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March 17, 2020


Secret Benefits
5.0 ★★★★★
700,000 in USA members 100,000 active users weekly 80% / 20% Male & Female
80% / 20% Male & Female
3/5 hookup chance Medium Sex Chance Geography USA, International
low fraud risk Verification email Mobile App none
$59 - $289 subscription price Free version basic features
Free version basic features
USA, International
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The whole dating online industry did evolve a lot since the first Craigslist Personals went online and became popular. We have all kinds of apps and platforms: hookup sites, platforms for serious relationships, and all possible services of the LGBTQ+ community. A not that big part of the market takes Sugar Daddy vs Sugar Baby websites for older men to connect with younger women and vise versa.

SecretBenefits is one of those websites. The platform is quite popular, and we’ve decided to take a closer look at all the functions and the cost and what is the real chance to find yourself a Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy.



The platform doesn’t offer many features. We take it as a good sign, as all users are here for the same reason — to find someone. There are no 20 questions or “hot or not” games. The entire website was built to get to the point.

You won’t be able to do much with the free version, yet creators thought things through and offered members to choose the Premium subscription plan, which is a number of credits.

Secret Benefits Review 04 - Secret Benefits review: add sugar to your daily life
Secret Benefits free credits

Free service

With a free account, you will be able to search for other profiles, and view profiles that you liked. And that’s it — there are no other features with a free plan. Can’t even send a wink or one message to the Daddy or a Baby.

Paid service

There are no subscription plans in particular. You can buy Credits instead. Those credits will allow you to send messages, browse through hidden photos, and view secret albums.

There are three packages with a different number of credits. 100 Credits will cost you $59 or $0.59 per one credit, 500 credits for $169 or $0.34 per one credit, and 1,000 Credits for $289 or $0.29 per one credit.

An important feature of those Credits is that they won’t expire or burn down after a month or so, as is usually happening with typical subscriptions. You will have your Credits regarding if you used just a few or a half of them by the end of the month.

Audience quality


Users are active but tend the habit of ladies to answer not right away, but a few hours later, even though we could see that they are online. Besides that, all of the users have a lot of photos that they are willing to share. There won’t be any full nudity photos, but some do have erotic ones.

Secret Benefits Review 09 - Secret Benefits review: add sugar to your daily life
SecretBenefits reviews on members

Age distribution

The majority of users are males in their 45+, which is nearly 80% of the platform. Some of the males are in their early 20s’ and are also looking for a gay, bisexual or bi-curious Sugar Daddy. The other 20% of members at SecretBenefits are young women who just turned 18 years old and those who are in their early 20s’ and looking for financial support from the Sugar Daddy. To become a member of the platform, you have to be at least 18 years old.

Fakes and scammers

While we were wandering around, we didn’t get to see any fake accounts or scammers. Although, we do suspect that some girls out there might be bots and approach you first and very straightforward for you only to spend money on Credits and maybe get a few photos.

Be careful and don’t share your personal information or nude photos with your face to strangers. Get to know each other first.

Secret Benefits Review 03 - Secret Benefits review: add sugar to your daily life
Secret service Benefits



The interface of the website is straightforward and modern. We did like simplicity and big buttons. You can navigate around with no extra effort, which is excellent if you are a newbie and have never tried online dating applications before.

In case you get lost, there is 24/7 customer support. This gives us a total great first impression of the website.

Secret Benefits Review 11 - Secret Benefits review: add sugar to your daily life
Secret Benefits login

Signing up

The sign up will take a few minutes as it won’t require much but basic information: a valid email, username, and a strong password. After that, choose your current location, age, body type, and ethnicity if you are a woman. As a male member you would need to fill in all from the above, but no field of your body type is involved there.

Secret Benefits Review 08 - Secret Benefits review: add sugar to your daily life
SecretBenefits login profile


The profiles are detailed and do involve a lot of photos and albums that can be hidden, which is most likely according to our experience. Usually, there are a few photos available to view even as a free member. Note that nudity is not allowed within photos in open access nor hidden albums. Yet a lot of female users do have sexy and erotic images, proving that there is no need to be naked to be hot.


Unfortunately, the Secret Benefits does not have any searching tool nor any specific matching system. The only filter that exists is online and offline members around your location. We didn’t find it necessarily bad or good. Bad if you are looking for a specific Daddy or Baby, but useful if you want to see what’s out there.

Secret Benefits Review 06 - Secret Benefits review: add sugar to your daily life
Secret Benefits app


As a free member, you don’t have the option to message other users or send a request to view their albums. As soon as you get yourself Credits you can send messages to all users you find interesting.

There is rarely sexting going on; everything is pretty much civil and cute. If you are looking for sexting partners, you won’t get them here. For that purpose, you should check out the best sexting sites.

To initiate the conversation, you have to pay 10 Credits for each user you want to start the conversation with. You would need to send a request to the person you like and wait for their reply.

We would not encourage you to share any bank details with strangers right away as it could lead to possible scamming. Stay safe.

Mobile app

There is no mobile application available. Despite that, you can use the web version through a browser on your phone. The mobile version is identical to the web, and all the features are available in the same order.

Secret Benefits Review 05 - Secret Benefits review: add sugar to your daily life
SecretBenefits login profile

Security and privacy


Since the profiles are detailed but mostly with physical appearance, the chances to get scammed are meagre. Yet there is always a chance to get caught with scammers. This is why we recommend not to share any of your personal and bank details. Make sure to get to know each other before helping your possible Sugar Baby.

As for Sugar Babies, the platform forbids to upload nude photos but still, we would like to remind you not to post or send photos that include your erotic body and the face on the same photo.

Odds of success


At Secret Benefits, there is no actual goal to find a hookup or something more serious. Either way, you can find someone for you. Most of the users put their “down to meet” flag, which initially gives you a chance to meet in person with your crush.

We would say that the odds for success are medium. Let’s not forget that this is the app for Sugar Daddies to find their Sugar Babies and vice versa. Meaning, everyone is in here on purpose, and they all know what to expect.

Matching algorithm

Besides online and offline users in your area, there are no additional filters to search for a possible match. Although, we find this way is successful and straight to the point.

Secret Benefits Review 01 - Secret Benefits review: add sugar to your daily life
Secret Benefits reviews from the real users

SecretBenefits real-life reviews

We’ve dug up some personal reviews about the SecretBenefits website, and the opinions were positive and negative. Here is what people say about it in comparing to other best sex apps.

Lot’s of diverse profiles. Some real good ones.


I have been on for about a year now. I just got back from traveling with one of the guys I’m seeing. Seems like never a dull moment, but probably gonna cool the travel til this virus gets under control.

For any women looking, there are some good men that can legit hold their end up. Just be upfront and expect honesty.
Reanna K.

Seems mostly a time and money waste


Well, as a guy you do get messages from potential sugar babies. But that’s where it gets strange. About 90% write a 5-10 word phrase (or less) that shows very little imagination and you as a male subscriber have to pay to open each message. Then you reply with a nicely worded reply–sometimes within an hour or so–and never hear back from the potential sugar baby. At first it seemed unusual and as time goes by I never became comfortable that the process is legitimate. I can’t figure out why you as a sugar baby send a message and don’t reply. Perhaps there’s some reason that explains that behavior. But it makes the users seem very shallow. Some people may be but SB makes it look like it’s 90% of the user base.
Jeff H.

New member


I signed up for Secret Benefits just over a week ago. I like it. Just sent in a video to get verified and the customer support approved me pretty fast. Lots of talkative guys. Seems like a lot of active profiles. Hopefully I can find someone worth my time here. Fingers crossed.
Terri R.

I’m out


Took my profile down today. I met the man I was hoping for! We are currently working on moving in together and figuring out some small details but everything is working out perfectly so far. Haters will be haters, players will be players, but when you find someone legit you just know it. Very happy I joined Secret Benefits!
Shelly B.

Starting New Year right


I had to give credit to secret I met the most adorable loving woman a few months ago from this site that has made me the happiest man in the world. I asked her on new year’s eve to move in with me and she said yes! I never believed I could be with a woman like her. They have a very happy customer here! Many thanks!
Willy W.

Odds are decent


I was officially ghosted by a chick I was chatting with for the past 2 weeks…. I thought we were hitting it off but maybe I was too forward or who knows? Anyways, trying not to keep score, but I suppose Secret Benefits can’t be really to blame for my relationship success. I have been out with a few really cute girls from the site that are still of interest more or less. I’m not exactly looking for anything real serious, and I don’t think the women I’ve met are either, so it’s been fun for the most part.
Kevin R.

Secret Benefits Review 02 - Secret Benefits review: add sugar to your daily life
Sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship

Secret benefits after 2 months


After the site gave me 200 credits, I decided to keep on trying and see what happens. As normal with this site, a lot of women here are 1 timers. They make a profile, use it for a week then disappear , they may have found someone or decided being a SB is not for them, who knows. Most of my messages under “new members” go unanswered , with some never showing to be read. Again, seems like a lot of girls get on this site, and move on. So my next plan was to only contact women who were “online recently”, I actually did have 4 girls contact me back. So there’s a start. unfortunately, 2 of them never came back online. So, after 2 months and almost all the credits gone, I have yet to meet anyone , and have 2 girls that just want to text. SB is a real hit and miss, at-least in my area, maybe it will get better with time, one thing I would like to see as far as sending messages — if they go unread don’t charge me for them. That would actually give me back about 100 credits.

Secret Benefits attempted to help this customer through the Sitejabber Resolution Center, but the customer did not respond.
David D.

Beware Secret Benefits


Like others, i created a profile and had girls contact me. So I purchased the minimum, and checked one out, that messaged me. Of course no response when i get back with her. After a few weeks, I realized that every new profile that was made — I would get an automated email from her. So there it is, Automated emails. I used half my credits up already on girls who messaged me 1st, just to find it was a scam. Also, if you pay attention, they buy a new girl at least once a week, and the others show the girls never sign in again after the first week. I think they pay them to make a profile. I only see 3 girls that may be real. Oh, then they say verified members, — do a search under verified and it cuts about half them out. Go somewhere else and save your money. They won’t refund…
Ronald F.



I have received messages from potential sugar babies. But, about 90% of the women have written a 5-10 word note (or less) that shows zero thought and I, as a male subscriber, have to buy credits to initiate each conversation if I’m interested. When I’ve replied with a thoughtful response expressing interest I’ve almost never heard back from the potential sugar baby. I can’t figure out why they send messages, put you on their list of preferred partners, and then don’t reply. This has happened to me EVERY time. It gives the impression that the girls are fakes enlisted to interest you just enough to get you to reply (which uses credits) and then ignore you to move on to the next guy. That may or may not be the case, but this has happened to me whether the girls are “verified” accounts or not. The site representatives say this is not deliberate deception and rightly point out that they have no control over the behavior of their users, but it appears to be a pattern. Maybe it’s just that the place is populated by vapid women with short attention spans who really have no interest in becoming a sugar baby or, I think most likely, they think they want to be one and sign up because the idea seems exciting but then decide they aren’t really interested or they’re scared and they move along. In any case, so far it has not been worth the time or money to me. Your mileage may vary. I will say that the customer service people have been responsive and helpful.
Craig G.

Taking your money and laughing


Cmon guys really?

Every email says the girl viewed my profile then sent me a message. So EVERY girl who views my profile sends me a message and none responds back??? Really?

Ima sucker guys dont get fooled this company has every appearance of not being honest.

This review is my opinion based on real transactions that I did with this company, Secret Benefits. It is my intention to give an honest review in contrast with this company’s business model.

To secret benefits….I will not apologize for being honest. You have no business taking someone’s money based on lies.

I am happy to hear this review is negatively impacting your business and I hope it encourages you to make more honest policy changes to legitimize your business model. It is a good idea but dishonesty ruins it. Show some respect for your clients.

Finally stop complaining about this review and start figuring out how to not take what you haven’t legitimately earned.
Kevin H.

I want it to be real but I’m not sure it is


The structure of payment strongly encourages fakes, meaning, you pay to contact a woman, even if she’s only on the site for one day and then vanishes. That happens all the time. You’ll see a cute new girl, you reach out (which is how the site makes its money), and the next day she’s listed as “no longer active.” It just feels like a lot of the people I write are set up by the company, and it makes me wonder if they should be investigated. I could be wrong. And there ARE real girls on there, too, I’ve met some really nice ones. It just feels like I should get a bunch of credits back for all the times I write someone who’s on the site for one day and then is gone.

One more thing — it’s kind of fun and diverting. I have my system set to log on regularly, it’s kind of like a coffee break. If I find a real girl — there are some — great. If not, I lost some money to a bot scam, but what do you expect, it’s a sugar daddy website, I can’t find a single one that gets good reviews. All the same, it’d be nice if they refunded credits wasted on girls who pop up for a day and then vanish. 

Secret Benefits attempted to help this customer through the Sitejabber Resolution Center, but the customer did not respond.
Mark A.

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Free version minimal set of functions
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Is Secret Benefits legit?

The website is legit and worth trying. Although, be careful with your personal information and do not share it with strangers.

Can I send messages for free to other users?

To send messages, you would need to buy Credits. One conversation with a user will cost you 10 Credits.

How to create the account at Secret Benefits?

To create an account at Secret Benefits, you would need to provide your valid email, username, and password. Also, you would be asked about your location, age, physical body type, and ethnicity.

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