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February 17, 2020

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Remote vibrators are a revolutionary addition to the sex experimenting because you have the most fun and orgasms without even reaching with your hand between your legs.

Vibrators with remote control can also spice up things between you and your partner. Imagine going out on a date with a remote vibration in your panties when your partner has the remote controller. That is one hot public foreplay.

Remote control vibrators 08 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Types of remote vibrators

What is remote control vibrator and 5 main types of it

Remote control vibrators are those that don’t have additional wires and huge size, those that can fit in your purse or your man’s pocket.

There are 5 main types of remote vibrators: those that work with a remote, those that you would need an APP to control, and even the ones where your partner can use it if he is 100 kilometers away.

Remote control vibrators 20 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Remote control vibrators

Remotely controlled vibrators

It is usually a small and wireless vibrator that you can use for regular stay-in masturbation. It also can come with a tiny wire. When using this one you should be at least in the same room otherwise it won’t work at all. You can use it yourself to make your partner play with it for you to reach the orgasm.

Remote control vibrators 07 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Best remote control vibrators

Long-distance vibrators

This type of vibrations will work well if you are in a long-distance relationship as you can physically be anywhere in the world. The distance here is off-limit. This will spice up phone sex. It works smoothly if both of you have a stable WiFi connection — don’t end up in a situation where you were close but got cut off because the WiFi got disconnected.

Remote control vibrators 05 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Remote control bullet vibrators

App-controlled vibrators

Applications, for instance, like Vibease or Lovense Remote app gives you the option to control your orgasms through the mobile device. Bluetooth’s range is around 100 meters, so make sure if your partner is doing the control, he is in the same radius as you are. If you are by yourself, keep in mind that you can also make it vibrate along with your favorite songs through the Spotify app.

Remote control vibrators 001 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Remote control vibrators stories

WiFi or Bluetooth controlled vibrators

These vibrators are awesome to use during roleplay. It allows playing from the other room or the opposite side of the hall. The average radius for toys like that is around 50 meters. He can play as a hot lover that wants to please you, or you can play dominant and submissive roles where he controls your body entirely. You can also suggest for him to tie you up — men love that idea of complete control.

Remote control vibrators 18 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Clit vibrators remote control

Wearable vibrators

Probably the most interesting category of wireless vibrators. Those are the hidden vibtrators that you can wear in public without people noticing it at all. Women and men went crazy for this one back in 2009 when “The Ugly Truth” movie was shown on the big screen. The scene where the main female character wore vibrating panties to the business dinner and had the most epic orgasm became the mainstream.

We understand the obsession. Imagine having an orgasm in the middle of an important meeting because your men decided so

Top 14 remote vibrators

We put together 14 most popular remote vibrators. Here you can find all 5 types of vibrators where a few of those can be combined in one. Also, there are vibrators for any pocket, and price doesn’t define its quality.

Remote control vibrators 09 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Lelo remote control panty vibrators

Lelo Insignia Lyla 2


You can еhis egg-shaped remote vibrator either inside of your vagina and use remote controller to change the speed of vibrations or have circled it around your clit. Both ways, the Lelo Insignia Lyla 2 will help you reach the peak.

“We love experimenting”
“I’m the one who can barely achieve an orgasm with it alone (at least not yet), the Lelo Lyla 2 sensitizes the area so well that it doesn’t take forever for me to have an orgasm. That has extended our play time, which has been wonderful. I love the remote, although it is a little loud. We have older children, so for me the quiet atmosphere is a must. Later once the kids have fallen asleep, he’ll turn on the remote and wake me up! That in itself is quite the turn on and has been wonderful for our relationship, and lets me get some sleep before we get started!”
Maria M.

Remote control vibrators 02 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Waterproof remote bullet vibrator

Elva Remote Control Bullet Vibrator


With this little guy, you won’t need to choose between external or internal pleasure as it can do both controlled with remote. Besides, this bullet vibrator is waterproof, which makes it perfect for any time and place. Elva Remote Control Bullet vibrator also has an “Intelligent mode” — all you need is to choose this mode and feel how it takes you through all the levels of vibrations it has.

“It’s not loud”
“I love this little remote bullet. It’s very strong, and the amount of different functions is just impressive for such a small thing. You can insert it or just use it on your clit. It’s not crazy loud, and if you insert it, it’s absolutely quiet. Very convenient that it’s hands free, and that you can pass the remote off to your partner to control your pleasure. Awesome little toy for the price.”
Katy S.

Remote control vibrators 19 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Paloqueth G Spot Vibrator remote vibrator

Paloqueth G Spot Vibrator


This waterproof remote controlled vibrator will help you to reach your G-spot — great deal for the amount of money it would cost you. Make sure also to bring this one in bed when you are with your partner. Try anal sex while this toy stimulates your G-spot and your clit. It will also stimulate your man’s testicles while he penetrates you.

“He likes shopping”
“My partner and I are having the best time with this toy. Like it’s our little and naughty secret. We take it when we go on date night to the bar or dinner.”

Remote control vibrators 12 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Remote control vibrators for women

Zalo Queen App Controlled Warming G-Spot Vibrator with Suction Sleeve


Zalo Queen is expensive, but the Queen deserves the best. This waterproof baby with 64 different vibration modes will leave you speechless. You can use it yourself to find your G-spot or leave it to your man. The vibrator is long-distance, WiFi, and  app-controlled. All the combinations will make you think you have different sex toys every time it switches the mode.

“Silky soft silicone”
Feel like a Queen! Warming vibes are sooo fun! Nice and direct g-spot pulsation with several patterns to choose from. Since it has 64 different types of vibrations, which is impressive, I can’t get enough of it. The sleeve adds another fun option, suction! Use this anywhere you can imagine. Extremely soft silicone and genuine crystal make this a joy to look at and use. I have many toys but I reach for this one quite often.”
Bambi B

Remote control vibrators 06 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Remote control clitoris vibrators

Mystery Vibe Crescendo


The multi-award-winning company believes that every body is unique and deserves all the pleasures in the world. It has 12 patterns and 16 intensity levels with a distant remote controller. With this vibrator you can reach G-spot even if you’ve been told that you don’t have it.

“Bendy as hell”
“No matter what for you are using it or trying to bring it to your G-spot and new heights, this little gift gets into all the hard-to-reach places.”
Amber T.

Remote control vibrators 11 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Uprize remote control erecting realistic dildo

Uprize Remote Control Erecting Realistic Dildo


What can be better than an old school realistic dildo with a remote controller. It seems pricey, but it’s worth it. It would be a great present for your better half. Imagine how your man would go crazy watching you on it when he is in control of how strong vibrations are.

“Automatic hardening of the cock”
First things first, it doesn’t have that rubber smell which I hate when you buy a new toy. The material is very smooth and it’s not that heavy. The main feature of this is the automatic hardening of the cock. It’s flaccid but once you press a button it makes itself hard and I like it that way. It’s a good size and feels right too, very similar to a real penis with all the veins popping out. It also has a suction cup bottom for perhaps some fun on your own!

Remote control vibrators 04 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Thrusting remote dildo

Thrusting Dildo Maia Max


This self-thrusting dildo that has remote controller promises to take your stimulation on a different level. A waterproof toy that has remote with 30 feet remote controller and 10 modes — and can last up to 3 hours. Wrap two, please. It also is quite bendy so to please you from all kinds of angles.

“This one of my favorites”
“I absolutely love this toy! The different vibrations and speed variations make this one of my favorites. The fact that it comes with a wireless remote and it does all the work makes this dildo perfection for me personally The only downfall I think is that it’s a little loud, but I would still recommend it.”
Audrey O.

Remote control vibrators 13 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Wearing remote control vibrators

My Secret Charged Remote Panty


You get a vibrator that you place in your undies and the ring remote to control the mode of vibration. Don’t worry, any panties will do with this one — imagine wearing those somewhere public.

“That was interesting”
“I got this baby as a present and I’m totally in love with it. It is so convenient to use anywhere I go.”
Anna H.

Remote control vibrators 15 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Remote control bullet vibrators

BlueMotion NEX 1


This will keep you and your man entertained. You will get a pair of panties, the pocket vibrator, and more than enough ways to remotely control it. BlueMotion is great for you and your partner as it works either through Bluetooth from the same room or through the app that gives a chance to use it on a distance.

“Love it when it works”
“I have enjoyed this product so far. I would give this toy 10 stars if you could control the on and off feature from the app. For me it’s weird and not that comfortable, I mean once you are on the app you should be able to do it. Once I had to go to the restroom to pull it out of the panties to see the light status and make sure if it was on and working, or I had a thought that there is a possibly out of batteries. With all that said it is a very fun way to tease and play with your partner when it works right.”
Valery P

Remote control vibrators 01 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Small remote control female vibrators

alExotics Lock-N-Play 12 Function Petite Rechargeable Vibrating Panty Teaser


Another wearable remote vibrator with a simple design that makes it even more attractive to use. No-fuss, no wires or necessary details — simply a vibrator and remote controller. One press and the intense stimulation will be sent your way immediately.

“Wow, words really won’t cut it for this clever and amazing remote vibrator.”
“The design is really good, although I think it would have been slightly better if there was some option to make it hold to the panties. Now I have to adjust it slightly from time to time. But for me I find the shape and size of this toy perfect for me. It’s really nice against my clit and opening. There is truly a setting for everyone and the power this little thing kicks out is mind blowing.”
Susan R.

Remote control vibrators 03 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Best remote control egg vibrators

Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations Remote Egg


This is one of the best remote controlled eggs on the market. Use it for clit stimulation or the inside pleasure — both ways are for trying. Seven power modes can be controlled remotely with the ring controller, which is great for roleplay.

Remote control vibrators 10 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Clit vibrators remote control

Wearable Insertable Vibrator


The prettiest of all, this small and fancy wearable vibrator will please your clit and vagina at the same time. You will be pleased with seven different vibration modes, plus, the sophisticated design will make a great present for you or your bestie.

“I can do it anywhere I want”
“While stuck in traffic, on a conference call that just won’t end, or in other places I won’t even mention (because they were SUPER naughty of me), this is a toy that packs a serious punch without requiring batteries or hiding it in a bag.”
Emily H.

Remote control vibrators 17 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Review of remote control vibrators

Adorime G-Spot Vibrator with Tongue Stimulator


This is not just a G-spot remote vibrator; it also stimulates your clit. That stimulation will make you think like there is a tongue between your legs. The tongue has 3 different vibration motions, and G-spot dildo has 9. This beauty comes as a waterproof sex toy and, let’s face it, the price is affordable.

Remote control vibrators 16 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Remote control vibrators for men

Paloqueth Vibrating Prostate Massager


This remote vibrator is oriented more on his pleasure, so consider spice up things between you and your man. Little prostate vibrating massager can bring his pleasure on a different level. It is a waterproof toy with different vibrating modes and remote controller.

Remote control vibrators 14 - 14 best remote control vibrators
Vibrators remote control
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What sex toy I should choose if my boyfriend and I live in different states, but we want to enjoy sex together?

It is better to choose the sex toy that will work through the mobile application. That way, you can be in different cities and still access the toy remote together. Just make sure the WiFi connection is strong on both sides.

How many types of remote vibrators there are?

There is no official number about it, but we put out five main. Though, a lot of sex toy companies nowadays combine at least two-three types to please the most demanding customers.

Where to buy sex toys?

If you know the exact brand of the sex toy you got your eye on, it is better to buy it straight through the brand website — they often offer discounts or promo codes. If you still want to decide which brand to choose, Amazon has plenty of sex toy stores to choose from, and it is secure as well.

Best remote vibrators in 2020

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