How to make your vagina taste good and feel healthy

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February 11, 2020

A lot of girls feel uncomfortable about letting their partners taste themselves. The main issue is insecurity about the vagina’s taste or smell. Here’s how to make your vagina taste good.

How should a vagina taste

Let’s clear something up immediately: when we are talking about letting your partner taste your vagina, we aren’t talking just about the anatomic vaginal opening. Your partner will be technically testing your vulva, which includes labia and the opening.

There’s no single standard on how a healthy, well-groomed vagina should taste. I went on Reddit to see what guys think about best vagina tastes — many say they find it to feel salty or sweet. There is no biological standard on how it should be, just what your partner likes.

Characteristics of vagina that influence its taste

Luckily, vagina taste is one of the only sexual characteristics that can be easily changed. You can affect the way your vagina tastes by eating differently, using hygiene tips, and avoiding certain products. Later, we’ll get into tips on how to make your vagina taste and smell good but for now, let’s examine the biological factors that contribute to vaginal taste.

How to make your vagina taste good 02 - How to make your vagina taste good and feel healthy
Controlling your nutrition is the easiest way to make sure your vagina tastes good

Vagina is acidic

The vagina has a high pH which means, it’s more acidic. This is its natural mechanism for self-protection and defending internal tissues from bacteria. The acidic taste, on human receptors, translates to metallic taste — something you’d feel while licking a coin. The more acidic the vagina is, the more metallic it will feel.

During menstruation and after its vagina is the most metallic. There are still microscopic blood traces in the vagina, plus, the organ has to remove the waste products from the body, which also leads to increased acidity. Adding a natural metallic taste of blood to this, your partner will definitely have a very metal, “coiny” taste.

Vagina gets salty from sweat

If you just broke a good sweat or lifted weights in the gym, you will sweat down there a lot. Even after a good shower, traces of salt will remain and create a salty taste. Depending on how much you exercised and how well you showered, the degree of saltiness will vary.

Don’t expect to get the sweat out of your vagina entirely. If you keep it under layers of clothes, the vagina will certainly get sweaty, and the excitement during sex itself might lead to excessive sweating. So, the salty taste is natural, and can hardly be avoided.

The reasons for unpleasant vaginal smells

The most common problem that girls face while preparing their vagina to be tasted, is the smell. If you feel an unpleasant smell even after you’ve taken a good shower, it means, the problem is internal. There are several reasons why such consistent smells can be occurring — some of them are easier to deal with whereas others have a deep anatomic route. If you know the causes of the problem, it will be easier to figure out how to make your vagina smell taste good.

Bacterial diseases

The most common cause of the constant vaginal smell is a bacterial infection. Bacterias can enter your body during sex, masturbation, exercise, swimming — there are many potential scenarios. Urinary infection can also be the cause of the problem. The difference between men and women’s anatomy is that our urinary system is much closer to our vagina. Infecting our vagina can lead to urinary distresses, and urinary issues are likely to affect our vagina — and our ability to have sex with no pain or discomfort.

Sexually-transmitted issues

The most common sexual disease that tends to cause a consistent smell is trichomoniasis. However, there are dozens of STIs, and it’s difficult to diagnose yourself on your own because different diseases present a lot of similar symptoms. So, you have a constant smell in your vagina. I recommend seeing your gynecologist. It could be not just a minor obstacle in sex but a sign of something much more alarming.

how to make your vagina smell good - How to make your vagina taste good and feel healthy
You need to be focused on how to make your vagina taste good naturally, not with artificial supplements


The third most common cause of changes in vaginal smell and taste is menopause. The female reproductive system is expecting rapid acidity changes. Vaginal pH increases, becoming increasingly more basic, which is why a traditional metallic taste may disappear. Instead, you can acquire a more characteristic odor which, for some men, seems to smell foul.

How to make your vagina smell and taste good

Changing your vagina’s taste is easy because it’s influenced by many factors (nutrition, exercise, drinks, etc). However, these effects are very short-term and can only affect the taste of your vagina right after the measure was taken. If you ate fruits to change your taste right before sex, your partner might be able to feel the difference. But if 30-40 minutes have passed, you’ll likely reach no effect.

Still, let’s take a look at the most reliable tips for improving the way your vagina tastes. So, here’s how to make your vagina taste good quick.

Exclude food that gives off an unpleasant smell

Improving the way your vagina taste starts with excluding the factors that might spoil its smell. Some food is known to affect bodily smells — not just vagina — and there is solid scientific evidence that backs up this claim. So, if you want to make sure that your vagina tastes and smells natural — and not in a foul way — avoid the following products:

  • Onion and garlic;
  • High-sugar products;
  • Red meat;
  • Milk and dairy.
How to make your vagina taste good 04 - How to make your vagina taste good and feel healthy
This how to make your vagina taste good — by avoiding smelly foods

Avoid strong-smelling hygienic products

You’ve likely seen a lot of ads for shower gels, creams, and masks that are supposed to give your vagina a pleasant smell. For many women, this is a go-to solution — just scrub down there real good with a flowery gel. Actually, such scrubbing has the opposite effect.

Vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism: it will automatically remove the dirt and bacteria inside unless you have a chronic disease. Artificial interventions like scrubbing with aromatized gels and rubbing yourself to the point of inflammation are more likely to have bad effects on your health. And the rule of thumb is, a healthy vagina is the good-tasting one.

Instead of scrubbing your vagina, be sure to use a lot of running water and prefer frequent wash-ups to sporadic long ones. If you want to keep your vagina clean, be sure to wash it several times per day, especially after exercising.

Cultivate a healthy lifestyle

If your goal is to have a healthy vagina, you should aim to have a healthy body overall. The vagina is an excellent indicator of what’s happening inside of your body. If you have an infection, your reproductive system will react immediately — likely by increasing the acidity of your vagina. So, the easiest measure for affecting your vagina’s taste and feel is taking more care of your lifestyle. Here’s the shortest list of easy tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  • Regularly hydrate — at least 5-6 glasses per day are enough to keep your pH levels regulated.
  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours each day: getting a good rest improves your immune system and keeps you less vulnerable to bacterial infections.
  • Exercising 3-4 times per week: it will get the blood flowing to your vagina.
  • Wash 2-3 times per day to maintain good intimate hygiene: don’t overreact with intense hygiene, just wash frequently.
  • Avoid stress: it leads to unnecessary seating and compromises your body’s defense mechanisms.
How to make your vagina taste good 01 - How to make your vagina taste good and feel healthy
Eating fruits and vegetables is how to make your vagina taste good quick

Wear breathable clothes

One of the simplest ways of how to make your vagina smell and taste good quickly is to keep track of the clothes’ quality. The quality of your panties has a direct effect on your vaginal health. Between artificial fabric and cotton panties, always go for natural cotton clothes. Make sure to change your underwear regularly and wash it with natural soaps.

Avoid smoking and alcohol

Alcohol and nicotine change the way your sweat smells, and they also have a direct effect on your vagina’s taste. It will make your vagina taste more bitter or smell slightly rotten. Cut down the negative habits — at least several days before having sex, if you can’t quit them for good.

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What does the vagina taste like?

The vagina usually had a salty taste due to high pH levels. Some find the taste metallic — especially after menstruation because blood increases the pH even further. Some women have a sweeter taste (this can be caused by high sugar consumption) while others have a more bitter taste — this is usually caused by smoking and drinking.

How to make sure your vagina smells and tastes good?

You can remove products that have a strong smell from your diet, sleep well, and hydrate more. Avoid over-washing your vagina, because you can damage the tissue and actually, achieve the reverse effect. If the smell doesn’t stop, see your OB specialist – it might be a sign of a sexually-transmitted disease or bacterial infection.

Do men enjoy the taste of pussy?

Yes, they do, especially if it’s a natural taste of a healthy vagina. You can improve the impression by eating healthily and avoiding bad habits (cigarettes, smoking, weed, etc).

How to make your vagina taste good 05 - How to make your vagina taste good and feel healthy
How long does it take for a pineapple to make your vagina taste good? Wait for 20-30 minutes

How to take care of my vagina?

Don’t overdo it. Artificial invasive methods can damage your vagina. This is the organ that can clean itself and as long as your entire body is healthy, your vaginal will take good care of itself. If an unpleasant smell is chronic, you need to visit a doctor — it’s not healthy.

How to make your vagina smell good and taste good: the daily routine

Final thoughts

So, how to make your vagina taste good naturally? Just stay healthy. The rule of thumb is, the tasty vagina is a healthy vagina. Your primary objective shouldn’t be to give it an artificially pleasant smell but invest in long-term measures. This means, taking good care of the health of your reproductive system and seeing a doctor if necessary, eating healthy, exercising, and getting good sleep.

Take care of your nutrition and hydrate well, and cut down the consumption of alcohol and smoking. If you are living a healthy life, your vagina’s smell and taste will normalize in a couple of days.

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