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September 25, 2019

Savage sex is fun time to time and we heard about it a lot already but essential lovemaking might be just the spice you were looking for that will suit you both. We say making love is back on track with the new spirit.

We used to see how to make love through TV screens. The beautiful and erotic scenes which are well produced and accomplished give the viewer the feeling of passion in slow motion. Every single one of us at least once wondered how that would feel in real life? Is it that pleasing and satisfying as it is in the movies? How making love any different than rather typical sex?

The name is “making love” for a reason. There is nothing similar to the simple sex when you are on it as fast and as rough as you can. There are more emotions and intimacy involved in lovemaking sex. Because women love their sex slow and romantic. This is how nature created it. Although it doesn’t mean you particularly need to be in love with the person to experience it fully.

Make loving myths and facts

Some may disagree but we think slow and sensual sex is the best way to make love to a woman. The best way for that is obviously an old, well-known missionary position. There is a lot of discussion going on around this particular sex position. How to know what is true and what is false? To expose the topic more let’s give a look at the main myths and facts about the lovemaking type of sex and the most convenient sex position of all times.


Missionary can be as boring as you can make it.

  1. Missionary position is boring. Is it though? Missionary can be as boring as you can make it. If we face it — the position is so intimate that will help you to get even closer and deeper with your partner through skin-to-skin, body-on-body action. Make love to her with that is definitely a sexy and powerful level up.
  2. It is impossible to experiment while you are making love in a missionary. No, it is not. Put that thought in a trash can together with the opinion that to make love you only need to be in love. Whoever said missionary can’t be kinky — didn’t live their life fully. A lot of people imagining missionary sex position as something dull and for older couples that are happening under the bedsheets. Which could be partly true but have you ever tried to have sex in missionary on the stairs or on your kitchen floor. Experimenting is the key. You can widen your options with hands down or by bringing a friend to the bed. A little vibrating friend that will be a good addition to your enjoyment. Pleasure for 2, please.
  3. Men are doing all the work. Myth is as old as the universe. Not only a man can be active to show how do you make love to a woman. In fact, Kamasutra had its own version of a missionary position where men and women stay in their usual positions although the woman is the one who is active. Letting up her pelvic area to approach the penis. Should we mention what a great workout is this?
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Missionary position is the OG within all sex positions.

  1. Missionary position is in the top 5 of favourite positions for men. Even though it is considered as a romantic position that still gives a man control he needs. Feeling dominant while making love eyes to eyes, as easy as for instance in a doggy style.
  2. This is the safest position of all. With a simple missionary, there are fewer chances for both men and women to end up in a hospital.
  3. Missionary is the most convenient sex position to make love. With this position, you can have an accessible approach to start vaginal and anal sex or any sex that you are both desires. There is also “intercrural sex” which is a real thing. The sex is about putting lube on the woman’s tighs and sliding man’s penis in between.

Main tips to how do you make love to a woman

If you are looking for ways to impress her with romantic lovemaking you are moving in the right direction. The tips below will guide you to know exactly how to make love to a girl that will set her mood and she will be begging you for more.

#1 Set the mood

Make an effort. Be aware that the lights should be dimmed. Get some rose petals on the floor (even can make a tiny corridor to guide her to the romantic spot if you are preparing a surprise for her). Champagne goes perfectly with flower petals by the way. Work on the playlist with some slow remixes and her favourite songs.

#2 Foreplay should be sensitive. Make it so

Before you start the whole thing make sure you know about all of her erogenous zones in advance. If you don’t know them yet — no need to panic. Be attentive to her whole body. Make love means to know every part of her. Take it slow, little by little. Start with her clothes, you can play with it. Combine taking off her blouse or dress, and even a t-shirt with short yet impassioned kisses all over her neck and collarbone. Be playful with her ears — that is the tip you might want to remember for sure. It is very turning on for a woman when you also take your time with no distractions to take off her bottom clothing. If you are more of a rip-it-off kinda guy — it is better for you to forget about that trick of yours for this one time. Take it off gently and stay focused on her body, kiss her thighs and make eye contact. That will drive her crazy. That is the key to how to make love to a woman.

#3 Pick the right sex positions

Think it through. A suggestion is to start with a missionary position, this is why we’ve had so much of an educational material above. That will get you both into the most intimate mindset: face-to-face, skin-to-skin. Afterwards, you should be creative not to make it dull. You might switch to the side position. You might not see her face clearly but that will allow you to hold her with one hand, pleasing her from the side, and touching her whole soft body with another hand, maybe even play with your fingers more around her clit for instance. Way better than a doggy style. To finish it on the high note — put her into her favourite position. Please her. Which takes us straight to the next tip about lovemaking.

#4 Make it about her

Let her feel adored and sexy like never before. Make sure she is relaxed and feeling herself. Now, remember, no need to rush with the actual sex. Take it slow and think about her. Put her pleasure above yours don’t rush the orgasms. Let them be as they come. Take a note that not all perfect sex suppose to end up with a necessary orgasm. Be thoughtful about the process. You are here to enjoy the whole journey together instead of reaching the final destination as fast as possible.

Best way to make love - Best way to make love and impress your woman

#5 Go down on her

Do it even if it is not your regular or favourite thing to do. Women love it and acknowledge it very much. You don’t have to be on it for three hours straight. Be resourceful, use your fingers, toys are welcomed as well.

#6 Take control

In a matter of fact, you already have. Women like to feel dominated and vulnerable. Show them that you are carrying man. The woman next to you in bed needs the most attention from you right now. Give it to her.

#7 Cuddle

Don’t turn your back on her once you are done. Making love means not only sensual sex. It also about making her feel comfortable and magnificent before, during, and after sex. Make sure she feels appreciated not only included her body but her mind too. Meaning cuddles included.

#8 The award goes straight to your pocket

Once you make her toes curl she will be yours. There is an ultimate victory in the pleasing woman by making love to her. She loves it — you will get at least twice more rewording pleasure from her in return. Women are thankful. Do your homework well, make notes on her behaviour and sexual preferences. Please her and let her please you in return.

Men want to make love too

Despite the fact that in common opinion, men are only express courage and brutality, they yet can be very sensitive and needy.

Intense and rough sex is great but men the same as women would love to have lovemaking once now and then.

to make love - Best way to make love and impress your woman

Imagine he has prepared the most romantic evening for you with all the sense of intimacy. He is ready to impress you with all the pleasure as he did his research well. You cannot fail on your end and be there just a pretty woman. You need to put an effort too. We know you would want that for your man. This is why we prepared the main tips on how to make love with a man right here. Are you ready?

#1 Dress-up

Men love with their eyes and that is true of all times. Try to wear something unusual or spice it up with some sexy and classy lingerie.

#2 Tease him

There is a thin line between foreplay and teasing. Foreplay is usually the next step. Teasing can come through clothes, maybe you decided to go commando for a romantic dinner. Don’t forget to let your man know about it the minute you stepped outside. Tease him when you are already in the bedroom. Wear some see thru dress and don’t let him touch you just yet. Set the mood and become the most wanted woman of his desire.

#3 The time has come for you to foreplay

Most people underestimate the foreplay. Although we believe foreplay is the key to get to know your partner’s body. Explore the favourite erogenous zones. Make sure to touch every part of his body. He is more impressionable than you might think.

#4 Communicate

Make sure you talk during the seduction process. The more you communicate the more pleasure you both will achieve during the whole sexy time. Communication will guide you to be safe too.

Best way to make love your woman - Best way to make love and impress your woman

#5 Be vocal and talk dirty

Not only women love with their ears. Men can be very much into hearing how much pleasure he gives you. Nevertheless, don’t miss out to talk dirty. We don’t need to explain more.

#6 Use your mouth

Take the initiative in your own hands and your mouth. Make it slow and intimate. Remember your goal not to make him come as fast as possible. So don’t rush and enjoy it.

#7 Touch yourself

He has to see it. Here is where the self-confidence matters.

#8 Do your homework

If you know your men well — you’d know what he desires. Try to excite him by giving him the pleasure to try it with you. Or simply bring in something new. Something that will satisfy him first. Maybe he was curious about tea-bagging or wants you to go deep throat.

Looking for a woman to impress? We are here to help

What if you want to try all of the things mentioned before although you are a single person who is seeking for love?

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All we need is love and that is not a crime to wish to have someone significant in your life. Especially with this life speed that is moving so fast. In a world with social media where we are rushing all the time from meeting to meeting to achieve our goals, there is simply no time for a partner seeking. Besides blind dates somehow always turns out to be a complete disaster. Is there a cure? Two words: online dating.

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There are many sex dating apps with free features, but Pure is different. With setting up a profile at dating website you have a chance to expand your chance to meet up with someone real who can further be a meaningful someone further on. That will save up you the energy because you are the one who is searching. You are in full control of picking the person you would prefer the most.

You can have enough time before you would send out the first message that will set the tone. Through messaging, you can go as far as you would like to see if the woman fits your preferences. Will she be the one you would love to make love to?

Dating platforms will give you access to the closest people in your area so that the perfect one won’t be far away from you.

Leave behind the online services that didn’t work out the way you wanted. There are so many scammers right now that will try to sell you female bots instead of real women. The bots will only tease you online, swindle you into paying money for online conversations that will never end up outside of the virtual world.

We are here to help as noticed. This is why we have the most wonderful dating platform that can help to accomplish everyone’s fantasy.

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Platform with no bots and fakes

Pure is highly oriented on its users. More than 100,000 users on a daily basis visiting the platform to find an equal for themselves to share their common interests. The smart algorithms will connect you with people around your location according to your gender preferences, general requirements, and sexual preferences. That is the most simple way to begin your seeking adventure for your soulmate.

The dating site for free will offer you nevertheless dating section and the blog where you can turn for the advice. No further distractions from the opposite side. The architecture of the platform was created to ease usage. Together with a pleasant artful design, the service will not bore you with the complexity of the images or unnecessary ads.

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You have a chance now to try out a 3-days Trial of the platform for Free with all the Premium features included so you can fully enjoy. You will have unlimited messaging set up for you between other users. Get your access to accustom your profile, and to put it on top for the viewers to get a bigger pool of choice for yourself. With a free trial, you’ll get to test and unlock the additional features and disable annoying ads.

People you see on Pure are online right now

To set up a profile is will take you only a few minutes. Pure is not here to play with your precious time nor with your security. You would need only an email address to go through, no need to provide social media links. The belief is that private life should stay private. That is a helping tool to be exposed to the Pure community, and be yourself. Don’t worry, your profile information is secure.

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After registration, you will have one hour to chat with people you would connect with. One hour is enough to figure out if the person suits you by all meanings. Within one hour you may other continue talking and arrange the very first date or pass on if you don’t feel that person meets your preferences. It’s totally up to you.

Always remember who you are, stay safe, and be prepared to try everything mentioned here.

Love. Try. Impress

It takes courage to become a sex God in bed. It takes intuition to get to know the woman, and to please her body and mind and know the best ways to make love to a woman. Make love to her the way you feel and become the greatest lovemaker in her life. After you will open your sensual side of yours you’d become the person who will fulfil all her fantasies. Her entire body will shake and covered with goosebumps after pronouncing your name out loud. Does this sound like your future reality?

What are you waiting for then? Learn theory and practice how to make love to a woman, look for a partner on best hook up sites. That is a way to awesome and rewording to miss out. Go for it.

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