Nhentai: a Free Hentai Site Which Differs Much from Others

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May 27, 2020
Popularity 387,000 visitors/Day
Number of comics more than 200,000
Registration yes
Mobile app none
Price free
Free version yes
Number of categories 100+
Content quality high
Pleasure rate ★★★★☆

No matter how old men are, they always remain kids inside. They still like the same things, but want them to be much hotter. When I was a teenager, I was crazy about comics. When I grew older, I found an alternative for adults: hentai. I cannot say this is my favorite genre but sometimes I browse the specialized sites when I want to take a little time out from dating sites. This time I explore nhentai, which is dedicated to manga comics. No video, graphics only. And an endless amount of content. Thousands and thousands of pictures, this a paradise for the fetishists of all the kinds.

nhentai review1 - Nhentai: a Free Hentai Site Which Differs Much from Others



They arranged the comics by Tags, Artists, Characters; you also can explore Parodies and Groups. Honestly, I don’t like the way they categorize this stuff. It is not so easy to get oriented in it. Hundreds of tags, hundreds of artists. Is there anybody who has browsed through all of them? The tags sound strange, maybe only the most devoted hentai fans understand what they mean: amano jyaku, aohonoo, ari and mura, etc. All of them are categorized alphabetically, but there are more than 100 tags only under the letter A. Does it help? No. I need more precise categories not to feel lost watching thousands of cunts, tits, and dicks. It is easier to come to the Random section than to find anything using tags.

nhentai review2 - Nhentai: a Free Hentai Site Which Differs Much from Others

Even a “Popular” option doesn’t improve the situation. Words like “anal”, “masturbation”, or “bukkake” sound more familiar, of course, but there are still too many categories to feel comfortable.



You can watch and download n hentai pictures for free. Yes, this is the best gift for all the hentai fans.



This website caters to true manga enthusiasts. You can find no video or gifs there, only pictures and comic strips, which you can download. Though any guest can watch pics without any restriction, it is necessary to sign up to be able to download the comics directly to your hard drive. Favorites is another option available for registered users. Mark the comics you like with hearts, add them to the favorite list, and remove them from it easily.

nhentai review3 - Nhentai: a Free Hentai Site Which Differs Much from Others

Though the forums are a usual feature on the sites like nhentai, there is no forum here and you will never see it in the future. The webmasters expressed their opinion on forums in a few brief words:

“No, we are not going to add a forum, ever. Fuck forums.”

This information can be found in the Info section. In this section, you can also get contacts and some information on accounts and search.

Comics are written in three languages on Nhentai: English, Japanese, and Chinese. When you browse the comics, you can see a small flag to indicate the language of a certain cartoon. You will face some difficulties if you don’t know Japanese because generally, it is impossible to understand the plot without understanding this language. But is there anybody who is interested in the plot of such stories, but not the pictures?

Though these three languages dominate, according to Blacklist Tags, there are many more languages used on the site though they are not popular. Would you like to read nhentai manga in Ukrainian or Esperanto? You can find one or two translated into these languages. But I think you are much more interested in what Blacklist Tags are. This is nearly the most useful option on this site.

nhentai review4 - Nhentai: a Free Hentai Site Which Differs Much from Others

If you don’t want to see some content, you can mark it on the blacklist. And as for me, that’s great as Japanese porn may seem to be strange and offensive to other culture representatives. The first thing I did was to put the tags “lolicon” and “shotacon” into the blacklist. If you don’t know what they mean, they are nearly the same as child pornography, but this is OK for Japanese tradition.

And some words on what I don’t like about how this site is arranged. Though I’ve read lots of compliments on the site’s design and the way the categories are provided in various reviews, I cannot share their enthusiasm about it. It is rather difficult to navigate the content. I need more precise categories than thousands of tags.

Signing up

The process of signing up is easy and quick, it takes about a minute to create an account. Make up a username and a password, enter this password twice, and you are a registered member now. Your email is optional and it is necessary only to help you to recover your account if you forget a password. Otherwise, no verification required.

nhentai review5 - Nhentai: a Free Hentai Site Which Differs Much from Others

As I have already mentioned above, registration gives you access to some options: to download, to add favorites, and to use Blacklist Tags.


The personal account looks bare. The information is minimal: a username, favorites, blacklist tags. Here you also can see how long you are a site member, edit your settings, reset the password, and delete the account.

nhentai review6 - Nhentai: a Free Hentai Site Which Differs Much from Others

Enter the Edit my settings, and you will be able to change the username, the avatar, the password, put down your favorite tags and some words about you, and choose the theme color.

Frankly speaking, I don’t understand the reasons to change the avatar (the avatar offered by the system is so funny!) or put down something personal as there are no social interactions on the site.

Mobile Apps

There are no mobile apps offered by Nhentai. But the mobile experience is great, it works perfectly on mobile devices. It is also possible to download the comics on the phone.

nhentai review7 - Nhentai: a Free Hentai Site Which Differs Much from Others


There are not so many ads here, and these ads are unobtrusive. When I visited the site, it was an icon on the top of the page which redirected me to the online hentai game.

Content Quality

The scans’ quality may be the best I have ever seen on such platforms. Cartoons are both black-and-white and colored. This is a particular pleasure taking into consideration the fact that everything is free here (yes, free sites still exist).


Many of these comics were made by the well-known hentai artists who create erotic content for true connoisseurs of depraved arts: Itaba Hiroshi, Inochi Wazuka, Saigado, etc. It is impossible to mention all of them, the list is too long even to read it up to the end.

Pleasure Rate


This platform was created in 2014, and its popularity grows steadily. Of course, this content is specific and not everybody will like it, but those who are into this kind of art will find a lot of interesting things in this huge collection of all kinds of hentai, manga, and doujinshi cartoons.


This site is worth your attention, but it is not the only one. I offer you to try some alternatives to choose your favorite platform.



nhentai review 88 - Nhentai: a Free Hentai Site Which Differs Much from Others

It’s a website that provides its visitors with high-quality hentai videos. More than 250 videos are updated weekly. They also offer bonus access to non-hentai porn videos with real actors. But the main disadvantage is that all these videos are available only for money. You have to pay the membership fee to complete your registration.



nhentai review93 - Nhentai: a Free Hentai Site Which Differs Much from Others

This website is not among the biggest hentai platforms, but it deserves close attention. There are no pictures here, but videos only. They claim that their movies are exclusive as they have never been demonstrated outside of Japan. But if you want to download some of these videos, you’ll have to pay for the VIP membership.



nhentai review10 - Nhentai: a Free Hentai Site Which Differs Much from Others

This site allows its visitors to watch and download hentai porn videos for free. Most of the cartoons have English subs, so it is not difficult to understand a bit more than just fucking. But lots of pop-unders and video pre-play advertisements are the main disadvantages of this site.

To Sum It Up

Nhentai collection really strikes the imagination. It is so huge, diverse, and high-quality. The site owners’ dedication to graphics only is also extraordinary. The visitors can visualize their most sophisticated fetish fantasies. Would you like to view tentacle porn? There are 13,353 results in a second of the search. Do you know what nakadashi means? Just the same as creampie, but sounds weird. 43,356 results. That is really impressive. But I’ve understood that Japanese porn is not my thing. And not only Japanese. What is better — to watch a picture or to feel a real body close to you?

No, don’t take me wrong, watching pictures is not bad. But having sex in real life is better. If you agree with me, dating apps can help you to find a partner to make your dreams come true. Try Pure, as this app is designed especially for those who want to meet somebody with the same fantasies. You create your ad where you describe what you are looking for. Then browse through the ads of other users to find like-minded ones. All the users are active and result-oriented, as the ads are active only while their creators are online. And you’ll find a real girl, in flesh-and-blood, not a picture of a Hentai character, to have sex with her.


What is hentai?

These are porn pictures, movies, comics, games created in the Japanese animation style. They are based on Asian mentality and sexual culture, which differs much from the Western attitudes towards sexuality and may seem weird and even offensive.

What is Nhentai.net?

This is a big hentai site dedicated only to hentai comics but not video.

Is sign-up obligatory on nhentai to watch its content?

No. You can watch comics without any registration. But if you want to download the comics or to get access to some extra features like adding to Favorite list or using Blacklist Tags option, you have to register. The process of registration is easy and quick, and you don’t need any verification.

Is Nhentai.net free?

Yes, it is totally free. You are not to pay for any option on the site.

What kind of porn can I see on nhentai?

The choice of hentai comics on this site is rather wide. You can search by tags or by artists. If you don’t want to see some kind of porn pics, use Blacklist Tags option to avoid them in your search results.

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