8 hot sex positions for shower

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January 22, 2020

Sex in the shower always an idea that turns every girl on simply because through the decades, the most talented producers in Hollywood showed us how sexy it is to make love in a hot steamy shower.

Yet, let’s not forget that cinematography is mostly a planned screen picture that supposes to bring art to life. We found 8 most popular shower sex positions, but do they as easy as they seem? We put some physical action and logic into it to provide you with all the pros and cons of each position.


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Standing position

Probably the most popular and the safest position for shower sex — also the easiest one. All you need to do with your partner is have steady feet. You should be facing one of the walls of the shower, and your man slides in you from behind. Place hands to the wall for support, and he can use your hips that will give him a beautiful view, and sensual shower water will drop right on your bum. He will love it even more.

hot sex positions shower woman tips 09 - 8 hot sex positions for shower
One of the best shower sex positions

The Good

The position is easy and very safe. Also, the easiest position to have an orgasm with almost zero effort from your side. You can also be pushing against your partner’s penis — men love that too.

The Bad

It could be not that easy for a guy if he is much taller than you are.

Standing doggy

This position is similar to the standing hot shower sex position, but you band over so you can almost touch your toes. This position is also great to reach the stimulation pick and open up your naughty side.

hot sex positions shower woman tips 03 - 8 hot sex positions for shower
Standing doggy is one of the good shower sex positions

The Good

An easy position that also won’t require a lot of space. Perfect if you are up for a rough quickie in the shower. Great as the moring sex replacement.

The Bad

You should be aware of the spacing that you have once you bend that much. Make sure you are steady and won’t hit your head against the wall. It also might hurt if you didn’t do that amount of stretching before. Besides, the shower could be tricky, and you can end up with water in your nose or mouth.

Three-dog position

Another great position for shower sex according to the Internet, but we have mixed feelings about it. To appear in this position, you need to stand against the wall and pull up your leg up for your partner to hold it while he will enter into you.

hot sex positions shower woman tips 02 - 8 hot sex positions for shower
Three-dog position

The Good

It could be an intimate position as here you both are facing each other, and there is steamy water dripping on your turn on bodies. You can kiss all the way through and make the rhythm both slow and fast, depends on what you prefer.

The Bad

Not the safest position to have sex in a shower. Mostly because it could be slippery and not that steady. Also, if you are standing close to each other and there is a shower handle right above, it won’t make the kissing part easy. Again, it always looks like a good idea only in movies.

Upstanding Citizen

This position is not that easy. You need to make sure that your partner is the one who will be able to hold you. There are two ways to have sex in this position: he holds you and moves, or he can hold you, and you do all the jumping.

hot sex positions shower woman tips 01 - 8 hot sex positions for shower
Sex in shower

The Good

It is a perfect position to reach orgasm.

The Bad

It was created for movies scenes as in real life, it always seems like a great idea, but it’s not. It is quite an awkward position because there are too many other actions involved besides penetration. Especially in shower, this position could be tricky, slippery, and not safe.


Another acrobatic sex position that was offered as a good one to try in a shower. We have second thoughts about this one as well. Let’s cut to the chase and see what’s up with this one.

hot sex positions shower woman tips 08 - 8 hot sex positions for shower
Wheelbarrow sex position

The Good

This position is safe to try as you both are in a steady position. At least it seems like it.

The Bad

It might be hard to manage to balance your whole body on your arms and still enjoy the sex that much to come to the final culmination. As well as water, let’s not forget that the whole activity is in the shower, and water might not be that sexy after all but become a distraction. The position is interesting to try in bed, though.

Sit and slide

Not all bathrooms have shower cabins but bathtubs. It makes it easier for this hot sex position. It’s basically like riding but with your back facing him. All he needs to do is to sit on the bathtub bench side. Sit and slide on his penis and move up and down.

hot sex positions shower woman tips 07 - 8 hot sex positions for shower
Sex position to use in shower aka easy shower sex positions

The Good

It is an effortless position with maximum functions to please each other. It could be not only penetration but also clitoral or balls stimulation for extra pleasure. This position is also great for anal sex. You can be in charge of your movements, and it is the most painless way to begin with.

The Bad

Be ready for a lot of squats.

Face-to-face bicycle ride

This position is similar to the Sit and Slide position and also great for the shower fuck. The only difference between the two positions is your pose. In this case, you are facing your partner.

hot sex positions shower woman tips 10 - 8 hot sex positions for shower
Sex positions for the shower

The Good

Comfortable, sensual, and pleasant position to try. If you don’t have the bathtub, you can use the towel on the floor — whatever makes it good for both of you.

The Bad

We don’t think there is anything wrong with this position. It could be tiring at some point, but who said you should stay in only one position while having sex in the shower.

Oral shower

Who said that sex is only penetration? Try it all. Plus, of having oral sex in the shower is that you can give him a blowjob while pleasing yourself with shower strut, or he can do it for you while playing with your nipples.

hot sex positions shower woman tips 04 - 8 hot sex positions for shower
Sex positions for shower

The Good

Here you can experiment as much as you want. Be naughty. Maybe your man always wanted you to rim him — a shower is a perfect place to try it.

The Bad

Sometimes oral is not enough so you can use it as long foreplay.

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Shower sex tips

Before you decide to try all of those positions, you should prepare yourself and the shower with equipment and helping tools.

  • Get yourself a non-slip mat that will keep you both safe during sex. You are going to enjoy shower sex, so make sure you won’t get hurt in the process.
  • Bring lube. No matter how wet you get, water washes off all the natural body lube, so it is better to have one ready next to the shampoo bottle. Check if its water-friendly.
  • Heat it up. Make sure the temperature in the bathroom is warm so you can relax and focus on more exciting things.
  • Bring toys. Shower and penetration is not the only thing to do. Take toys with you too, and make sure they are waterproof.
hot sex positions shower woman tips 05 - 8 hot sex positions for shower
Sexy shower

Sex shower safety measures

Besides getting yourself a non-slip mat, you should also think about the other safety measures.

  • Use condoms to avoid all possible STDs.
  • Make sure your partner shares the same shower fantasies. It is not for everyone.
  • Make sure to think that through and at least throw the towel on the floor.
  • Don’t stay in the shower for too long. It can breed bacteria, and we don’t want that.

Shower sex positions – video tips



Is it safe to have sex in the shower?

Yes, it is safe to have sex in the shower. You only need to get ready in advance and buy a non-slip mat for the shower floor and choose the most comfortable position.

Do I need to use lubrication?

It is up to you, but remember that water washes off your natural juice, so it is better to have it prepared in the shower before things will get hot.

What are the top three sex position for shower?

“Standing doggy,” “Three-dog,” and “Sit and slide” are the most common and safe positions to have sex in the shower.

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