Best Sex Toys For Her In 2021

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April 22, 2021

Even though female masturbation is still sometimes treated as taboo, most women agree that it’s an essential element of self-care that is beneficial to their mental and physical health. 

Sometimes trying out a new sex toy can help you discover the unknown before sensations that your body can offer and add a new spark to the relationship with your partner.  



Certified sex therapist Kat Van Kirk says: “Vibrators can help your body learn to respond to a variety of sensations. It also creates more variety in your sexual repertoire and can spice up your long-term sexual relationships.”

Whether you’ve never used a sex toy before and don’t know where to start or are just looking for something new to spice up your sex life, you probably don’t want to waste your time researching the recent trends in the sex toy industry. 

No worries! We came up with a shortlist of the best sex toys for women in 2021, so you can spend less time browsing through sex shops and more time enjoying yourself and having fun with your partner.


Lelo Sona Cruise


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Sona, developed by Swedish sex toy powerhouse Lelo, is a soundwave clitoris stimulator. The device’s special oscillating pad creates pulses and waves instead of vibrations. Lelo say this toy is designed to translate the pulses throughout the entire body of the clitoris, including the parts under the surface. The toy automatically increases intensity when pressed hard against the body. Sona is USB-rechargeable, 100% waterproof, and made from a single piece of body-safe silicone. Lelo Sona Cruise has eight settings controlled with the push buttons on the handle. 



Cuddly Bird


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Created by a female-led pleasure-positive brand from the Netherlands, Cuddly Bird was designed to look different from your typical sex toy. This suction clitoral vibrator offers both targeted suction and wide coverage vibrations provided by a long-lasting USB-rechargeable battery. If fully charged, the device can be used for sucking 2,5 hours and vibrating for one and a half hours. You can choose between two modes, “O” for sucking and”≈”for vibrating. This soft and cute toy comes in Pink, Lilac, Yellow, and Mint. The Cuddly Bird is 100% waterproof and safe to use. It will cause no irritation or infection to your vagina.



Satisfyer MultiFun 3

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The Satisfyer MultiFun 3 offers more than 33 ways of use. It’s fun for singles and couples of both genders. The toy has three powerful vibration motors located at the lower end of the shaft and on each of the movable arms. You can choose between 10 exciting vibration levels, which you can adjust separately in both arms. This will open up an incredible variety of vibration combinations for you in your love play. The 180° rotating head of the Satisfyer MultiFun 3 makes it easy and comfortable to use in all positions.

The MultiFun 3 is made of velvety soft hygienic silicone, which is also waterproof. It’s available in three stylish colors – Navy Blue, White, and Black.



Svacom Cookie & Candie 

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Cookie & Candie are two foreplay waterproof vibrators that are sold together. You can use this duo for tickling, caressing, and intense clitoral stimulation. The devices are made from eco-friendly silicone; however, they have plastic details inside, so the toys are not a good choice for environmentally conscious women. 

The vibrators have three speeds and are recommended for use without lubricant, according to the Svakom website. Due to their ergonomic shape, they fit comfortably in your hand and are perfect to use in the shower or bathtub.

The products are sold with an elegant presentation box, a charging cable, and a drawstring storage pouch. There is also a nice bonus, the 10-year guarantee to replace your toys for half price.



G-vibe Gballs 2

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G-vibe Gballs 2 is an app-based controlled kegel exerciser for the pelvic floor muscles. The device helps you stay healthy and have better sex. It’s a personal sex fitness coach that connects to your smartphone by Bluetooth, making sure you complete your exercises correctly. 

When you squeeze gently, the kegel balls vibrate, but as you squeeze harder, the intensity of the vibration rises as well. The user can adapt their kegel workout for the ultimate strengthening results by receiving immediate feedback on the app. The app also has a period tracker, which helps keep track of your ovulation and period.

The G balls 2 measure 31 x 83 mm and weigh 54 grams. The toy is easy to clean and feels super comfortable during use due to its soft body-safe silicone coating, flexible yet sturdy neck between the balls, and a light retrieval cord that helps to comfortably pull it out.


We-Vibe Wand

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The We-Vibe Wand is a modern take on a classic wand massager. While intended primarily for clitoral use, the wand also includes two silicone attachments to broaden your horizons. 

This toy is about 30 cm long and has quite a standard design – a squishy silicone head, a semi-flexible neck, and a curved handle/body. This wireless waterproof rechargeable wand offers you lots of vibration levels and a Smart Silence mode (that’s quite useful if you’re trying to be discreet. If you want to invite your partner to have some fun with you, you can offer them to control your wand with a We-Connect App.


Tiger Vibe G5

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The Tiger Vibe G5 is a bestseller. It’s a powerful, flexible, rechargeable vibrator with a G-spot stimulation and silicone curves and ridges. Its 12 deep frequencies distribute equally throughout the entire shaft. Designed and handcrafted in Germany, the toy offers intuitive controls with a QuickStop function, a loop handle and raised buttons (that make it easy to operate even if your hands are covered in lube), and a travel lock.



Iroha Zen By Tenga Matcha Vibrator

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If you’re intimidated by big vibrators, such as Tiger Vibe G5, you can try out The Iroha Zen. It’s a bulb-shaped, wave textured, yet simple and easy-to-use vibrator, with only 3-speed and a pulse setting. You can use it the same way you would any other clitoral vibrator, but thanks to its squishy “soft-touch” silicone and bumpy texture, you’ll have some added sensations to enjoy. If you live with a roommate, you might also appreciate the toy’s quiet motor. However, if you’re a person of bigger body sizes, there is a chance you’ll find Iroha Zen too short for your preference. 



MysteryVibe Crescendo

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The Crescendo is quite a unique vibrator designed to mimic your fingers, and its shaft can bend to fit your body. You can curve it into a V-shape and use it for both penetrative and clitoral stimulation at once. The device is designed for you to receive targeted stimulation on all your erogenous zones, from G-spot to P-spot. 


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You can also offer your partner to use MysteryApp to take control over your pleasure. You can explore both the 12 pre-set vibes or customizable options. You can create vibration patterns up to 5 minutes and then loop them for undisturbed stimulation.


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