do not throw used condoms on the road, karma works.

To Sum Up

Well, if you recall the fact that everything new is actually well-forgotten old, I have only one question: what did Henry Ford do first — drive his car or have sex in it?

car sex10 1 - Hands at the Helm, or Who Needs a Bed When the Seats Recline

Personally, I find it difficult to answer, but what I know for sure is that having sex in a car is really fun. Even if something goes wrong, it will become a story that you will laugh with your mates over a fifth glass of wine. Don’t dwell on the script, because freestyle is always the key to neat-o.

My best car sex was with a guy from Pure. We chatted for several hours and then realized that public car sex was what we both fantasized about but never tried. An hour later, he had already picked me up on his X5, and another two hours later we were eating burgers at McDonald’s parking lot.

I was ready to believe that this was the beginning of great love. But before I managed to come up with the names of our future children, a tomato fell from my Big Tasty onto a beige front seat… At that moment, his eyes widened to the size of Michigan lakes. And I realized — no, he will never love me like his BMW, so we better stay friends, at least for those 24 hours that our chat will exist in Pure.

car sex11 1 - Hands at the Helm, or Who Needs a Bed When the Seats Recline

Anyway, I need someone from American Airlines to explore the next level of sex with car 🙂

Last but not least, you may ask me, well, this all sounds cool, I’d love to give it a try! So how to find places to hook up in a car near me?

First of all, you can search in Google the most picturesque places to have car sex in your area. This will not be superfluous, even if you do not yet have a partner for sexual experiments in the car.

To the point, you can always use Pure to find someone who is frank in his fantasies. Pure is an anonymous dating app with a dashboard where everyone posts personal ads mentioning what they are looking for. Do you remember my story about X5 and tomatoes? This is it.

icon - Hands at the Helm, or Who Needs a Bed When the Seats Recline
Try shameless dating app.
You'll crave for more!
illustration web 1 - Hands at the Helm, or Who Needs a Bed When the Seats Recline illustration mobile 1 - Hands at the Helm, or Who Needs a Bed When the Seats Recline try now

Pure is not only suitable for finding sext matches that are nearby, but also for highly secure sexting since all conversations disappear in 24 hours. During this time, people can text, share naughty photos, chat with voice, and eventually figure out if the person on the other side is ready to rock the car or not. If the answer is “yes”, you can easily skip the small talk and go straight to the point. If not, self-destructing chat timer will do the trick.


Is it illegal to have sex in your car in the US?

It is legal when it’s invisible. For example, can you get arrested for having sex in a car by California police? Yes, you even could face up to six months in jail and fines of up to $1,000. But how do policemen know that you have broken the law? Only if someone was offended by the proscribed conduct and called cops, or if they see you on their own when patrolling the area. So just having sex in your car without spectators is okay.

Is it illegal to have sex in a car, if you rent it in Europe?

European countries also determine sex in the car as a public exposure, so if caught, you could be charged with gross indecency which could result in a fine or if you’re a repeat offender, possible jail time. It does not matter whether you used a rented car or yours.

Where to have sex in a car so as not to get caught?

The first and the safest place is your parking garage 🙂 At a very close second are any nearby locations with a scenic overlook, beach slopes or forest glades. At night, you can also go to the deserted gym parking. The main thing is not to have sex ON a car.

How to find places to hook up in a car near me?

Try Google Maps and Street View. As for the partner, if you don’t have one, you can always find them on Pure and enjoy the ride.

How to have sex in a car silently?

Paradoxical as it sounds, be louder. Turn on the sub so that its groove mixes with your vibes. Feel the freedom and move to the music.

Bonus Info: 16 Best Songs to Have Sex in the Car

car sex12 1 - Hands at the Helm, or Who Needs a Bed When the Seats Recline
  • Roxette — Sleeping in My Car
  • Disclosure — You & Me (Flume Remix)
  • Lana Del Rey — Cola
  • Rihanna — Sex With Me
  • Depeche Mode — Personal Jesus
  • Childish Gambino — Redbone
  • Yellow Claw — Shotgun ft. Rochelle
  • Klaxons — Magick
  • Selena Gomez — Good For You ft. A$AP Rocky
  • Sevdaliza — Human
  • Portishead — Glory Box
  • BANKS — Brain
  • Prince — Adore
  • Charlie Puth — Attention
  • Skit & Tijani — Sweat
  • The Weeknd — High for this


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