17 best oral sex positions for men and women

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May 14, 2020

If you are one of these people who treat oral sex as foreplay, you just never tried to shake things up. If you treat oral sex with the same enthusiasm as other types, you will get entirely new feelings. For women, it is especially true. Girls mostly can’t get orgasms only from penetration, and oral sex is just the right thing to do.

If you don’t know how your partner feels during sex and aren’t sure how to stimulate all the right spots, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll know which oral sex positions are the best and how to make the most out of them — for guys and girls. Bonus: four options for 69.

Positions for oral sex for her: how to eat her out

Going around your partner’s vagina or guiding her around your penis requires knowledge and practice. Thankfully, some oral sex positions are pretty easy — once you have the understanding, you’ll be able to replicate them with a partner on the first try.

Woman on her back

A woman is lying on her back with her legs spread. Girls’ hands are free, so ask your partner to massage your shoulders or play with your hair. Another idea is for a partner to start massaging her boobs. Nipple stimulation will help to increase the intensity of the orgasm. The brain reads it the same way as clitoral stimulation. For many women, it is a necessary final ingredient for getting an orgasm.

oral sex positions1 - 17 best oral sex positions for men and women

Kneeling to her

If you want your partner to dominate while doing cunnilingus, try this one. You’ll be kneeling beside your partner while she’s standing — possibly in front of the mirror for a better view. Just like in the previous position, her hands are free, so she can play with your hair, neck, or her boobs — depends where the creativity takes her.

oral sex positions2 - 17 best oral sex positions for men and women

An important aspect to take into account for this position is that she has to elevate one leg to make her vagina more reachable for you. Also, remember that your hands are also free so you can touch her hips or do a belly massage. If your heights are different, consider experimenting with sitting and kneeling. If a woman is considerably shorter than a man, she can wear heels or stand on a tool.


You must’ve seen this one in porn; it’s epic. For many girls, it’s the favorite cunnilingus position because it’s the definition of having a cake and eating it. You are not only having your pussy eaten but also watching your partner do it. As a man, don’t forget to support her back with your arms, especially when she’s about to cum. This is the position for which you can try using a special sex chair which will help support her weight.

oral sex positions3 - 17 best oral sex positions for men and women

Best unusual cunnilingus positions

You can step up your pussy eating game by trying out fresh positions that your partner didn’t even experience. For women, these eating out positions are easy to pull off, so don’t feel shy about asking your partner to try them out. Some of these will require more work from you than from him — so you have to practice, too.

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The Scissor Slide

The receiver sits on the bed, puts her legs up so that they are handing in the air. A partner firstly touches the clit with two fingers, in the scissors shape. It’s a way to explore the clitoris and provide foreplay for G-spot stimulation. If the giver knows his way around the vagina before sucking on it, both partners will have much better sex. Plus, scissors stimulation is incredibly powerful even on its own, and especially so in combination with positions to eat pussy.

oral sex positions4 - 17 best oral sex positions for men and women

The Candy Crush

This cunnilingus position is easy for a giver and not so straightforward for a receiver, but the pleasure is much higher on this side, too. A woman needs to sit on her partner’s lap, then scoop up and position her knees right at his shoulders. The man will have direct access to her clitoris and can gently shake and roll all her body.

oral sex positions5 - 17 best oral sex positions for men and women

The triangle

For this position, a couple needs three chairs, or two chairs and a sofa. The receiver will sit on one of them, using the two others to support her feet. The giver will kneel down, facing the vagina directly. Both of your hands are free, giving space for nipple stimulation and the giver can firstly ender the vagina with fingers for foreplay.

oral sex positions6 - 17 best oral sex positions for men and women

Stopping and rolling

The receiver lies on her back, lifting her legs in the air. The partner holds her butt, supports its weight, and slightly massages it from the bottom. Use pillows if necessary. This way, a woman doesn’t have to rely on her strength to support her way but also, guys have the space for creativity. Be free to message her buttcheeks, push them up and down rock them up and down rhythmically.

It’s not an easy position, as all the rocking and rolling is done while a guy east a vagina. It’s physically demanding — not every man has enough physical strength to support his girl’s bottom for a long time.

oral sex positions7 - 17 best oral sex positions for men and women

Butler Sex

This position is mostly used for analingus because the receiver is facing the giver with her back. However, the rear angle can be used to reach the vagina too, only it requires deeper penetration. To reach the vagina from behind, man needs to lean very closely to the partner.

oral sex positions8 - 17 best oral sex positions for men and women

Blowjob positions

Here you go, boys. You have probably tried some of them already. However, many of them are difficult for girls, so you need to be careful and support her with your arms as much as possible.

The cinema position

Two partners are sitting side by side to each other as if they are watching a movie. The only difference is that a woman bends to her partner and starts giving him a blowjob while sitting. One of the advantages of this position is that you don’t have to support her weight with hands or legs. The seat gives her ground for a stable balance.

oral sex positions9 - 17 best oral sex positions for men and women

I also recommend to take the name of the position literally and watch a movie before giving a blowjob. You can find something erotic or romantic to get you aroused accordingly. Don’t think about finishing a movie — you can get through the first ten minutes to get the vibes.

The doctor blowjob

Remember all these movie and TV show scenes where characters come to therapists and lay down on the couch, trying to relax? This is the background for your blowjob position. The man should lay down on the sofa while the woman is kneeling over to his penis and giving him a blowjob. The good news is, doctor blowjob is among the easiest oral sex positions.

oral sex positions10 - 17 best oral sex positions for men and women

The sofa will provide support for both of you. The only problem with this blowjob pose is making sure her knees don’t get hurt from standing on the floor. Take a pillow or a cushion to have a soft surface. You might think it’s not important at first, but within the first five minutes, you’ll get what I’m talking about.

Sitting on her face

This is one of the most dominant male oral sex positions. For women, it gives direct access to his penis, which makes it a lot easier. The downside of face sitting positions is that it’s hard for women to keep their heads on the same degree. If you don’t provide a giver with stable support with your hands, she won’t enjoy this for too long.

oral sex positions11 - 17 best oral sex positions for men and women

Lie back

Most of the oral sex positions are simple, but this one is not the case. The Lie Back position is hard to pull off because you have little control over the depth of your reach. Another problem is the gag reflex and possible choking. So Lie Back is a position for deep-throat experts. If you already tired out all the positions that I described above and are looking for something new, this actually might be just the option for you.

oral sex positions12 - 17 best oral sex positions for men and women

Guys think that Lie Back position is enjoyable because they can relax and feel the stimulation on a deeper level. For women, however, it’s harder to enjoy this to the fullest. So I’d only recommend this position when you want to deliver your partner the best experience, not as part of a regular sex routine.

Creative blowjob and pussy eating for both

I know what you’ve been thinking about: why didn’t you mention the classic 69 yet? It’s convenient and full of pleasure for both partners. True, and this is exactly why I saved it for the last. Together with the classic 69, I added a few advanced variations. Check them out if you want a new bj position.

The classic 69

Yet another all-time favorite position for oral sex. A female partner sits on her partner’s head and reaches his penis while a man gives her cunnilingus. Combining two types of oral sex provides high stimulation levels for both partners, and makes sex feel like teamwork. No one is left out.

oral sex positions13 - 17 best oral sex positions for men and women

However, this position it’s pretty hard to pull off. Her hands aren’t free, because she needs to use hands for support to stay on the same height level. Also, both of your mouths will be busy, so talking to each other or giving signals is a problem.

Another possible issue for many women and men is that they will be distracted from giving and receiving at the same time. As a result, both get sloppy jobs. There’s no magical solution here — you need to get better with practice and avoid overstimulation by taking short breaks.

Sideways 69

If lying on each other is too intense or physically challenging, you can try a lazy version of 69. Both partners are still getting intense stimulation down there, and the only difference is that you are lying on your side instead of your partner’s body.

oral sex positions14 - 17 best oral sex positions for men and women

The issue is with this position is your legs. Figuring out where to put them seems very challenging at first. You need to give each other time to figure out the right angles and bend in a way that won’t get legs in the way of oral sex.

Standing 69

If you are into dangerous sex, Standing 69 might just be the option for you. Most couples can’t pull such spiderman sex positions as both need to have strong stamina and be rather reckless. It’s also important to trust each other and know the signals. So it’s not a go-to position for one-night stands.

oral sex positions15 - 17 best oral sex positions for men and women

Standing 69 requires your partner to stand while supporting you in the upside-down position. Your head faces his penis while he gets direct access to your vagina. The absence of equilibrium makes this position both dangerous and exhilarating for girls. This one deserves to be on your bucket list of sex positions — it’s hard but fun. Plus, if you can pull off a Standing 69, you are a blowjob pro.


If you are tired of tried and proven female oral sex positions, you can keep experimenting with 69. This version is called a FaceOff, because your partner sits down while you face his cock being upside down, and keeping your butt near his face.

oral sex positions16 - 17 best oral sex positions for men and women

Face-off is a challenging position, and the truth is, it’s not all that enjoyable for women. However, you can make it feel better by asking your partner to massage your butt and possibly, enter you from behind with his fingers. Don’t forget the lubrication.

The main advantage of this position is in its originality. Chances are, even experienced men never tried out this one before. If you know how to do it and experiment with blowjob from behind and front, you’ll get a lot of coolness points.

Bonus video: animation oral sex positions

If you’d like some additional tips, I suggest watching these videos with some other creative positions. Don’t be afraid to combine ideas from several positions. Maybe, you’ll come up with an even better alternative on your own.


When you have oral sex, you need to improve your control. Some positions are harder to manage because it’s easy to get a gag reflex, whereas others require complicated configurations (head upside down, extreme bending). All the best blowjob positions can be very rewarding if you already have oral sex experience. If not, start with the first positions on the list as they are much easier.

Remember, giving a creative blowjob is a skill. Just because you tried once and didn’t quite like the result, you shouldn’t give on the idea of doing a decent blowjob or cunnilingus. All it takes is knowledge and practice. You already know what to do, now it’s time to get to business.


What are the best blowjob positions?

There are many great positions, but the easiest and most enjoyable ones are sitting on a partner’s face and 69. The main advantage of 69 is that both partners are givers and receivers simultaneously. Plus, there’s an endless number of modifications that you can experiment with — a side 69, a standing 69, or a face-off 69. Once you know the basics, you can improve your skills further.

How to eat pussy?

You need to pick a position that allows reaching your partner’s vagina from a comfortable angle. You need to figure out a way to support yourself — either by kneeling to her level or lifting up her legs and supporting her butt with your hands. You can get creative with sitting and lying, too. The goal is to find the angle that allows you to reach her erogenous zones and possibly a G-spot.

What are top bj positions?

The best blowjob positions for men and women are face sitting, the classic kneeling positions, 69 and its main modifications, and stopping and rolling for cunnilingus. These positions are doable and not boring. Obviously, if you want to experiment with lying upside down or engaging your hand or leg muscles, you’ll need a lot of practice to become good.

What are the best blowjob positions that every woman should know?

You can try out the cinema positions, doctor blowjobs, blowjob from the back, lie back, different versions of  69, including standing and face off ones. The later ones are quite difficult to pull off as you’ll be facing your partner with your head down. On the other hand, guys likely didn’t get to try these ones before with anyone else so you’ll come off as a real blow job pro.

How do I get better at giving different types of blowjob?

You need to experiment with positions and try out different ways of stimulation. Don’t limit yourself to only sucking his penis. Use your hands to massage butt cheeks, stimulate your nipples, experiment with kneeling and angles. Think not only about the feeling that the blowjob delivers but about the general view, too. A lot of guys get stimulated as much by the feels of the blowjob as by its looks.

What are the best cunnilingus positions?

There are many creative sex positions where you can get creative without overstraining your muscles or getting into dangerous configurations. Experiment with the triangle which a cool position where the receiver is sitting on three chairs.