How to ride your man like a pro: honest tips and tricks

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January 13, 2020

Riding a guy when you are on top is one of the most desirable ways to have sex — the position allows girls being badass and dominant, and it’s relatively easy to master. Your partner can take a good look at your body, while you finally get the opportunity to be the one to control the tempo.


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The basics of cowgirl sex are obvious — a girl on top starts bouncing on the guy when he goes in. However, the enjoyable experience goes above that — and I am going to share my best insights on how to ride your man properly.

how to ride a man 05 - How to ride your man like a pro: honest tips and tricks
The cowgirl position come in all shapes and forms, whatever fits you and your partner

How to ride your man

Before we start discussing tips on boosting your confidence and pleasure, you need to get down the technical details first. If you only have a vague idea of what riding a guy entails, this section is for you.

There are three main positions of riding a dick: when lying down, during grinding (sliding from one side of his body to another), and up and down. Here are some details on my personal experience with each of them.

Riding while lying

This position was the easiest for me to master — all I had to do was lean on my knees and cover his upper body with mine. Usually, this also involves looking directly in the partner’s face so you can always tell if he likes what you are doing. It’s excellent for an insecure beginner like I was — a guy can’t see your body well when you lie on top. It’s the safest way for partners with weight differences — so that’s how to ride a man if your plus size, at least at the beginning.

It’s a relaxed riding position that doesn’t take much energy either from you or him. It’s also intuitive — lying down on your partner is about as easy as it gets. However, I learned that guys don’t enjoy such experiences al that much — they need to see the girl for additional arousal — the direct contact doesn’t cut it for them.

Spinning back and forth

To make sure fun lasts longer, a girl has to stimulate their partner once he’s inside constantly. The easiest method is grinding.

how to ride a man 03 - How to ride your man like a pro: honest tips and tricks
Figure out how to ride a man by trying different variations

Once the guy entered you, sit right at him — but make sure to get a comfortable position and be relaxed. Then, start bouncing off his pubic bone. You can change the intensity or pace by adjusting the speed or putting less or more weight.

For me, this is a top dick riding choice. Grinds are easy to pull off — you don’t have to strain your leg muscles, but they also deliver the highest level for stimulation — at least, I know it works for girls. For guys, the situation is slightly different.

The up and down ride

If your guy is a fan of the cowgirl position, he will likely appreciate you riding him the way you would ride a horse, by getting up and down in the process. For me, this stops to be fun real quick — I feel like I am doing tiresome booty exercises — but for guys, this is the top of the game.

how to ride a man 01 - How to ride your man like a pro: honest tips and tricks
You can use your partner’s chest for support as you are bouncing

The main trick in the up-and-down cowgirl sex position is to balance the intensity. You don’t want to get up to fast a fall to sudden — you can damage his penis and cause long-term injuries. However, small intensity won’t do the trick — most guys like to go out and enter again — it provides the highest degree of stimulation.

The best ride-on-top hand movements

It’s easy with the lower part of your body — it’s busy with getting up and bounce, bouncing, girding, sliding, and stuff like that. Your hands, however, are left handing — and you can use them to your advantage and cause the maximal levels of arousal. Here’s how to ride on top of your man using both your legs and hands.

  • Drawing attention to breasts and hips. You can put your boobs in your hands to increase their volume and give a guy something more to fantasize about in the process. It looks confident and boosts both of your pleasure levels.
  • Resting hands on his chest. Put your hands on his body, but don’t just sit there — you can push and pull, scratch, and play around. It’s best if your hand movements reflect the overall tempo of the ride — you’ll have more fun that way.
  • Taking his hands into yours. If touching yourself is boring for you, you can ask a partner to give you a hand. Take his hands into yours and start passionately touching your body. It increases your teamwork and keeps the guy engaged during long rides.
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How to get confidence for the ride

For the best riding experience, you have to enjoy yourself. It’s a confident sex position that requires a girl to be aware of her sexiness. Even if you didn’t try being a dominant partner before, you have to learn now.

Learn how to ride a man with positions that are comfortable for you, both physically and mentally

Main issues for beginning sex cowgirls

We all worry about the same things when it comes to this. In my experience — and what my friends share — I noticed that there are several most troubling aspects.

Getting used to dominant positions. When riding, girls need to take the initiative, and they take more responsibility for the process. For many, it’s a powerful mental block — what if a guy doesn’t lie hat I have to offer?

Body insecurities. If a sex position allows guys to take a good look at your body, you are much more aware of everything that might not seem right. Suddenly, girls get insecurities about the way they look or behave in bed, worrying about an extra eight or lack of muscles.

Physical strength. Riding is a demanding experience — a lot of times, it feels like a leg workout. Some of my friends who didn’t know how to ride a man when you’re plus-size were genuinely worried that they might not be able to pull it off physically. Well, it turned out, basic techniques hardly depend on sizes.

Eye contact problems. Some people feel like their partner is glaring at them too intensely and have trouble maintaining such strong eye contact.

No feedback. Sometimes, girls feel confused because they can’t tell if partners enjoyed the experience or not.

Sometimes, we don’t enjoy it. You can go to a great length to make your partner comfortable, but sometimes, it happens at your expense. To deliver a nice, intense ride, you tense leg muscles, and feel crazily tired at the beginning of the journey — and it’s not fun.

All these concerns are discouraging and scary. When I was only getting into ride positions, I found that the toughest part was getting out of my head. However, over time I found methods for boosting inner confidence — here are my main tips and tricks.

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Discuss things beforehand

Sharing responsibility is better for both of us. If things go wrong, you could damage him, and you certainly don’t want to take the blame for that. Plus, he might have tips on what makes him aroused — and you can incorporate those into your experience. If you have concerns about some positions being too physically demanding, speak up about that too.

Start with the lights off

It’s no secret that riding delivers more pleasure when there is a visual that matches the sensory experiences. But, when you are only starting, you don’t need the confusion of worrying about how you look or thinking where your partner is staring. You need to get down the riding mechanics first. However, be sure to introduce the lights later on — it will certainly spice up your experiences for both of you.

Face doubts with a smile

Neither of you will enjoy riding if you take things too seriously. Instead, keep it fun and laugh if something goes wrong. The worst that can happen is that you will have to try again. So, down pressure yourself or your partner.

Adapt to sizes

It’s easy to ride a guy whose physique matches yours, but how to ride your man if you’re a big girl? You need a little extra creativity. For one thing, be sure to use your hips for pulling up and down — it will give you more control, and generally, it looks good on plus-size girls. You can use elbows for additional support to navigate movements better — but overall, the basics are the same for girls of all sizes.

How to spice up your riding experience

After you’ve mastered the basics and got the confidence, it’s time to get to the art of riding. At this point, you aren’t just striving to deliver the basics of the experience, you are aiming for the best results possible. Take a look at some of my favorite tricks that made a huge difference in how to ride a dick.

Get into being the dominant one

If you have to control sexual pace and intensity, treat it as a privilege, not an obligation. Let him know that you are the one who calls the shot. Take his hands in yours and lock them down so he can’t move. Look him directly in the eyes, and don’t’ be shy about ordering around. Your dominant attitude is likely to get him on, especially if that’s not what you normally do.

how to ride a man 06 - How to ride your man like a pro: honest tips and tricks
Include some playful foreplay into your cowgirl position

Show him how much you like it

If you look like you are enjoying yourself and him, he will likely get turned on by that alone, even if the experience isn’t necessarily top-notch. In a smooth ride, it’s always about the way you carry yourself — don’t ever donut that you are doing great. Moan, talk about how you like it and where, and let him know how much you enjoyed the experience.

Touch him with your chest

For your partner, anything will hardly beat the feeling of your breast brushing against his chest. Both of you will get turned on during these moments. But don’t do it too often — it should come as a surprise — it will have more significance this way.

Take it slow

Most guys need time to process your actions, and they will draw more pleasure from intense and slow actions rather than fast bouncing — that feels uncomfortable. It will be easier for you to control your actions if you keep the tempo nice and even. Plus, it’s hard to acquire stamina for really intense but also fast moves.

Don’t rush taking off your clothes

Add more mystery by doing it all step by step. Firstly, take off your shirt and wear a bra for a while, keeping him in anticipation. Finally, remove the bra when both of you are sufficiently “heated up”.

how to ride a man 04 - How to ride your man like a pro: honest tips and tricks
Get into that girl on top attitude by taking your clothes on your conditions

Throw kisses in

When you are busy figuring out the riding pace and mechanics, it’s easy to forget about basics. Kiss your partner on chest, neck — that’s a sensitive zone — and, of course, old-fashioned kisses on lips.

Lean to different sides

Experiment with angles so both of you can understand which ones work best. Try leaning back, giving a good look at your body, and forward, casually touching the partner’s chest with yours. Some guys find it very sexy when a woman’s head is slightly tilted to the left, while others are fans of the right side — you should see what excites your partner.

Learning to ride a man on mistakes

Before you get how to make things right, it’s important to understand what not to do. Many subtle details go far beyond the basics. If you are interested in taking the in-depth look at the subject, I suggest taking a look at this how to ride your man video — the sex expert explains the main issues with riding a girl by analyzing a woman’s and guy’s perspective on the process.


What’s the best way to ride a guy?

You don’t worry about how hard or fast you can bounce on the partner’s dick. Instead, it’s all about the attitude. Make sure to balance rough moments with tender touches, like kissing, or taking his hands and locking them in yours. If you will unexpectedly change your attitude from dominant to submissive, that’s likely to excite a guy — much more than quick bouncing ever could.

How to ride a guy?

You have to get on top and sit right on his dick in a way that’s comfortable for both of you. Only after you got in the comfortable angle an found the right position, you can start bouncing. Before that, don’t rush things — you certainly don’t want an injury. As soon as you locked it in, it’s time to start either going up and down or sliding from one side to another.

What’s the point in letting a girl ride you?

Many guys are hesitant about letting women go on top. The reason is simple: it seems more fun to be on top and be the one who controls things. However, letting your girl ride you is fun because you get to see a whole different sexual side of hearing. Also, you get to relax once in a while and be in the moment.

What are the main tips on riding a guy?

The main thing about riding a guy is to enjoy yourself. The mere fact of being willing to take charge is attractive to most men — and your sex will be much hotter after you try this out. Play with yourself and enjoy yourself — and the guy will pick up the atmosphere immediately. Have fun and be comfortable, while occasionally checking up if your partner doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

How to start dick riding?

Remove all factors that make you lose confidence. If you don’t want him to see you so closely from down there, you can turn off the lights. If you’d rather lie down on him, start with that. Choose the positions that are the most comfortable and gradually up the level.

Is the cowgirl position comfortable?

Yes, but you need to find the right angle. Take your time with this, and don’t rush with sliding on him immediately. If you have a bad angle, it might lead to injuries.

how to ride a man 02 - How to ride your man like a pro: honest tips and tricks
Riding your man doesn’t have to be dominant, it can also be playful

The bottom line

If you want to get good at riding guys, all you need is practice. If you are only starting, my final advice is not to try to apply all the tips at once. Pick 3-4 tricks that you will focus on, and see if they work for you. Test different combinations, positions, and angles, and don’t forget to ask for your partner’s opinion.

Whatever you are doing, don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Women indeed take more responsibility for the riding process, but it only works if two people have fun. So, go ahead and ride him with all the confidence you’ve got.

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