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November 6, 2019
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3.0 ★★★☆☆
900,000 members 30,000/weekly 55% / 45% Male & Female
55% / 45% Male & Female
3/5 hookup chance Medium Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email Mobile App iOS, Android
$16.75 - $71.70 subscription price Free version free to join and create an account
Free version free to join and create an account
USA, Europe, International
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BlackPeopleMeet com is a dating site created for dating Afro-Americans, used for people who look for a black partner in a same-race or mixed-race relationship. Although the website targets mostly black people, users of any race can register the account, provided that they are interested in meeting black users.

My review

The website is created by People Media, a Texas company that specialized in a niche dating. The platform was started in 2002 — it’s one of the early online dating pioneers. On BlackPeopleMeet, users can seek a casual one-night hookup, long-term connections, or even friendships.

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The website uses location as the main selection criteria — you can see the dates nearby, but you can also message those who live far away if you are up for a commute. In this review, I describe my experience of trying to get a date on BlackPeopleMeet and share insider insights.

Audience quality

Visiting statistics prove that BlackPeopleMeet is indeed the biggest interracial dating website out there. More than 16,000 people visit the platform every day, with 90% of users being from the US. Unlike many other dating sites for sex, this one has a relatively equal distribution of male and female accounts — men take up 55% of the user pool, and women comprise about 45% of all members.

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At the moment, there are 5 million users registered on the platform, with 30,000 of them being active every week. The dating network is versatile — you can find partners of different ages, races, and ethnicities.

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Black People Meet login

The process is located on 5 screens, which isn’t short signup — although we can count the last screen out since it’s the ad for a premium upgrade. Users provide their birth date and zip code — no other personal data is requested.

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At the end of registration, users fill out a biography description. They describe romantic interests, hobbies, education, work — anything that could be useful for forming a relationship.

Each member can upload up to 30 pictures. Photos can be taken from your Facebook profile — the app will receive access to your social media albums.

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Making contact

BlackPeopleMeet has a limited number of matches for free users — no more than 11 profiles every day. The dating feed and search is free and can be accessed with no restrictions. On the right-side panel, you can see the list of premium members.

Free users can take a look at the pictures of other members — the profile content access isn’t restricted. Messaging is available to premium users. However, a free member can access a simplified alternative, the game called “I’m Interested.” This redirects you to the Tinder-like dating mode, where you only see the match’s picture, age, location, preview, and online activities.

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BlackPeopleMeet has a comparison game, “Who Do You Like?”. You can see two users at a time and pick the one you’d rather date. If no one captured your interest, you could pass on both. Additionally, you can use the “ConnectMe” chat that will let you call other users without showing your number.

Overall, the website’s dating games make match-making incredibly enjoyable. At least, this answers the question “how to find sexting partners quickly and easily?” The experience would be even better if free members would have more chat options.

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Profile description

BlackPeopleMeet offers detailed profiles of potential matches. All members’ pictures are available for a free preview if only the user didn’t restrict the privacy settings. However, there is a huge drawback, too — the platform currently has no mandatory verification, which is why you always risk spotting a fake account. There is a growing risk of scams.

Although users technically can report fake accounts, this won’t do much good. BlackPeopleMeet’s team creates fake profiles on its own, to test certain new updates. So, it could be that you spotted an official fake.

The profile allows users to introduce themselves to potential matches, describe their hobbies and interests, talk about dating preferences. It’s best not to use sexual vocabulary on the website — after all, it’s not a sex dating website.

My main issue with BlackPeopleMeet is that the website while keeping registration simple, poses little to no demands on the profile’s contents. A user has a profile description that can be easily left blank.

Although the platform offers versatile customization options, most users never take their time to check these out. I could go the extra mile with my profile, but what good will it do if other users fail to put in some efforts? Sadly, this laziness makes dating very difficult, as I never quite knew who I was approaching.

However, most users don’t take advantage of this and leave their profiles blank for the most part because it is not mandatory. You can find dates through this website by picking profiles that are mostly complete, with genuine-sounding entries.

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BlackPeopleMeet reviews

It’s always valuable to get another perspective on the service. This is why I went on social media and forums to look for a review of other daters. Here’s what one of them has to say.

Even though I am white, I always wanted to have a black girlfriend. I never had any prejudices I think I am one of the most open people in this regard. My ex-partner was also African-American, and even though we eventually broke up, I always knew that I want my next relationship to be mixed as well. Guided by this logic, I joined BlackPeopleMeet, since I heard this is the biggest black dating platform. Naturally, it wasn’t easy for me at first — the majority of black girls were looking for dates of their race. However, I did manage to find a couple of matches who were just looking for dates, no matter what race. At the end of the day, I managed to land two great dates here. I don’t know if these encounters will start a serious relationship one day, but I sure had fun.

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BlackPeopleMeet has a minimalistic, well-structured design. The website has rich functionality, and it could be easy to get lost. Still, website designers found a way to group all the features in the left-side menu neatly.

The features are mostly located in the left and top navigation bars. Getting the hang of the platform is incredibly easy. Also, the page load speed was a pleasant surprise. I could access the website well even with a poor connection, even photo-heavy matching feeds and picture albums.

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BlackPeopleMeet offers a basic free version that allows users to register an account, customize a profile, search for dates, upload pictures, and flirt with potential partners via games. Free members can try out a premium version before they commit to buying it — just to get a better look at the website’s full functionality beforehand.

The premium upgrade opens the doors to many essential dating features. After purchase, a member receives a right to message other users, see the visits statistics, promote profile in the feed, use MatchMe and ConnectMe, and get access to ProfilePro customization settings.

The upgraded version costs $16.75/m and gets cheaper with longer subscriptions — $13.95/m for three months and $11.95/m for 6 months. Those users who don’t visit the website regularly can acquire tokens. The smallest amount, 25 credits, costs $0.99, while 280 credits can be bought for $9.99.

Is BlackPeopleMeet affordable?

Yes, you can compare the website to similar solutions on the market, it’s one of the most inexpensive dating services.

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Additional possibilities

This dating service doesn’t limit itself to typical search-write features. BlackPeopleMeet is a creative dating platform with versatile games that make dating incredibly casual and fun. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite entertaining bonuses.

Online gifts

Users can spend credits on getting a gift for their match. Surely, it’s not particularly valuable or practical, but it’s a nice way to express a deeper affection and stand out from other matches. The collection of gifts includes flowers, gadgets, toys — typical romantic gifts, only virtual.


If you are just starting to explore online dating or aren’t sure how you want to present yourself, the service offers a ProfilePro feature. Premium members can contact professional writers anytime and ask for expert advice. The team will review your current profile and make some changes to present you in a better light.

MatchMe and PromoteMe

If you want to get a date as soon as possible or have trouble getting views, you can use a PromoteMe feature that will push your profile to the top of the Feed. To be included in more daily matches, you should choose a Match Me mode — this is how you’ll make a straight way to people’s personalized digests.


Text messages are a nice way to get in touch and introduce yourself, but they are often not enough for a deeper form of communication. With ConnectMe, you can shoot your match a call while still keeping your number hidden. This feature keeps your privacy while allowing you to get to know a potential date better.

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Hookup chance

Now that we’ve been over the entire BlackPeopleMeet’s essential and additional features, we can sum up everything that the service has to offer.

The sign-up process


The registration is fairly easy and fast. Users don’t have to disclose their private data, only age and zipcode are enough. However, the website doesn’t require enough information on hobbies and interests — that would help a lot with forming informed matches.

Getting in touch


This low grade is well-deserved — the website only offers to message to paid users — free members can only flirt and wink. However, there are positive aspects as well — the service offers versatile games and fun interactions.

Audience quality


The website offers a wide user pool with more than 16,000 daily visits. For a narrow-niche website, these are great numbers. Also, I love that it welcomes people of different races and ethnicities, not just Afro-Americans. However, the lack of mandatory profile verifications leads to the growth of fake accounts’ numbers — and this undermines the quality of the user pool.

The experiences of other users


From the feedback of other members, it’s clear that most website visitors are satisfied with available matches and accessible functionality. However, one of the reviews mentioned that it could be difficult for non-black people to find a date since the majority of members are looking precisely for Afro-American partners.

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Editor’s final thoughts

BlackPeopleMeet is an example of a neatly organized niche dating website. The platform knows what kinds of users they target, and doesn’t try to bite more than it can chew. This characteristic is typical for People Media’s specialized dating services, and it’s a very admirable quality.

BlackPeopleMeet managed to solve a problematic dating issue successfully — the misrepresentation of black matches in online dating pools — and turned their websites into the biggest African-American communities.

I like that the website doesn’t limit itself to a particular kind of relationship. You can try everything out, be it a casual encounter or a potential marriage. Sure, there are drawbacks — such as the lack of verification, but BlackPeopleMeet’s good aspects surely outweigh the negative ones.

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Can anyone join

Any user of legal age is free to register on this dating platform. It’s an open place that unites African-American men and women, but it’s also opened to people of other races who want to date black guys or girls.

Who owns BlackPeopleMeet?

People Media, a company that created many niche dating websites.

How to join

The website allows users to register for free. All you need to do is specify your email and password, and fill out your zip code and birthdate. No other personal information is required.

How good is

It’s one of the best dating websites in the black community, but it even stands a fair competition among general websites. Speaking of niche services, it’s one of the best, with rich functionality and creative design.

When did start?

The website became available in 2002.

How is BlackPeopleMeet not racist?

The website’s name has been a controversial topic ever since its launch. Some users complained that a similar name featuring “white” people, would be considered racist immediately, calling out such an approach on being a double standard. However, it’s worth noting that the website doesn’t discriminate people based on their race — anyone is welcome to join the website if they want to meet a black partner.

Also, there is a real issue of misrepresentation of the African-American community in online dating. So, it’s only natural that there has to be a dedicated spot where black people meet, knowing that 95% of the community represents their race.

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Is there a BlackPeopleMeet mobile site or app?

The service has a mobile app, supported by Android and iOS devices — you can get the official version in the App Store and Google Play. Also, the website has a responsive mobile web version.

How much does BlackPeopleMeet cost?

The registration is free. However, to access messaging features and get access to the majority of the platform’s functionality, you need to acquire a membership. The starting price of the subscription is $4.19/week.

How to get BlackPeopleMeet for free?

You can simply register an account to get access to the basic free version of the website. However, if you are talking about premium membership, then you’ll have to wait will the service offers 7-day trials — unfortunately, these offers are not regular. To get updated on the trial offers, check your email and allow the website to send you promotional notifications.

How do I change the credit/debit card associated with my BlackPeopleMeet account?

You can update your payment settings at any moment. Firstly, choose settings in the right-upper section of the page. Here, you’ll see a “My Account” drop-down panel. This menu allows users to preview and edit the status of their account — so click “View Account Status” to get to the page. Finally, scroll down and click on “What Is My Payment Type” — here you’ll see the current details. To update this information, click “Change”.

How do I update my billing or payment information on BlackPeopleMeet?

If your card doesn’t have enough funds or has a limit, the website might be unable to charge you. In that case, youll receive a notification that your payment was declined, and, as a result, the subscription won’t get acquired. To solve this issue, you need to contact your bank and edit credit card’s settings.

How to update my zip code?

You can change your personal information anytime. If you want to change a zip code, here are 5 steps:

  1. Choose Settings in the upper-right corner of the main page.
  2. Click a “My Account” button from the upper drop-down panel.
  3. Choose a “Location Info” and click the “Edit” button.
  4. Select your country and save the changes.
  5. Type a relevant zip code, and save the information.

Make sure that you entered the data correctly — otherwise, the service will show you an error. If that’s the case, you likely entered the wrong zip code.

Can you tell me how to delete the BlackPeopleMeet profile?

You can delete your profile by clicking on the “Settings” icon on the right-upper corner of the page. Here, click on the drop-down menu and choose “My Account”. You’ll get redirected to profile settings. Find your Account Status and click to view it. Here, you’ll see the option of removing the page from the service. Just click the button and confirm your action. All your uploaded information and personal data will be automatically erased from the service along with the profile.

How do I cancel my BlackPeopleMeet subscription?

When a paid subscription period is over, the payment is automatically withdrawn from the card in your payment settings. To avoid a new payment, you need to cancel a subscription first.

Choose “Settings” and go to “My Account” panel in the drop-down panel in the right-upper corner. Choose the Account Status section and choose to view account status.

To see subscription details, click on “More Account Status Changes” and terminate your subscription in that panel. If the update failed to process or safe, you could call the support team at 1-886-727-8920.

What are the best Black dating sites?

Another alternative to meet black people are Pure, EliteSingles, eHarmony, Zoosk, and OurTime for senior daters. Even though these platforms aren’t strictly for black dating, they have quite a big community of Afro-American users.

pure logo app transparent new 1 - BlackPeopleMeet review 2020
5.0 ★★★★★
11 millions members 300k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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Black people you see on Pure are online right now

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Our users are making it clear: they want to hookup within one hour.

Unlike most sex websites, we do not have awkward questionnaires. The service works as a local sex app based on your location: the first thing you need to get a match is your registration. After your sign-up, you will see lots of people in your district with the distance between you shown. To try your fate, you can like, dislike or super like other members to come together.

The last step is a flirty conversation, which starts if your chemistry is mutual.

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Download Pure from Google Play or App Store and get 3 days free trial! You can also read our review on the best cougar dating sites and other interesting materials from the “Online dating” section.

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