What is eating ass: risks, benefits, and tricks

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March 28, 2020

People should be more enthusiastic about eating asses. It’s a simple technique that makes the difference between great and so-so sex.

What is eating ass

Eating ass, also known as rimming or anilingus, refers to kissing or licking your partner’s butt and reaching anus with your tongue.

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The famous eating ass scene that introduced analingus to the pop culture

The benefits of rimming

Rimming is the definition of having the cake and eating it. Both the receiver and the licker are very stimulated in the process — it’s not like one partner should sacrifice the enjoyment for another’s fun.

  • Areas of tongues and anus are sensitive. Both in men and women, these are among the most erogenous zones. If there’s little distance between tongue and anus, the stimulation is especially intense.
  • Fewer risks: you can’t get pregnant from deciding to eat butt.
  • Increasing the sensitivity of your anus: if you practice eating asses regularly, the sensations in the area will be more powerful, and it will help enjoy other anal sex more. The doggy style will shine with brand-new color.
  • It’s a fun experiment: the majority of people don’t try anilingus even once in their life. Having eating booty experience makes you a better sex expert.

The risks of anal eating

During sex, shit can go wrong all the time. But only when you eat ass, the chances of having shit sex suddenly becomes literal. Eating ass is always a risk — thinks can happen. I don’t mean to scare you, but sometimes an eater gets farts right in the face.

Others get pieces of poop and toilet paper — okay, I am stopping now. Still, don’t rush to close the guide — these cases are still exceptions, it’s just that you should be ready for anything. Here’s the list of things that you should watch out for — and we’ll talk about minimizing the probability of such situations.

  • Dirty butts. The primary and ever-present fear of a butt eater. Before you start eating ass, you have to make sure that the partner washed thoroughly down there and didn’t go to the toilet afterward.
  • Infection: obviously, if you lick a dirty butt, getting nasty bacteria in your vocal cavity is a possible development.
  • Wrong technique: you can start licking your partner in the wrong places, or your partner could approach you from the wrong angle if you are the receiver. It’s no a big deal — you can retry, but let’s say, a poor entry won’t lead to the best ass eating experience.
how to eat ass 4 - What is eating ass: risks, benefits, and tricks
You need to figure out the right angle for a bottom and tongue

Eating ass for men and women: differences

The process of eating a girls ass versus a guys ass is the same. I’d say there are about three key differences that you need to be aware of.

  • Hair could be a problem. Generally, women care more if they are well-groomed down there, and they have less butt hair. This makes things easier because butt hair is just an additional character of butt logs. If you are giving anilingus to a guy, don’t be surprised to see a lot of hair in his anus.
  • Licking other places. When you are eating men’s ass, you can explore other areas as well. Play with his testicles and penis — the hygiene isn’t as much of a concern. With women, the situation is different — you can’t lick vagina after going into her butt.
  • Sensitivity. Men are often more sensitive to the anal area than women — although some girls have their G-spot closer to the anus, in which case you are in luck.

Now that the main differences are out of the way, it’s time to take a look at the actual process.

how to eat ass 6 - What is eating ass: risks, benefits, and tricks
Getting ready to eat ass? Enjoy your meal!

How to eat ass

In ass eating, preparation is an essential part. If you’ve done the first steps well, you are pretty much good to go — the process is intuitive and hard to screw up. We’ll focus on these first stages, and then talk about the process itself and give a couple of must-know tips on how to eat booty the right way.

Step 1: clean yourself

If you are the receiver of anilingus, make sure you washed your butt thoroughly. You can use water, soap, and special aromatic gels and creams. Women, however, should avoid getting artificial stuff down there — it could cause infection to your vagina.

Cleaning makes sex better, especially for the eater. But it’s not just that. The dirty anus is the place where digestive bacteria live. If your partner licks an unprepared ass, you are risking exchanging salmonella and E.coli.

Step 2: protect your mouth

Even though ass licking is less aggressive in terms of sexual-transmitted disease risks, it’s not entirely STI-free. A lot of bacteria are located in the anus and mouth. You can give each other herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis, and other nasty stuff. Sometimes, it could be even more dangerous because there are no condoms.

Your best bet here is on dental dams — these are like condoms for anal sex. Dental dams protect the couple’s mouth and anus from bacterial penetration and secure both partners.

how to eat ass 3 - What is eating ass: risks, benefits, and tricks
Prepare a rectangular dental dam and put it in your anus

Step 3: choose a position

Any anal position works, but for many, a doggy style is a go-to option for ass eating. For beginners, I would suggest sticking to doggy style, but as you get more experienced, try out a more creative, entangled position.

For many people, the receiver must be sitting comfortably. In doggy style, you have to support yourself with legs and hands, and this limits your stability — your muscles can move or tense up, causing the ass to move a bit. When you are sitting and supporting the weight of your body with the bed or couch, the position becomes stable.

Also, don’t be shy about experimenting with the location. While I wouldn’t suggest getting your ass eaten in the kitchen, it doesn’t mean it should be the bedroom-only type of sex. Try out on the tables and in bathrooms.

Step 4: talk it out

People usually say they like their rimming to be rude and dirty. It should be a badass, dominant activity where you give your partner’s anus the stimulation it deserves. However, wild in bed doesn’t mean rude. You need to walk the receiver through the process — if you are the one who’s giving the anilingus, or reassure your partner about the state of your bum — if you are the receiver. If you have any special erogenous zones, now is the time to tell.

  • The giver should be in a comfortable, stable position.
  • Both partners must be sure that everything is hygienic and well-protected.
  • The couple should have a stop-word for both parties in case things become uncomfortable.

Step 5: enter confidently

Ass eating has a must-follow rule: enter with no reservations. It’s not the time for hesitations — whatever doubts you had, it’s time to leave them behind. Lazy rimming is terrible both for the giver and receiver. If you are not comfortable, confident, and slightly aggressive, likely, the receiver won’t feel anything.

If you are receiving ass eating, you can encourage your partner to be more active. Sometimes, people are scared to damage something down there, so you should reassure them that nothing is hurting anywhere.

If you are only the beginner, I suggest doing a lot of foreplay and trying out other positions as well. Once you do anal sex, it’s going to be easier to experiment with how you how to eat butty.

how to eat ass 2 - What is eating ass: risks, benefits, and tricks
Tossing the salad only works if you are relaxed

Step 6: relax

Tension is the opposite of good sex. When you are getting your ass eating, it’s easy to get the feeling that it’s a visit to a doctor. You forget that you are supposed to enjoy the process. Instead, you wait when it’ll all be over — by some strange force of habit.

If you are only starting with rimming, talk to your partner about everything. Watch porn where people are eating assholes — without setting unrealistic expectations, of course. Don’t slack off on foreplay. If you are feeling too anxious, masturbate beforehand — your brain will release dopamine, which helps with muscle relaxation.

Step 7: talk dirty

The receiver should ask the giver to stick the tongue out of the butt from moment to moment to describe the taste of the anus. If your partner tells you how good you taste and you answer in a dirty fashion, it makes both feel less loose. This is the entire point of ass eating — not just getting your butt licked in silence.

how to eat ass 1 - What is eating ass: risks, benefits, and tricks
Switching from ass licking to dirty talk is a must

How to lick ass once you are in there

No one I know has ever been confused with the mechanics of ass eating once they’ve gotten down there. However, it helps to have an awareness of what all your body parts are supposed to be doing to feel more prepared.

What to do with tongue

You have two options. The first scenario is the aggressive one: you go right in deep, roughly, and straight for the kill. This is a stimulating method, but it requires conversations beforehand and proper lubrication. If you are planning to reach deep into your partner’s anus, do foreplay beforehand. Although the tongue is made of soft tissue, micro-injuries are a possible risk.

The second scenario is gentle, and it’s more suited for the beginning. You start from sides and don’t rush advancing. Once you are ready to move to the next stage, ask your partner’s consent and go in deeper. Every time you want to make a drastic move, let your partner know — this is crucial if a partner is a first-timer.

  • All licks should be big and distinct, regardless if they are quick or slow.
  • The tongue can be stiff and relaxed: experiment with both versions.
  • Directions can vary: the most common ones are from down-up, up-down, and side-to-side motion.
  • Pressure adds roughness: press your tongue against the partner’s anal wall for brighter orgasms.
how to eat ass 5 - What is eating ass: risks, benefits, and tricks
Tongue and teeth should be relaxed and coordinated

What to do with teeth

Try to pull your upper teeth up and lower down by opening your mouth a little more. The thing is, the majority of people don’t like other people’s teeth getting in their buttholes.

Some people like biting as a part of rough sex — but never do this without getting your partner’s consent.

What to do with hands

The beauty of eating ass has free hands — you don’t have to limit yourself to stimulating only ass.

  • Engage in nipple play.
  • Do clitoral massage.
  • Stroke the penis or enter her vagina with your fingers.
  • Massage partner’s neck, thighs, back, belly.
  • Rub hair with your fingers or give pets on the cheeks.

Practical demonstration of ass eating

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Should you do an enema?

Enema helps to get rid of bacteria and leftovers of feces. It’s a radical cleaning measure, but it for sure works. However, an enema can interrupt digestion and leave your anus open to infections. So, it’s fine to do enemas 1-2 times per month, but not as a regular practice.

Are condoms necessary for ass eating?

No, the best protection method is buying dental dams. Your partner should put a dental dam on the anus to protect the opening from potential infections.

How to eat man’s ass?

You need to start with foreplay, possibly use lubes, especially if you are planning rough ass eating. The first step is verifying that the partner cleaned the bottom and attached a dam. The next step is talking through techniques. Finally, ask him to stand in a doggy style position or sit on the bed, while you kneel to his anus and start gently licking the walls up-and-down or side-to-side.

How to lubricate ass for anilingus?

You can use natural lubes — oils, saliva, water-based solutions. Generally, ass eating isn’t an aggressive form of penetration, so even light lubes will do you a good job. If you don’t have lubricants, do foreplay.

Is it better to eat ass while standing, sitting, or lying down?

All three are possible, but usually, it’s most comfortable if the partner is sitting on the bed, using legs to support the body weight. Kind of like in the doggy style, only legs are on the couch or bed.

Why do people eat ass?

It’s a great form of anal stimulation. The technique isn’t difficult to master, plus it’s unisex and works for people of all orientations.

What is eating ass like?

According to men and women who ate ass, a clean ass tastes like skin. It’s not about the taste, though — the feel and view are the primary rewards of the eater. Also, the fact that the partner lets you enter the anus in such an intimate way is a pleasure on its own.

Is eating ass safe?

Yes, it is, if partners clean their anus and mouth cavity. Also, the couple should use dental cams to protect each other from sexually transmitted infections.

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Eating ass is a great experience


Eating ass is a great experience if you know how to prepare for it. If you haven’t done it before, it’s undoubtedly a must-try experience. You don’t have to practice rimming regularly, but chances are, you will want to.

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