Wireclub review 2020

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November 14, 2019

Wireclub is a platform for meeting people online, connecting with strangers, and enjoying lighthearted chats. The platform is run by a three-person team and a group of volunteers.

The platform has a straightforward interface, with separate Wirechat rooms for casual talks and dating. Other than meeting people in group chats, you will be able to create personal space for texting with a partner to connect on a deeper level.

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Registration process

Completing the login process is a piece of cake since you will need an email and a password to sign up for the platform. Registering an account and verifying the email address takes up to one minute and gives website users full access to chatrooms.

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To improve the odds of connecting with potential matches, consider adding a profile picture — Wireclub.com allows users to only upload a single photo — take your time to choose the lit one.

To change a username or an email, you will need to earn or purchase 100 credits — the platform’s virtual currency.

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Profile information

Your profile will be visible to all platform users. You can stay anonymous in case you don’t want other platform users to access your personal data. The profiles are short and to-the-point — on the one hand, you don’t have to spend much time filling in personal data fields.

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On the other, it’s hard to connect with potential matches based on the account information alone.

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The look-and-feel of profiles is similar to any social media account — there’s a feed, a photo, and a video gallery. The platform has quite elaborate privacy settings — you can make the account visible to all users or to those you added to the friend list.

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Contacting members

There are several ways to meet people on Wireclub. For one thing, there’s a search engine you can use to look for profiles. You can join group Wire chat rooms or text other people — though the latter option is only available via a paid subscription.

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If you and another user are connecting well, consider adding a potential match to the friend list. This way, your connection will be able to access your profile and get to know you better.

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Consultation with members

Wirechat.com welcomes people with all backgrounds, from every walk of life. The platform offers a ton of activities to enjoy for casual fun. Consider entering the Wordy game chat room — it’s constantly active and fun to explore.

There’s a Dating chat room — it’s barely active and has no regulars. While you should occasionally monitor the space, don’t expect a flood of prospective matches to greet you.

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Finally, there’s a Mental Health Support group for de-stressing and sharing emotional support. People are nice here, the main topics for discussion are everybody’s favorite movies, books, music, sports, etc. People enter the room to ask life advice and get a fresh perspective on their personal life issues. For me, exploring the Mental Health Support Group was the most enjoyable Wire club sexting chat rooms experience.

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Design and functionality

The interface is intuitive and well-guided. There’s a lot of space on the page. The button designs are simple and clear, and there are dedicated pages that answer the most common questions about the platform.

Unfortunately, there’s no matching system or algorithm to help you find a date or a hookup. Since Wireclub markets itself as a social media, rather than a dating platform, you’re on your own when it comes to finding a romantic partner on the platform.

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I was wondering if chat rooms are a good way to date online and decided to give Wireclub a try. The website was easy to get to know, there are many new people — hanging out here was overall enjoyable.
I would say that Wireclub users are well-versed in movies, books, and politics — I had intelligent and fulfilling conversations on the website. That said, I would not call it a good place for dating since I wasn’t able to connect romantically with girls here.

Jack, 24

Personalized recommendation

Platform Hookup chance
DateInAsia ★★☆☆☆
Pinalove ★★★☆☆
Fabswingers ★★★★☆
Shagle ★★★★☆

Costs and Prices

The platform has a credit-based sign-up system. You can use credits to change your username, send messages and badges to users. For $20, you will get 3,400 credits 8,550 credits will cost $50.00.

If you are committed to the platform, there are larger credit packages, as well. Get 18,400 credits for $100 or 38,500 credits for $200.

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The platfform has a free version with all the tools for chatting and connecting with strangers. A user can sign up for free, look for Wire chat rooms and join them, read community forums, look for users, and view their profiles.

However, if you want more personal connection, you will have to pay a fee for sending texts, post on community forum threads, and adding other users to the list of friends.

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Wireclub is a solid platform for building casual, low-commitment relationships and socialize effortlessly. However, if you want to start a relationship, the platform is not the best place to look for romantic partners.

Most dating Wireclub chat room spaces are inactive. I was not able to find dating-related game rooms. People rarely flirt or throw out pick-up lines in dating-unrelated chatrooms. The only way to find a relationship on Wireclub is by browsing through user profiles, handpicking matches, and texting them.

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Do I have to sign up to join Wireclub?

Yes, you will have to create a profile to use the platform freely. Creating an account takes around a minute. The platform doesn’t ask for a lot of personal data, other than an email and a username.

Why can’t I post after registration?

It takes up to 10 days for the moderation team to review and approve user profiles. As soon as the account is validated, you will be able to join chatrooms and post on community forums.

I want to change my username, is that possible?

The website gives users the possibility to change a username for 100 credits. To edit your profile data, open the profile tab, and click on ‘Username’ — there will be a pop-up window that allows editing personal data.

Are there members on Wireclub?

The platform offers users a membership that helps access advanced features and gives more freedom on this hookup website. Also, Gold members can get credits 20% cheaper.

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What are the perks of being a Gold Member on Wireclub?

There are many advanced features and opportunities Gold Membership offers Wireclub users. You will be able to text other users and reply to their messages. You will be able to create and join Wireclub chat rooms, post, and reply to forums. The membership enables adding other users as friends to form deeper connections.

Are there lots of active members on Wireclub?

Yes. Although there are many fake members on the platform, most people here are active and ready to chat. When I was using the platform, I met and connected with dozens of people from all over the world, with various hobbies and backgrounds — however, none of the connections were long-lasting.

I keep getting unwanted messages in the chats, what can I do?

Go to the ‘Friends and Rooms’ tab in the bottom-right corner of the page. Set the Wire club chat status to offline to stop receiving the messages from all or selected chatrooms you have joined.

How do I block someone?

If a Wireclub user is rude or inappropriate to you, you can report them to the moderation team. You can block the person who’s harassing you by opening the user’s account and choosing the option ‘Block the User.’

I have too many posts on my homepage, how do I remove them?

If your feed gets cluttered, you can hide certain posts — click on a post and choose ‘Hide’ in the right corner of every post. Unfortunately, there’s no way to hide the posts from your feed in batches.

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How do I change my displayed location, city, or country?

The site uses GPS tracking to determine the location of platform users. The precision of location detection depends on the population density of the city you live in. The detector will not recognize smaller towns and rural areas precisely.

I want to change my default picture, how can I do that?

To change a profile picture, go to the gallery with all the photos you uploaded to the platform. Choose ‘Upload an image’ in the tab and tick the ‘Make this your Display Picture’ box to set a new profile picture on the platform.

I created a room, and I don’t want certain users to come in, what can I do?

To prohibit a certain person from visiting or joining your chat room, you can block the users you don’t want to access the space anymore. There’s another way to restrict the chat room access — choose ‘By Invitation Only’ in the room settings to ensure you can fully control who can join the chatroom, read and send messages, and view its activity.

Who owns Wireclub?

Wireclub is registered as a private company. According to statistics, the company has around 25 employees, estimated revenue of $1 million. The platform was founded in 2004 by Braden Evans.