An ultimate guide to nipple piercing

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March 19, 2020

To begin with, it looks hot. Then there’s a big chance that your nipples will become more sensitive and the foreplay will take on a new dimension. And finally, you can use this as an unbeatable pick-up line material regardless of your gender. You would be amazed at how much attention a tiny body modification like nipple piercing can attract.

Nipple piercing pros

Nipple piercing is trending. Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Kristen Stewart, and a bunch of other celebrities are showing off their nipple jewelry regularly. Although more women give this modification a go, some men also rock it. It is considered to be sexy and somewhat badass. But is there any other benefit apart from looking all gorgeous?

Increased sensitivity

A lot of people report that piercing increased their nipple sensitivity. Technically advanced sensitivity is not one hundred percent guaranteed, but your sexuality is going to feel a boost nevertheless. The psychological factor has a lot to do with it as well — pierced nipples create an impression of being hard all the time. And that wouldn’t stay unnoticed.

If your nipples are sensitive enough already, there is a chance that once you have them pierced, you might experience your first nipple orgasm. Believe it or not, it is a thing!

At the same time, if your priercer hits the nerve, you risk losing sensitivity in the area. Highly qualified piercers do not make such mistakes; that’s why it is essential to find a person who knows what they’re doing.

Visually bigger breasts

If you’re not happy with the size or shape of your boobs nipple piercing can do the trick. Apart from looking hot, pierced nipples make your breast look bigger. Try different types of jewelry and see which one works best for you.

Confidence boost

Most of the people who have got their nipples pierced agree that it made them feel more powerful, especially in bed. Nipple piercing is a challenge, and you’d be amazed by a strong boost of confidence.

nipple piercing Review 06 - An ultimate guide to nipple piercing
A lot of people report that piercing increased their nipple sensitivity

Nipple piercing cons

Nipple piercing is not something you want to do spontaneously. It is a long-term commitment, so you better be sure you’re ready for that.

Long healing time

It’s going to take a while until your nipples fully heal — from 6 months to a year. During this time, you’ll have to pay a lot of attention to the aftercare.

That’s why we recommend planning your next year. Breastfeeding with unhealed nipple piercing is a no-go, and you cannot remove the jewelry until the wound heals up. Tropical and active vacation aren’t great ideas either.

Painful process

Although it’s different for everybody, in general, nipple piercing is painful. It’s unusual for people to pass out from the pain, that’s why they do it lying down. It’s also not common to use the numbing cream as it can influence the healing process.

Prepare yourself for a few seconds of pain

No touching for a while

During the first month or two, you and your partner should keep hands off your nipples. When your piercer says not to touch it, it is not a request — it is an order. Infections are no fun, and hands and mouths contain an uncountable number of bacteria.

So if you plan on giving a sneak peek on your new body modification, you can let them watch on the distance.

nipple piercing Review 01 - An ultimate guide to nipple piercing
Play with the jewelry, put on a chain that connects two nipples or shop for more creative ideas

Sexual benefits of nipple piercing

Nipple piercing will add a kink to your sex life. Ask anybody with a nipple piercing if their sex life has improved, and 9 out of 10 will give you a positive answer. Nipple piercing is capable of introducing a whole new side to your foreplay.

If you are into rough sex and BDSM there’s no doubt that you and your partner would love this new addition. Play with the jewelry, put on a chain that connects two nipples or shop for even more creative jewelry ideas to surprise your S.O.

If you’re disappointed that your partner does not pay enough attention to your breasts, we guarantee that things will change once you have them pierced. Nipple piercing is like a shiny magnet: both genders find playing with it a massive turn on.

nipple piercing Review 03 - An ultimate guide to nipple piercing
The process takes a few seconds

What nipple piercing process is like

First, you need to find a qualified piercer. Take your time and do the research. Look for the well-establish studio and an experienced piercer. His techniques alongside your aftercare flow will determine how fast your nipples heal. Do not just go anywhere because they say they do it. And don’t be stingy; otherwise, you’ll end up spending more to cure the infection.

The actual process takes a few seconds. All the equipment should be new and sterilized.

You will lay down, and the piercer will clean your nipple with alcohol, make a dot at the place of the piercing itself. Some pierces clamp the nipples while others don’t, both versions are fine.

Then the piercer makes a hole with a needle, puts on the jewerly that you’ve chosen, and places a bandage on top of your newly pierced nipple.


There are no specific rules that you need to follow before the procedure. Just don’t drink alcohol or too much caffeine.


It all depends on where you live. In the US, it usually costs $30 to $50, and the average jewelry price range is from $10 till $50.


One of the most popular questions regarding nipple piercing is whether it is painful. There is no universal answer to that as our bodies have different pain barriers.

Some people said they’ve barely felt it while others passed out. If you’ve done any tattoos or piercings before, you can use it as a reference. The good news is that it’s a quick procedure, and the pain quickly goes away.

nipple piercing Review 05 - An ultimate guide to nipple piercing
Use warm water and antibacterial soap to wash your piercing

Nipple piercing: aftercare

Proper aftercare is the key. As long as you follow the recommendations of your piercer, you’ll be fine. But as we’ve mentioned earlier, it will take a long time before the piercing heals.


It will take 6 to 12 months before your nipple piercing is healed and you can change the jewelry. First 4 to 6 weeks it is important not to touch it and not engage in any sexual activities that involve this area. The first few weeks after the procedure, your nipples may bleed, hurt a bit, and become crusty.

It is ok to go on with your workout routine as long as it’s not too intense.


It is important to keep your piercing clean. You can use warm water and antibacterial soap to wash your piercing, but don’t rub it with a towel, let it dry by itself. Be gentle and do not overdo the cleaning — one nipple bath per day is enough.

Additionally, apply the formula suggested by your piercer and take saline baths daily. Fill the shot glass with the saline formula and dip your nipple inside. Soak for a few minutes or as long as you have the patience for as it helps with the healing. Use saline spays whenever you feel your nipple is getting crusty.


Unless you live in a nudist commune and can afford to walk around topless, you’ll have to wear something on top. Soft cotton sport-style bras are your best solution.

nipple piercing Review 04 - An ultimate guide to nipple piercing
There are two types of jewelry you can choose from: barbells and hoops

Types of jewelry for nipple piercing

You can choose between titanium, stainless steel, gold, or platinum materials for your nipple piercing as they are hypoallergenic and rarely cause problems. Also, there are two types of jewelry you can choose from — barbells and hoops.

  • Barbells are usually the ones in-demand. They are more comfortable to wear, as they don’t move too much.
  • Hoops are easier to pull or hook, which can be painful during the first few weeks after you’ve done your piercing. It is best to wait until you’re healed and change the jewelry later on.

Other things you need to know

There are a few more things you need to know to get the full picture.


Once your nipples are healed, you will be able to breastfeed as if nothing happened. Just make sure to remove the jewelry before you do so.


If you removed the piercing and started missing the sensation or popularity it used to bring to you, don’t get discouraged. It is normal to pierce them once again.


Before you rush to the nearest piercing shop, we suggest thinking if you’re ready to commit long-term. Consider the extended period of aftercare and restraining from nipple-involving sexual activities for a couple of months. If you’re planning pregnancy and breastfeeding in the next year, nipple piercing would be a bad idea.

Otherwise, choose the right specialist, pay attention to the aftercare, and wear your nipple piercing like a rockstar!

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How to clean nipple piercing?

Use warm water and antibacterial soap to wash the pierced nipple and let it dry by itself afterward. Be gentle and do not overdo the cleaning process — one nipple bath per day is enough.

You’ll need to apply the formula suggested by your piercer and take saline baths. Fill the shot glass with the saline formula and dip your nipple inside. Soak for a few minutes or as long as you have the patience for as it does help with the healing. Throughout the day you can also apply saline spays whenever you feel your nipple is getting crusty.

How to remove nipple piercing?

You should wait until your nipple is fully healed before you can remove the piercing. Usually, it takes a while, sometimes up to a year, so arm yourself with patience. It is a good idea to ask your piercer to help you with changing the jewelry the first couple of times before you get the confidence to do it yourself.

Wash your hands and nipple area first, then unscrew the ball bar or the hoop of the jewelry. It might take a while but do not panic. Keep in mind that you can always ask the professional piercer to do it.

How long does it take for nipple piercing to heal?

The healing time depends on the professionalism of the piercer, the quality of the aftercare and your body specifics. Usually, it takes no less than 6 months for the nipple piercing to heal but can take up to a whole year.

How much does nipple piercing cost?

The price may vary depending on location. In an average big city in the US, the nipple piercing will cost you around $30-$50. Add the price of the jewelry, which typically ranges between $10 and $50, to get the full picture.

And for the love of God do not try to cut down expenses by going to the shady piercing shop around the corner. It is your health that comes first.

How bad does a nipple piercing hurt?

It hurts. The level of pain may vary according to your body specifics — some feel almost nothing, others complain the pain was pretty intense, and some actually enjoyed the process. If you’ve had done tattoos or piercings before, you’re probably aware of your pain threshold and can prepare for what’s coming. Luckily it is only a matter of seconds.

How to clean infected nipple piercing?

If you see that your nipple piercing got infected, the best thing you can do is visit your piercer or a doctor. It is important to keep the infected nipple piercing clean, so continue with washing it in warm water with soap, be gentle, and use saline baths and sprays to keep the area disinfected.

Do not remove the piercing by yourself and avoid alcohol, hydrogen peroxide products, as well as perfume.

How to prepare for a nipple piercing?

There are no special preparation procedures before the piercing unless you’re feeling shaky. In this case, try to relax, do some breathing exercises and concentrate on the benefits you’re getting out of this experience. Do not drink alcohol or too much caffeine.

Do nipple piercings make your nipples hard always?

No, your nipples will act the same way they did before the piercing.

Can you wear a bra after getting a nipple piercing?

Yes. The best bra to wear is a soft cotton sports-style bra. Keep in mind that it is going to leave stains for a while, so stick to darker colors. Stay away from laces and other materials that can accidentally hook the jewelry.

Can you numb your nipple before piercing?

Often piercing studios do not use any numbing sprays or creams as they may cause allergic reactions or interfere with the healing process. It is ok, however, to apply the numbing cream 40 minutes before the procedure but consult with your piercer on this issue beforehand.

Will the hole close?

If you remove the piercing, the hole will close quickly even if it’s healed.

Piercer explains myths, pros and cons of nipple piercings

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