The ultimate guide to the best sex chairs

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April 16, 2020

Sex chairs were created and designed for sex at first and maybe sitting afterward. They are comfortable, look neat, and will make a perfect addition to your home interior. Not to mention that it can spice up the relationship in the best lazy way possible. The main point is to make weird gymnastic positions more comfortable physically. So the principle is, less pressure, more pleasure.

What is a sex chair

Sex chair is a piece of furniture that is commonly used for sexual purposes and designed to support your body while exploring and trying numerous sex positions.

Basically, a sex chair is usually a compact lounge sofa or weirdly shaped chair for your partner and you to enjoy all kinds of sex positions and experiments. It is made of safe and pleasant materials that are also easy to clean. You can buy it in the sex shops online or offline. There are also furniture designers who specialize in such items and can make one specially for you.

Why do you need one

The best sex furniture was designed to bring safe but diverse and magnificent sex. We usually find regular mattresses too soft or maybe even squishy. Some sex positions are notorious: they can bring you joy today and back pain the next day. Sex chairs, in contrast, would increase enjoyment and decrease any possible pain.

Energy saver for longer run

Imagine that you are on a regular bed in your bedroom. Now think how many times you have to do body adjustments to improve your sex position to get the maximum pleasure possible. You end up with your entire body aching the next day.

Instead of that, sex chairs will support your body and make even the most difficult and complex sex positions effortless. Frankly, it will save up your energy for a couple more rounds, if you know what we mean 😉

A safer way to try all positions from Kama Sutra

We’ve already mentioned that sex seats save your energy. They may also prevent you from hurting your joints or pulling your muscles. For instance, you’ve been on a log run in a doggy. Doesn’t matter if you are receiving or giving, your knees get vulnerable.

However, with a bedroom sex chair that is shaped for your body, your chances to get hurt would be minimized.

best sex chairs 3 - The ultimate guide to the best sex chairs
If you always wanted to try yoga sex, then yoga sex chair was made for you

Better access to the body

Besides the basic body support, the sex lounger would make anal experience the cherry on top of the cake. Both you and your partner would have the best of it with anal. The female body should be placed under the most convenient penetration position. At the same time, she won’t need to worry about getting tired or sore. Sex sofas will support and soften the pressure of body weight.

Variety of applications

The sex lounge is not only usable for sex and all the nasty. Since sex sofas aren’t that small and can’t be placed in a drawer afterward, you can use chair to chill, watch movies, read a book or have a nap. Sex chairs that were created by professional designers can easily fit in your living room.

best sex chairs 11 - The ultimate guide to the best sex chairs
Sex chairs were always an art

Types of lovemaking chairs

Let’s talk about design and real-life functionality of these sex chairs and what types you can find on the market. Some will be a great piece of the interior, some are better be hidden in your closet if you have kids or you’ll have guests over. Either way, here are the top 5 sex chairs that would be interesting to take a look at.

best sex chairs 8 - The ultimate guide to the best sex chairs
One of the most popular models within tantra sex chairs

Tantra chair

Even the name of it brings us immediate peace. Tantra sofa is one of those sex furniture pieces that would look stylish during the day in your bedroom or office as a reading or chilling device and then, at the appropriate time, it would turn into a very comfortable sex bed.

best sex chairs 6 - The ultimate guide to the best sex chairs
The Esse II Premium Love Lounger model of a sex lounge

The Esse II Premium Love Lounger, $900

This Premium Love Lounge brings together the concept of style, comfort and quality. The sofa comes in a variety of colors and has a wooden base so it could fit into any design and during the regular day be a part of a sitting surface.

Even though it is quite pricey, this Love Lounger would provide you with 360-degree access to any position you would choose for tonight. There are also two adjustable pillows. You can remove and use them separately anywhere you want.

Horse chaise sex chair

This one is a very limited B.M. Horse Chaise sex chair. At first, it might seem like a big butt. Well, it is a butt indeed, but if you look from a different angle, you’ll see that it belongs to a beautiful horse.

best sex chairs 2 - The ultimate guide to the best sex chairs
Very extravagant piece of sex furniture

B.M. Horse

The chair itself seems to be comfy as hell. You can add a small pillow, maybe, but even bare, this horse is the one to ride on. Easy access from every angle would make your experience unforgettable every single time.

best sex chairs 9 - The ultimate guide to the best sex chairs
Sex stool can bring new experimenting spirit into your relationship.

Weightless sex chair aka sex stool

This is that type of a chair that should be hidden in the closet. Luckily, it doesn’t require too much of a space. It can work for any position but mostly it’s for woman-on-top positions. The trampoline makes is so much easier for people with knee injuries. Two stretchy panels work like springs. First, they would go down under your weight and then thrust you up without much effort from you. So your pleasure will last longer and your knees will be grateful.

best sex chairs 12 - The ultimate guide to the best sex chairs
Touchage sex stool will bring your fantasy to life

CharmingNight Bedding, $148

You can use this stool for anything you can possibly think of sex-wise. The most common is to ease the knee pressure when a woman is on top of the man. That would help both partners to feel more pleasure without being distracted or getting tired.

You can also use it for doggy-style position, oral sex, BDSM, and this toy would be a treasure if you ever decide to throw a swinger party.

best sex chairs 1 - The ultimate guide to the best sex chairs
An erotic masterpiece

Artistic erotic chair

Last but not least, our erotic masterpiece. A Mexican artist Andres Amaya created this chair. Andres exposes sex and sex life in a magnificent way as we can see in this sex chair. The artist has the entire erotic collection that you can view and purchase at his website.

best sex chairs 4 - The ultimate guide to the best sex chairs
Erotic can be fashionable

Adela erotic chair, from $3,400

If we own this chair it would go straight to our sex room. The design is so precise and unique that it reminds the devil’s horns in the best possible way. The limited edition of 64 pieces like that would make itself pricey. The price is calculated individually, depending on how custom you want the piece to be. It can be easily considered as a shower sex chair. It would fit there perfectly, and it is approachable for any type of sex and sex position you want to use it for.

The bottom line

Sex chairs manufacturers can get you basically any chair you want. It depends on how creative you are and how much money you are willing to spend on it. Some of the chairs are very expensive for an average customer, some could be way more affordable, especially if you don’t own a sex room yet and just want to try out sex chairs for couples. Either way, any sex or oral sex chair would be a great experiment for a couple and you should try it!

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best sex chairs 10 - The ultimate guide to the best sex chairs
Sex chair would be a great experiment

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What is a sex chair?

A sex chair or a lounge or a coach for sex is a piece of furniture that is very comfortable to have sex on in a variety of positions and with easy access to it.

Where do I place a sex chair in my house?

Most of the chairs are designed to be a part of an interior in your house. Usually, you can put it in your bedroom or office as a sofa, some sex chairs look like a piece of art (and some actually are!). Other chairs are smaller so you can put it under the bed or store it in your closet.

Is it safe to use a sex chair?

Yes, in fact, it is much safer to use a sex chair or sex sofa instead of the bed because the sex chair’s shape is more comfortable for our bodies during sex than any bed or mattress.

What sex positions are good to try on a sex chair?

All possible positions are great to try with a sex chair. Pay attention to those that have always seemed difficult for you and try them on a sex lounge. That would change your perspective and give more pleasure to both partners.

Where can I buy a sex chair?

Specialized sex stores always have at least a few options to choose from. You can also order a custom model for yourself. It doesn’t need to be a designer one and cost more than sex chairs at the store.

Can I use a sex chair not only for sex?

Yes, most of sex chairs were made to fit in a regular house as a sitting surface, so don’t worry, you can usually put it in your common area and use for reading or just chilling out — of course when you don’t use it for its intended purpose.

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