Best sex positions for big girls

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January 17, 2020

Plus-size girls might take the trophy for being the ones who enjoy sex the most. Making love with bigger ladies is considered wilder by many men, especially if the girl knows which positions to use, and enjoys herself.

plus size women sex position 01 - Best sex positions for big girls
The best sex positions for big girls

Girls with plus-size, however, have to accept one truth. We are different — and great, but also, can be uncomfortable. We can give guys the wild rides like they never saw before with sex positions for plus size. Of course, we also need to be aware of specific difficulties that arise with being bigger. Here’s my full guide for plus-size girls on finding their strengths and dealing with inconveniences.

Why men love having sex with plus-size women

Before we get to positions for big girls by big girls, let’s discuss our advantages — get yourself a confidence boost. Here’s what men think about having sex with bigger girls.

Sex is more intense

Big girls allow more pushing and intensity with low risks of injuries. An additional layer of fat acts as a cushion during pushing. Men can intensely stroke their partner, and both will get deep satisfaction, not vaginal bruises or penis fracture. So having love with bigger girls is also safer.

Big girls are often more playful in bed

Big girls are juicier

Men are used to seeing skinny girls on posters, ads, Instagram. Being thin and sexy comes off as no surprise. When a plus-size girl knows how to enjoy herself, men are hugely attracted by that.

There’s also a biological factor: a woman with wide hips, large breasts and booty are better equipped for procreation, and it’s a valid factor on an instinctive level. You can emphasize this with the help of sex positions for plus size women.

Big girls give guys more space to work with

Breasts, hips, and butts are amplified in size, which provides men with a lot more space to work on. This especially valid in BDSM and in sex positions for girls with big butts, where a specific body part receives special attention.

With curvy women, men never get bored exploring a single part of your body — because there’s much to see and learn.

plus size women sex position 02 - Best sex positions for big girls
Confident plus-size women inspire men to be natural, too

More confidence

Curvy girls carry confidence in their bodies — they aren’t obsessed with constant improvements and diets, and they don’t just show off their fit bodies. If they have sex, they are having fun, not showing their abs. Also, men become more confident about their bodies as well — big girls know how to have that non-judgemental attitude.

Best sex positions for big girls

Even anatomically, plus-size girls have a lot of advantages. These positive sides can be enhanced if you know how to choose positions that suit your weight. We have a lot of advantages because we don’t get injured that easily, and intense love suits our needs better.

This is my list of positions for big girls that will let you and your partner make the most of your curves.

pictures of sex positions for big girls 06 - Best sex positions for big girls
Doggy style provides both vaginal and anal penetration

Doggy style

You need to stand on your knees facing the partner with your butt. Your belly won’t get in the way of deep penetration. Even partners with smaller penises will be able to satisfy you.

Doggy style is an intense position, and curvy girls stand much less chance of getting bruises from intense thrust. Still, you need to use a lubricant a do foreplay, but you are much more resistant to flexible positions for big girls.

pictures of sex positions for big girls 07 - Best sex positions for big girls
Cowgirl is considered to be one of the BBW sex positions by many


A lot of bigger girls are hesitant about trying out this one — the angle is not too satisfying, because your man will be facing the bottom of the stomach. However, the problem is mostly in our heads — in reality, many men enjoy being straddled by bigger girls. It’s one of the most popular positions for fat girls.

Plus-size women deliver more intense cowgirl experiences than skinny partners. When a big girl starts going up and down on a guy, he will get an intense ride — you don’t even have to try all that much. The only downside, the position requires strong legs, but you can support yourself with elbows.

pictures of sex positions for big girls 02 - Best sex positions for big girls
It’s a tender BBW sex position with direct access to your butt


This is one of the sex positions for girls with a big butt, which is also gentle. Partners lie down, girl in front of the guy, while he’s hugging her waist from behind. Make sure to be parallel to each other — this makes penetration much easier. This position is great for cuddling, and it doesn’t require much physical strength.

Make sure to be parallel to each other — this makes penetration much easier. This position is great for cuddling, and it doesn’t require much physical strength.

pictures of sex positions for big girls 01 - Best sex positions for big girls
Leg glider requires a lot of stretching, but you have your partner for support

Leg glider

Such sex positions for girls with big hips require some stretching because you put one leg across your partner’s body while he’s sitting. It’s a sexy position — the guy will get all the good angles. Many men find girls with juicy legs incredibly sexy in bed, and this position allows you to benefit from that ad showcase what you got.

pictures of sex positions for big girls 03 - Best sex positions for big girls
One of the simplest sex positions for chubby girls

Thigh tide

This is one of the best sex positions for big girls. The girl sits on the partner, facing him with her back, while he enters her from behind, just like in the reverse cowgirl. However, there is a key distinction — instead of keeping both legs down, the guy bends one leg, providing additional support for the partner. This position looks very sexy in all sizes, and it’s easy to pull off. If you get tired during usual cowgirl sex, try this one.

pictures of sex positions for big girls 04 - Best sex positions for big girls
This position provides your man with direct access to your butt


If you are tired of all demanding positions for big girls during sex and they put a strain on your legs, here’s the one where you enjoy the ride. The guy is standing on the floor and enters you from the front, as you lie in bed. You can put your legs around his neck or keep them in bed. Meanwhile, your hands are free for scratching, pinching, massage, and all the dirty things.

pictures of sex positions for big girls 05 - Best sex positions for big girls
An intense position for girls who enjoy having it rough

Deep impact

The name says it all: it’s one of the most fun sex positions for big girls that brings your man as close to the vagina as possible. Instead of standing, your guy kneels as you are lying in bed. You put your legs on him, and he has direct access to you. It’s a favorite position of many plus-size girls because they can get satisfied immediately with no injury risks.

BBW sex positions 04 - Best sex positions for big girls
If you want to experiment with vaginal penetration, Camel Pose is perfect for you

Camel Pose

A girl lies down on her back with her legs spread and bent knees. The guy sits between her legs and gets access to an open penetration point. This position works well for gentle and rough sex, and is easily adapted to many sizes.

BBW sex positions 06 - Best sex positions for big girls
It’s one of the most intense positions for breast stimulation, which is why it works great for girls with big boobs

Ta-Tas Breast Sex

Lie on your back and support yourself with pillows under head and shoulders. The partner should sit on your stomach and place his knees near your head. He can support himself with arms, if needed, or leave them free for fingering. Once you’ve gotten into the position, the partner should move his penis between your breasts. Your breasts will be the main stimulation point for the position, so be sure to do a lot of nipple foreplay and use lube.

BBW sex positions 05 - Best sex positions for big girls
This is an intimate position for G-spot orgasms

Inverted spoon

This one is used for G-spot stimulation and provides a good angle for a deep rear entry. You should lie on your side, spreading your knees and holding your legs slightly upwards. The partner is also on his back, with his (or her) legs between yours and supports you, gently massaging your thighs with free hands.

BBW sex positions 03 - Best sex positions for big girls
If it takes you a while to arrive to an orgasm, Top Chick stimulation is a perfect position

Top Chick stimulation

This can seem like the variation of the cowgirl, but the position actually comes with modifications. You are supposed to stimulate yourself with masturbation and come-here motions, and the partner goes in only after you are already wet. This is a perfect position for beginners and women who aren’t yet fully confident in bed.

BBW sex positions 02 - Best sex positions for big girls
If you are bored of typical missionary positions, try this extra one

Super Missionary

Lie down on your back and use a pillow to support yourself (one usually isn’t enough, so prepare a couple). Spread your legs and relax. The partner should lie on top and enter your vagina from an upper angle. It’s a very gentle position that doesn’t require too much lube and is easy to control.

BBW sex positions 07 - Best sex positions for big girls
It’s a very relaxing position, especially once you’ve gotten the hang of it

Open Sesame

The girl lies on her side, supporting her head and neck with pillows, keeping her legs straight. Her partner sits on his lap with his penis directly rubbing her vagina. Be careful to spread your legs wide enough – your partner should have enough space to fit between your knees and move freely. With his upper arm, the guy supports your thigh, so you don’t have to tense up your muscles.

BBW sex positions 01 - Best sex positions for big girls
A male partner can use both of his hands for support or dedicate one to breast stimulation

See Saw Sex

Ask your partner to sit with his legs straight, supporting his back with straight hands. He can use this support to lean back a little – so you can sit on his lap comfortably. Bend your knees and wrap them around his body, while keeping your back leaned back. Use your arms and his legs for support. You’ll be keeping a direct eye contact with a partner – so it’s an intense pose. But, it provides you a lot of control over the process and a nice angle for a deep penetration.

Plus size sex tips

Regardless of which erotic sex positions for big girls you choose, be sure to enjoy yourself and make sure your partner does, too. There are some cases where being a bigger girl might be troublesome, but I’ll show you how to navigate through those issues.

Adapt to bigger and smaller sizes

Many plus-size ladies find sex with larger men unsatisfying because they can’t be intense enough to penetrate your protective cushion and deliver orgasms. If that’s the case, make sure to choose sex positions for larger women with direct access to your vagina or butt — like deep impact, for instance.

Be dominant

Size advantages make it easy for plus-size girls to assert their dominance in bed — anything you do has a huge impact. Use this to your advantage and embrace the dominant position. Cowgirl sex is an excellent way to show your man that you know how to take charge. Just enjoy yourself, and he will get aroused only by seeing you.

Frame your breasts

Your big curves are your advantage, and they make the difference even in great sex positions for big girls. Don’t be shy to take your breasts and start massaging them or just holding them thighs. You can use a push-up bra to make your chest even more impressive. Even if you are insecure about your belly or legs, drawing the attention away to your hot upper body will do the trick.

plus size women sex position 03 - Best sex positions for big girls
Big curves provide a big advantage in sex positions for girls with big hips and breasts

Compensate for the lack of strength

Some big girls worry that they aren’t capable of sustaining demanding bbw sex positions that require you to use your legs a lot. In reality, you don’t need as much intensity as skinny women. Even slightly bouncing up and down will likely do the trick. You are more intense in bed by definition, if you know how to use it.

Shake things up

You can change positions anytime. Trying lying instead of standing on your knees or vice versa, or leaning over a counter, or lifting a leg for a better impact. Add a fresh feel to tried-and-proven fat sex positions to stand out.

Potential issues

Some roadblocks come with being plus-size — it couldn’t just all be peachy. You can be too heavy for your partner, or he might be too skinny for you, and some sex positions for chubby girls won’t work. Here are a great best sex positions for big girls video from a fantastic plus-size sex expert.

Final thoughts

Guys know that big girls understand how to have fun in bed. There are a lot of great sex positions for curvy, and they help a ton. As long as you are confident in your beauty and sexiness, there’s nothing that could stop you.

Remember, being plus-size gives you a lot of advantages, and you can use them to make your sex life incredible. Just work with what you got and have fun while you are at it. 

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Where to find a partner for big girl

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Can plus-size girls ride a man?

Yes. A lot of men enjoy bigcowgirls even more than skinny ones because sex is more intense this way. It’s enough for girls to thrust up and down with very low intensity — and it will be powerful anyway. Some plus-size ladies are too conscious about their bellies, but in reality, men won’t pay attention if they are having a great time.

Can big women have sex with skinny men?

Yes, they can. You need to be less intense because even a slightly intense move can result in a penile fracture if a partner can’t take it. But other than that, there are no limitations. Big girls can have sex with men of all sizes and enjoy them all.

What are the challenges of having sex as a plus-size woman?

The main challenge is navigating the intensity of your moves. If you choose positions that require up-and-down thrusts or side-to-side glides, do them frequently rather than intensely – this way, you’ll avoid potential injuries.


What are the best sex positions for big girls?

Doggy style and cowgirl take the lead as the most popular sex positions for big girls. Additionally, you can try out spooning, leg glider, and butterfly.

How to have sex with a plus-size man as a big girl?

Сhoose something that would satisfy both of you equally — and that rule is universal for all sizes. Agree on positions that fit you both. The guy knows himself and what gets him on better than anyone else, so don’t be shy to ask and listen to what he has to say.

How to be confident during sex when you are plus size?

Remember that guys who have sex with you are aware of your weight and shape. You don’t have to hide anything or feel like apologizing. As long as you enjoy the ride, the guy won’t care about your belly — maybe, only in a positive weight. If you are dating online, be sure to show full-size pictures — so you don’t accidentally date a fat-phobist.

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