TinyChat real-life review 2020

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March 30, 2020
TinyChat logo app tabl - TinyChat real-life review 2020
3.0 ★★★☆☆
1,3 million members 500,000/monthly 60% / 40% Male & Female
60% / 40% Male & Female
3/5 hookup chance Medium Sex Chance Geography USA, International
low fraud risk Verification Facebook, email Mobile App iOS, Android
$9.95 - $449.75 subscription price Free version basic functions to create an account
Free version basic functions to create an account
USA, International
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This time I got interested in all possible chat rooms. I found TinyChat and decided to compare it to other sexting chats that I used before. Of course, I had to try it myself to see if that is any good to spend time on the platform.

TinyChat Review 9 - TinyChat real-life review 2020
The main page of the TinyChat spy



The platform has a lot of Premium plans that are paid, and a limited free service that barely allows you to participate anyhow.

TinyChat Review 6 - TinyChat real-life review 2020
TinyChat enhancement suite of prices

Free service

Sites like TinyChat usually provide free services for registered users and even those who want to wander around the platform as a guest without any signing up process.

In the case with TinyChat, you will be able to create an account, browse “Live Directory,” and chat rooms. “Live Directory” is all the top chat rooms and profiles that have the most gifts, meaning those are the most popular, and everyone seems to want to get in. Together with that, you get the option to join chat rooms of your preference.

Aside from all of that, you don’t need to worry if you are feeling like the app is asking you to pay for something that you haven’t even tried yet. The TinyChat offers you a 3-days free trial with all the Premium features. You will be able to test it all before upgrading to any other subscription plan.

TinyChat Review 8 - TinyChat real-life review 2020
Fam TinyChat offers a free trial of the app for free

Paid service

No wonder free service offered so little, because tiny chat offers three different subscription plans to become a Premium user and explore every corner of the platform and enjoy it fully.

All three plans offer 1 month and 12 months — nothing in between, like other websites that offer 3 months or 6 months as well. Anyway, with the Premium subscription, you open the functions to have an ad-free experience, the videos will be top-notch HD quality, priority “Live Directory,” and even will get TinyChat coins as a bonus. But you also can buy them separately. With those coins, you send virtual gifts to other members.

Audience quality


To meet anyone on the platform, you have to be upgraded to the Premium subscription level that allows you to interact. I tried to get in touch with other users, and it didn’t seem that active as I wanted it to be, comparing with other chat rooms. It is hard to get into a one-on-one connection, yet easy to send personal presents to users. It looks similar to Instagram but with a subscription membership.

TinyChat Review 11 - TinyChat real-life review 2020
Users at the platform and sometimes you can see TinyChat nudes profiles

Age distribution

TinyChat rooms welcome everyone who is over 13 years old and wants to participate in live group chats or make new friends. The website is indeed full of younger people and millennials mostly. Although, in my personal opinion, some of the “millennials” didn’t look that young.

Fakes and scammers

Since it is not that easy to get in touch with users to have a private conversation, I couldn’t detect fake profiles, and none of the online users have tried to scam me. So safe to say that there are rare times when this could happen to you, but, as per usual, the suggestion not to share your personal information with any strangers is active.

TinyChat Review 10 - TinyChat real-life review 2020
Can’t find TinyChat porn here so you can feel safe



The website overall looks simple, modern, and straightforward. You can access the gift shop right away with all kinds of gifts, and you will get the price of it straight away as well. The various options of those gifts will please any taste.

“Live Directory” option will get you to see all the chat rooms and users who are the most popular on the platform. There is also an “Instant Room” function that is available only for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox browsers that allows you to start broadcast right away. Which is something like TinyChat group video chat.

TinyChat Review 7 - TinyChat real-life review 2020
Step 1 of the registration

Signing up

The registration process is effortless and will take up to 5 minutes. To create an account, you would need to enter your valid email address, username, password, and your date of birth. You can also skip all those steps and sign up with your Facebook account.

After you enter all the details, you would need to upload one of your photos and choose your gender. That’s pretty much it. You don’t need to verify your email or anything like that. But to be able to restore your account if you forgot the password, you should use active email.

TinyChat Review 2 - TinyChat real-life review 2020
Step 2 of the account set up


Profiles are simple and barely detailed. All you can see is a profile pic that is rarely good quality and a short description. Should I mention that a lot of these descriptions invite you in only if you are 18+.


The only option to search for other users is to scroll through the platform, in the group chats, and by URL that you can get if some of your friends will send it to you. The good thing is that most of those chat rooms will be pointed out to you by your location.

TinyChat Review 4 - TinyChat real-life review 2020
Gift shop for you to get someone a present to start chatting


Users are not that open to chat with you in private but gladly will accept all the gifts that you can buy and send their way. The more gifts they receive — the more popular they become. That works your way as well.

Although, members are most interested in group participation. You can create your chat room and promote it through the platform and get other users to join it. You can create any topic to discuss, which is widely opposite from the free hookup websites.

Mobile app

Mobile applications are free to download from iOS and Android stores. The applications are modern, well-functioned, and have all the same features as the desktop platform.

Security and privacy


Since private chatting is not that popular on the platform, the chance to get scammed is getting lower, and let’s not forget that there is also a Facebook account that could be connected while creating an account.

Besides that, there is not that much of the information needed yet I suggest to be careful with strangers and your personal information. Safety first.

TinyChat Review 1 - TinyChat real-life review 2020
Variety of gifts you can choose from to initiate the conversation with a stranger

Hookup chance


The platform is great for keeping your physical distance and finding like-minded people. Still, I couldn’t figure out if anyone wanted to meet up with me eventually because nearly zero people responded to my private messages. So the verdict is that hookup chance is possible but rare. You can always try to prove me wrong, and this is the time I would be pleased that had happened.

Matching algorithm

All the group chats appear according to your location, but rather than that, there are no matching algorithms. You would need to get to that search manually.

TinyChat Review 13 - TinyChat real-life review 2020
Broadcast function

User’s experience

It wouldn’t be a real review with just my opinion on it. I dug up more experiences from users that at least once tried TinyChat.

This site used to be a blessing


This site used to be a blessing when I was going through hep c treatment, and in bed, everyday TinyChat was a way out to stay social while being ill now its a rip off no one cares no one doing anything about them.
Lauren P.

Avoid at all costs


Ever made the mistake of reading youtube comments? Did that put you in a strange negative and or helpless mood? Well, TinyChat is here to be a vocal representation of those terribly negative viewpoints in the youtube comments. Welcome, all to a video chat site full of everything and everybody that makes the internet an unfriendly place to explore.
William G

TinyChat priority directory listing for pro accounts is a lie!


TinyChat is a very poor video chat site. They falsely advertise that if you upgrade to a pro account, you will get priority directory listing, which is a lie.

I had a pro account, and I wasn’t showing up in the TinyChat directory even if I stayed in my room for hours every day. I emailed them to complain and told them I am pro, and their advertisement for pro accounts states that pro accounts get priority directory listing.

They emailed me back and told me I need to have at least 3 to 5 people in my room to show up in the directory, whether I have a pro or free account. And the only difference is the pro accounts show up before the free accounts in the TinyChat directory.

So paying for pro is a ripoff cause it doesn’t guarantee your room will show up in the TinyChat directory. Don’t give this site your money. It’s not worth it!
Leo H

It’s nice


Overall it’s a good app, but there are 3 major issues. (1) While on WiFi, the broadcast camera hardly loads even after multiple tries. It keeps loading for ages. (2) Most of the YouTube videos don’t play specifically on the app, even if it plays when played on your website using an integrated YouTube option. (3) When you just mic up using the app (just mic without cam), people on chrome cannot hear you. To fix this, the guy who is on mic through the app needs to first turn on the camera for a second.
Greg N

A lot of bugs


the app has a lot of bugs, but overall it has the potential to be a more enjoyable experience for live cam group chat for different groups. I am rating my experience by the number of hours I spend using it despite how buggy it is.
Camilla Y



A lot of chatter is on this website are forced to try and use mobile when they are away from home and can’t use this pretty much at all anymore. The app always had issues, but it at least used to let us chat and get on Camera. Now it doesn’t work at all. Everything is laggy, and broadcasting constantly fails while the app itself completely crashes constantly. In its current state, this app is completely unusable, and I have the latest operating system for my iPhone, and I have tried re-downloading and updating the app. It doesn’t matter if I’m wasting my mobile data or if I’m connected to Wi-Fi. This desperately needs to be fixed. Why did you break it so badly? How???
Peter O

Crashing or constant rejoining of rooms required


Dear Developers, As a fellow developer, you may want to investigate the behavior of iOS 12 vs. 10.3. After upgrading to 12 recently, I am unable to use this app hardly at all. I can get maybe if I’m lucky, 5 minutes of streaming time per session before it either closes out completely or everyone’s streams just lock up for me, and I need to rejoin. Prior to upgrading my iOS, it was never an issue. Never crashed, Audio and video never just stopped working at random, and it never had random insane lag spikes that were a good 500ms behind, NOT related to connections either (tested already). As of now, I can see why this has such terrible ratings. Most users are not using old legacy versions of iOS. So, you should really focus on debugging this on the newest iOS as it’s clearly NOT stable at all for us.
Dean B


As we all can see, users are not always satisfied with their experiences with TinyChat, which got me into thinking if there are any good TinyChat alternatives.

AdultFriendFinder logo app tabl 1 - TinyChat real-life review 2020
3.0 ★★★☆☆
80 million members 400,000 users daily 70% / 30% Male & Female
70% / 30% Male & Female
3/5 hookup chance Medium Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
high fraud risk Verification email Mobile App iOS, Android
$39.95 - $239.95 subscription price Free version basic
Free version basic
USA, Europe, International
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TinyChat Review 3 - TinyChat real-life review 2020
The main page of AdultFriendFinder

AdultFriendFinder is the OG on the market of dating apps and chat websites. The users are quite older on this platform but in a good concentration with younger ones. You have to be 18 years old and more to get an account here, but it’s worth it. Here, users are active and starving for private chatting.

pure logo app transparent new 1 - TinyChat real-life review 2020
5.0 ★★★★★
11 millions members 300k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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TinyChat Review 12 - TinyChat real-life review 2020
Registration page ar Pure

This is one of my favorite apps of all time. Pure can give you chatting experience but also will keep both sides motivated to move on and arrange an actual face to face meetup. We can call this app like Tinder sex but better. Less fake profiles that are trying to catfish you. With Pure, it’s all simple.

Chatzy logo app tabl 1 - TinyChat real-life review 2020
2.0 ★★☆☆☆
1 million members 50,000/weekly unknown
2/5 hookup chance Low Sex Chance Geography USA, International
high fraud risk Verification Email, Facebook Mobile App none
Free of charge subscription price Free version yes
Free version yes
USA, International
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TinyChat Review 5 - TinyChat real-life review 2020
Old school Chatzy

This chat platform is cool to try as an alternative to TinyChat. Despite the fact that Chatzy looks like an old website back in the 90s’ it also has a huge bank of users that are active and ready to chat. The platform is free, and you don’t even need to create an account to check its functionality.

People you see on Pure are online right now

icon - TinyChat real-life review 2020
Try shameless dating app.
You'll crave for more!
illustration web 1 - TinyChat real-life review 2020 illustration mobile 1 - TinyChat real-life review 2020 try now

Our users are making it clear: they want to hookup within one hour.

Unlike most sex websites, we do not have awkward questionnaires. The service works as a local sex app based on your location: the first thing you need to get a match is your registration.

After your sign-up, you will see lots of people in your district with the distance between you shown. To try your fate, you can like, dislike or super like other members to come together. The last step is a flirty conversation, which starts if your chemistry is mutual.

pure dating app ios 800 - TinyChat real-life review 2020
google play button 1024x317 - TinyChat real-life review 2020
app store button 1024x317 - TinyChat real-life review 2020


How to create an account at TinyChat?

To create an account at TinyChat, you would need to either use your valid email address or Facebook account.

Can I use TinyChat for free?

There are no free plans for you to use regularly, but there is a 3-days trial available for new users. For three days, you will be able to try out all of the Premium functions and upgrade your subscription plan later on.

Is it possible to meet someone real at TinyChat?

Technically, the platform has a lot of active users, but they are mostly active within group chats and not so much in private conversations. So don’t put too much hope into this and consider the platform as the one where you can make new friends through the chat rooms.

How to sign out from the account?

If you want to sign out from your account, you should click on your photo in the right upper corner, scroll down to “Sign Out,” and click it.

What browser should I use to access the Broadcast window?

You can use Chrome, FireFox, and Opera. Unfortunately, none of the other browsers that you may know will not be suitable here.

Can I block other users?

Yes, if you find another user or content that you receive inappropriate or offensive you can “Flag” it. That will be forwarded to the website moderators right away and they will take care of it for you.

How do I contact support?

You can easily submit any of your requests to [email protected].

What do I do if someone sends me content through the web that I don’t want to see anymore?

If that happens, you can report the user and he or she will be Banned from using WebCam on TinyChat for 72 hours. It is usually happening when users send adult content.

How can I restore my account?

You can restore your account by clicking on “Sign On” and below the username and password you will see the “Recover it” button. This is the one that will help you to recover your account if you forgot your password.

How do I delete my account?

You need to follow the Account Management page and you will see there the button to disable your account. Note, that is the way that will permanently delete your account without the possibility to restore it.

Does TinyChat have a mobile app?

Yes, there is a mobile app that is free to download for both market iOS and Android. All the features remain the same as the website.

What are the best alternatives to use instead of TinyChat?

Instead of TinyChat you can try apps like AdultFriendFinder, Pure, and Chatzy. All of those are close enough to the TinyChat conception and some features are even more relatable.

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