How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie

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January 23, 2020

Making an erotic selfie seems not that big of a job, but it’s not that simple if you want to make it memorable and make him hard. The exact reason why we decided to put together the ultimate selfie guide to make it easy and effortless.

Dress up

Who said that you should only be naked to make a sexy photo. It is possible if you are wearing the right clothes. You can pull any outfit and turn it into sexy addition. All you need is to undo a few buttons or pull up a little bit of your skirt. Even if you are wearing an oversized sweatshirt, all you need is to show off your shoulder and a collar bone — and it’s done.

If you treat yourself with a new set of lingerie that you are dying to show off, you don’t have to show off your entire body in it — just a slight playful image will be enough.

If you don’t feel like wearing anything but don’t want to send a nude, wrap yourself in a sheet and make it look like you woke up like this. That will drive your man crazy. Make sure those are nice sheets, though.

Think through the outfit

Depending on the entire idea of your photo, pick out some appropriate clothing or no clothes at all. The most important thing is that clothes are supposed to match. If you are playing office sexy worker, you should be fully dressed but show off a little of slutty lingerie underneath. 

Lingerie also will work great to make the jaws drop. It is up to you if that would be a matching outfit or just panties or a thong. Usually, just bra without panties is not the most popular combination so think that through before pulling it off. 

If neither options seem to be the right choice for you — we say combine. Be half-dressed and show off lingerie but nothing more. You can be wearing jeans but pull it down a little bit, so the thong is in the picture and just partly your bum. Make his imagination do the rest. 

If he asks you to go full commando — tease. Be naked but show off just one part of your body. He can see that you are fully nude, but not all of you. Keep him intrigued.

How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie 86 - How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie
This makeup looks very natural and the lightning is darker yet flattering

Put on makeup

Selfie usually involves parts of your face or the entire face, so you have to learn how to put on “no makeup” makeup. We have a few basic steps to ease it.

  • Wash and moisturize your face. That will give you a natural skin glow.
  • Highlight the bridge of your nose, cheekbones, center of your chin, and forehead.
  • Contour your face a little bit to point out the best parts of your face.
  • Do your eyebrows. You can put on mascara or choose not to — that is up to you.
  • Pick out a more natural color of lipstick that will match your lips and flatter it even more.
  • Bend over forward real quick to give your hair some volume if your blowout has fallen over the day.

Do your hair

You can not take a dripping hot selfie with a too messy bun and hair that you didn’t wash for a couple of days. The volume will make your hair sexy — no need to do the full blow up in the salon. Just wash your hair and apply hair mousse on it before using the hairdryer. 

Yet, if your idea of hot selfie takes place right in the shower — better go back to that hair bun. Style it, so it looks like you put zero effort in it. 

If you have no time for preparation, flip your hair back and forth a couple of times and shake it up with all of your fingers. That should give the needed effect for a few mins to snap that pic.

Shave if needed

No man likes to receive pics with armpit hair or that one long black hair somewhere in the middle of your leg. Make sure get rid of all unwanted unsexy hair in most common areas. Especially if that part of your body will be included in a photo. Not shaved legs might seem through a little bit off so as the in-the-middle-of-growing bikini line. 

Yet, if you stand for all-natural, then you don’t have to. 

Make sure you have privacy

Taking an almost naked selfie for someone special takes time and creativity. As well as privacy. You don’t want to be in a weird but awesome position for a selfie when someone is entering the bathroom or knocking on your door. 

How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie 68 - How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie
Sexy office selfie with unbutton shirt

Use props

Little adjustments to the picture can be a game-changer, just like sheets. You are naked but not showing it — men love it. Now let’s go through the props that you can use to drive him crazy.

Use as a prop anything you can think of. For instance, you are covered in sheets naked but wearing one necklace that he gave to you as a present. Grab a soft toy if you want to look cute and innocent. Or you can use a lollipop, which is a cliché but works every time. You can also wear glasses or take a pen in hand and play with it.

The more extreme hot photo is where you can see sex toys or wet underwear on the background. That will make a man go hard whenever he is and will set his priorities for the evening.

How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie 09 - How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie
Car during the day time has amazing lighting. Minimum makeup and you still can pull it off sexy-as-hell

Choose proper lightning

Light is one of the biggest issues with taking selfies. You should avoid nasty overhead light. There are plenty of ways you can play with light when taking a sexy selfie. If you have time, try to take a selfie at different times of the day. Natural light is usually flattering to the subject of a photo. Stand against a window while the light washes in around you.

Try different rooms to pick the best background that will combine well with the right lighting. It is essential to balance the front and backlight. Try turning your phone’s camera on yourself and walk around in front of different windows until you find a spot where you are evenly lit, and your eyes sparkle.

The fitting room lightning is the worst that you can think of — avoid taking selfies there. There is also no harm in a flashlight, even if it’s day time. Play with it and notice how different can picture be with and without the flash.

Good lighting can do magic with your sexy selfies

The category is pose

We all have seen those collages where they show what the best poses to pick are. The main point of those poses is to look natural like you are not trying at all. “I woke up like this” effect is always turning on. Here are some tips on how to make those poses flattering and sexy.

Choose several poses that will be your top and make you look even hotter than ever

How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie 20 - How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie
Red carpet pose

Red carpet pose

We’ve seen that classic red carpet pose involves placing one hand on your hip, turn your body away from the camera and look back over your shoulder. It might be hard to do a selfie like that but worth trying as it will be flattering for both your face and body.

How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie 19 - How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie
Playful yet sexy pose

Bend knees pose

Another good pose is when you are laying on your stomach and bend your knees behind you. It gives him a sexy and playful perspective of you — good to tease if he adores feet.

Posture also helps when you take a selfie. To improve it, imagine you’re squeezing something between your shoulder blades. This pulls your shoulders back while simultaneously pushing your chest out. Plus, give a good arch for your back if you do it half turning.

You can also show off your new shoes by pulling the leg up behind you. Don’t forget to play with your hair, bite your lip, and make eye contact with the camera.

Learn about your photo device

We usually so in a rush to take that selfie and when it comes out not the way we wanted, we keep getting upset because it seems to be taking forever to snap that photo. We often forget how much technology we have right in our pocket, so learn what your mobile device can do. Most likely, it has a timer, and after it goes off, it will take boost photos which means 10 pictures in a row — so you can pick the best option. 

Also, the front camera allows you to see your poses and how it will turn out eventually. The more functions of your camera you know the easier it will be to make that sexy pic. 

How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie 03 - How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie
Great example how to use filter that smooths your skin

Use filters but don’t overdo it

Filters are a big part of our daily routines. You can be wearing no makeup and apply the filter so that you look funny and animal alike. When we find it cute, men are distracted and confused, so it might not play well after all.

How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie 02 - How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie
Add a little lightning with a retouch if you feel like it’s missing out of the original pic

If you want to use a filter for your selfie, pick the natural one. It will smooth your skin a little bit and add extra lashes. Try to avoid filters where your eyes are four times bigger and with weird color or the once where you look like you’ve had 100 plastic surgeries on your face.

Editing photos is also a popular move, but don’t slim yourself too much. Use wrinkle removal, but don’t make a doll with a porcelain face — you are still alive human. Add more lightning if it is missing at some parts of the photo, and you will get a slightly edited picture — nothing wrong about that.


Expert advice

Here is advice from extremely empowering women what are their tricks to make a sexy selfie.

How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie 11 - How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie
Ashley Smith — model, founder of No Agency, Playboy’s November 2016 Playmate of the Month

Mirrors and lingerie

“Honestly I feel like I just lucked out. That window and mirror are always there. But you can reproduce this with a full length mirror near a window with good sunlight. When I’m taking these types of things, I think about someone that makes me happy, or someone that I want to see me in the lingerie.”

How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie 16 - How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie
Calu Rivero — actress, model, DJ

Home photos

“I always think of someone and what I want to convey…breathing and feeling my own power, my aura, my energy. Morning light is the best. I’m always taking #homephotos. For this photo, I used a self timer and piled a lot of books under the phone to get the exact position.”

How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie 12 - How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie
Ericka Hart — sex educator, writer, cancer survivor

Over the top angel

“Put your phone over your head and angle it down to the rest of your body. This my favorite type of selfie, because you can see more of the body/outfit/location, and it’s just an overall great angle! Natural light is always your friend. I was thinking I just wanted to stay in bed and NOT answer emails or do any work at all. How could I just lay still with makeup that is beat to the gawdss only wearing underwear? Answer: I will pretend I sleep and wake up like this!”

How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie 13 - How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie
Biting lip dreamy selfie

How to make a sexy selfie when you are not at home

Sometimes we need to take a selfie when we are far away from our bed and sheets. Instead, we are somewhere in the office or running errands.

How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie 01 - How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie
Fingers around your mouth will drive him crazy

Office bathrooms are usually the ones with a good lightening so you can quickly run to the restroom to make a quick selfie and send it over. Don’t forget to unzip your blouse a few buttons down and play with your hair to make it a sexy office boss.

If you are around the city running some errands — the car selfie is the best option. The lighting is good, and the place is private, so bite your lip or lick around your finger a little. Add a little sexy caption below, and you are golden.


What to avoid when taking a sexy selfie

This is where it can get tricky. There are main rules that you should check out before making a selfie to send it out.

How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie 17 - How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie
Don’t send pictures that you were not asked for. Make it some sort of a reword instead sending it right away

Sharing too much of your body

Share it, of course, but only when he asked you to share your crotch unless he requested it. Make him beg for it and make it count.

And here is one more thing! Try not to share your naked body in the same pic frame with your face. Separate it just in case. That will help you to avoid unwanted leak to the masses.

How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie 18 - How to shoot a sexy dripping selfie
How not to do selfie. Pay attention on the background failures

Messy background

You saw those epic-failed selfies on the Internet, so don’t make it happen to you. Be sure there are no objects on the background of your selfie that are not suppose to be in a shot. Here are examples of how to not do it.


How to make hot selfie. Men addition

We will keep this one clear and simple:

  • Avoid weird backgrounds.
  • Clean your phone camera lens before taking a shot.
  • Clean the mirror too if you will use it for your photo.
  • Choose good lighting that will flatter your skin.
  • Don’t make weird faces that could throw it off — smile instead.
  • Go workout. Sweaty selfies from the gym are hot.
  • Edit your pic a little with an editing app. Try not to edit abs to your photo if you don’t have any. Better to choose another flattering pose.
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What selfies mean?

It is a type of photo that you take for social media mostly or for private conversations.

Who invented the selfie?

Robert Cornelius was the first guy who snapped his photo back in 1839. The word “selfie” was first tweeted in 2007, and Hilton was not responsible. Inventions aside, we can credit Hilton with making selfies a global phenomenon.

What do you call someone who takes a lot of selfies?

The word for that is “Selfitis”.

What phone has the first front-facing camera?

The first front-facing camera phone was the Kyocera Visual Phone VP-210, released in Japan in May 1999. It was called a “mobile videophone” at the time and had a 110,000-pixel front camera.

How many selfies are taken per day?

According to Google statistics, there were about 93 million selfies taken per day in 2014. Now, the number has probably tripled.

How to take the perfect sexy selfie

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