About us

Pure blog is a magazine dedicated to online dating. We publish articles on finding a partner online, applications to use, and ways to choose a service. We write reviews, ratings, tips on relationships, dating, and sex.


Arina Kholina

Russian journalist, blogger, tv presenter. She wrote for famous media in Russia – Snob, Elle, Playboy, Cosmopolitan, SNC, etc. Also she has an personal Youtube-channel, where she speaks about lifestyle, self improvement and relationships.

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Aya Lisch

Has lifelong interest for all the sex and kinky experiments. Dedicated her life to traveling the world to explore differ aspects of international dating from Hong Kong to New York. Turned each failed date and one night stand into occasional stand-up comedy shows.

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James Miller

Born in Los Angeles, graduated from a college as a journalist, and spent several years as a freelancer writing about cultural events. From 2017, James writes about love and relationships and explores dating services.

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Joe Featherwind

A poly activist and a dancer since many years, a dark intellectual since recently, and a punk since birth. Launched his own Conscious Kittens Orgy in 2018, after being unhappy with the parties out there. Stands for classic feminism.

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Lindsay Tigar

Hi there, I’m Lindsay TigarI’m a seasoned travel and lifestyle journalist, content strategist and editor with more than a decade of experience. I’m one of the lucky ones who has known exactly what she wanted to be when she ‘grew up’—a writer. My insatiable curiosity and wanderlust spirit has built a robust career and a digital nomadic lifestyle that takes me to every corner of the world. From London and Lisbon, Morocco and Japan to New Zealand and Lima, and beyond, anywhere my laptop and I can go to find an angle—we do.

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Maria Pro

A journalist and a sexual health activist from Moscow, Russia. In 2015 she started her career as a music journalist and content curator. Since 2018 she's been no stranger to the fight for sexual health and reproductive rights.

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Natasha Ivanovic

After graduating in forensic psychology, Natasha decided to follow her passion for writing on the topics of relationships, dating, and sex. Since 2015, she's written hundreds of articles, while experiencing the trials and errors of the dating world. Though she's found love, she continues to spread her knowledge and advice with her readers.

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Suzannah Weiss

I’ve written about feminism, sex, and other fun topics for The New York Times, The Washington Post, New York Magazine, Vice, Glamour, Playboy, and other publications you might’ve heard of. I’ve served as an editor for Teen Vogue, Vice, and Complex and discussed gender and sexuality on many radio shows, podcasts, and conferences including SXSW. My essays have been published in several books, and Whoopi Goldberg once cited one of my articles on The View in a debate over whether asking for what you want in bed is a feminist act. (I’d say it is.)

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We aim to be useful

Articles in Pure help users find a partner online and improve their private life.
If an article, article section, paragraph, or sentence does not perform a useful action, we do not publish it. We ask questions to each thesis: “How does it help the reader to find a partner online?”, “How does it help to improve personal life?”. If “Nothing” is the answer, we rewrite the thesis, sentence, paragraph, article section, or the whole article.


Describing personal experience

We write articles based on facts and personal experience. To write instructions on how to upload a photo to Badoo, the author uploads photos to Badoo. To write about determining fakes on Tinder, the author identifies fakes.

Respect our readers

Text in Pure is filled with respect for a reader. We do not judge people for their orientation, sexual preferences, fantasies, religion, nationality, way of spending time online and offline, tastes, or appearance.

Our authors consider themselves equal to readers.

Providing in-depth reviews

By writing reviews of dating-services, we aim to provide readers with in-depth research and help them choose the right platform. To achieve this goal, authors explore websites and make key conclusions about the interface, security, pricing and audience. A reader does not have to sift through each description — they navigate through the article diagonally, look at conclusions and makes a decision quickly.

Gathering statistics

A review starts with a block with statistics where the following data is presented:

  • Number of users,
  • The number of visits per month,
  • Gender proportion,
  • Regions where the service is most popular,
  • Account verification — whether confirmation is required by email or phone,
  • Mobile apps,
  • Prices for the cheapest and most expensive plans,
  • Free version: if it is limited in time, we specify a period,
  • Fraud risk — the probability that the service will turn out to be fraudulent and will burn users’ money.

Rating important features

Applications and sites reviews include scores on several parameters:

  • Affordability — the lower the price, the higher the score. We also take into account the number of subscription options: a more flexible pricing policy is rated higher.
  • Audience quality — we look at the number of users, study the feedback, and estimate amount of bots, fakes and cheaters on a site. The lower the percentage of fakes, the higher the score.
  • Interface — we look at whether it is convenient to use the service: if there are many pop-up windows if the design is beautiful and intuitive, and if it is easy to understand for a beginner. The more convenient the service is, the higher the score.
  • Security and privacy — if the service cannot be used without connecting accounts in social networks, we consider it as a disadvantage. If a platform requires proof of email address, it’s a plus. In general, we look if the service makes an impression of a safe place.
  • Hookup chance is the last score that sums up an overview. We base it on previous evaluations, our experience, and users’ feedback. This rating shows the probability that users will find a partner in their location in this particular service.Pure.Dating in press