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April 1, 2020
Jdate logo app tabl 1 - All you need to know about Jdate
4.0 ★★★★☆
300,000 members 50,000/weekly 57% / 43% Male & Female
57% / 43% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, International
low fraud risk Verification email, Facebook Mobile App iOS, Android
$59.99 - $179.94 subscription price Free version basic account and search
Free version basic account and search
USA, International
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Jdate is celebrating its 20th anniversary being online and connecting Jewish people in the USA. The platform was created to bring together like-minded people for all kinds of relationships like friendship or casual dating. Still, most of all, Jdate is focusing on serious relationships comparing with any other sex apps.

Also, Jdate seems to be responsible for half marriages in the Jewish community, and all of those are successful. These statistics got our attention, and we wanted to see in our own experience if it works that well.



As much as we would like to have free plans to use at the Jdate website, there are none. They offer little promotions from time to time, like 20 free messages for users over the weekend, but that is usually a short period, and 20 messages are not quite enough, as we all know.

Free service

Jdate offers to create an account and search through the members to see what’s out there. Although, that’s about it. You won’t be able to do anything more unless you get an upgrade to the paid subscription.

jdate review 5 - All you need to know about Jdate
Jdate discount is a very common thing for new members

Paid service

Jdate offers one VIP membership for 1, 3, or 6 months. Price is quite over the average for dating app usage. Although the membership gives you a fair amount of features to use once you purchase it.

Since you have an account at Jdate and can search for members with a free version, after the membership upgrade, you gain access to other members’ photos, see who liked your profile or viewed it. You can also turn off your online status so other users won’t see you and browse all possible accounts anonymously. You would get access to send and receive messages together with receipts of reading ones.

There is also a “Messaging+” feature. It allows sending messages to all registered users with the option to reply to that. Meaning, even a random user who does have a profile but haven’t upgraded to the Premium subscription can receive and respond to your messages.

jdate review 2 - All you need to know about Jdate
Jdate search is available only for VIP members

Audience quality


Jdate is probably one of those dating applications where the number of females is in real usage experience is higher than the percentage of males. Also, even though the platform was created as a dating scene for Jewish people, it does not forbid other people to use it. You can join the website regarding your faith or beliefs, but you should be interested in finding Jewish partners.

The website does welcome all kinds of relationships, so you don’t need to be looking for a serious and committed relationship. Searching for a casual thing and friends is also welcomed.

Age distribution

You can register at the platform if you are 18 years old and older. Yet the majority of users are in their mid-30s and 40s, but you still can find younger generations who are looking for new people to connect on different aspects of life.

Fakes and scammers

Since there are no free accounts and mostly Jewish circles of people, it is hard to find any scammers. The registration process also does all possible to illuminate such users. There might be a few bots to engage new users to upgrade to a paid membership, but that would happen anyway.

There also could be old accounts that are no longer being used, but that’s about it, which also happens a lot with free dating sites no sign-up.



We did enjoy the website from the moment we saw it. It is easy to navigate and leads you straight to the registration. The smooth design makes you want to find out what is waiting for you behind the sign-up wall.

Although this website collects most of its users to look for serious relationships, it also has a few fun features that would appear entertaining to everyone.

A Special admire feature was created for shy people. You can mark a profile of a user that you like, and Jdate will find out if that person feels the same way towards you. Jdate has a section with profiles section where other users can like suggested people or mark it as a cross if that’s a no.

Another feature that Jdate is offering is “Kibitz Corner.” This is also an entertaining function that helps initiate a conversation. You can post daily questions to see later what people have been answering — an easy way to start getting to know someone through such small talk.

Jdate has two more features called “Jdate Events” and “JLife.” “Jdate Events” were created to gather like-minded strangers together but for an actual offline meetup. “JLife” is a blog where you can seek advice, read tips for successful dating, and get inspired by happy stories from real married couples that got together thanks to Jdate.

jdate review 3 - All you need to know about Jdate
During the sign-up Jdate phone number is not required

Signing up

To create an account, you would need to spend around 5-7 minutes. You can choose to register through your already existing account on Facebook or by using an email address.

You would need to share your information, like your first and last name, your gender, full birth date, and Zip Code to narrow down your location to help connect you with singles only in your area. Then you would need to agree with the Terms of Service and Privacy Statement to continue.

The next step will follow you to filling your account. You would start by adding your photos: you have to add at least one picture and then add up to 6, if you want to. Jdate would suggest you choose a photo with a clear face, and preferably where you are by yourself to avoid confusion. Of course, moderators will take down all kinds of photos with offensive or inappropriate content.

Once you are done with that, there will be one more step left — to add more personal information like your height, religion, occupation, kids, level of education, and college. You can skip all of those, but it is required to add your religion and education right away. Otherwise, you won’t be able to go any further.

Now you need to verify your account, log in to the platform, and begin your search.

jdate review 7 - All you need to know about Jdate
Jdate contacting is easy and the profiles are quite detailed


As you can see from the registration form, the profiles are quite detailed, which helps to narrow your search down in the best compatible way. The more details you add about yourself, the better it is for your future matches to find you. You can change any of your details later on.

Your profile photo will be visible for every registered user regarding the subscription plan. If you detect any profiles that seem odd to you, don’t hesitate and forward it directly to the moderators for further suspension if it will eventually be a fake profile.


As a free member of the Jdate, you can scroll through the members who are in your area. But only VIP members can use advanced filters to search for other users.


Private chat is available for members who upgraded their membership to VIP status. Otherwise, you will be able only to search for an account without any possibility of contacting others. Yet there is a chance to communicate with others even with a free account.

There is a feature available for VIP members. As a paid user, you can find someone who interests you and send them a message. If they are using a free account, for now, they still will be able to respond only to your messages.

jdate review 9 - All you need to know about Jdate
Jdate app for iOS, screenshots from AppStore

Mobile app

The Jdate has both apps available to download for free at iOS and Android stores. The interface of the app is catchy and designed well. Easy to navigate and find yourself dates without typical swiping. You can see all of the profile details that are well highlighted.

Security and privacy


The Jdate takes security measures seriously. Thanks to full registration, it helps to narrow down and illuminate any fake profiles and scammers who are trying to become a part of the inside community.

We also like Facebook registration as an option. That helps to avoid fake accounts and ease the registration. In case there is any odd or offensive account, you can report them to the moderators team, who will suspend the account if the profile appears to be fake.

jdate review 4 - All you need to know about Jdate
Sometimes there are Jdate coupons are available which can help to increase your odds of success

Odds of success


The chances to meet someone are high due to the tight circle. Also, the website itself encourages people to seek a serious relationship by posting happily married couples on the virtual pages of their magazine. You can be open here as much as you want and find new people to meet.

Friendship and casual dating are also popular on the platform. In our opinion, Jdate Events are also important to the community. That gives you a real chance to meet someone offline.

Matching algorithm

The advanced search feature is available only to VIP members. It will connect you through your location and by the main criteria that can be added to the profile.

jdate review 8 - All you need to know about Jdate
Jdate reviews by real users who’ve tried the app

What others say

We always try to reflect on other opinions to see how the app is working out for different people. Same reason we collected a few reviews from users who also tried Jdate.

I like it


Coming from someone who’s tried pretty much every worthy Jewish dating site out there (Jmatch, JWed, Jewish Cafe — many of which look rusty), I like Jdate by far the most. Modern and easy to use the website, and the same quality is reflected in the user base.
Jenny G.

I’ve given it a second try


I hate admitting it, but I rejoined Jdate due to a special promotion they were doing over the 4th of July, where a 6-month membership was $75, which IMO is pretty good. They seem to run promotions like this around every major US and Jewish holiday. I’ve tried Backpage alternatives too.

Although, I’ve been back on Jdate for a few now and haven’t had any dates lined up. On average, I get messages from guys who live out of state (probably want me to send them dirty pictures), local guys who are ugly, or local guys who are either much younger or much older than me.

Out of every paid online dating website, IMO Jdate is the trickiest to cancel.

My personal experience


Reluctant to try JDATE, I was first a non-paying subscriber, I could see the ladies but not contact them. To my utter surprise, the lady I felt was the best looking of all, sent me a message, but I could not see it until I became a paying subscriber, which I did. She was legit! We communicated & then met. I met one other nice lady also in my first week.

Well, no fault of JDATE, the ladies were real & attractive, & in my age group (60). However, I was one & done with these ladies for different reasons. Maybe I was one of many trying to meet them & they both got “better offers.” I will never actually know what happened. So to take my mind off of the 2 ladies, I reached out by carefully written, decent messages to about 12-15 more ladies. Only 2 responded with aloof responses that were a bit polite that they responded but not encouraging.

That’s it! Not one lady has looked at my profile in 3-4 weeks unless I count one who looked and lived 2k miles away. From Denver, the pickings on JDATE are very slim. There are photos & profiles of ladies who haven’t logged on in 4 months or longer. What does that tell me? Unless I enjoy more rejection, I am not messaging someone who isn’t logging on. Probably they don’t even know their photo remains on JDATE.

Bottom line: the 2 ladies I did meet were quality. They have many men to choose from & I am apparently not their choice. Most ladies, for one reason or another, do not even respond, & seemingly my profile & photos are not being looked at. I regret joining, as it is wasteful with very little chance of success regardless of my time & efforts.

I only give it 2 stars as someone, I guess, is dating those 2 ladies I did meet. They are real but probably have much to choose from & their self-esteem must be sky-high. I have 5 months remaining, already paid for, but expect that zero will come from it. If you are male, especially, good luck, it is difficult & I would steer you away from JDATE. See a few nice photos of ladies? Well, most are no longer active on the site. The few that are real and active on this site will be extremely choosy, with only their ideals of perfection gaining their attention.

jdate review 1 - All you need to know about Jdate
Overall Jdate is a good place to meet Jewish singles

Bottom line

Overall, we would rate Jdate as an above medium but the fair application to meet Jewish people in your area that is worth trying. The website is on the top for 20 years, which makes us confident that there are a lot of great and medium experiences that could have happened throughout the years. Besides, the security is also top-notch here as well as the support system.

pure logo app transparent new 1 - All you need to know about Jdate
5.0 ★★★★★
11 millions members 300k per months 10% / 90% Male & Female
10% / 90% Male & Female
4/5 hookup chance High Sex Chance Geography USA, Europe, International
low fraud risk Verification email, phone, photo Mobile App iOS, Android
$0.95 – $45.95 subscription price Free version minimal set of functions
Free version minimal set of functions
USA, Europe, International
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Pure users are looking for adventures. They value anonymity, straightforwardness, and intimacy with no obligations.

The application works quickly and simply — no long registrations or endless questionnaires, no social media links or photo albums. The algorithm uses end-to-end encryption and deletes profiles and chats in an hour after they start.

Upload your favourite selfie, find the person who turns you on and start texting. You have one hour to arrange an adventure together.

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pure dating app ios - All you need to know about Jdate


What is Jdate?

Jdate is the app that was created for Jewish people to meet each other for friendship, casual dating, and serious relationships.

Can I use Jdate for free?

There are only browsing members that are available for you as a free user. To get to all other features, you would need to upgrade your membership to the VIP.

Can I send messages as a free user?

No, you can send messages only if you are a VIP member of the platform. Yet if a VIP member would like to send you a message, you would be able to read it and respond to that.

How do I connect with other people on Jdate?

Advanced search filters are available for the paid users and will connect you by your current location and profile details that you can filter manually.

Is Jdate safe to use?

Yes, Jdate is safe to use as they are taking their security level very strict.

Why was there $1 charged from me?

This is the pre-authorization of your card, a usual way to check if you filled the active bank card and not the fake one. It will be returned to you back within 24 hours.

What’s JLife?

JLife is an online magazine where you can learn more about Jewish dating and learn the main tips. Also, you can read and get inspired by success stories from couples that have met and got married after meeting through the Jdate.

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