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June 3, 2020

If you haven’t tried webcam before, you lost quite a few pleasant moments in your life. I like to refer to webcams as online strip clubs and it is always somewhere in between porn websites and chat rooms or simple sexting. But better.

The industry is filled with hundreds of live free adult webcams and while some of those may be free, you still have to have money in your pocket, at least to tip all those gorgeous adult webcam models. For the record, the website is not only for hungry men, as a lot of people think. As a female, I myself was hypnotized by all the models regardless of their gender. Meaning, whoever you are, this will be interesting for you!

Adult Webcams Sites188 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

Most Popular Adult Webcam Sites

So even though the market has a lot of options to offer, not all the adult webcam chat rooms and websites are worth your time, energy, and money. My journalistic spirit never lets me rest, so I’ve collected 4 best adult webcam services to see what they have to offer and whether they are really the best out there.

I focused my attention on the insides of each adult webcam site to see what categories they offer, how hot and attractive their models are, what is their pleasure rate, and of course, how much all of that will cost you and whether it’s worth your time. Let’s do this!

Cams logo app tabl 1 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try
0.0 ☆☆☆☆☆
unknown members 14,000 models online 75% / 25% Male & Female
75% / 25% Male & Female
/5 hookup chance Zero Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
high fraud risk Verification email Mobile App none
$12.73 - $18.19 subscription price Free version basic account
Free version basic account
USA, Europe, International
Sponsored ads is the top adult webcam site whether you go and google it or ask a friend. I learned about it from my friend a few months back. He seemed to be in some kind of a shock to learn that I hadn’t tried it myself yet. Must confess I did like those cams.

Adult Webcams Sites2 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try



Three stars go to three categories that offers. Everything is simple, Females, males, and trans models are ready to provide you with exclusive video content. There are no categories as such but the filter works good enough. You can search based on looks aka physical appearance, age, kinks, and ethnicity. Each category will sort the models based on their popularity and online/offline status at the moment.

Adult Webcams Sites4 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try
Adult Webcams Sites5 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

I like that the filters are precise and different for any gender. Obviously more filters to apply to female models because those are more on high demand in comparison with the other two categories. Each category will also show you models who have just logged in and are currently online.


★★★☆☆ uses a bunch of marketing moves to demonstrate that the platform is one of the top free adult webcam sites. Free is the keyword. But is it the truth though?

Free Services

Like I always say, looking is for free. And in this case with, the website indeed doesn’t require you to pay a penny and you don’t necessarily need to register if your plan is to get around and view light erotica. You can even view one recorded video by one without extra charge. But that’s about it. All you can do is watch a light erotica that is mixed with, what seems to be, the first 15 seconds of another porn video, where the actress shows off her goodies in lingerie. To do any extra move, you have to throw some shmoney.

Paid Services

If you are ready to throw a little virtual cash to your model crush, you need to get yourself some tokens — that’s the currency that circulates inside of the platform. You can also buy a membership for 1 or 3 months that usually just provides you with different amounts of Tokens and nothing extra.

Adult Webcams Sites6 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

With you get from 100 to 1,000 tokens. As a newcomer, you can have a different special offer each time or you can get that offer if you happen to have multiple bank cards and a bunch of other emails. Anyway, let me break it down by numbers for you.

Adult Webcams Sites7 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

There are quite a few things you can do with your tokens. For instance, the newest feature called Cam2Cam will cost you from 10 tokens per minute and it will allow the model to see you one on one to play. You can tip models. The rate of such tips can be either fixed or you can leave whatever you feel like. Each model sets her own rules for that. Also, keep in mind that each model is able to set her own price for each feature besides buzzing ones. Below are approximate prices that came up for the models I fancied.

Adult Webcams Sites8 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try
  • Sending anonymous virtual gifts is free.
  • Simple “Toy buzz” is 5 tokens.
  • Superbuzz is 15 tokens.
  • Private chat is from 30 to 45 tokens per minute if you want to join.
  • Cam2Cam is from 10 tokens/minute.



On the main page you see the grid with female models to choose from. On the bar of the page, they are also classified by a few preferences. Models who are online right now are listed first. You can check out new models together with top videos, recorded or custom videos that more or less reminded me of homemade porn short videos. Unlimited access to all custom videos is available for 50 tokens.

You can choose sex tags, interactive experience where you can control the buzz of the sex toy (remember that buzz and superbuzz features), the preferred region, and finally to the list of your favorite models.

Another cool thing, if you are just like me and hate to wait for things to spice up, check the upper part of each model’s picture and find the emblems Private, Nude, and Tipping. All three means that models are naked and you can enter the get straight to adult webcam sex, which is usually with a powerful sex toy.

Adult Webcams Sites9 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

Last but not least, each model will have a chat window on the right side of your screen where you can type messages, the same window where the model will see the buzzing thing. Basically tell her what you want her to do. For tokens, obviously.


★★★★☆ doesn’t have millions of female models but enough to entertain you. Besides, there are all have a schedule of their appearance and each day they do something else with their hair, makeup, clothes, and sex toys. You can see the schedule in the profile that is all the way down on the same page under the live video. You can chat with any model in theory in their chat window on the right, yet a lot of top models restrict their chats for users who have not purchased tokens yet.

Adult Webcams Sites10 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

As for male models, to my huge disappointment, expectations didn’t meet reality. Whenever I saw a really hot guy and clicked on him, all I’ve got were dudes who were barely looking at the camera and watching some TV shows in the background. Well, it felt more like cam viewers were in the background, and the TV show was the reason for them to be there. Or some were looking just bored af, like this fella below.

Adult Webcams Sites11 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try
Adult Webcams Sites12 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

As for trans models, there were very few of them in general. I saw only 33 online, and nearly half of them were not alone. Double pleasure for the same price, you’d think. Price is the same but zero action. I even caught one drag queen and I was hoping that would be the next RuPaul Drag Race superstar but she just sat there nervously tugging her leg (which I thought at first), but in reality, she was playing dirty under that table.

Adult Webcams Sites13 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

Pleasure Rate


To sum up, I would say I enjoyed it on a high-medium level. I wasn’t ready to pay for a private chat, because I’m saving myself for some very special, lust-from-the-first-sight model. Of course, I won’t lie and I did enjoy ladies way more than dudes, some trans, on the other hand, were alright but nothing exciting. But again, I watch RuPaul show way too often. So if you are looking for hot females to entertain yourself with, can fulfill your fantasy.

Camsoda logo app tabl - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try
3.0 ★★★☆☆
600,000 members 40,000/weekly 70% / 30% Male & Female
70% / 30% Male & Female
3/5 hookup chance Medium Sex Chance Geography USA, International
medium fraud risk Verification email Mobile App none
$19.99 - $99.99 subscription price Free version Free 25 tokens
Free version Free 25 tokens
USA, International
Sponsored ads

CamSoda is another adult chat webcam site that is quite popular, so no wonder it is next on my list. Besides, it has a very loud speaking marketing that attracts the media so I’ve definitely heard about it a long time ago but never actually paid attention to it. The first thing that caught my eye after registration was that almost every model has a little video preview that she can post instead of her pic to attract more people.

Adult Webcams Sites14 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

It is quite popular because a lot of current popular porn stars are a part of a CamSoda family. For instance, if you go to the Exclusive video tag, you will find 17 videos that were made by porn stars like Adriana Chechik, Tori Black, and others. There are also a few podcasts from porn models and actresses.



I’ve rated it with two stars only because it has female entertainment and nothing else. Models are categorized by tags. I also did like a tiny highlight above all models that inform you about hottest shows for tonight. You can hit on that highlight and see the model herself and Alert Me button would send you an email before the show starts.

Adult Webcams Sites15 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try
Adult Webcams Sites16 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

To be honest, I was expecting way more categories and more structured and hot tags. But hey, that’s just me. I’m sure some of you prefer this type of search.



Okay, so here is the deal. You have Token currency like at and you can buy a monthly subscription. But hell with that, you can watch most of the models masturbate and play with themselves without any payments and I’m all in!

Adult Webcams Sites17 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

I have a confession to make, I spent a good 10 minutes watching her till I realized that I have a review to write. Anyway, the point is that each model can set goals to reach, like a certain number of tokens to get nasty. Like Bllueice set the goal to squirt, once her tips will get to the point of 1,000 Tokens.

Adult Webcams Sites18 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

Free Services

I would say that CamSoda is one of the best adult webcam sites that the market has to offer. Simply because you can get the action without paying to enjoy. And as I’ve mentioned before, you can view exclusive videos without any tokens. Most models set their video chat preferences that way so that only users who have Tokens are able to participate in the chat with them, but I’m sure you can find someone new who doesn’t have that restriction.

Paid Services

Now let’s talk numbers: you can get tokens or Premium monthly subscription. The latter will cost you $19.95. That includes ads removal forever and ever, Private option to message models, 200 free credits, and custom tip amount, in case if you want to make it more, of course.

Adult Webcams Sites19 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

Now, there is also another way to spend your money on the platform: Tokens. If you are not ready to commit to this nearly free adult webcam, you can always buy Token currency. It won’t save you from ads but will allow you to do pretty much everything with CamSoda models. Me likey. But, there is always a but, right? CamSoda seems to have 50 Tokens given out for free, yet you will have to fill in your payment details to purchase Free tokens. However, if you are planning to spend some, no need to worry, the payment is secure.

Adult Webcams Sites20 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try



The minute you enter the platform, all the models are right there, on the page and there is no need to do any additional moves. You don’t even need to register to view videos for like 10-15 minutes, and 90% of videos are naked, playful, and juicy. By the way, after those 10-15 minutes, the video will be stopped for you. CamSoda will ask you to register just to make sure you’re over 18 years old.

Adult Webcams Sites210 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

By the way, you can get them anyways. This came to my email despite the fact that I didn’t set any alarms.

Adult Webcams Sites23 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

Now let’s move to the menu bar. Home is obviously the main page with all the models and tag search. Stream Live will forward you to the registration to become a model. It is simple if you were wondering.

Adult Webcams Sites25 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

The next in line we have dating that would lead you to InstaBang for you to find a real hookup. However, If I were you I would choose Pure, simply because it has way more real users who are open to unplanned adventures with no time-wasting. Plus the app is built like the feed with ads and not profiles like all the other apps; so your personal information stay with you and you don’t need to worry about it leaking.

Exclusive videos, my media, and top videos&pics are the last things on the menu bar. I’ve already spilled the tea about exclusive videos. Media is where you can keep all the models’ videos or photos that you liked and decided to add to the list to have a shortcut to them. Top videos&pics combine all the most popular amateur materials and Top models of the month. All videos here are paid but affordable.

Adult Webcams Sites27 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try
Adult Webcams Sites28 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try



Despite the fact that I was complaining at the beginning that there are only female models, I tend to like it. Models are beautiful, well dressed, and for sure they enjoy what they are doing. No wonder they get a lot of tips and have numerous private chats. Each model earns $1.50 per minute from one user.

Adult Webcams Sites29 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

I wish I could give CamSoda models 5 stars. But I couldn’t — because of a few co-called models that were wearing crumpled pajamas and staring at their phones even though their profiles look professional and hot. Maybe I caught her on a bad moody day, but then just don’t go live or talk dirty, I don’t know.

Adult Webcams Sites30 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try
Adult Webcams Sites31 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

Pleasure rate


At the end of the day, I would highly recommend CamSoda as one of the top free adult webcams as I enjoyed it quite a lot. Nearly all the models love to chat and really enjoy what they are doing. I have a feeling that they earn enough.

CamSoda is an affordable adult live webcam if you want to get closer with any model or even a real pornstar, yet it is a pure pleasure to enjoy the platform for free. All you need is to register.


MyFreeCams looks exactly like one of those old-school free adult webcam chat rooms that we had back in a day together with Craigslist Personals. The main page is filled with female models and all their hottest photos. Yet, I had a feeling that I might need a microscope to actually see anything. Good thing, the moderators tried to fit in and make visible as many models as possible.

Those settings are automatic, the small photos in the grid, and you can change it in your Settings. But I didn’t like it right away, so I’ll complain about that anyway.

Adult Webcams Sites32 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try
Popularity 600,000
Registration yes
Mobile app none
Price from $19.99
Free version yes
Number of categories females only with a search engine
Pleasure rate ★★☆☆☆

If we compare and CamSoda to MyFreeCams, the latter is far behind. Plus, it takes a bit longer to load all the pics and the page itself, which all Millenials will get annoyed about. I’m that example.



MyFreeCams, the website on top 10 on the search as a free adult web cam, has zero categories but search filter. Let’s call in a search engine, that in my eyes looked that way, and nothing like those regular search filters that we all are used to. I managed to understand how to set only the highlighted room, region, and show on the top of the list. That’s about it and I had no idea how to adjust the rest.

Adult Webcams Sites33 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try



I guess MyFreeCams gives out a hint that it is supposed to be a free webcam adult website. And it indeed has awesome features that don’t require any payments.

Free Services

The minute I entered the website I clicked on the first model that I picked by her looks and started to test for how long is it possible to watch the video without any payment and even registration. Let’s say more than an hour. Point for that.

Paid Services

MyFreeCams has the whole other article on Wiki about its Premium subscription. It also appears on the top of the Token Purchase for 200 Tokens, where membership will cost you $19.99/month.

Adult Webcams Sites34 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try
Adult Webcams Sites35 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

Comparing to other platforms, the prices are pretty much the same for 550 Tokens. And interaction with models is going the same way. Most of the models allow messaging in chat only for users who purchased Tokens. In other words, for any direct communication with any model, you have to pay.

Adult Webcams Sites36 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

Overall, the platform seems to be the same price per Tokens but models do charge a lot. Just a simple pic sent to you in private would cost you 450 Tokens, and with some models it is nearly $50 per photo. That’s like, way too much. For $50 I can get a yearly Pure subscription and meet way more than one person and sexting buddies with infinite number of hot selfies.



To be honest, neither website nor search filters impressed me. And those are some of the most important features for any adult webcam chat. The video quality is also far away from being HD and models don’t do much but sit there and talk to the guys who text them in the chat room, playing on their phones, or suck dildo toy if you’d get lucky with your search.

I did get lucky the minute I picked the model. Hope you will get as lucky as I was. Search filters are poor, but you also can search by words. The search results are not extra precise, but awesome if you know models nicknames.

Adult Webcams Sites37 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try



Not even 50% of models are engaged with what they are doing. Nearly half of them on MyFreeCams just sit and turn their pretty faces to the right or to the left. Those are boring. Let’s better focus on the other 50% who are committed to their actions. I couldn’t help myself but purchase those 200 Tokens to spend on them.

Adult Webcams Sites38 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

Despite the fact that I didn’t see any porn models, I did enjoy how I spent my Tokens. However, I saw some familiar faces. Ahem. And no, it wasn’t someone I went to high school with. That was Bllueice girl whom I saw at CamSoda.

Adult Webcams Sites39 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

Pleasure rate


Gonna rate it with two stars just because, in my personal opinion, a few of those girls who are really into what they are doing deserve it. The rest were a waste of my time. And I wouldn’t spend my Tokens on them.

I liked that you can visit this webcam adult site as a Guest and without registration but the interface drew my attention away. Since I hopped onto MyFreeCams review right after I checked out CamSoda, my mind kept thinking how awesome CamSoda was if compared with MyFreeCams. However, I do believe that each of us has their own taste for that and each will find the one that suits any preferences.


LiveJasmin is the last live webcam adult site on my list. Well, at least per this review. My first impression of the website was positive. The main color of the website is red, which obviously reflects in our subconscious like something hot and sexy. Now add some bougie model photos that, I must say, look professional, and welcome to LiveJasmin!

Adult Webcams Sites41 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

Directly on the website menu bar, you can find the MobileLive feature, that is new, and in my opinion, doesn’t add anything special. Let me explain. Once you get to this feature, everything adjusts to your mobile device screen and that also means that the model is going Live using her phone. That’s it. Rather than knowing that she is using her phone there is nothing else for you.

The cool thing, though, is that you can still watch videos while going through the list with the rest of the models:

Adult Webcams Sites 042 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try
Adult Webcams Sites 8 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try
Adult Webcams Sites 35 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try



LiveJasmin has more categories than MyFreeCams, for instance. Shout out to all the categories like Girls, Gays, and Transgender. Girls section is also divided into Hot Flirt, Soul Mates, Mature Woman, Amateur, and Fetish. All these sections have from 20 to 40 models who specialize in fetish or whatever. I couldn’t detect hot flirting and what’s behind soul mates in the first two categories, but the rest made sense.

Adult Webcams Sites42 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

Now let’s move to Gays and Transgender categories. Both look nice but neither has any sub-categories inside. You will get your list sorted by those who are online at the very moment and all others will be below.

Adult Webcams Sites44 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try



Technically LiveJasmin can be described as one of the free adult web cam sites because you can go to the platform as a guest or a registered user and simply watch models. If you want to do something more, you need to buy Credits.

Free Services

As I said, you can choose any model, view her profile, gallery photos and videos (you might find some that are free to view), and watch for free during her Live stream. You can’t even see what happens if you want to “request private chat or book Cam2Cam” if you haven’t purchased any Credits yet. The only feature that is available for you for free is to vote for models that you like.

Adult Webcams Sites45 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

What I liked is that website has a lot of promotions for new users that are supposed to engage them to get started. As a new user, I was offered to get a 50% discount that was available for 1 hour or spin the wheel with discounts up to 99% on my first purchase. Together with that, if you fill in your bank card details, you will get 9.99 Credits for free. But I wouldn’t test if you are not ready to spend any money further.

Adult Webcams Sites46 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try
Adult Webcams Sites47 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

Paid Services

By paying you are getting way better access to everything. You will be able to spend those Credits on all the features are available. You just need to choose. Each model, as anywhere else, can set her own price for certain services.

Adult Webcams Sites48 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

So let’s get more into details of what you can do and how much it will cost you. Any user with Credits can participate in a chat with the model, send her voice messages and gifts.

Adult Webcams Sites49 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try
Send a message to any model 1.99 Credits
King of the room 4 Credits
Take a peak 1.99 Credits
Private chat from 1.99 Credits per minute
Cam2Cam from 2.99 Credits per minute
Private show from 1.99 Credits per minute
Private videos or photoshoots from the gallery from 10 Credits
Video call from 3.99 Credits per minute
Adult Webcams Sites50 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try



It would have been one of the best platforms I’ve seen if there wouldn’t be one annoying but. Every time I went to the website, it took a while to load, but the worst thing is when I opened a window with a model and then wanted to close it and get back to choosing, the website just would not let me. I had to go back in my browser to the “previous page” and continue exploring.

The left menu bar looks good, though. You can see all the options and it is very easy to navigate.

Adult Webcams Sites51 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try
Adult Webcams Sites52 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try
Adult Webcams Sites53 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try



Points for diversity but models are mostly just sitting there Live and either staring in their phones or talking to the chat room members. Besides, not all of them look as sexy as I would imagine.

Adult Webcams Sites54 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

All the naughty fun is happening behind closed and paid doors. No chance you’ll see anything juicy like when you use CamSoda. Most of the albums and videos that are in a gallery are also paid. You can find the gallery by going to the model’s profile. There you can also see what are they willing to do in Private, but when you actually read it, it looks more like a tag cloud.

Adult Webcams Sites55 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try
Adult Webcams Sites56 - Hottest Adult Webcams to Try

I liked that models talk to their visitors and reply to the chat messages. That way you get to see how models are and how fun or not they seem to be, plus it encourages users to move forward and spend some Credits.

Pleasure rate


In conclusion, I didn’t enjoy the platform as much as other ones. But I liked its interface and friendly navigation. Not all models look as good as their profile pictures. However, the chat rooms are active, users and models are talking through texts or models are just talking to the users instead of doing naughty stuff. I liked that you get to know a model and her vibe a little before you get into it with her.

Bottom Line

In the end, I’d say I really enjoyed this review myself and my only thought that has left in my head bothering me is why I haven’t tried these webcams adult platforms earlier. Maybe because I usually prefer Pure. By the way, with Pure you can find a partner who can be your nude supplier without Tokens. A yearly subscription will cost you around $50. Pure and webcams can do a great job together, and they are suitable for any taste and fetish. Some gorgeous models that are definitely worth tipping and their vibe just excites you and encourages you to experiment with your inner fantasies. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did; meanwhile, I’m going to search for some straight men live adult webcams.


What are adult live webcams?

Webcam chat adult is an online service with models and amateurs who are willing to do sexy and naughty things on camera for you for payment.

Can I find any free adult web cams?

Most of adult webcam platforms consider themselves as free. However, to be able to participate in webcam adult chat or see models in action, especially privately, you have to pay.

What’s the best web cam adult to find women?

Within all 4 adult sex webcams that I reviewed today, each has its pros and cons. I would suggest trying all of them in person and choosing the one that fits your personal preferences.

What platforms are free adult live webcams?, CamSoda are adult webcams free of charge and have graphic porn videos to enjoy. MyFreeCams also a good adult webcam free to check out a few fun models.

Is there an adult webcam app that I can download to my phone?

Almost none of the adult web cam sites have mobile apps, but most of them have mobile versions of their websites that can be easily viewed through any mobile device. You can also install LiveJasmine on your phone. You can find the app on the website.


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